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Topic Would you ever want to watch your partner fuck another woman?
Posted 27 Nov 2011 00:38

Im not okey with swapping or sharing him with another woman....

Topic What body type on men do you favour?
Posted 27 Nov 2011 00:33

For me, the eyes, ohh, how i love to see everything from his eyes, i will eventually notice the game we are playin' or if it's for real... Well, it is common to us that the eyes were the mirror through our souls and heart. I will do know if he's hiding something or some answers i will probably needed once i start my teasing game to him...

Topic What would you do if you had a penis for a day?
Posted 27 Nov 2011 00:19

hmmh... right now, i have, well, lets counting....
5 cocks and thats on public. Im at a computer shop,

It's good im not that horney right now,

I'd just spent from my fantasy man, oh, well in relation with the question and if from this moment
im thirsty and horney im going to CHRISTEN , MILK an MARKED as mine! hahaha!Water Sports
and we'll shar hmmmh... t1517 thatshot

Topic Older men
Posted 27 Nov 2011 00:13

older men were share u more experience......

it doesn't matter as long as He had a thick cock... hmmmh...
i love it!

Topic Can you feel it.
Posted 27 Nov 2011 00:08

Oh! u don't have to asked that, well.....I'm goin' to milk u honey...b229

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 22 Oct 2011 01:58

Boo hoo!

classical music, i want to relax from this day. I'm utterly disturbed by this man in grey... I'll promise to share my story first here and maybe some of my fantasies includes this man.


Topic What really turns you on?
Posted 04 Oct 2011 18:58

bates lurk lurk lurk well personaly im turn on for the guys who have tantalizing and pleasurable eyes. lets see i hungry for thick cocks and white men. hehehe......Pour Wine lurk love3 b229 952-67 675-lick