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Sorry I have been.gone.so long drop.me.a.line.glad to be back here with all my lushies

28 Aug 2014 23:14

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know IAM BACK

14 Aug 2013 22:35

I have had my heart broken so be careful, I have had my trust broken so tread lightly and be kind, I have had my soul ripped away so be loving, I have had my dreams shattered so be gentle, I am a scared women please show me love and I will love you back. I know how hurt feels and it fresh in my mind I am scarred and shivering please just comfort me and hold me for a while

19 Jul 2011 01:56

I need some pussy tonight feeling really horny

17 Jul 2011 20:29

posted some new pics for friends only and I wrote a story coming soon would like to here your comments stop by

15 Jul 2011 00:45

well Good night all sweet dreams I hope all of your dreams come true and you live at least one day in breathless enjoyment I love you all

14 Jul 2011 00:56

Question for all who visit. What is about the word LESBIAN don't men understand I mean for real guys STOP asking me for my friendship!!!!!!! PERIOD no EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES

10 Jul 2011 20:41

I am thinking that there are a bunch of hard dicks on this site that cant read a damn word BECAUSE I am A LESBIAN PLEASE DONT MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE A GUY

07 Jul 2011 21:24

I am going to run some arins love you all and will chat with you soon

07 Jul 2011 07:09