Tag Team (Part 2 of The Thunder Rolls)

Brooke and Oliver get caught in action and gain a new team mate.

I had kept my mouth shut about what had happened between Oliver and I. But, just because my mouth was shut, didn't mean my legs weren't when mum and dad finally went to sleep. I have been sneaking into Oliver's room at night every night for a week. We've been trying to keep quiet, but sometimes we get pretty loud. But, everytime we do get loud, no one says anything. So I doubt they heard us. ...Read On


The Thunder Rolls

Brooke is scared of thunderstorms and turns to her step-brother for comfort during a storm.

I awoke to the loud crash of thunder, then a bright flash of lightning. I jumped out of bed and snapped my bedroom light on. At the age of eighteen I shouldn't be scared of a little thunder. But I was. I slipped my robe on, tied the attached rope around my naked waist. I silently made my way down the hall to my step brother's room. I tapped on the door lightly, then entered his room silently....Read On



The Night-Shift

Jenna had a long day at work doing the night-shift and needs to relax.

The clock hit 10-o'clock and the eighteen-year-old university student, Jenna Sykes, started packing her bag to end her shift at the studio. She was a young, aspiring artist who longed to see her work in the magazines. She wanted nothing more than to see people offering hundreads, or thousands––maybe even millions––of dollars just to have a piece of her art to themselves. She was a small...Read On