Group Sex(2)


Late Night at the Office Part 2

Just then my cell phone rings. It’s the ring tone I have set for my husband. “SHIT!” I exclaim as I leap out of the tub, bubbles clinging to random parts of my slick body. I find my purse, which I don’t remember grabbing from the office, and fumble for my cell. The display tells me that I have one missed call. I try to calm my nerves and take a deep breath as I return the call. “Hey baby,”...Read On


Late Night at the Office Part 3


Late Night at the Office Part 3 The sensation is electrifying. I had never been with a woman before, so different from a man. Her soft hands spreading my lips, her tongue knowing the exact spot to tickle and how much pressure to apply. I lean my head back, not wanting to miss a single stroke of her expert tongue. As soon as my eyes close I feel another mouth. This time on my right...Read On



Julia’s Release

The continuing adventures of Julia.

Chapter 1 She’d had enough. There is only so much a person can take. No more lies, no more cheating, no more period. It was well past midnight when Julia finally decided to pull off at a roadside motel on the two lane highway. The pink and blue neon sign flashed “Vacancy” and that is what she needed right now. Her eyes were red and swollen but dry now, “finally, all cried out” she thought....Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The Continuing Adventures of Julia

Another adventure for Julia... will this one lead to love?

Twelve years into her career, Julia was still focusing on advancement. She was determined to make partner by the age of 35. She’d been working hard to learn everything there was to know about international law and that final step to partner was very close. She had been so focused on her career, her love life had been lacking. Sure there was the occasional fling… like the yacht… mmm that was...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


A Late Night at the Office

This is my first submission. It is a fantasy of mine.

I'm sitting at my desk and it's about 10:00 at night. I'm working late to finish a project and am alone on the deserted top floor of the downtown sky rise. Trying to regain my focus I gaze out one of the windows surrounding my corner office. I love the look of lights of the city reflecting on the water of the bay. From here I can see a few sail boats or yachts lit up. I wonder what the people...Read On


Mile High

The continuing adventures of Julia

My flight back from Rome to New York was going to be a long one. It wasabout 9:00 p.m. Rome time but, luckily, I make so much money for my law firm, they are glad to fly me first class. I’m 34 years old, a petite redhead with curves and perky 34 B breasts and I’m one of the best up and coming Intellectual Property attorneys around. I barely made this flight out so I didn’t even have time...Read On