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Topic What's the most F'd up thing you've ever seen with your own eyes?
Posted 27 Feb 2013 18:02

Most fucked up? My naked grandmother d'oh!

Topic Advice
Posted 26 Feb 2013 17:54


A job.

Video Games.



Video Games.




Video Games.








Video Games.

Sight Seeing.


Topic ? re: protocol of accept friend requests
Posted 26 Feb 2013 17:47

I only accept if their kidneys are fully functional.

Then again, I don't get requests. So, I wouldnt know. But I guess the things I would do is check their profile, read the Bio (if they have one), age (gotta be under 45) and check their interests (What's the point if we got nothing in common, right?)

Topic penis size
Posted 26 Feb 2013 17:44

Only 7 inches? Duuuuuuuude you've got a serious problem! You should see a doctor!

Didn't you go through that phase in your life where you curled up inside a cocoon and completely transformed, leaving you at a whopping 12 inches?

:O Oh that's right. That doesnt happen.


Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 17:26

It's when you start in one tense switch to another and then back again. E.g I saw (past) her sitting there and walk (present) over to introduce myself. She grabbed (past) my hand and says (present), "I saw you watching me."

Damn, that's going to take a while to change. :|
Thanks for clearing that up, though :) I appreciate it.

Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 17:17

always remember, 10,000 words gets you published. 10,001 gets you a visit by some very unsavory Ukrainians armed with pliers and rubber hoses. ;)

I'm not sure I understand this.

As for my rejected story, uh........ I know that this is dumb, but, what's 'tense shifts'?

Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 17:15

If you really want to see what you did wrong, all you have to do is go to the top of the page, click Account and you should see "My stories" on the drop down menu, you can see your rejected story there and why it was removed. Also, there should be a message from a verifier in your inbox.

I'll be sure to check that out. Thank you for the info :)

Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 17:04


Yep, that's the limit.

As long as you don't go over 10,000 words, edit it properly and keep within the guidelines, should be ok.

I took a peek at why the last one was rejected, as long as you don't do what you did last time, you should be fine.

if a story goes past the 10,000 word limit, i suggest you simply break it into two parts - that's common practice here for many of our writers. :)

Oooh I kinda forgot what I did wrong last time, plus it would have taken a while to edit and stuff.... I'll get to it, one day.
I think I'll make parts to this, actually. There'a lot of potential for the future in the scenes I'm writing, and I'm putting in a ton of build up (to build characters, somewhat.)

Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 16:32

The limit is 3000 characters which is roughly 500-600 words, depending on how long your words are. I tend to write my stories about 2000-4000 words so that I can have a solid beginning and not rush the ending.

Whoa, you tricked me with your profile picture for a second. I thought Sprite replied to this :P :)
When you say limit, I'm just going to assume that that's the minimum required for a story.
Right now I'm in the process or writing one, it's about 3,000 words and I havent even introduced sex! d'oh!
I hope when I post it they dont reject it... like my other story.

Topic Can anyone tell me what's the average word count on stories?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 15:11

Seriously, I'm going to start writing again and I'd like to know what's a good average word count to have. I know some people like nivek_88 has about 10,000 per part (assuming, not really sure) but his stories never get worn out. I've read a few stories on here that's really disappointed me in terms of length (that's what she said?), and I dont want to finish too soon, or too abruptly. So, an idea of how long a good story is is probably a good place to start.

Topic Isolated.
Posted 12 Feb 2013 09:08

Are you the type that has to be told everything?

I have no idea.

Topic Isolated.
Posted 11 Feb 2013 14:58

No one owes you anything. No, i wouldn't kill myself either. Lastly, you don't listen to anyone maybe that's part of your problem. Though, most 19 year olds don't listen. You're all wrapped up in you and how your life sucks and you want someone to fix it for you. FYI the fix starts with you.

Never said anyone owed me anything. And who's to say that I dont listen? And who's to say that I'm like most 19 year olds? I know that the fix begins with me, and I'm not waiting for anybody.
Has it ever occurred to you that if I knew how to fix something, I would? ......................
Is it so wrong of me to ask questions about things I dont know about?
Maybe all I want to do is learn.

Topic Isolated.
Posted 11 Feb 2013 13:18

Glad i don't have to go thru life being you, Feel better? Boo hoo! You're 19, you say that you work 2 jobs. Go out and do stuff on your free time. Smoke some weed find some things to occupy your time and maybe you'll meet some people along the way.. Be a 19 year old and don't worry so much, plenty of adventures to embark on. Do away with your overly sensitive feelings and self pity. If no one likes you then fuck em and go like yourself. Again, just shut the fuck up and go be a kid because that's what you are.You seriously just want us to keep throwing you tissues for your issues? You re really starting to get on my nerves with this 'help me i suck routine'. Quit being a pussy, relax, breath in, breath out,............................................... You have a great friends collection btw, you even have the forum shrink and sprite wtf!!!angry9

Whoa, that's brutal. I'm glad you dont gotta live my life too, you may have killed yourself by now :)
You know, I'd actually explain the situations I'm in, but as my original post states, some people just dont give a fuck. And that's alright, really, not everyone has a fuck to give. I'm personally a virgin, so I guess I've got all the fucks, just no one to give them to evil4

Topic Isolated.
Posted 11 Feb 2013 04:44

Really, just yesterday I got banned from my sons graduation from high school by his mother and my mother. This is due to a letter my second wife sent to my first about my religion. and as far as they are concerned, Im disowned. Not the godfather to my nephews, cant talk to my sons, etc. you really see a happy ending?

Maybe they're hiding something? Like, a homosexual son? I know that for an army guy, you may get hot headed over that and blow a fuse or something. Shit'll get crazy

Topic Who is your celebrity crush?
Posted 10 Feb 2013 18:22

So, as the topic says, who is/are your celebrity crush/crushes?

I know who mine is :)

Topic Isolated.
Posted 08 Feb 2013 18:10

Have you ever been so alone, you wake up everyday and wish you hadn't?
Looked at your phone and saw nothing but a bill to pay at the end of each month even though you don't call or get called by anyone?
Ever feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, but as soon as you open your mouth, your voice disappears?
Ever felt like talking to someone, but hiding the truth because you fear that the person you trust may not even give a flying fuck?
How bout sitting amongst a group of people and never fitting in?
Or going to work fully knowing that you're not going to amount to anything?
Ever feel like crying, but the tears don't flow?
How bout reading a book, but stop because you can't relate to any of the characters for the simple reason being that you don't have 'friends' anymore?
Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and saw the words "I wish you were dead right now"?
Was that person in fact your parents?
Have you ever stopped talking to what little true friends you have because you don't want to burden them with your own problems?
Or resisted talking to someone in fear of becoming too close, and that maybe one day that person won't be there anymore?
Have you ever been so alone, that in a world full of over 7 billion people, you know for a fact that no one will ever understand what the fuck is going on in your head?
Have you ever been so alone that you ended up talking to your walls?
And then got depressed cause you wish they would reply, but sadly know that if they could, they wouldn't because you annoy the fuck out of yourself?
Have you ever been so alone that you just wish someone, somewhere would kill you?
It doesn't matter who will or won't miss you, you just don't want to breathe anymore?

Topic In desperate need of advice.
Posted 08 Feb 2013 17:31

Alright, I'm just gonna be brutally honest here. It doesn't matter how fit you are, how handsome you are, how much money you make or how many women has broken your heart before. If there's 33 girls that played you before, forget them and move forward. Go to a coffee hut, a book store or where ever the hell 33 year old people go to socialize. And I say socialize because you do not want to find a potential date yet.
From what I've read, your way to possessive. Get out, chill, have a load of one night stands and never call them again. (I dont usually like telling people to do that, but you have got to get your shit together.)

Oh and by the way, did the army teach you to give up this easily?

Just saying.

Topic In desperate need of advice.
Posted 08 Feb 2013 17:21

You say that like beer and pizza is gonna fill the void.
It'll only make you fat.
You dont want to be fat, depressed and insane, do you? Cause, eventually this will go to your head (if it hasn't already)

Topic In desperate need of advice.
Posted 08 Feb 2013 17:15

I'm stuck in your exact situation, and bro, I gotta say that I have no idea why the hell some women play with the few good guys left in the world. And to all the people out there who's guilty of doing that, here's a big Fuck You . To all the sick bastards who have multiple girls, cheat on their wives/girlfriends....... I sincerely hope that your cock falls off and your heart stops beating.

As for the person who started this thread, I know that feeling. I've given up too. It fucking sucks.
But you know what hurts even more than that? That little flame inside you that gives you the tiniest bit of hope. That little thought that maybe, just maybe someone out there is different.
You cant deny this.

I'm out.

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 04 Feb 2013 16:48

Always observe the girls mother. It's not written in stone, but there's a decent chance that your girl's gonna turn out a lot like, if not exactly like her mother.

...... So, what would I do in the case that her mother is 'not here' anymore?

Topic What when u be needing bad do up your bunghole n bollocks?
Posted 30 Jan 2013 17:47

Let me answer this question with another question....
On a scale of 1-10, what's your favourite colour of the alphabet?

Topic do guys really care about boob size more than everything else?
Posted 28 Jan 2013 07:47

I'm one of those guys who loves a beautiful face. But in terms of tits, no, size doesnt really matter to me. In fact, I like smaller breasts. :) B cups are ideal for me, C is awesome too.

Topic Your penis size (honest please)
Posted 28 Jan 2013 07:45

I'm a 5.5 inch guy. Never really checked girth, will measure next time though
Edit: 1 inch girth..... I dont think that's good hahahaha

Topic Is it good or bad if the girl is a virgin?
Posted 27 Jan 2013 07:19

Speaking as a virgin myself, I don't think it's a bad thing to be one.

Topic Small Dicks
Posted 08 Jan 2013 18:07

I got a small dick and I'm proud of it. A whopping 5.5 inches. And to top it all off, I'm a virgin too!

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 04 Jan 2013 19:29

Yep. In these cases we will look for excuses to bail and random reasons we can blame it on.

We all end up shopping around for a while before settling on someone that we feel we can really make it work with. By doing this, we get a clearer understanding of what we really want in a partner too.

It'll happen eventually (relationships) but just enjoy the journey in the meantime and have fun dating and figuring out the kind of person you're most compatible with. It's kind of like trying things on before making that final purchase. Or in guy terms - test driving different cars before buying one. It's best not to rush things. Relationships are a lot of work.

Well this is a new one I've never heard. A test drive....
Well then, I think I'm gonna observe the speed limit and start driving.
Better late than never.

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 04 Jan 2013 18:29

I think these are things we all typically do wrong when we fuck up relationships. It takes time (and plenty of dating and relationship practice) to figure out how to play things. And honestly - some of us never learn. I wouldn't get too worried about it. If you're self-aware about these tendencies already, you can obviously be on the watch for it with the next girl that you're into.

Several people mentioned that 19 is too young to get really serious about someone. A lot of people feel this way... So, one thing might be that you're falling for people that aren't ready/interested in a serious relationship. Like if you're dating girls around the same age as you are, they might just be the type looking for casual fun or short-term situations and maybe they're acting accordingly. If a girl is really into a guy, we will forgive a lot to make it work. If they're just breaking it off or drifting away and blaming it all on some random thing you did or didn't do, I think they're basically excuses because they weren't looking for anything too serious or just weren't into it overall.

It takes a while to figure out if you really like someone enough to make the effort a relationship requires. The majority of the time, one or both parties will probably take a pass.

Hmmm..... Those things you said seemed really familiar. "You're a good guy, but you're just not my type" is the one I've heard the most.
From what I've gathered, I gotta loosen up on this "relationship" thing and just have more fun with potential partners (one at a time, I'm assuming)

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 04 Jan 2013 17:49

Utter lack of common sense? I think it's you that lacks that.
If you treat women like this and are not afraid to call them a bitch, means you're an ass. That's why you're having a hard time keeping women.

Lets say your lady friend wants to go to a movie and you're tired from a long day of mowing lawns. You want to stay home and sip on some iced tea, but she starts to get impatient and pressures you to go.

You're thinking in your head (based on your previous posts) "what a bitch". So you get off the couch and ask your parents if you can borrow the Oldsmobile to get to the theatre. The whole time you can stop thinking "you're such a bitch, but I want to fuck you tonight".

The movie ends and you start getting intimate in the car and start kissing. She breaks it off to talk about the movie, asking you about the love scene. You roll your eyes thinking "Ahhh just shut up bitch". She feels you pulling away and presses her head against the window and says she's tired, and wants to go home.

Poof relationship done, and all you can think of is "she's such a bitch, we could have been good together!"

Sucks when people actually remember what you post doesn't it?

So, you're completely sure that the date would have gone like that?
Let's not even mention that I love movie theatres and romantic comedies. Or the fact that I'd be spending time with someone I'd think is awesome. Plus, getting laid isnt my #1 priority, get your head out of your pants cause I'm not like other guys who just wants to fuck anything that moves. I'm that mushy kinda person normal people might mistake to be on the other side. And dude, I know what I posted, yeah it kinda does suck that people took that serious. But I guess it's just unfortunate how I managed to actually be played by more than one (and I'll use the best substitute I've seen in my previous posts) undesirable partners. And even more unfortunate to let that warp my judgement on the entire human race, and the gender we all know as female. But in my attempt to get better at being 'nice' and a 'good guy' and even a 'desirable partner' and not to forget 'respectful', I'll not argue and at least try to listen.

And to the post below that guy's one, and actually this applies to everyone though I think it wouldnt affect you people much, but, If you people actually knew me, you'd have different views on me. But you dont, so I guess I cant blame ya.

Pleasant evening, everyone. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 03 Jan 2013 17:48

This could be a few reasons why you're having a hard time.

Dude, why you gotta go bitch up my post with your complete and utter lack of common sense?

Topic It's not getting, it's keeping.
Posted 03 Jan 2013 16:43

I've read all three comments above and I've got something to say. Yeah, I'm only 19, but I disagree with you guys! I shouldnt be dating any and everyone. I mean, I'm sociable and everything, but I'm extremely picky on who I like and if I want to date them. As for being too serious........ I dunno, it's just been me to be that way. And yes, I really actually did fall in love with my ex girlfriends when we were dating. I dont date cause I just want a girlfriend, or cause I'm lonely or cause not having a girlfriend isnt cool. I date someone cause I have certain feelings toward them, and I'd like to know and see if they feel the same way about me, then make decisions from there. And if I really like someone, I'd want to keep them around. If I didnt like the person, I would barely even talk to them. I think it's better to be single than to be in a wrong relationship. I've always been this way, I have no idea why.
Btw, at 19 I've got 2 jobs, full time Mechanic and part time caterer (home job)......... So, I rarely ever have time to meet new people, hang out or even go clubbing (Actually I've never went clubbing before.)

But as you guys said...... Maybe I should ease up on the seriousness in the relationship. I dont think anyone has the same views that I do, at least not at my age.
This is tough....