It's Only Dinner

Loving father loses control

I hated my job but I knew that I could never leave it. My wife had passed away 2 years ago and I vowed to give my baby daughter a life devoid of struggles. Actually my "baby" had just turned 16 but I still treated her like my little angel. In fact, that's what I always called her, "angel". My boss always treated me like shit. He would always make fun of me because I had no social life. I...Read On


It's Only Dinner (Part 2)

Continuing on from It's Only Dinner. A loving father continues to lose control.

My mind was working at a million miles an hour. I lusted after my father. I wanted him completely and last night it finally happened. I remembered the feeling of his hot cum filling my pussy. That cum was now crusting my panties as we were driving home in the limo. I didn't think I would ever wash those panties again. This should be the happiest day of my life but my fathers reaction made...Read On


It's Only Dinner (Part 3)

Daddy's birthday has to be perfect.

"Maybe, but promise me it will never end daddy and I'll promise to keep you happy forever."... It had been six weeks ago since my daughter had seductively spoken those words. I lost the battle against my conscience and succumbed to her. From that moment on, I never gave it a second thought. I lost myself inside her countless times. She was my daughter and my girlfriend (even if we did have...Read On

The Miller Camping Trip

Wife sends Husband seductive text while daddy is on a camping trip with just his daughter.

The most important weekend in the Miller home was finally coming up, our summer camping trip. For many years we took one weekend in August to get in touch with nature. This year though, for the first time, it would not be the three of us. My wife had a financial report she had to complete this weekend or she would risk losing her job. She had completed the report last night but...Read On