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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.



When true love shows itself to you, you become...hearted.

She took more than my hand as she smiled, And interlaced her soft, lithe Fingers with mine.   Confidently, She led me to a run-down park, In a run-down section of town. Where rust and dirt and litter and graffiti, Veiled what was once new and pristine and beautiful, Like the nurturing light of the sun, Caught by a thick canopy of tangled branches and leaves, Shrouding the forest floor below...Read On



Call me late at night Tell me our fantasies. Remembering our last meeting. As I stroke myself. Hear my muffled moans. As I hear your husky words. Your commands. Do you love me? Are you my naughty man? I touch the soft leather Your gift to me. Yes, my answer. Your small invisible hand Around my hard shaft. Your lips on my left nipple Bringing me my release.  ...Read On


Every Single Breath

When the voices fade And photos stripped away And I simply come Longing just to bring Something that’s of worth That will touch your heart. I will bring you more than a hope For hope is not all that you need Your longing deeper than it appears   You’re of endless worth I can’t express Just how much you deserve I can only give all that I am Every single breath. And your search...Read On


What is eternal without an ending    nothing last forever in a vacuum when there is no poetic oxygen or green on the yew Although a globe of a rainbow may shine reflecting off an hourglass of sand as the tides of love caress your divine   in our promised land Of angels and underlings on swings and seesaws with wings as we kiss   on a sunset moon of autumn's dew awakening on morning's mist...Read On


Between the covers

You penny dreadful thing, a five and dime dame. Whispering in my ear, you still love to wear my ring. Wise trollop queen, you still know how many licks to make your king's heart sing.  ...Read On


Driven to desire

Just what will you do, to gain what you desire?

When you see something you desire   And you need to make a choice  When you see the vision of your deepest need  What cost will you pay To feel that radiant glow  Burn within your arms? What will you put in place  To focus your mind  As you live to make your choice  So you gain the desires of your heart? To take their hand And place it on your heart  Having the patience to wait  until...Read On


A shadow in passing of the moonlight in sleep as you enter my dreams whispering sweet kisses with songs of love and counting to ten as I smile Holding you in nocturnal cradle in dreams of angels with wings obviously on satin sheets touching me in places on soft duvets  ...Read On

Editor's Pick


It's that one song we both loved, I played it to you the night  we finally met face to face  and I was probably too nervous when trying to explain what it meant. To me it was the hum of your car  silently driving through some neon city, homesick for a place you've never been to, the longing for a touch when the nights are just starting to leave us with a phantom chill caressing skin. One...Read On


The Human Touch

My 150th Poem / Story for Lush, so hope you enjoy.

I still yearn for that human touch A deeper connection with another lost soul The one to warm me through those cold wintry nights To wipe away my tears of this endless waterfall To place their hand upon my beating heart To caress these lips longing to be kissed To take away these fears of loneliness that grip me To comfort me those days of feelings of self shame I long for a loving...Read On

Bye, Bye Bunting

Hearing a percussion of thunder with shadows on the quay as night rhythms pulse a bye, bye Bunting With a soliloquy of your love as your verse rings clear while the buoy echoes as night time cheers            Through your evergreen eyes and enchantress dark veil as your fingers loop-the loop across my rising chest For your bounty rewards in quest of the cock's pipe    at the hour of the...Read On


Thinking of you

Thinking of you is filling my mind Each lovely thought Finds echos in a smile Thinking of you is filling my mind Each wave of pleasure Washing away the past Thinking of you is filling my mind Etching your beauty Deep in my heart Thinking of you is filling my mind Each sensuous curve That my fingers explore  Thinking of you is filling my mind Each dance of my finger That arouses you more...Read On


When Her Wolf Growls

The sand coated her feet  As she watched the sea Hearing his growl  Overpowering    Looking beyond her reach She stared in the distance  Wondering alone  Feeling his presence    Her wolf growls    Smiling into the moon Her heart quickening  Contemplating her choices  Knowing only feeling    Touching her necklace  Holding on tight She can almost hear  His need tonight    ...Read On


Everlasting Memories

Sitting here all alone, numb Heartaches and memories never fading Succumbing to the beginning Memories bore deep in the crevices of my mind. Each waking moment filled with thirst Lascivious cravings never ending Crescendo into a salacious libido Late nights running into early mornings. Upon awakening that final morning Leaning over in my ear, whispering "Love I've something to share"...Read On

Zephyr's Breeze Dreaming

Crescent moon peeking through the starless summer night sky like an evil smile lurking upon lonely maiden sitting in the dark waiting for her lover to arrive Hearing a tingling in my ear of angels ringing bells on the window pane in conversation with God beneath the moon pie As the teapot lists to starboard with the flavors of love and the kisses that brew in conversation with God stirring...Read On



Burning burning brightly burning Brightly burning fire of mine  Come to satisfy the need within me  Fill this empty heart of mine  Burning burning  gently burning  Gently burning fire within Pierce the darkness now within me  Make your home within my heart  Burning burning deeply burning Deeply burning smouldering flame  Cleaning, cauterising all within me  Now begin this space to claim...Read On


These Things I Like

What I like most about being with you.

eyes that drink me in an inviting smile hands that fumble excitedly to remove clothing a searching touch fingers that clutch and grab a curious, exploring mouth licking sucking lips parted to let barely audible moans escape eyes that squeeze tightly shut trembling lips against tingling flesh a heady scent that makes me lose myself tracing an outline with my tongue breathless sighs tangled...Read On


You light my fire

I’ve heard the tender whisper of your love In the dead of night  I’ve been searching for answers far and wide Looking for answers that you provide It’s undeniable So unexplainable I can hardly think But your in my head I can hardly speak But you hear my voice And you light my fire You are the fountain from which I drink You are the fire in my veins You are the wind in my sails And you take...Read On

End Over End

In the dark rivers of my heart awakening to your breath as it cleanses my souls no more do we part rekindling our vows Shamed by demons of my pen and stained by the truth of devil's in the rum pot   now free of the dickens of the tinted bottle    Letting go of the pillory that chained me to sin now feeling your love   as we embrace the dawn end over end      ...Read On


In This Garden

Love thoughts in a garden

All our memories blossom In this garden, Bright clematis, vivid dahlia And delicate camellia, bloom Alongside, our youthful burgeoning love Sitting, hand in hand, in steamy twilight Blessed by sweet aroma from jasmine, And myriad roses, as deep-hearted As our mutual devotion   Seasons roll on, roses wither and fade, Before Spring heralds A reprise of colour, of joy. But we, love...Read On


Oh, What Beauty!

The first time I saw her and the time that's passed...

Oh, what beauty did I spy The first time that you caught my eye. Lips so full, tender and sweet, Eyes to steal my soul complete.   Oh, what beauty, I am taken aback By hair so long and silky black. Angels wings and heaven's bliss That heat filled moment, our first kiss.   Oh, what beauty do I know? Our first date down, a million to go, Weeks to months and every day You stay with...Read On


The Waltz

Learning to move together with the music ...

We are holding each other tonight, As you keep me close in your arms. The music plays to start our journey, Where our two left feet will take us. We sway, familiarizing ourselves, We awkwardly go with the flow. We glide as we learn step by step, We have never tried dancing before. You start to confidently lead, You forget our two left feet, You move briskly to each side, We have never...Read On


Your One

I always thought I’d be the one, To be your calm when you came undone, To hold your hand, To warm your heart, A seam too strong to pull apart. But you retreat into a world existing, Where darkness always seems persisting, Releasing the nefarious, To slink through your head, So thoughts of uncertainty, they stay well fed. And I try and I try to rein you in, Make sunsets dance across your...Read On


Bluebell woodland Romance

On the day I met my true love

Somewhere in a faraway place Where the fiery red sun disappears Over the distant crimson horizon Where tiny little bluebirds fly Amongst the hidden pots of gold From the cascaded rainbow Of a multitude of bright colours That burst out across the lands. All those many a moon ago On that near fateful day  When my beautiful English rose Came and won over my heart Through the myriad of senses...Read On


How Long

               How long will you keep me a dirty little secret, only pulling me to you when no one is around to see How long will you play with my emotions, telling me you want me then leaving me alone for weeks How long will I continue to let you be everything I’ve ever wanted and needed but I’m not that for you How long will you pretend things are different when your friends are around...Read On


Sweet Lover’s Kiss

As I go through my day, thoughts of you lingers on

I find it hard to keep my head as I think of you naked on our bed under the sheets your lovely body is tucked in I ached to be right there nestled within     Oh how I wished time could’ve stopped so I can stay with you till the day dropped I go through my day with restless wanting wishing the end of the day will come charging   As I try to go about with my day thoughts of you will...Read On



In days gone by I sat and watched  not ready for love or life it all it’s glory And then she came  And stole away my heart She taught me how to live and love supremely And now is gone  And broke away my heart How can I look and taste her flavours When she is gone And walks with me no more ? My eyes a blur through tear stained windows When looking here or there  She cannot now be found  ...Read On


And Really All They Wanted

They simply wished to share

So tired as you approach the very end You roam inside with gentle wondering. Consider if you really want it all, To do it one more time or even more. To do romantic things that fill your days, To love the ones you loved and love some more To cry and kiss and kiss and cry with joy, To stumble and to fall but rise anew. To whistle as you walk along your way, To gladly talk and laugh...Read On

Cute As Be

As a periwinkle sky turns a shade of dusk A night light of stars sprinkles dust As a calliope plays our promenade On our carousel of Saturn's rings With a hint of dew from your lips In a hammock between Venus and Mars Sweet as ambrosia on your fingertips That is way the winds blow When wiggling your piccolo toes   As the story ends    ...Read On



There's blood with my name on it tonight, and I may never be coming back, it was always going to be ride or die and I can't stop the coming tide.  You gave me something I can't name, something I don't know how to explain. But I made a made a few promises and this is what I'll remember.... We drove here a long time ago, engine screaming along the blacktop, as wind tore through our clothes...Read On


Shadows in my tea reflecting back on me Of memories in pekoe tied on a string With a ripple of echoes wafting scent As your breath caress my soul With spiritual wings and a gold halo As my tears recall all the years And the mist in my eyes will remain Of memories in pekoe tied on a string With kisses of your sweet caffeine...Read On