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Staring Contest

"Fuck!" she was being edged, and like a good girl she fought to keep focused, staring at the dark eyes of their taxi driver reflecting in the rear view. The men on each side of her spoke softly in some unknown tongue. Twenty long digits worked between her legs, spreading wet spiderweb filaments of scented arousal from pussy to nipple to her greedy little mouth. "Please," she begged the...

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Recommended Read Innocence Lost

Syncopated lights Freeze dark features in frames Libertine limbs  Writhe in invisible flames Pulsed beats Reverberate in rivulets of sweat Synthesized strings  Entwine with bass booms of riffs Pheromones fill  Damp air with lust Hair tousled Mussed, scented with musk Dark eyes  Enslave hers, he silently calls Invisible chains  Pulled hard, imprison this innocent doll Animalistic...

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New galaxies were born tonight The angels sang on high All lovers took to bended knee New colors filled the sky The forest creatures stared in awe The birds were mute as stone The waves were frozen at their crest A weeping willow moaned Hand in hand we flew above The quiet earth below The buck who saw our shadows pass Bowed to honor his loved doe Verdant carpets spread 'neath our feet...

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Recommended Read Oblivion

Purring growls of groans shoot through helpless veins Seduction filled needles of ecstatic premonition Strawberry fields of skin prickles   Plasma boils, cells expand, cravings uncoil lethal lengths Slithering need tickles the tight chasm of my throat Lips aquiver with unquenchable thirst   Heat scalds and blackens, wrinkles and chars, our skin glows red Beyond mere mortals,...

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Editor's Pick Alien to Pleasure

SEVEN DAYS AGO: Zilla ~   The force of impact jolted her against the forcefield holding her to the seat. "Ooooofff!" The images on the screen were roiling clouds of dust showing the world outside her craft.  Eyeing her new environment with eagerness, she rolled her eyes and the lit beams that banded her to the seat disappeared.  The dust was clearing now and she stared at the...

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Stalkings and Lace

The trade show was over. Long Beach had been a blast. Who knew there was so much fun to be had once I lost the shy, quiet me? Oh my, oh my...the sexy stories I can tell. I cannot wait to see what possibilities await in the land of surf and sea. So, San Diego, here I cum! Well, fingers crossed at least. At the rental desk I waited patiently while the associate helped the man in front of me....

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Playdate With Daddy

The playroom is ready, the candles all lit. As I prepared, my thighs chafed at my clit.  The flogger, the pinwheel, the handcuffs, the clamps, Blindfold and spreader, love our dirty romance. My hair up in pigtails, my collar is fastened. My slutty red lipstick, applied with perfection. I oil my skin, every crease, every crevice. I enjoy that part greatly, I apply it with relish. ...

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For My Hands Only

"Finally darling, we're here. Welcome home." His warm laugh did indeed feel like home and I smiled as I walked past him into the hotel room. "Oh goodness, babes, I've never been so tired in my life." Reaching the bed, I fell backward and collapsed, dropping my bags on the floor. The bed shifted as he stretched out beside me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead. "Yes, my darling, you've had...

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Recommended Read Jungle Heat

The jungle was a living, breathing, heartbeat that pulsed in his ears and slicked his skin with fine blood-filled scratches. Ben Collins batted at a slithering tendril of a vine that skimmed his cheek, ever cautious of the snakes that filled both the air above, and the ground beneath his feet. Glancing up into the canopy of leaves and creatures overhead he could still feel the eyes. He was...

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You left and I cried tears of blood. My sorrow grows. It's not just that You left. But when You left my eyes went with You. Now, how will I cry?...Rumi Unspoken emotions emit vibrational frequencies my heart hears How else to explain that ache in my soul The blinding and debilitating realization that I knew before I knew My eyes blink faster and faster Drying unshed tears of...

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Stories Coauthored By littleduchess

Life's A Dance

Life is a dance  You search high and low for that forever love you read about  Then he comes out of nowhere and steals your heart from the word hello  You pray he is your destiny part of the grander plan Then suddenly you watch him walk away ,breaking your heart as he goes  Yet, you wouldn't regret a minute of the dance you shared for a brief minute in time  You learn from...

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A Crimson Snow

Most fears are written in poems and prose. Many dreads holding little of the crimson snow. Oft times seeming aloof, but that is my nature, when a hybrid of two different spores. A little bit eccentric I may be, but a vampire, none the less. Her body and flesh fit me so fine, falling into a sleep as we slept ladled, after a robust entwining. Our lips touched as if a sensual frost and our...

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Recommended Read Trembling Bellows

Conceived by unwed winds And seducing eyes, The lantern hides your clever disguise. Bow silently my cello With mournful mellow trembling bellows And kiss my knobbing. Raising your thighs At dusk tides pendulum, Wending through tears and rending vellum For in webs behind my station My fantasies are rationed, Obsession with a ghost I fair. Like a tempest with a feather, Her...

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Recommended Read Oranges And Plums

It was the years of the Moguls, 17th century India. The Dutch and the English wishing the trade of India's goods. I, Rami, the first son of a Maharaja, was bequeathed his estate and vast landholdings. My wealth wasn't so much in jewels and gold, as it was, what the orchard trees grew. Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values. The marketplace of Surat was bustling, a...

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A Marmalade Kiss

Like a fine wine of Vermouth and sins, The earthen stones lie between vines tucked in. Of lines written in modest detail, The leaves cover like the sweetest sheets, Stanzas of words not defined. Yet the cork in the bottle pop drugged showers, In the meadows of golden flowers. And like a cracker with a marmalade kiss, The headiness of wine mixes with bliss of lips A musical cacophony heard...

Added 20 Oct 2015 | Category Love Poems | Views 1,255 | 12 Comments

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