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Another story approved!! And this one comes with pics (see image gallery), let me know what you think, yeah?

Sorry I don't always respond to pokes, please don't be offended, will try and get round to you when I can, yeah?

Actually I tried chatting and it didn't work so well, I need to re-think that one.

06 May 2011 22:16

Finally managed to get a story written!! More may be coming up!!

03 May 2011 20:08

You know in some ways I regret putting these pics here. Everytime I sign on there's a hundred messages for me and I have to look through them. Also I am really unfamiliar with this site. If you poke me or request a chat and I don't reply please don't be offended, just give me time to sort myself out, please. Thanks. I promise you once I know where I am we will have chats and all that.

25 Apr 2011 09:02