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Thank for the add! Looking forward to more of your amazing stories!
14 Nov 2010 23:19
wow no comments in 6 months? well, HI STICKYKISS! hows it goin?
06 Aug 2010 00:24
Nice new pics Lilmiss. The camera loves you!
29 Dec 2009 13:32
hey thanks for accepting the invite. incredible stories, the instructor and the instructor lesson 1 are so full of realism. i have to ask, are they real or just very good stories?
28 Dec 2009 03:32
Great stories lilmissstickykiss, just your name makes me hot!
16 Dec 2009 16:40
I love your stories, so intense, so...naughty is the word that comes to mind but it is so much more than that
23 Nov 2009 00:23