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My reply rate is terrible, but I'm trying hopefully I'll have more time in the coming weeks.

20 Mar 2012 17:33

I'm back with a bang *

23 Sep 2011 19:09

If your going to Add me, atleast say hey, I don't bite, unless you want me to

25 Jun 2011 14:47

Whoop famous story badge

01 Jun 2011 20:53

Just re-published Gemini , it's completely different better spelling and grammar, and I've changed some of the orginal ideas and layout, check it out and drop a comment to let me know what you think.

20 Apr 2011 19:30

After looking at my viewings, I've realised my highest scoring story was from the heart and something I wish was real. So from my limited sexual practices and Fantasies I'll be bringing some burning hot stories to lush. Soon...

27 Dec 2010 19:38

TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire?

25 Aug 2010 19:53

Is getting her creative juices flowing, great story

12 Aug 2010 11:26

I'm Just writing tonight folks.

12 Jul 2010 17:19

You can now find Part two of 24 Hours with Jake on the stories page , Feedback welcome good or constructive critisism

04 Jul 2010 13:06

Now it is dawn I am permitted to sleep, don't feel sleepy at all

03 Jul 2010 21:08

do not try to guide me, for you are not the wind

03 Jul 2010 19:49

I have just Finished Part two of 24 Hours with Jake, its just been sent of for verification with the moderators . Can't wait till its accepted. Hope you guys and girls like it when it comes out.

03 Jul 2010 10:33

So me yours, and I shall show you mine hehe

30 Jun 2010 19:56

Writing Part two of 24 hours with jake, getting my creative juices flowing, doubt it will be finished 2 night however.

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting so long.

02 Jun 2010 18:30

Just got back from an awesome party

24 Apr 2010 14:38

I need to stop writing in the dark, and bloody proof read.

22 Feb 2010 15:06

I've finally written a new story, just got to wait for it to be approved, its called 24 hours with Jake, when it does come out. And if you wanna read it +

21 Feb 2010 19:59

my wi-fi is being a tramp, so if i was talking to you and got cut of sorry

17 Feb 2010 18:30

Gonna go take a shower, when I get back I;m going to publish my story ^+*

18 Jan 2010 14:04

In my bed room working on a story and watching a movie

18 Jan 2010 13:19

In bed watching some porn.

17 Jan 2010 17:49

I'm thinking about where I'm going with my new story.

02 Jan 2010 22:05

Im wondering what i can write my next story on...

11 Oct 2009 15:44