Group Sex(1)


Photographer's Fantasy

A young photographer, aspiring to be a fetish model and getting more than she bargained for.

As I took the final photo to complete the session, I turned to admire my subject. A slim, 5ft 5 model lookalike in a skimpy lace baby doll stood before me, flashing one of the sexiest looks imaginable. As a nervous smile escaped my lips I managed to end the session before I could get too developed into my fantasy. My name is Louise and at the age of only nineteen, I was definitely advanced in...Read On



Boat trip in Miami

True story and photo related - Refer to my avatar ;)

Collaboration with Beckie2309 I was laid quite contently on my bed, enjoying a mid-morning day dream with sun's rays beaming through the window and penetrating through the closed roman blinds. I stretched across my bed enjoying the feel of my relaxed muscles. All was well until rather abruptly I heard repetitive thuds ascending up the staircase of my shared accommodation and suddenly my...Read On