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Topic: What condom should I use?
Posted: 02 Jul 2012 16:28

@shawnababy, mare24, and blazestcyr ... y'all are all right. Condoms are not a reliable method of birth control! Truthfully, on marginally better ... if at all ... than bareback. If someone is wearing a condom for prevention of an std ... you might want to rethink having sex with that person!

I seldom wear a condom ... I'm talking less than 10 times in xx years!

Topic: Time Machine
Posted: 21 Jan 2012 08:18

i would LOVE to go back to the elizabethan era...its sounds so romantic and beautiful...but i'd want the GOOD romantic side of it and NOT the side where the era was founded on the exploitation of women...

would I marry someone guy thats 40 yrs older than me because it'll advance MY family???

the answer is hell NO.
i would not make myself unhappy for the rest of MY life just so my FAMILY can advance with titles...i dont get shit

i would be the type of wife to kill their husbands...because thats the only way women got to own ANYTHING...

so....maybe i would go back to the guy who thought up this brilliant thing called SLAVERY and beat the living SHIT outta him...for a few decades....

Better to be an old man's darling than a young man's warling ...

Topic: Time Machine
Posted: 21 Jan 2012 08:16

I'm another one who'd go back to medieval times. I see that era with knights and ladies as being romantic, but I'm sure the reality would be some pretty tough living.

As long as you're one of the ladies of the estate. If you're of one of the poor folks, it might truly suck. Having lived off the grid for a while, I can tell you that life is different without electricity and refrigeration! ... And no indoor plumbing.

Topic: US Government officials want to ban cell phone use in automobiles
Posted: 19 Dec 2011 21:16

When I was still a high school kid, and had been driving for about six months, I got pulled over and given a citation for eating an apple while driving. I went to court, and the judge asked the arresting officer if he ever drank coffee or smoked while driving (in those days, it was legal to smoke tobacco anywhere, even on trains and in aircraft). When the officer admitted he had, the judge threw the case out.

Good byspel! Eating an apple and talking to the passenger while driving is harder than talking on a cell phone while driving ... Yu gotta hold the apple, chew apple, and swallow while talking and driving ... yet this would still be legal!

At some point the Nanny State will REQUIRE by law that yu keep both hands on the wheel and will be fined if yu don't.

As it turns out, the NTSB has been caught ... "stretching" the truth. Is 3,000 true?

No. In a detailed report on distracted driving issued earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that only 995 deaths resulted from distraction by cell phones in 2010. The 3,000-person figure refers to all distracted driving.

The Chicken Littles in D.C. notwithstanding, the roads are getting safer, not more dangerous. The number of car accident fatalities has been dropping steadily for decades. In 1990, 44,599 people lost their lives in crashes.

In 2010, 32,885 were killed -- a decrease that is even more significant considering the rise in the total number of licensed drivers and cars on the road. According to the NHTSA, there were 1.7 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles driven in 1994, but only 1.14 in 2009, the lowest level in 60 years.

Topic: US Government officials want to ban cell phone use in automobiles
Posted: 17 Dec 2011 08:24

Maybe the third time will be the charm ... It keeps eat my answer.

It is, without nay, an abusive and dictatorial gov't wanting to control more of your life. Just think about the millions of folks who CAN drive and talk on a cell phone without weaving down the road.

The one who scared me the most was an ex-gf who would turn to face me while she was driving. I would have to tell her that the light was red! That was the one and only time that she drove during our relationship. Bad drivers are bad drivers ... cell phones or not.

Topic: US Government officials want to ban cell phone use in automobiles
Posted: 17 Dec 2011 06:50

The United States National Transportation Safety Board has called for a nationwide ban on the use of all portable electronic devices by drivers, except in an emergency. That means no more phone calls or texting from behind the wheel. It would also ban drivers from using iPods or GPS units not integrated into a car's controls. (Of course it is up to each individual state to implement laws regarding this.)

What do you think? Just the abusive and dictatorial government wanting to exert more control over our lives or a genuine safety concern?

Topic: Parents kiss teenage kids for Pep Rally joke.. too far?
Posted: 16 Dec 2011 17:00

It didn't bother me but it seems to hav bothered a bunch of folks reading "The Blaze" ... about 80% so far in the online poll ... go cast your vote:

Topic: Is pubic hair making a comeback?
Posted: 03 Dec 2011 03:17

I prefer pubes ...

Topic: Erotica writers have no self-respect?
Posted: 12 Oct 2011 22:55

America is still a country founded by Puritans. There was a good story in Salon today about a recent Supreme Court decision which would allow almost any amount of violence in video games, but still restrict any nudity severely. Judge Stevens in his dissent said something like: A game is o.k. for kids under 17 if you hit the hooker and then chop her head off, but if she's topless all of a sudden it's rated?

Exceptional American sex hangup.

Some of my best lovers have been "good Christian" women ... One was even married to a church deacon! <img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_shhh.gif" alt="Shhh">

Topic: Phrases you wish people would get right
Posted: 12 Oct 2011 22:24

One of my pet peeves is the improper use of the reflexive pronouns ... myself and yourself.
"How are you?"
"Fine ... and yourself?" Arrgghh ... Should be YOU!

John, Mary, and myself were at the meeting. .... Arrgghh ... John, Mary, and I ...

Another one that I just recently heard for the first time: "honing in" ... It's "homing in"! You can hone your skills but you home in a target.

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