First Time(1)


Why boyfriends should never complain

She decided another man had to teach her...

Willie Long guided his big rig around yet another curve in the California back road. He had picked up a load in Napa and was on his way to Chicago. Originally hailing from Georgia, Willie had been trucking since the mid 'eighties, spending most of that time on long hauls. He was unmarried and enjoyed the long rides and the varying scenery. He had seen many things over the years and had...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Sweet revenge

They had teased him for his revenge

Officer Logan Keefe surveyed the scene he’d wandered into. The girl was young and completely naked. The older gentleman was standing just behind her, his flaccid penis hanging out the front of his lowered jeans. It was obvious they had just had sex. He checked toward the cab and saw a young man getting ready to jump out of the passenger side of the truck. He’d deal with him first. “Both...Read On



Pre-wedding night jitters

She helped her friend and ended up helping herself

Stephanie Pierce lay on her stomach on the bed, legs in the air and hands beneath her chin. “How about this,” she said brightly, “Michael, your meat is so tasty; I have to own the franchise.” Her best friend Kyra laughed gaily. “Oh his mother would love hearing that one!” “How’s she going to hear it? It’s your vows.” “Yeah, but the Minister comes to dinner once a month! He and...Read On


Daddy's favorite

And the boundaries keep crumbling...

The house looked deserted as it always did these days. As Anne parked in the drive, her mind drifted back. They’d had so many picnics and parties in the back yard over the years but she had some favorite ones that she always replayed in her mind whenever she found herself here. He would be asleep. She knew his schedule and always tried to arrive when he was sleeping. She told him that it...Read On


The Twisted Sister, Part 2: Stephanie's Revenge

She had them where she wanted...or did she?

Anne and Mark were about halfway through dinner when Stephanie came bouncing into the kitchen. She couldn’t have caused a bigger sensation if she was naked. She was freshly showered and wearing a light pink robe. “Hi guys!” she said as she walked to the refrigerator. Anne and Mark stared at her. She almost giggled at the look on their faces. It was obvious from the robe and the wet hair...Read On


The Twisted Sister

His Aunt had more than dinner prepared for him

Ann Pierce looked out the open garage door staring at Mark’s crotch. He was lying under her son’s mustang, helping him to install new universal joints, whatever those were. Jason, her son, was under the far side of the vehicle and out of view. But she had a clear view of Mark. His semi-flaccid penis was hanging to the left and clearly visible through the open leg of his shorts. Mark was...Read On



Sweet Revenge Part II

Her husband's brother is going to get everything he desires...and guess who'll watch

They arrived just a few minutes after 8 pm. As Logan introduced Cara he watched the reactions of his brother and sister-in-law. He had imagined they would be disconcerted by the youth and beauty of Cara and was not disappointed. They were clearly shocked. “Game on, “Logan thought. Marcie gave them both a hug, the smell of her perfume a sensual reminder of last week. Then she suggested...Read On

Wife Lovers(6)


He really didn't think it through

This was Rudy’s first time at Sal’s restaurant and he idly wondered if it was always this crowded. The restaurant was set on the ground floor of the Regal Hotel so it stood to reason that many of the patrons were staying at the hotel. The crowd did serve to make it easier to stalk the old man, though. He was only a few tables away from Sagan Pharmaceutical founder and CEO, Carl...Read On


A Timely Introduction Chapter 5: Her Sister's Desire

She was ready for a real man....

I awoke to the feel of lips on the head of my cock. The memory of my sister-in-law getting naked and jumping into bed with me filled my thoughts suddenly. I looked down, half afraid it was her. But it was Alicia, my wife for almost 30 years. She was coaxing me awake in a way she had never done before. I groaned, letting her know it was working. She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling....Read On


A Timely Introduction Ch 4 Revenge!

He came home to more than his girl

We arrived at my sister-in-law’s later that morning. The bout with Little Willie at the truck stop was still fresh on our minds. I was noticing that since Alicia and I had embarked on this somewhat kinky way of life, our time alone together had improved. Whereas we used to talk little and only about mundane topics, we now spent hours together, chatting amiably, describing our feelings to...Read On


A Timely Introduction Ch 3: Little Willie and the Exhibitionist

He would never know it, but we would henceforward refer to him fondly as Little Willie

About a week after our evening with Mark, Alicia got a call from her sister in St Louis. I was watching the baseball game when the call came and knew something was wrong by the sound of my wife’s replies. After a few moments she retreated to the bedroom with the phone and left me to watch the game. It was almost two hours later when she emerged from the bedroom and came to sit by me. “Jim...Read On


A Timely Introduction...Chapter 2

A Pleasant End to Monogamy

After what had just happened, I was amused at the shyness Alicia and Mark displayed as the greeted each other. I decided to move the conversation along. “Mark, could you stand a beer?” “Sure” We had been in the hot tub for more than the recommended time already so we covered the tub and proceeded to the kitchen. Alicia led the way and when she bent over the lawn chair to pick up...Read On


A Timely Introduction

A wife learns that pleasure can come in many forms

We met him at the restaurant down the street. My wife and I were there on a Saturday morning, enjoying a leisurely breakfast. We were down to the coffee and I was talking to her about our oldest daughter when I realized she wasn’t listening to me. Something behind me had caught her attention. I turned to see what was going on, annoyed that she could be distracted so easily. He was washing...Read On