Charlie and Uncle Joe - Part 1

Charlie never knew Uncle Joe and she had so much in common...

*** A/N: This is a story I wrote a while ago. I've made some editing and proofing changes. And for those that read on Lit as well. Yes I am Kushiel. Please bare in mind when reading this I was trying to write from a seventeen year old's perspective. Hope you enjoy! *** This is a story about me and my Uncle Joe. He was kind of the black sheep of the family; the no hoper entrepreneur...Read On


Charlie and Uncle Joe - Part 2

Tensions build... will they or won't they?

I didn’t see Uncle Joe again until the night of the party. He was lying low I guess, not even hanging out by the pool. I was kind of disappointed, but understood why he was doing it. I should have been doing the same, not constantly hoping to catch a glimpse of him or accidently run into him. But as it was, our paths didn’t cross until the party was nearly over. The evening was well...Read On


Charlie and Uncle Joe - Part 3

They both want it... can they seal the deal?

The door was yanked open and there he was! He loomed in the darkened doorway, his features cast nearly black in the shadows. He was still dressed in his party attire. He’d loosened off his tie and undone the top two buttons of his shirt to be comfortable and he was barefoot, but it only made him look hotter! I felt my stomach drop and rise, like I was on a rollercoaster ride and I...Read On


Daddy and Addison

Addison's going to be late and wants her Daddy to hurry up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little story. All characters in this story are over consensual age and are fictitious. “ Daddddyyyy!” Addison whined. “ Hurry up we’re going to be late.” “It’s not so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot huh?” Her father said nearly laughing. "But Daddy!" She whined again. "We need to go and you're taking too long. I'm going to get another...Read On

Love Poems(21)

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Trying my hardest Not to pour out my heart Like hot anguish over purple stones To tell you it’s a mistake to still love you To say That you’re the only one To ever mess with my head And my heart To break me down Make me cry at the ache Of every brittle piece Of my shattered soul I look up at stars Crystal specks in an indigo sky And know That you see the same ones ...Read On

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There is never just one line...

How her heart breaks Like the broken wings Of a sad little butterfly She is fragile And needs his arms around her Like a shield against the pain But he is gone Lost to her in another life Another world Where she can never intrude Alone She reaches for him; In the arms of so many others But they cannot fill the void Can never fix the broken shell of her heart ...Read On


Small Death

Sink them down into my skin Let your scent Seep into the pores of my soul And raise me up again And again To the heights of ecstasy Until I am breathless And spent  Your hard caress And driving thrusts Raking from my body The shameless cries Of wanton desire And unrestrained lust As sweat drips Hot and wet Against the silk Of skin on skin  ...Read On



Body straining Spine arching Raking fingers Down my body. A probing tongue Hot and wet Seeking my centre My pleasure. Trembling thighs And clenching hands Gripping hair Soft moans and gasps. Steal my breath And push me higher Thrust and suck Lick and flick Hard then soft Fast then slow. I close my eyes, Sink in sensation. Aching...Read On


Music of Words

Playing with words, Like the strings of an instrument, What fine melody will you weave in my heart When that music wafts softly Across forever And touches a soul That yearns for release. Do you ever think, That you create such wicked wonder With your words of hunger and fire Deep in the dense heat of my lusting body That aches to feel worthy Of such...Read On


Lonely Heart

My lonely heart lay heavy Upon the breast of my existence As the sickle moon rests softly In an orange Harvest sky. The black top of my life Roams like a coiling snake Searching, seeking Across the barren Landscape of my mind Where is my lonely heart? Adrift and forgotten Under a darkened star, Or hidden away in the depths of Long ago? Lost to what is...Read On


Sweet Serenade

Sweet serenade of my heart Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh Those brassy tones all soft and mellow Tender music of my lost soul Reaching out from the past To touch me on the morrow. Sweet notes that cascade and fall, And tumble Across my dreaming flesh like A soft caress That fills the void inside of That loving heart of yesterday. How my spirit...Read On


Your Everything

Aching I need it Lust I want to feel it Sliding deep inside Hot and hard Pulsing thick and virile Fuck Take me Push me over that edge Make me scream Moan Gasp Whisper those words in my ear Nasty, dirty, filthy words Like slut and whore and horny little bitch Make me curse And cry And Beg Take me to the limits of my need Take me to the heights of my...Read On


Good Night, My Sweet Love

Good night my sweet love, Good night Rest And let your worries go Close your eyes, ever will I watch over you Good night my sweet love, Good night Dream And let your heart wonder free Always will I protect you Good night my sweet love, Good night Drift And I will dance through the mists of your mind I will move through space I will sway and twirl My...Read On


That Other Thing

Always left unsaid

That other thing, You know it, I know it That thing left unsaid That thing between us That thing that scrapes out our souls Like a flicker of light inside us A glowing pearl of thought A windswept cliff on a distant shore A mountain peak capped with snow A beauty of such painful sorrow As we leave that thing unsaid Though we both know it’s there And we...Read On



Sometimes just Sometimes in the night In the hours that lay dormant and still When the darkness creeps Inside my room, Inside my heart I lay awake and wonder If the sunlight strikes your face If you turn your smile into the glow And think of me at the precise Moment I think of you And in that second Do we share a closeness that not Even the world can stop....Read On


Gasp Out Loud

It is in the wee hours of the morning In that moment before waking When the world is blissfully silent And the whole universe turns on a sigh That I dream of you... Your hand as it reaches for me The brush of your fingertips against my brow The supple touch of your lips against The corner of my mouth I inhale as you inhale And smile The sweet caress of...Read On


Tender Tenure

I want to close my eyes and sleep forever In my dreams where you live Melancholy heart Reaching out for love Reaching out for the Precious partner Whose heart beats match my own The staccato drum The rumbling cadence In tune, in time Beat, beat, beat My breathing to still An empty sigh A last gasp As I sink into your memory Lose myself in your tenor ...Read On



I waken to a hazy world Rub sleep from my eyes And peer into the mist I stand within a small bubble of existence Alone save for the rest of the world that lives Hidden behind this blanket of suspended water And I catch the momentary glimpse A sneaking movement of air that billows Around the phantom of my heart My ghost, my love My fantasy I feel you there ...Read On


Hopelessly in Love

Saturate me in your resonance and Render me speechless. Fill me with longing and Render me motionless. Take away my ability to sigh and Render me breathless. Capture my heart and Render me helpless. Do all this and let the flood tide roll The dam burst open The emotion like a tidal wave Pouring out to drown me in its intensity At the intensity you possess ...Read On


Darkly Ablaze

There he sits  Upon his lofty precipice  His tall pedestal  Risen up in my eyes, my heart, Untouchable Unattainable And yet I touch him, as I can So deeply  So fully As I sing for him The music of my body yearning for him  The sigh, that sweet, happy sigh That escapes me only for him And I speak the words  That fill his ears... his heart  Of how he sets my...Read On


In You

Wonder at what can be...

Sleep rolls over me and I close my eyes, The dark word of the mind awakens, Colours and nothing, swim beneath my lids, As I drift, suspended Reminded of your words, Your voice, your sweet breath, The fantasy unfolding, A hand against my cheek, Gentle and warm, a caress Delving deep and sinking through my soul, Sliding into and over, Raking my heart across...Read On



So easy to misconstrue

Hello my dear It's been a while Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax. Are you comfortable honey?... Mmm, good, that’s good. Why don’t you take those off for me?  That’s it, you can put them beside you on the chair. Now why don’t you open up for me? Wider...  A little more, mmm yes, just like that. Nice, good girl. Now hold it there. Let me...Read On


My Life's Lost Love

Loss and sorrow

Benighted bed Beneath my head My life’s lost love Pulled from my grasp With sorrowful gasp My life’s lost love Away you go As my tears fall so My life’s lost love Ne’er ending sorrow No sun tomorrow My life’s lost love My breaking heart And poisoned dart My life’s lost love I sleep to die And wake to cry My life’s lost love  ...Read On


Into Bliss

Take me, take it, take my soul.

As I feel the heat of your breath against my soul, As I shudder and weep at the joy. As I fear your touch, your hand upon me, around me, within me. I cry out 'No' though my heart beats a thunder, trembling in want, in need; my body saying 'Yes' begging in sin, pleading, wanting, Yes, yes, yes, take me, take it, take my soul. Devour what is yours within me, Swallow all...Read On


This Love

The ache and fear of emotion

It seethes inside me, this desire. Hot, it roils and churns, This need! Emotion, so dark and terrifying, Writhing for release, aching for freedom, Threatening to undo my life. But I trap it, I hold it back, Scared and afraid of what havoc it may wreak upon the world. Scared and afraid of what havoc it may wreak upon me! And so I hold it in, I keep it hidden,...Read On

Love Stories(1)



When reflection and wishes are all we have, and need can never be attained...

Water rushes in to meet her toes, wiggling things in the sand, petite and pretty. A wistful sigh escapes her as she turns her eyes to the horizon and wonders once more where he might be? What he might be doing? Her Dreamer. Does he think of her like she does him, she wonders. Does the night caress him with the softest brush of its lips, the darkness creep over his skin all shadows and longing...Read On



Sultry Little Show

A hot and humid night drives Emmy to wicked distraction...

*** All characters are over the age of eighteen Sweat pooled in the hollow at the base of her throat, clinging to her naturally bronzed skin before gravity took its toll and it slid downward between the shallow valley of her breasts. Her white singlet clung to her, sticky and damp. The stretchy cotton felt oppressive in the clammy heat of the afternoon. A summer storm was brewing, a...Read On



Kitty and Mr Connors

Kitty's new Science Teacher turns her on

Part 1 The last year of school had been a drag for Kit, science in particular. Mr Mathers, a grumpy old coot with little patience and a quick temper had been making life hell for her. Most of her school life Kit had enjoyed science right up until she got Mr Mathers. Now she groaned in despair whenever she thought about attending that class. Sometimes she wished the old goat would just...Read On


Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 2

Mr Connors is teaching Kitty a few hard lessons.

Part 2 Rick Connors watched Kitty walk out of his office on shaky legs. He sat on the edge of his desk, one leg crossed over the other and this arms folded over his chest. He very nearly caved in, nearly lost his resolve to torture her as she had tortured him all term, nearly called her back into his office. Dear god he wanted her, her tight young body sent his blood racing through his...Read On


Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 3

Kitty hurries toward Mr Connors...

Part 3 Kitty must have run because not fifteen minutes later there came a knock on his door. Rick stopped his pacing and took a deep breath. He went to his door and spying through the peephole he saw her. Her hair was down and windswept. She’d worn the clothes she’d had on yesterday just as he’d told her. Rick smiled and opened the door. She stood there, her eyes downcast, her hands clasped...Read On


Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 4

Kitty turns the tables.

She yanked his hair, her fingers entwined in his scruffy, baby fine blonde locks, pressing his head back and exposing his neck. She leant forward and raked her teeth across his throat. Kitty felt his Adams apple bob in her mouth as he swallowed. She heard him growl… ‘Kitty!’ ‘Quiet!’ she almost snarled, tightening her hand in his hair. Kitty heard his breath catch as his hands...Read On