Hottie at work Pt 7

He wants her ass, will she give it up?

“I know what I promised and I will try. You want my ass, don’t you?” Katie asked. “Of course”, I replied. “I’ve tried twice, with different guys. It just hurt and I made them stop. So, you can try, but I don’t know if I can do it”, she said. “I wanted this day to be all about your pleasure, not pain. You have to trust me. I won’t hurt you. If you feel any pain at all, know that I...Read On



Hottie at work Pt 4

The final test! Did he pass?

Jennifer walked out of the bathroom completely naked...except for a strap on dildo. I really hadn’t noticed Jennifer when we met the first time. I was focused only on Katie. I noticed now though! She was about 5’8”, 34 B’s with very perky, puffy nipples, very wide hips, legs straight out of a porn magazine, and an ass that would make heads turn a block away. Not skinny, not fat, just thick...Read On


Incidental Slave

My girlfriend loved shock value. It really didn’t matter who got shocked, as long as they had that, “Oh My God, I can’t believe this is happening” look. Together, we were about as kinky and compatible as you could get. She hadn’t gotten me shocked for a while. But that was about to change… She had worked in sex for years. Stripping, Phone sex operator, Escort, and currently doing home...Read On



A Fantasy to Remember

Halloween was rapidly approaching and my girlfriend of 2 years was planning something big. She had been a stripper for 10 years and was as kinky as they come. She and I had done a lot, so only a few of her fantasies were left unfulfilled. She had already had women and men, group sex, bondage, been a submissive and a dominate. We had a no holes barred policy. I could have any hole I...Read On



Hottie at work pt 1

First step in getting the hottie at work naked.

I work for a large company, lots of employees. However, there are only a few that catch your eye. I noticed her when she first came in, piercing eyes, great skin, nice tits, legs that you would kill for, and a perfect bubble butt. Katie was her name and it suited her 5’5” frame perfectly. Katie had been working with me for about 2 years when we actually started really talking. I had...Read On


Hottie at Work Pt 2

How far would I go to get her in bed?

I was very anxious to see what Katie was up to next. A few days after she had me jerk off for her, I found out. Katie called me and told me to meet her for lunch. I arrived and found her in a corner booth in the back……….with a female friend. Interesting, I’m thinking. As I said hello, Katie introduced me to Jennifer and told me to sit next to her friend. Sliding into the seat next to...Read On


Hottie at work pt 3

One step closer to her naked body?

I was trying to hide the obvious cum stains on the front of my pants. God, I looked like a 12 year old. Arriving at work, sheepishly sliding into the office without being noticed, I saw an envelope lying on the desk. I dropped everything to get to it, forgetting about work AND the cum stains. The note was from Katie, and it instructed me to replace the note with $300 cash and then leave...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Hottie at Work Pt 5

Finally, the payoff!

It took me a couple of days to recover completely. Katie and I had talked and scheduled a good time for us both, I told her we would need about 10 hours and her eyebrows went up. The planning had already begun. I had made the plans, purchased the items I wanted, and everything was set. Katie arrived at my house around 9AM. Right on time, I thought to myself. I was actually surprised...Read On


Hottie at Work Pt 6

The payoff continues......

Walking into the bathroom, I saw Katie had already got in and had the water running. She had that post sex look of satisfaction on her face. Her legs were straight out, eyes closed, letting the warm water run over her feet. Sitting flat in the tub, her ass was squashed flat, making her hips flare out a little more. I had her sit up a bit, so I could slide in behind her. My legs were...Read On


The reunion

“Glad to see you can follow instructions. Are you ready”? It was Catherine, as she opened the hotel room door. “Oh, yes”, I replied. I had been out of town for two weeks on business. Catherine and I had planned to stay the last weekend, so she flew in to meet me. Just before her plane took off, I received a text with instructions. “Be clean, be naked and have your butt plug in your ass.”...Read On



A Hard Days Night

Long, curly, dark brown hair. Her hair stopped just below her shoulders, shimmering in the dim light. I’m talking hair straight out of those hairgasm commercials on TV. Yes, that is what I remember most, the first time I saw her. I had been in meetings all day and was exhausted. Manual labor is tiring, but not the head pounding, wore out, limpness fatigue you get from mental strain. So I...Read On