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Topic masturbaiting in pantes
Posted 21 Sep 2012 05:31

can i complain about the ridiculous spelling or would that be bitchy??

Topic Can we learn from erotic fiction? if so, what?
Posted 20 Sep 2012 19:46

um ... reverse cowgirl?

her on top but facing away..

Topic For those ladies with children or that just want to answer
Posted 20 Sep 2012 13:08

my daughter is insane and i shit you not. she picked locks at age two. yesterday she came up to me with a broom stick and said "im going outside to train" shes FIVE. at 22 months i caught her with my bread knife in one hand and the freaking dogs tail in the other. i am not kidding when i say my daughter is "different" like i watch for small mammals you know? we are thinking career in CIA.

and do you know what?? i LOVE it. i love that shes super naughty and sneaky and totally ninja! i dont yell too much except when im just driven beyond my breaking point or when she is being just entirely too willful.

so i say...embrace it a little more. they DO grow out of it some. after she turned 4 she wasnt so bad. cuz all i know is that i have the most GLORIOUS little girl this planet will ever see and i want to enjoy all of her :)

Topic Do any of you have inverted nipples?
Posted 20 Sep 2012 13:01

i did! when i was little it was awful. girls are so mean you know?

and they..well one more than they other..did grow or come out or whatever when excited. i have suuuuper sensitive nipples, i swear can almost cum just from nipple play; but i dont know if that had anything to do with the inversion.

both age and breastfeeding has largely corrected the "problem" and they are "normal" now.

wow...was that TMI or what ;)

Topic Talking
Posted 20 Sep 2012 12:58

MOST of my conversations here dont involve sex.

Topic Can we learn from erotic fiction? if so, what?
Posted 20 Sep 2012 12:53

different strokes, I guess!

If I may ask ... Is this something you would prefer to, say, frontal genital sex? Does anal sex lead to orgasm by itself?

Oh, and what about the pain?

ok, good questions.

no i dont prefer it to, i guess, regular sex and no, for me it doesnt lead to an orgasm on its own.

as for the pain...well i have found that the pain differs at first entry depending on the position. all fours is OUT for me in that first moment...spooning or reverse cowgirl is better. and if he lets me control how fast he enters me that helps too. that said...after that first penetration (maybe a few strokes) then the pain TOTALLY disappears and it does feel mmmmm awesome. at this point any position is a go.

hope that helps :)

Topic Size
Posted 19 Sep 2012 15:02

Dancing doll what do you like bigger or smaller?

thats supposed to make us giggle right? ;)

Topic Where do you Lush?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 14:16

my laptop is usually sitting on the coffee table in the living room or the kitchen counter - sometimes unattended, but Lush is usually up so i can pop in and check whenever i'm in the vicinity. sometimes it comes to bed with if i'm on in the late hours.

can i come to bed with you if im up in the late hours?

Topic Where do you Lush?
Posted 19 Sep 2012 11:23

oh thats fun! on my PC, in my living room on my couch :)

Topic Mitt Romney's dirty secret: his true beliefs
Posted 19 Sep 2012 07:32

In theory I agree with you, Buz. But if I vote Democratic, you think I'm really going to vote Republican, where lobbyist influence is replaced with religious conservatism and tea party principles? Not a chance. Same with Republicans; they're not voting their own party out, willfully voting in a liberal, just for the sake of anti-incumbency. The only other choices are niche candidates (green, libertarian, anarchy, etc).

How do you overthrow a 2-party system without hitching your support to some wacky third party ? Sounds like a good thread idea! (hint)

would it be too simplistic if we all just decided not to vote? i mean just not pick either one of them. would that send a message if we could get 300 million people to Just Say NO (snort) to either of these candidates? i'll never happen.

i agree with Buz. we, collectively, put every single politician in place. we, collectively, allow lobbyists to exist. we, collectively, allow these super rich men and women use our country and our systems to protect their wealth.

and yes keoloke, its not just people sucking off us, companies do it too. there are sooo many unbalanced facets that its overwhelming and i really have no idea how to fix it all. is expensive, procedures are expensive here. is it because of the "evil" drug companies? is it the "greedy" docs who come out of med school 6 figures in debt? is it the the insane malpractice lawsuits? its all of it.

we are in a vicious catch 22 it seems to me.

and thanks for the hug naughtynurse :)

Topic Mitt Romney's dirty secret: his true beliefs
Posted 19 Sep 2012 05:31

i guess you know better people than i do girl :( ive known too many to abuse the system and who have these ridiculous expectation of what life "owes" them. i dont feel it is minuscule. our country is in this state because of US LadyX. You and me and everyone. we created this and we now we are looking around saying "holy shit! what happened?" we have been wasting money for years. on grossly abused (and too many) social programs...wars we cant win (including the war on drugs) and our litigation system is choked and clogged with all the crying we do when we dont get our way or we slip and sprain an ankle. we are JOKE on this planet.

its not JUST social program abuse, or bad wars or greedy politicians. its everything put together. i believe thats why we are having such a hard time solving it. we are fully out of balance. We americans talk with a puritan tongue but put sex all over our TV, we give hardly any money to education and still believe we are the smartest of them all...we hold up 50 year marriages as the example of success and our divorce rate is nearly half.our money is totally skewed and unbalance but we still scream that capitalism is best.

its all wrapped up girl and i just simply pointed out that in this one small instance i sort of agree with romney. the sense of personal responsibility in this country is pathetic and quite frankly its time for a lot of americans to fucking man up. hard to do in an age where a teeny tiny portion of our citizens hold that vast majority of our wealth and they are not sharing...but it is possible. we ARE americans and we can be bad ass if we want to. too bad so many are busy stuffing our faces with McDonalds (then crying over ill health) and watching Fox News.

p.s. you can ask my mother and she'll tell you that being on food stamps and welfare was a LOT easier than working 2 jobs to get the rent was the humiliation of using them that pushed her to get a job. i had unemployment once for a little while. all i had to do was make a phone call and i got $200 bucks in the mail...not so hard really.

Topic Mitt Romney's dirty secret: his true beliefs
Posted 18 Sep 2012 19:32

No it is not.

It is not easy to live for free in this country. It's not easy to be poor. It's not easy to be working-class. It's not easy to do any of the things you've somehow been led to believe are true. Perhaps you've somehow been poor in your past, living in the lap of luxury off the government's dime. If so, I suspect you did so by committing fraud, because what comes to those in need, in the form of assistance, is not anything within the realm of "free easy living".

But back to the subject at hand. Romney's broad-brush indictment of that dastardly 47% that pay no federal income taxes. It turns out that just 6.9 percent of people who are non-elderly don't pay income tax. That is a far cry from 47 percent. We are not, in fact, a nation of moochers, as Romney seems to suggest.

fraud. :p not fraud. when my dad left, my mom had to go on welfare and food stamps for awhile until she found a job. several of them actually. and i know his numbers are way off. but i simply know too, many able bodied people who are eating and being sheltered on my dime. and no their lives are not good. of course they are not good. but they shouldnt be being paid for. ive know women to have more kids for more money...i followed a dude and his Nike clad brood out to their caddy after watching them pay with food stamps. there is corruption. and it IS a factor. we ARE lazy. we are. we are cable stealing, fast truck drivin, beer swilling, french fry inhaling, lazy mother fuckers in this country. we believe whatever the fuck the tv feeds us and remind me of so many cows. we think that America owes us a living and we owe America nothing.

i wish there were more people out in the world like the people i find here. people of real quality and thought and introspection. people who do in fact practice personal responsibility in their own lives....and not so many "bubba honey chile's" out there.

*edit* im sorry for any offense i might have caused to any bubba honey chiles that perhaps read this.

Topic Ass fucked
Posted 18 Sep 2012 19:20

Hi! Im LMB, Good Will Ambassador of Lush (ill wait till everyone stops laughing)

I wanted to welcome you and to thank you for becoming a participant in our wonderful forums here. Up on the top of your page you will find a search function. you can use that to see if the question you would like to posed has already been asked. this cuts down on clogging up the forums and also protects you from snarky bitchy sarcastic comments like this one and a few other that i noticed. ;)

Again, welcome and enjoy your time here :) wave

Topic Horny?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 19:16

there was a time that i thought i was a 17 year old boy lol

Topic Mitt Romney's dirty secret: his true beliefs
Posted 18 Sep 2012 19:10

ugh. you all are going to beat me for this and let me preface this by saying i hate romney hes a liar and a cheat:( but.....

i dont totally disagree with him here. and while no its not 47% of our population, there is a serious lack of personal responsibility and a very inflated sense of entitlement in this country.

part of the problem is able bodied people sucking off our system. its very easy to live for free (if not very well) in this country. and im not talking about the little old lady that needs her meds or the single mom or dad whos partner has run off shouldering them with the responsibility or the disabled vet. im all for our country helping our people. but we all know that not everyone on the dole needs to be there.

and no where in our constitution does it say that we will be provided shelter or food or a livelihood. what we were promised is the opportunity to go out and get that for ourselves. that is still possible to do in this country. it might be harder than it used to be but it IS possible.

personally i really believe that if we are going to have a system in place where our government collects money and then passes it out so that every single person has food and shelter and a doctor then every single person has to pay in. most notably the cash only trade. and by that i mean dealers, sex workers, nannies and bus boys. taxing our income and giving breaks to corps in order to create jobs is not working. lets tax our sales THEN i think we will have a fair system and being to see our wealth being re-distributed into more equitable portions. (but thats another argument)

just my 2 cents. ill bend over now for you all to whip me ;)

Topic What gets your juices flowing?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 15:45

Juicers can be fun for lots of things!! HAHA

ohhhh....yeah...yeah for sure it can multi task ;)

Topic Panties or commando?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 15:43

LMB...are you old enough to remember that "gag'' about guys having the toes of their shoes spit-shined to a mirror finish when out dancing with the gals.? That's the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw your answer/post!!

You have given me my laugh for the day!!

Rick (YES...I AM that old!!)

yes i do remember that ;)

Topic Panties or commando?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 14:09

i go commando in skirt sometimes ;)

Topic What gets your juices flowing?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 13:56

sometimes i use a juicer if im going to drink it. but if like i need lemon juice for something i just cut the lemon in half and ream it out with a fork

Topic What makes you cum?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 13:53

sex-induced orgasms

holy shit me too!!!

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 18 Sep 2012 13:21

there are times i honestly regret not leaving you passed out on the couch that last night in our house.

Topic Subway "grinder" gets probation after masturbating on women riders.
Posted 18 Sep 2012 12:27

Punishments have to fit the crime.

masturbated on top of a **minor**

then he should be tried and branded a pedophile. the possible psychological damage to that child is greater than a "misdemeanor" IMO

Topic is fat around the penis a turn off?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 04:52

Wondering whether part of your body is a turn-off "for women" is not healthy. The fact that you're asking the question indicates that you're not comfortable with yourself. Do something about that; either find a way to accept yourself for who you are or change to who you want to be. Once you're happy about yourself, you'll stop worrying what women think. Most women will accept you for who you are if you're happy with yourself.

oh well said :)

Topic Would you ever accept an invatation.....
Posted 17 Sep 2012 16:29

yes. i would :)

Topic Can we learn from erotic fiction? if so, what?
Posted 17 Sep 2012 16:25

-- most women I have known absolutely HATE anal sex. Some stories make it sound like that's not true.

Hi! Im LMB..anal sex lover. Nice to meet you :) Welcome to Lush!

Topic Built for Sex
Posted 17 Sep 2012 14:35

for me, being Built for Sex is more of a mind set then a body type.

its the woman whos panties are chronically wet..the woman who is ready at any time for her partner...a woman whos body responds almost on its own when its being stroked and played...the woman who ooozes sex as walks down the street, largely without realizing shes doing it...a woman who likes almost all aspects of sex and is willing to push at least some of her own boundaries.

this may sound odd to some of the people who know me here because of the weird parameters that i have regarding sex, but i very much consider myself a woman built for sex. and yes i need a deep connection with my partner first, but once thats established then my true nature surfaces and yes i very much was
"made to fuck"

Topic Why do men cheat?
Posted 17 Sep 2012 04:46

Why do women cheat?

i saw this thread pop up again and thats exactly what i thought too Buz. I really dont believe men cheat more than women or vice versa. People cheat for all the reasons mentioned in this thread and a million more.

i waffle between whether or not long term monogamy is a good idea or not. I dont feel like the general population is capable of open relationships at this stage of our social development but neither do i think being with only one person for 50 years is reasonable either in this society. both seem and feel out of balance.

to me, several long term, monogamous relationships of moderate length almost seem better, perhaps the longest being with the other parent of your children (as i do believe kids thrive better in a 2 parent home, generally speaking of course).

i think the part we need to let go of is attributing this sense of success that we seem to when we hear of a very long term marriage. perhaps the measure of a successful relationship is the betterment of the two people involved or the continued friendship and good will after the partnership has ended.

Topic any fans of Oz, the TV show?
Posted 17 Sep 2012 03:53

loved that show!

Topic What's your favourite thing about yourself?
Posted 16 Sep 2012 19:20

i like the fact that i cant easily hide stuff from myself..

Topic Superpowers.... with a twist
Posted 16 Sep 2012 10:14

god thats an awesome question...

i choose 4! cuz who the hell doesnt wanna be able to shoot lasers from their eyes!! :D