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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Baby Girl

As we get deeper and deeper into our true lives. Nothing is being held back. Most of the time this seems like a fantasy. Just talking to you here and the phone. I didn't come here to find a true lover. But I did in you. Hoping with all of my heart that this is true and real. I understand your reservations and respect those to be true. I hope you feel my longing for you. Those feelings...Read On

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We're burning beneath neon light  and her body is featherweight bliss  racing to dance and glide against my own, nothing left to hold these measured fevers back. And I'm remembering the day  I gave her my heart at the bridge, told her what I can't tell anyone else before warm lips graced my cheek and I wished she was all that I needed. But now the beat pauses and the crowd parts, an...Read On

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In the Dream It Rains

in the dream it rains for a thousand years there's a house you can never see the edges of the girl who lives there dances alone to music she remembers hearing that time she fell in love with a boy who didn't exist she never listens to the blue voice of the dreamer i fold into a secret joy so sad and immense it feels like breaking...Read On


A Jeweled Monument

A man reviews an important evening spent with the lady of his life

Ah, that night, Only days into our gifted years together, in the warm glow of a sparkling summer’s eve, Was it then, on the firm foundations of a declared love Building began, with kisses and so much more? As we walked that heaven blessed cliff Each seeking and murmuring words to further express, The deep endearments we shared. Our fingers entwined in their own intricate tango, To...Read On


To Her

To the one I Love

Running out of ideas to make you squirm To make you writhe with bliss My heart beats like the rhythm of a song As I try to think of new ways to turn you on   The heat beings to rise, as I Wonder where to begin Feeling the need in me You are my world, my key   Running my hands over your skin Feeling your body start to sing Looking into your eyes, there is a hunger there Slowly...Read On



I dare you to say it...

  You are mine Completely Without a question To be controlled  To be used As I please Controlling you My every want My every need My greatest desire That will be Yours too Without reservation On your knees At my feet Is your safe place To rest and Be with me Place your head Upon my knees My hand On your head Combing your hair To give you Comfort of feeling You are home Craving you Was...Read On


Fox And The Heartbreak

You made me come back to you.  You pulled me back with lies of love.  You had me trapped waiting for your touch.  Every bleep on my phone was heartache when it wasn’t you.  But it was all revenge.  It was your way of hurting me back.  You successfully broke my heart.  You did what you set out to do.  I hope you will forever be proud of what you did.  The hurt you caused, the pain...Read On

Frescoes Of A Gray-Grisaille

In a spirit's breath, of a moon so pale As leaves of autumn turn red palmetto Forever our love taking wind of the sail On the distance in the horizon's pail And the gracious wings of our songs On a chariot to heaven in the sky In adoration of hosanna's psalms As we grasp the rail of eternal swell And my poetry falling on to braille In frescoes of a gray-grisaille    ...Read On


I Must Say Goodbye

Goodbye to you. I know you left me awhile ago but now I need to leave you.  I need to let my feelings for you go.  To box them up and hope they never come out again.  I need to say goodbye.  I need this wait to end.  I can no longer wait for something that won’t come.  Even the friendship you promised me but you let die.  You won’t be able to contact me even if you tried.  Be happy. ...Read On

Ferry Me A Rainbow

Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn And the warm ripples of your heart With your lips as the emissary As the lotus awakes with dew on the petals With a scent of the pekoe leaves And September's gloss in your eyes Making love in a tree house of a bonsai Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn With the way of the Shinto While making love on each swell Between luminous haze and...Read On


The Way of Their Love

Soft and strong

She's soft as a cashmere sweater Gentle as a summer breeze Stubborn as a mule Playful as a kitten Her voice is a whisper on the wind Delicate as lace Tougher than nails A lover you won't forget She carries her heart on her sleeve He protects what is his Defends what is right His touch is soft yet so firm His gives his heart to his sweet lil one When together it's simply perfection Their...Read On


The Pond

The pond is the enemy between you and me It is determined never to let us be I sit on this side and watch from afar While you are over there traveling around in your car   You say we are like Romeo and Juliet Just two star-crossed lovers that have never met We both live our lives not knowing what might be Who knows if we will ever sit and sip a cup of tea   I have seen your face in...Read On


Two Days

I was her first, my lion-headed girl. In the movies when we were young her skin was forever flesh and   her hair a summer gold before we went away. But we stayed in the dark, untouched, and we parted, unspeaking.   The second, in college, in the spring  at home again in that same theater and my lips to her neck, we left   before the credits rolled up and into my car where I took...Read On


Two Lovers

brick by brick

You came into my life, and conquered my soul. Brick by brick. In short order, layed my heart assunder. Brick by brick. Life was good, spring though fall. Brick by brick. As we grew, so did our love. Brick by brick. Our castle grew, so did our souls. Brick by brick. Standing on our ramparts, hand in hand. Brick by brick. Our flag of love flew.              ...Read On


Colours in a black and white world

  Painting our love,  From the colour palettes of our mind. Higher than the stars, Broader than the boundaries of endless space, Is the boundless love we share. Our colours mixing, In the moments we spend hanging in the sky, Riding on the wings of love. A kaleidoscope of colour fills our dreams,  As our love blossoms in the wind.  Reaching new heights of contentment, Crying out as you push...Read On

Through A Window

As lights shined through our window Of a harvest bounty and your love Shadows gave way to your beguiling And your pistachio green eyes With sweet vermouth kisses In dusk of a magenta sun crown Beneath a phantasm's candelabra We danced of a autumn falling down As stars twinkle of ivory On God's everlasting piano Of wind songs in October Falling into a sweet bliss Under the harvest moon...Read On


Waiting in the shadows

In times when those we love,  Have cares we cannot reach. We long to hold,  when hurts would weigh them down. We wait with baited breath, Our lovers to return,  so we can feel included. How can we hold them even closer, When standing in the shadows, We gladly offer all we are, Our strength, our hope, our purpose! We celebrate each contact, Requiring hope to fill our hearts as well,  But...Read On

Edge Of Dawn Swoon

As a sparrow of dusk and woodland oak A more bucolic place I couldn't nest While crickets chirp a midnight prayer We know there will be no rest As lovers dance on God's carousel In a copse of woods with a calliope As clouds of crinoline shade the moon Giggling, as children at play Fireflies on strings, like paper lanterns Light the sky like ivory gliders As shadows dance and sashay Until...Read On


Wings of Love

She never thought it would happen to her

Hearts pound together, making her feel better. She never saw it coming, like a dust up of wind, or someone humming. He blew her socks off with such ease, she would enter rooms on her knees. Never questioning his behavior, obeying the man she would be a slave for. The need to please so powering. She fell in love only wanting, her Master, her lover, and her best friend. He promises...Read On


Sky full of Stars

Everything reminds me of you when I look into the nights sky

Last night, tonight or tomorrow night I look towards the heavens  On a cold crisp, clear frosty night Amidst a bleak midwinter. A flashback of deepest memories, An involuntary influx of happiness From the decades of dreams fulfilled To a future of more to come. In vast constellations of a billion stars, Like a giant glitter-ball Of hundreds and thousands of tiny flecks of stardust That...Read On


Perfection Most Complete

My dancing paramour

It's a holiday in Corfu When her arms encircle me. With the pulsing of her bloodstream Sending trembles through my flesh, She's perfection most complete. There's a pause, I see her smiling, With a twisting of her head, Like a virtuoso's oboe in an Albinoni piece, She's perfection most complete.  Are my paramour's dreams singing, Are they sketching far away, Does she know that with...Read On


A la Carte

 I saw her knelt upon the restaurant table  He was the only guest  She was his a la carte menu A taste at his behest  The candles glinted in the glass Reflected in his face.  Those pools of light so deep were they  It brought her to her place  For she would go and do for him Exactly what he asked  His pleasure, that was paramount His love, in which she basked  He poured some wine upon...Read On


Still Love You

You left me without a word My heart still undeterred You moved on to someone less worthy And left me crying with eyes all blurry   I said I love you But now I am blue Thinking about you and him Trying not to imagine my life so grim   You flaunt your new love As if I am easy to get rid of I stood by you through thick and thin Now I feel like such a has been   I can’t believe...Read On


Have you ever felt a memory

I dedicate this poem to Cara

Have you ever felt a memory Rolling down your cheek A tiny little teardrop That chokes you when you speak   Something must have triggered it A memory from the past I’ve done my best to hide it I knew it wouldn’t last   All it takes is one fake smile And nobody will know The memories that I cherish The feelings I don’t show   You’re the one that I can’t fool You know me warts...Read On



The sweet and salt of another, although already evaporated from bare skin, still remains a ghost of DNA between us, and I wonder if you can still feel it. Some difference between the fires, if you still burn where lips explored before  or if you still tremble where mine were imprinted in the kind of unforgiving blaze you've craved. Maybe it's different for me. Where everything was once...Read On


When Do You Know?

Finding the right one

When do you know? Within cascading flirtatious moments And accumulated hours of casual canoodling, All that tongue tangling, ear nibbling, ubiquitous sly stroking, Comes the time of steamier intimacies, Fingers that caress to high ecstasy. And words, ardent expressions, warmly whispered In the heat of an embrace When do you know?   When can you be sure? Lost in the magic of long...Read On


Can Love Grow Again From The Ashes Of Dspair?

The rains came early that September Falling from a brooding leaden sky, After months of unending sunshine When all colour drained from fields and leaves, And small lakes and reservoirs dried up, Baked earth like concrete all that remained. The relentless downpour turned the earth To a sea of mud, mud everywhere, Getting into homes, soiling carpets  And staining floors; and cold...Read On


Bathing in the Moonlight

For all the lovers out there

Let's bathe in the moonlight Gently holding hands, as I say to thee: Let's watch each other's soul come to flight!   Warm August breezes gently roll by, as The warmth of sunshine make us drunk with love: Let the melody of my voice echo for all time.    Look into my eyes and see the wonderous beauty Of how I see you, captured in this moment.  Dancing in the warm moonlight, your...Read On


And Time Stands Still

When times appear, That life gets in the way of lush. Responsibilities, push priorities out of place! It’s then I feel and know, The depth of our connection. The fleeting glimpse via the restroom  The addicts need for succor and a fix Then words are left, as if a shadow  Portrays again her deepest need  And yet, her words speak life of hope and comfort. Her words a trail of pleasure, Deep...Read On



Back when times were slower

You came into my life. Taking a piece of my heart. Back when times were slower. Lazy days chasing butterflies. Quiet nights watching fireflies. Summer days standing in waving wheat. Sunflowers welcoming reach. Lightning in the distance. Racing back to the barn. Huddled though the pounding storm Stealing that first kiss. Picking straw from your curls. Walking hand in hand. Two...Read On