All Hallows Eve

  A very long story. It's around 18,000 characters before it gets to the super steamy parts. If you want a short story with a thin plot, this is not for you. It takes a long time to set up a semi-believable scenario. The point of view, and narration switches fluidly. This is not by accident, this is how I like to write my stories.  Enjoy, Terry pulled the black stockings up her soft...Read On


Aunt Lucy

 Aunt Lucy played the piano better than Thelonious Monk himself, able to pick up on the most subtle of ambient emotions in the room and play them to her hearts content. She played a slow, heavy tune tonight to match the loneliness in my heart. She closed her eyes and made a pained face while she played, the music she made was indescribable.  Her jet black hair fell to just below her ear by...Read On



A huge snowstorm had blocked all roads, and taken out power to almost everyone in the surrounding area of our small town. Mom and Dad were out of town on a business trip. If the roads were clear it would take them 7 hours to get back, but as it was now it would take a few days. My sister, Lisa, couldn't stand still for more than 5 minutes and the torture of being unable to leave the house...Read On



After an unfortunate accident, a brother and sister are trapped in a dream world together.

 It all happened so fast. One day me and my friend John were skateboarding. I heard him scream "DAN, LOOK OUT" and the next thing I knew  people are screaming for an ambulance. From what I heard I had been hit by a bus, and my friend didn't seem to be alive. I layed there in pain, wondering if I was going to die, when suddenly a bright light appeared. After that I woke up.  What I woke up...Read On



Sam walked into the house, checking from room to room to make sure no one was home. Today was the day. Today he would finally act out on his fantasies. The idea of cross dressing turned him on. To be 'sexy'. He was only sexually interested in women, but the idea of being sexy like a woman turned him on.  After he was sure no one was home, he went up to the bathroom with his goody bag. In...Read On


Fresh Air

A family visit to our relatives turns into much more.

This was written a while ago . I hope you enjoy it. Please keep in mind it was probably the third story I had ever written so it may not be as good as some of my newer stories. Rose, my cousin, was my best friend growing up. She was always a tom boy, exploring the woods around our small town, and getting into all sorts of adventures. She was about my height, with shoulder length blond...Read On


Gabrielle + Nathan

Nathan finds an unexpected bond with his sister Gabrielle

This is my first story so be honest with me. ACT I  Me and my sister were always close. She’s only one year younger than me, but I feel like she’s my twin. I suppose I should tell you a little about myself before I dive into what happened between us. My name is Nathan. I’m seventeen years old. Our dad died in Iraq years ago so I live with my mom. My sister Gabrielle is 16, and the...Read On


Grandpa's Journal

Grandpa's descriptive journal entry of the best night of his life.

While searching through my Grandparents attic my sister and I came across my Grandfather's old journal. What we found in it shocked us... and turned us on.  I parked the car just as the movie was about to play. These drive in theaters were amazing. Little sis wanted to see a movie, so I brought her to see a replay of Casablanca. We settled in and tuned the radio to the right station....Read On


Grandpa's Journal II

History repeats itself.

 There she was, sitting like grandma was in the story. Her legs were up in the air, the right one lowered slightly. Her back was arched, pushing her firm tummy into the air, her chest slowly ascending and descending as she breathed. Her light blue eyes that I looked into night after night were shut tight, her hands submissively above her head. She panted my name out into the night as I...Read On



You can only remain ingnorant for so long. . .

 I don't know when it started. . . Maybe it was when we played "doctor" as kids. Maybe it was the little looks we gave each other in the early stages of puberty. Whatever it was it happened after months of conversations, so thick with subtext, we were surprised no one said anything to us, but mom and dad kept us from anything sexual so they never read to deep into anything we said. But before...Read On


Innocence: Lost

This is a continuation of the story Innocence. The point of view switches from brother to sister, to show both characters views on the events as they take place, and the thoughts that go through their heads. Samuel  I awoke the next morning a changed man. I had sex with my sister that last night. What have I done? I asked myself that question as I dragged myself into the...Read On



 "I can't believe you convinced me to do this ," Karen said teasingly. "You better not show anyone!"  Jack walked to his sister to position her on the chair. He didn't know how he convinced her either, but he had. She was allowing him to draw her erotically for his portfolio. He was just starting out as an artist and needed to make a better name for himself. He had the talent, but not...Read On


Oh, narcissistic me

Twins sharpen their skills in bed together.

  I dealt with the twin crap growing up. All of the "cute" matching outfits. All of the "I can't tell which is which" Har har har. All of that made me sick. We were two separate people but we were treated as one sickening entity. Finally, at 17 we actually get our own rooms. It took THAT long for mom and dad to finally let go of the cute twin stuff.   Samantha, my sister, was a nerd like me....Read On



Little sister gives her brother the passion he's been looking for.

 Here I am again. Another bed. The silken sheets cleaved to our sweaty bodies as I neared the climax of my performance. I could hear the woman, whatever her name was, moan in pleasure. She muttered something in my ear. I think it was French. I tried focusing on what I was doing. I could feel her hot, wet pussy engulf my cock... But something was missing.  She clawed at my back as she...Read On



To be reborn, you must first die.

 Death. It happens to everyone eventually. However not everyone gets a chance for rebirth. My first death was suicide. When I 'woke up' from that I decided to burn down my former life, rather than relive it, and start anew. My story starts at 3 in the morning on a bridge.    My life sucked. As a cop I see it all, pedophiles selling child porn out in the open, homeless people killing each...Read On



I took a long drag on the cigarette. It was my last. They always are. My fingers sort of twitched at the keys on the piano. I wasn't in a playing mood. I closed my eyes and the emptiness of the moment filled me. There was something soothing to it. I started to play. It was nothing really at first, just a note here and a chord there. Soon a song started to take shape. In no time I was playing...Read On


The Burning Sapphire

The sound of seagulls echoed in the background and the scent of salt air overcame me as I crossed the plank onto the deck of the Burning Sapphire. Grandpa had surprised the family by buying us tickets to a two week long cruise. I waved to the crowd on the docks as the boat parted, sending me unknowingly into the greatest adventure of my life. DAY ONE  I threw my suitcase onto the floor...Read On


The Master

Probably my longest story yet. It develops slowly, so if you are not patient and have no desire for good story telling this is not for you.   We live our lives day in and day out, encountering countless numbers of people but never connecting with them. We are all physically and mentally separated by some invisible wall that is nigh impossible to break down. Some bonds are formed,...Read On


Welcome home, big brother.

Brother comes home after five long years

  It's been five years since I last saw him, but his image was fresh in my mind. My brother was just barely six feet tall. His light bluish gray eyes were deep and full of life. He had a small, feminine body, with smooth soft skin. His dark black hair went almost to his shoulder. That's how I always thought of him when his name was brought up.   When my brother was 18 he got in a fight with...Read On