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Topic How do men feel about red headed women?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 21:16

They're just as crazy as any other woman

hehee....aww honey, you just got it bad dontcha?

and we are crazier...get it right ;)

Topic Weight Issues
Posted 16 Jul 2012 15:45

She says she's tired of just being the fat girl who's good enough to sleep with, but never good enough to date.

tell her if she wants to stop being this to just stop doing this.

Topic Which One Are You?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 13:44


ooo...scoot over :)

Topic Which one are you?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 13:26

none of these really match me...#3 or #16 i guess, sorta. i have a little "lettuce" as doll put it. i used to be suuuper insecure about it until i realized that my pussy is just sticking its tongue out going "thhhpptttt"...perfectly smart ass. just like me ;)

Topic Which one are you?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 11:30

ooo..i got a shake for ya honey! ;)

Topic Things that just piss you off
Posted 16 Jul 2012 08:20

yapping fucking dogs.

and the underwire thing too.

Topic girth
Posted 16 Jul 2012 08:06

ridindirty, without trying to be mean, and without reading through your currently copious threads (because I don't have the inclination, sorry), would I be wrong in thinking that you either have a lot of questions, or are in desperate need of a wank, or need help exploring the search facility?

Because I can help with the latter, but not the others. Let me know. sunny

you are so sunshiney :)

Topic fucking a best friend's husband or boyfriend
Posted 16 Jul 2012 07:39

I see. How did it happen?

in the normal way. i wanted him..i was friends with her..i didnt let it stop me. it was a million years ago and i very much regret it now. i dont know him anymore but i am still friends with her, and no she does not know.

Topic Someone For Everyone?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 06:51

Either way the one true thing is know yourself. If you do, then that someone for you will be easier to spot.

this is really well said...and ill add its important that you accept and love who you are as well as knowing..

Topic pussy juices
Posted 16 Jul 2012 06:21

search function. Welcome to Lush :)

Topic Which one are you?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 06:19

none of these are me. and duh.

Topic double penetration
Posted 16 Jul 2012 06:17

Try here:

will you follow him around for the rest of them...? lol

Topic fucking a best friend's husband or boyfriend
Posted 16 Jul 2012 05:26

yes ive done it.

Topic Someone For Everyone?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 20:01

i think there are lots of someones for everyone. i also think if a person stays single for a lifetime its by their own choice...whether they know that or not.

Topic becoming a pornstar
Posted 15 Jul 2012 18:07

Oh I see. May I know her porn name? Is she still in the business? You would have been a hot pornstar icon_smile


and god that was so long ago that no shes not..shes a crazy cat lady now (no im not kidding...giggling) and really i have no idea what her name was. she did appear on Montel Williams once..

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 17:06

ok! so i halved and sugared some peaches then roasted them in bacon fat and rosemary until they were tender and nicely browned. then i took a thick slice of a seedy crusty bread and spread it with warm creamy brie, topped that with the peaches and drizzled with a sauce of 2 parts fine olive oil and 1 part honey.

dear god it was orgasmic! the best thing i ever put in my mouth...ever.

Topic becoming a pornstar
Posted 15 Jul 2012 16:59

i have a cousin in "the business" (charming right?) and she asked me to come in when i was 18 but i turned her down..

Topic Ass to Mouth
Posted 15 Jul 2012 14:52

no. yuck. gross.

Topic filming while having sex
Posted 15 Jul 2012 14:49

oh yes :)

Topic Happy birthday, Nicola!
Posted 15 Jul 2012 04:45

oh Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day with a great cake all for yourself! and thanks Nicola for this great place :)



Topic Ladies, How do you feel about red headed men?
Posted 14 Jul 2012 05:34

i like all colors! :D

Topic nude photos
Posted 13 Jul 2012 16:11

i have yes...mostly like the ones in my gallery. but for a certain special someone ive taken nudes..and pics of me playing...its fun! ;)

Topic Things that just piss you off
Posted 13 Jul 2012 06:14

a certain stupid Army Ranger. stupid Ranger.

Topic sleepovers
Posted 12 Jul 2012 23:06

A word of warning to youdirector are seriously outclassed in a match of wits with LittleMissBitchSword Fight impartial observer here

aww thanks! :D

Topic sleepovers
Posted 12 Jul 2012 20:14

lol ok...noted...but things have happened right...

*pats littlestud on the head...*

Topic sleepovers
Posted 12 Jul 2012 19:39

have you ever had an all girl sleepover where nothing sexual happened...if that is

what wild things have you've seen and done at some of your sleepovers...

bahahahaaa...ok wait..let me stop laughing...

dude...quit watching so many movies. cuz i got news for ya, when girls get together we do NOT have an uncontrollable desire to touch each others breasts. yes we know that if you had breasts and your buddies had breasts YOU'D be touching each other all the time but such is not the case for us. lmaO man, that was funny!

Topic who lives n indiana of the united states
Posted 11 Jul 2012 14:59

New Mexico! (and yes it is so a part of the united states! :P)

Topic Ariz. man sentenced to 60 days in jail and $12k fine for having Bible study in home?
Posted 11 Jul 2012 13:45

This reeks of another case of "we don't know the whole story." Sort of like the story I once read with the headline "Woman is Arrested for Questioning her Grocery Bill." The headline makes it sound preposterous, until you actually read about the incident, where she screamed and threatened the cashier because they wouldn't accept her outdated coupons.

aww Xuani...cant we make assumptions and crazy leaps in logic?? its fun!! :D

Topic Ariz. man sentenced to 60 days in jail and $12k fine for having Bible study in home?
Posted 11 Jul 2012 13:24

So not only does the state of Arizona hate Hispanic people, immigrants, gays & lesbians, they also hate Christians, and hate pesonal property rights.

Arizona has become the absolute NAZI state of the USA. The Arizona state government must totally hate civil rights, liberty, freedom & justice!

With over 60 violation codes for having a Bible study in his home is just an example of a dictatorial oppressive massive out of control government.

Hitler would've loved Arizona. Fuck those Arizona Nazi wannabes!

how does making him follow the rules denote hate Buz? i had to get a permit to build a if hes running a "business" then he has to file all the proper paperwork. maybe it sucks but that is the system We the People have set up yeah?

Topic Ariz. man sentenced to 60 days in jail and $12k fine for having Bible study in home?
Posted 11 Jul 2012 11:06

hey..thems the rules. if i need a license to throw a line in a stream then he needs to have his shit in order to run a church.

maybe we can interest him in the Church of Lush!! ;)