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A special Thank You to the person who thought me special enough to give me a membership.

23 Jun 2017 13:33

Another person off my friend list....hmmmmm.

20 Jun 2017 16:15

Happy Birthday to Rachel Smiles...if I was a paying member I would post on her wall or send her a message, but since I am not this will have to do. Kisses Beautiful Lady

12 Jun 2017 14:15

It appears as though as I lost a dear friend on Lush today. I am still not sure how to react.

11 Jun 2017 19:49

Unreal...someone tells you repeatedly they love you, don't know what they can do without you...yet, they have a former friend who continuously beats them up over their friendship...then they send me a note saying they can no longer be friends with me as they want to be with the one who verbally and mentally abuses them. Unreal!!!

08 Jun 2017 12:16

How I spent part of my day...

03 Jun 2017 15:30

01 Jun 2017 13:14

Heading to the beach for a few days...

20 May 2017 06:41

02 May 2017 03:13

26 Apr 2017 06:54

12 Apr 2017 05:26

12 Apr 2017 05:21

This is what I'm thinking...

01 Apr 2017 20:15

19 Mar 2017 07:08

Hmmmm, what am I thinking? Honestly I don't think most give a rats ass what I'm thinking. And guys, that's not code to send me a message telling me you care.

I'm thinking you really discover your friends after experiencing a Lush birthday.

13 Mar 2017 01:26

Online messages are only available to premium members...WELL THAT SUCKS!!! I guess LUSH is trying to tell me I must pay to chat or go elsewhere. Care to guess what I (and I am sure others) will be doing?

26 Mar 2016 12:10

Online messages are only available to premium members...WELL THAT SUCKS!!!

26 Mar 2016 12:08

Damn that was fun!!! No way he thought about her on his first night with her...for the rest of his life. lol

21 Oct 2012 20:41

Trying to get my grove on so I can make it through the week.

06 Aug 2012 04:54