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Topic Would the material of the surface you're sitting on make any difference between tucking your skirt or not??
Posted 17 Jan 2014 23:11

Hi all,
Some time ago I posted a question about whether you would bother tucking a short skirt under yourself when sitting down...I was wondering if your decision would be influenced by the material of the surface you were sitting on - eg. leather etc??

Topic Staying single because relationships are "too complicated"...
Posted 23 Oct 2012 02:54

Hi, I have a 36 year old male colleague who has been single for over 8 years now. He's had a few relationships that ended on a sour note and now he has given up, saying that relationships are too complicated because to a large extent they are based on emotion which can be fickle and irrational. Apparently he's always treated his girlfriends really well but they always played "mindgames" on him and didn't tell him what was wrong when clearly there was something bothering them. He now reckons that many women are "too stupid and ungrateful" when it comes to relationships.
He's a really good-natured, hardworking and polite guy but has a very no-nonsense attitude to everything and finds it hard to forgive when wronged.

What's your opinion, have you ever come across this type of person before?

Topic Short skirt when riding bike
Posted 13 Oct 2012 07:14

Would you ever wear a short skirt when riding a bike? How would you avoid "upskirts" or wouldn't it bother you??

Topic Undies for sport
Posted 11 Oct 2012 02:18

Usually wear thongs for jogging under my mesh shorts - they're comfy and no need to worry about pantylines... :O)

Topic what do you wear to bed
Posted 08 Oct 2012 04:35

Panties and bra or loose shirt. As others have said I love the feeling of the sheets against my bare skin...

Topic Getting horny when sitting on duffle bag - UPDATED
Posted 22 May 2012 05:39

Wow. Just wow. Definitely one of the oddest posts I've seen on Lush. I'm curious now. I want to masturbate using luggage.

I wonder if the ladies at the Tumi store do so, on occasion. I would assume they would wipe it down. Or, if Tumi tests its bags' durability as a masturbatory tool...

So did you end up riding a suitcase? LOL

BTW - shakethatass - when can we read your promised story about the girl getting horny on her duffle bag?? We're ALL looking forward to it, aren't we?!

Topic Getting horny when sitting on duffle bag - UPDATED
Posted 29 Apr 2012 01:42

Should be interesting (if a bit leftfield) shakethatass...looking forward to it! icon_smile

Topic Not folding your skirt under yourself when sitting down...
Posted 27 Apr 2012 04:26

Is there ever a typical situation when you're wearing a skirt and don't fold it underneath your butt when sitting down?

Topic Wearing nylon shorts for sport
Posted 24 Apr 2012 04:28

Girls - do you prefer wearing nylon shorts for gym or sport? Why (not)? If so, what type of shorts?

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 19 Apr 2012 05:04

Panties or loose shorts...

Topic Stuck headfirst/exhibitionism fetish...
Posted 19 Apr 2012 04:50

Thanks to all for the replies so far...I especially like the idea of the camera. I'm not sure whether I'd want anyone else involved "on scene" at this stage but I've started recording myself in the trashcan. (I place my digital camera on a table facing the trash can, turn the movie feature on and hit PLAY). Great fun!!

I've also started using a pair of nylon gym shorts and a school uniform that I bought recently (it consists of a navy-white checkered skirt which covers barely half of my thighs, a white blouse, knee high white socks and black sandals).

Hmm...maybe the next step should be to make it more difficult for myself to get out of the bin, so it would mean more of a struggle - perhaps I should wear a backpack or some other bag on my bag? What do you think??

Topic Stuck headfirst/exhibitionism fetish...
Posted 16 Apr 2012 03:17

I've always enjoyed movies with slapstick scenes in them, especially where people fall headfirst into something like a trashcan or get their head stuck in a bucket or similar, but during the last few months I've discovered that I find it easy to cum when pretending to be stuck upside down in a trashcan...what I do is go into the garage, lock the door, then prop the spare (clean and empty) trashcan against the wall and pretend to fall into it headfirst in a clumsy manner. I'd be wearing a t-shirt/tanktop, a shot skirt, white socks and runners. When I'm kicking my legs in the air (as if trying to get out of the trashcan) and feel the skirt fold back, revealing my (usually white or pink) undies it doesn't long for me to get wet, due to the combined factors of being upside down with flailing legs, pretending to be stuck in an awkward position and flashing panties. It feels great!!drunken

Have any of you girls ever had a similar experience before?? If so, do you have any tips on how I could maybe make these 'fetish sessions' even more kinkier for myself??

Topic Getting horny when sitting on duffle bag - UPDATED
Posted 07 Apr 2012 02:28

I can kinda relate to this story...a few years ago when I was 19 I was packing my things on the final day of a trip. After i had stuffed everything in my duffle bag I found it was so full I couldn't zip it up so I decided to sit astride on it for easier closing. I was only wearing a t-shirt and thongs at the time and so the bare skin of my butt and thighs was directly exposed to the nylon/pvc fabric of the bag...I didn't get turned on but remember that the cold sensation of the fabric was rather pleasant. f-hihi