lolwriter89's Blog Entries

I must apologize for never writing a sequel to my stories. Also for being away for aound a year. The first part I blame in lack of inspiration, the second part is all thanks to my Fiancé. A year ago I found my second half. The one that completes me and makes me feel like a new person. I will write, however sporadically, but write none the less.

16 May 2012 05:19

Nothing makes you feel smarter than reading the contest rules wrong. I thought it said 3,000 characters or less, not 3,000 words or less. Almost submitted the shortest story I've ever written.

16 Nov 2011 20:37

Just submitted a VERY long story, possibly my longest yet. Not as romantic as my other stories, but good none the less. It's a bit late, but it's Halloween themed somewhat.

01 Nov 2011 00:06

Waiting for inspiration. I had a great story going, but alas, a distraction came and satisfied me.

26 Sep 2011 19:56

Just submitted a new story. Hopefully it will be up soonish.

24 Sep 2011 19:13

I'm not dead, my laptop is just broken. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

08 Jun 2011 11:37

I keep making excuses for not writing, which makes me feel worse when I don't follow through on promises of new stories. The reason I haven't been able to write is because of my girlfriend. First I had more sex than I've ever had in my life, and now we're planning on getting married. So as soon as I can write, I promise you I will!

20 May 2011 10:06

I keep logging in sporadically. I apologize for not posting an stories. New girlfriend has been distracting me. I'll try to finish a few stories I started, and a few story lines I started a WHILE ago. Again, sorry for not being as regular as I used to be.

17 Apr 2011 19:55

I have to apologize for being away for a while. It's April 8th, which means it's my birthday. For my birthday the girlfriend and I park her truck in the cemetery, strip down, put on the condom, and police lights flash behind us. Barely had time to throw on pants before he knocked at the window. Happy birthday to me.

07 Apr 2011 22:05

Nice guys finish last? I have the most beautiful woman in the world in my arms now. Nice guys finish last, but at least they win. And the prize is happiness.

18 Mar 2011 22:27

Working on a new story. This one's going to be about an Aunt, rather than my usual brother and sister stories.

03 Mar 2011 21:48

New story soonish. Work has been hectic, so I haven't really had time to write one.

23 Feb 2011 19:53

I should probably write the ending to the burning sapphire... It's hard to believe I wrote it about five months ago.

07 Feb 2011 19:55

Only 600 more views for Innocence to be qualified as a "famous" story on Lush. It's a exciting in a way.

30 Jan 2011 10:36

Have you ever heard a little snippet of music, searching furiously for it everywhere only to be disappointed to find out that it isn't a full song, just made for a commercial only? It's like seeing a commercial for something delicious, only to realize after that it's dog food.

24 Jan 2011 23:00

They'll crush your heart, your spirit and your soul, but keep your eyes ahead.

24 Jan 2011 21:49

I thought what I'd do is I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.

23 Jan 2011 10:29

Submitting yet another story. I keep getting all sorts of wonderful ideas.

21 Jan 2011 17:38

Just submitted the longest story I have ever written for lush.

20 Jan 2011 22:42

The newest story was exhausting to write.

06 Jan 2011 18:23

Just submitted a new story.

06 Jan 2011 17:42

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

18 Dec 2010 21:30

Hmmm apparently you can log into lush from an iPod. Sweet.

27 Nov 2010 20:26

Posting mostly to let people know I'm still around. I'm not sure when I'll write another story again, I usually write just whatever little thing pops into my head, and sometimes there are large gaps of time in between inspiration. I don't log in often, but I do read all the new stories and I must say most of them are absolutely wonderful!

22 Nov 2010 20:25

Been busy lately with my new job and a ton of life happening all at once. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about lush. Hopefully I'll get some time to write again soon.

10 Nov 2010 21:40

I remember reading a story about hypnotism on lush once. It was well written, but I never was able to find it again.

12 Oct 2010 22:21

Thinking about writing a Halloween themed story, but it seems like everyone has already used some of the best ideas.

30 Sep 2010 13:40

I like thinking about the paradox of a man who wants what he cannot have. If he somehow attains what he desires, he no longer wants it. So is it better to always long for what you cannot have, or to have it and not want it? I personally never want to stop chasing windmills.

29 Sep 2010 22:35

Texas is hot, but fun... but hot.

28 Sep 2010 16:10

Tomorrow I'll be on to a plane headed for Texas. Excited and tired, but mostly excited.

26 Sep 2010 17:57