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Topic big girls
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:57

Not to be offensive but bigger women in my opinion give better head.

Topic a matter of taste?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:56

If she wants my cum in her mouth I will do it, and just because she let me cum in her mouth I would let her kiss me, I don't mind the taste of my own cum.

Topic masturbation in public
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:54

I do in my car sometimes if I' on a long trip and the interstate isn't to busy or its dark out.

Topic What do guys like better?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:15

All of the above, but if I had my choice it would be head as long as I could cum in her mouth. Otherwise pussy.

Topic how do you guys do it?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:12

One handed typing. Works great.

Topic shaven or no?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:11

Call me old fashoned but I like some hair around the pussy. It sucks when your eating her out becuase of strays that get in your mouth, but a nice furry pussy is always good.

Topic not pulling out
Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:08

Always finish inside. Thats the best feeling. I love to go a second round and feel the slickness of my cum in her pussy.