First Time(1)


Sophie gets her man

Ben has watched his friends daughter grow up and takes what she offers.

I glanced at the clock on the wall.  I thought to myself, 8:50. Ten more minutes. Ten minutes and the youth group meeting will be over. Ten more minutes and that little slut, Sophie Summers will get what's been coming to her for the past 2 years... It all started two years ago when the Rev. Rodgers asked me to Take over as administrator of the Churches youth group. Mrs Fairbanks was getting...Read On



the education of Caitlin part 1

a young girl gets an education

Ed looked at the guide as he flicked through the channels on TV. There was nothing that caught his eye as the clock on the mantel chimed out 9pm. " There will be something to watch soon, Caitlin will be home ." He mumbled as he switched the cable off and headed to his workshop. Ed had a small computer repair business that he ran from his house. He knew his way around computers and...Read On


The Education of Caitlin part 3

more of Caitlin and Daddy

Silence filled the house as I opened the door and crept past Caitlin's room towards the laundry. I quickly deposited the panties in the hamper and headed back to my room for a good nights sleep. I settled in and drifted off to sleep. I was awoken by the movement of my pillow. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light emitted from the alarm clock, I noticed her crouching beside the bed. ...Read On


the Education of Caitlin part 4

My eyes adjusted to the streaks of dim light that pierced the bedroom window. As they focused in, I saw the look of wonder on her face as she knelt between my thighs. She was holding my hard cock in her hand as she examined it closely. I felt her breath on my balls as she moved the head closer to her lips. As our eyes made contact, she softly whispered "Morning, Daddy. I didn't mean to...Read On


The Education of Caitlin Part 5

Caitlin and her best friend catch Ed with his hand in the cookie jar

I adjusted my sunglasses as I peered over the top of my newspaper. The warm August sum was making one of it's last stands as the summer was coming to a close. I watch as Caitlin and her best friend Samantha enjoyed the last weekend before the start of another school year. Samantha lives next door and I have watched her grow from a snot-nosed little brat into the fine young lady that was about...Read On



a special present

the wait for her panties is over

I sat in the chair by the window as I waited for the truck. The postal service was always on time. My heart raced as I watched the driver open the mailbox and place the white envelope in it. If she only knew what she just delivered. I jumped up, grabbed my jacket, and headed for the door. My heart beating faster as I opened the box and got the mail. There it was, the package from the land of...Read On