The Cougars I have just married a girl I knew when I was growing up. She is amazing, Beautiful, fun and adventuresome. When we were in high school , Lydia was a cheerleader and her and her group of friends were what I would call Dick Teases. They were all pretty, but I never spent any time trying to date them because of their famous reputation of not doing anything. I heard they would...Read On



In my Classroom

She could feel him fill her mouth. It was a feeling she tried to shake as she sat after hours in her classroom trying to finish up the lessons she needed to write for the sub. She was to be out of school for the next three days for a get-away with him and the classroom set-up had to be perfect before she left. Yet, she wasn't able to concentrate on the task before her. It was impossible...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Night Dreams

What a way to wake up

His tongue pressed gently, yet firmly spreading my pussy lips as he lapped slowly making sure to stop and play with my clit a bit before running his tongue back down and then up again. These were the dreams I loved the most. You know the dreams where you find yourself soaking wet when you wake up and hot, sweaty and in need of a rock hard cock fucking you fiercely. Ummm, I was in heaven and...Read On