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Topic First time ?
Posted 20 Apr 2011 20:09

Cyber, yeah sometimes, but most of the time I find it boringm with the right people its fantastic.
1st time, someone I knew.

Topic Cosmetic surgery and the opportunities of "beauty"
Posted 02 Jun 2010 18:00

Personally a couple of years ago if you asked me do I want free cosmetic surgery, I'd grab the option with both hands. I was a pretty over weight teen. But I knew for the industry that I want to work in I have to look a certain way.

That industry is the film; and for anyone whose ever worked in theatre and film you know that no matter how great an actress or actor you are you will not get the lead if your not the skinny or look a certain way. Or healthy and fit to keep up with dancing and singing (the stage).

But if I'd had the surgery I'd have missed out on achieving the body I always wanted myself, and the joys of keeping fit. If you want a banging body work for it.

But if its something in your face, or something that is seriously damaging your self esteem why not let people free have surgery.