The Instructor

A self defense instructor shows up at our school and I decide to take up classes in martial arts.

My friend and I saw him for the first time in front of our school. He was there to teach self defense but he wasn't dressed in some lame-ass costume with patches sewn all over it like those tards at the mall. He looked normal, well if normal includes muscles that pressed against his shirt and ink covering his arms. I wasn't the only girl to notice him. The black girls made a bee line for...Read On


The Instructor - Lesson 1

I learn my first lesson about paying attention from my Sensei

“I gave you clear instructions and you didn't do what I asked.” He said. “What do you mean? I...” “Who do you think you are talking to? If you think I'm just some common teenage boy then I'll fucking leave right now. Not only have you disappointed me but you've forgotten the only rule I've given you so far. How do you expect to make this work if you can't even remember one simple rule?” ...Read On


Vena Cava

I feel her near me, her skin close to mine, her heels touching the floor boards and I worship the sound. Sweat drips down my face, across my cheek and down my slender neck, I feel it moving down my nude body, closer to my bound and tender breasts. My wrists begin to ache, the cuffs biting into my skin is heaven because she did it to me because it pleases her. I am here to please her, to...Read On



The Naturist

Nudity has always sent waves of shivering, pussy moistening thrills through my body, and forced my fingers between the folds of my tender slit like a thief in the night. Just the thought of being nude in front of others made me so excited. But nudity, for a girl, is complicated; to say the least. Take, for example, the first time I attempted nudism. I stood in front of the bathroom...Read On

First Time(1)



In another time women were brought over from Ireland to serve a family from the old country

“Catherine, please have her dressed and ready for my dinner before evening. She looks like she just came off the boat. Is she...clean?” I asked. “Yes sir, I believe she is. I'm positive she doesn't have lice or any ailments, of that I've already checked. She just needs a good bath, Sir.” Catherine replied holding the new girl close. I was thankful for that at least. The new girl had...Read On



Katherine becomes a Lady

Based very, very loosely on the life of Katherine Howard, I thought I would just have some fun.

My father stood in the doorway to my room and through the bitter moonlight I could see he wasn't happy. His scowl had a way of sucking the air out of a room. We were all terrified of that scowl. I found myself wanting to do anything to make him not stand in my doorway with that look. My sisters rooms would be fine but mine, no way. “Daddy?” I said . He stepped into my room but the look...Read On


Katherine in the house of the Duchess

Very, very loosely based on Katherine Howard, this isn't historical fiction, just perverted fun.

I stood in the rain with my night gown clinging to my naked skin and waited to be let into the doors of my step-grandmother's estate. The Dowager Duchess of Norfolk wasn't known for her patience, her compassion, or her good humor. I had not a single possession on me other than my gown that I had been wearing when my father sent me out into the night. My mother had passed away and plans...Read On


Katherine's Initiation

Loosely based on the life of Katherine Howard, this isn't historical fiction, it's just fun.

Completely naked. I was to spend my daycleaning and working completely naked! I was horribly embarrassed to be forced to walk in front of everyone with not a stitch of clothing on. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad except that I garnered the attention of everyone who passed me. I was horrified to have to bend over and expose my private region to every male in the house. The men were...Read On


The Howling - Family

My punishment, as always, was to stand naked and totally still in the room while my mother and Uncle made breakfast and talked. I could feel my Uncle's eyes roaming my naked body like little biting gnats. It wasn't as if he made an effort to hide his gaze. I didn’t look at him, I didn’t need to. Even now, I knew that my Uncle's eyes were lingering on my breasts. My nipples tightened and...Read On



Alice and My Roommate

Alice and I were rolling around in the sheets of my dorm room. She and I had vibrators inside us and we were holding onto each other's toy – pushing it in and out of soaked swollen pussy. Anyone who has ever felt the odd sensation of something so desired, so thought about, so hoped for, finally complete – anyone who has felt that, could know what I was feeling. My virginity was gone. I felt...Read On


The Friend

I woke up to the sound of my roommate fucking. She liked to fuck while I was in the room. A slender boy with long hair and brown skin was slamming his cock into her so hard you would think he would break something. My roommate's huge breasts rolled around in circles. They hadn't seen I was awake yet. In Cat People, Nastassja Kinski wakes in the middle of the night to wander out into...Read On


The Sister

Naked and horny in the basement of a family I barely know, someone is watching.

I didn't know what time of night it was when my fingers slipped between my legs. It was so easy, I hardly felt a touch of guilt. My fingers and soft folds were like lovers sharing a secret. My pussy craved my touch and the sticky sounds of my masturbation echoed in the empty basement of a stranger's house. I reflected on my strange evening as I rubbed my clit. I had been invited over to...Read On


The Sister - Part 2

A warm tongue moved across my slit. For some reason I dreamed it was my roommate between my legs. I am not at all attracted to my roommate, but something made my mind turn to her. In my dream, she looked up at me from between my legs and smiled. Her face was wet, her lips sticky with my excitement. I closed my legs around her head, and she went back down on me. When fingers pushed inside me,...Read On

Love Poems(2)



O' favor, o' heaven at your feet, naked kneeling before thy grace, body taken, heart broken, skin torn, longing replaced like servant given. Longing oh, so true and blessed, dripping at thy feet, kissing all, passion given, all taken, lashes severe,  desire fulfilled by shadowed tongue. Sweet heaven, my sweet nectar,  open mouth and tilted head, swallowing, licking, consuming master,...Read On



Whisper darkness caresses formless, surrounding, consuming fear trickling down heated skin falling into the abyss. Arctic touch like steel strong and cold and dark falling silk off prickled flesh curving my body into your love. Eyes closed, flesh burning naked soft and vulnerable a single stinging prick red on white, I am yours. Slowly parting, red, glistening ...Read On

Love Stories(1)


The Howling - 2 - My Teacher

I sat there in Mr. Creech's car and considered what I was getting myself into. Mr. Creech is my art teacher, he is an adult and technically I'm just a high school student. At least that's what I live my life as, really I'm a lycan, a werewolf and far older than what I look. I may look like a young teenage girl but I'm at least as old as him. So why does he send shivers up my spine and...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The Nudist Father

A man well old enough to be my father sat across from me – completely naked. I found it difficult to look at him. I kept smiling and trying to make it seem like I was comfortable, but inside I was shaking like wet kitten. Accurate description really, because my kitten was pretty wet. How could she not be? I was sitting across from an attractive older man with a charming, friendly...Read On