Group Sex(1)


Photographer's Fantasy

A young photographer, aspiring to be a fetish model and getting more than she bargained for.

As I took the final photo to complete the session, I turned to admire my subject. A slim, 5ft 5 model lookalike in a skimpy lace baby doll stood before me, flashing one of the sexiest looks imaginable. As a nervous smile escaped my lips I managed to end the session before I could get too developed into my fantasy. My name is Louise and at the age of only nineteen, I was definitely advanced in...Read On



Reuniting forbidden love, part 2

The last time you left Laura she had been reunited with her one true love, her brother.

Driving home to my new apartment which my aunt too kindly arranged and paid rent for, making me feel as though she wanted to get rid of me, was a strange experience. The car was silent apart from the occasionaljitterfrom the engine; you could literally cut the tension in the atmosphere. As we approached my apartment, Shaun placed his hand on my knee and gave me a reassuring squeeze breaking...Read On


Reuniting forbidden love

I loved my brother so much, I wasn't letting my father have the satisfaction of destroying that.

There I was, standing in a crowded airport waiting for that familiar face. The nerves I felt too strong for my body to contain as I began to shiver. 'Flight 102 has come into land' bellowed the speaker as my heart skipped a beat. He was coming home... Now for some background detail on the situation. My name is Laura and I'm 23 years of age, but I look well below my years. I look at that...Read On


Dreaming in Dubai

Sophie hated her husband but loved his son, but not it the motherly way she should...

To be honest, my life was pretty crap.  My name is Sophie and I was in my late thirties. I was unhappily married to a man, whom I hated and had been forced to marry, Simon. My parents, you see, didn’t believe in me and thought that I’d need a man with money and true to form, they set me up with a sleazy scumbag, whom I now call my husband. I guess I did it out of reluctance, as he needed a...Read On


Reuniting forbidden love, part 3 What are you doing here?

It had been a few weeks since my dad had shown up on my doorstep, unannounced I might add. He had come with the intention of telling me something important. I knew that much, but he quickly changed his mind about it and made the whole visit about my current life. The basic questions were filtered out. How are you doing? How is the job hunting? Have you spoken to your mum? That’s when...Read On



Boat trip in Miami

True story and photo related - Refer to my avatar ;)

Collaboration with Beckie2309 I was laid quite contently on my bed, enjoying a mid-morning day dream with sun's rays beaming through the window and penetrating through the closed roman blinds. I stretched across my bed enjoying the feel of my relaxed muscles. All was well until rather abruptly I heard repetitive thuds ascending up the staircase of my shared accommodation and suddenly my...Read On