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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Friends With Benefits

Enjoy them while they last

It wasn't a chance encounter, you and I. you looked at me, wearing your stupid black tie standing across the bar with a beer in hand with 'fuck me' eyes and an obnoxious stand. I looked at you from head to toe, wondering if I should really go that low. With a gulp of my drink and not a second to blink I went up and gave you a quick peck on the cheek and at the end a nice...Read On

Veranda Of A Rickshaw Smiling

Like a touch of intimacy in our pagoda with a cup of Daiginjo, sweet sake from the inkwell, a poet's tale in dreams from my mind's chrysalis beholding your body, my aphrodisiac With your lip as soft as as lilly pads in a pond of golden koi echoing love as reeds of oboes whisper lust like Sandpipers soaring on wings of gliding kites As the autumn moon dance in the shadows and you with...Read On



The joy of cuddling

Wrap me up in kisses sweet Hold me close to your chest Snuggle with me The warmth of your embrace comforts me Your arms so strong make me feel so safe and protected Kisses gentle and sweet on the forehead Kisses given to you Kisses on your neck saying "I like you," Kisses on your chest saying "I love you too," Kisses on your nose cause your just too cute and adorable Caressing your arms...Read On



Love Birds blushing

Last night in my dream. We were together. Hand in hand. Love birds blushing. Wood Nymphs playing. Our sun warming us. Quiet. Peaceful. Only our deep love showing. Hand in hand. Heart and heart. Soul and soul. Love. Neither wanting. Together in our love. Standing. Living. Loving. In our Shangri-La.      ...Read On

Land Over

Drift by my window with an autumn's breeze a zephyr at the tail of midnight blue like a Stradivarius fined tuned shrouded in a cloud of mystical dew from the swing of the moon   Dripping a valance from your lips on a staircase of our love from a balustrade above as God saves the oboes oboes of silence as we kiss Freestone from the vines the peach zest of our cider in the ambrosia of a...Read On


Distant Love

We are truly never apart

Good Morning,  my love. When your morning wind blows, listen for my whispers. Telling you of our love. My heart calling to you. Saying I love you. I need you. I miss you. We may be miles apart. As long as we're under the same, sun, moon and sky.  Through your unending love. You remind me, we are truly together never apart.    ...Read On


You Consume Me

One summer's evening...

As the moon glistened Its shallow light  Cascading gently  It was there on the blanket  In my garden In our nakedness  That you consumed me  Having lead me there In the cool of the night air  You lay me down  Climbing on me  You staked your claim Your hunger evident And soon, as your haunting song  Reverberated across  The night sky  Your song of worship  That caused curtains...Read On


Hope in Simplicity

It is there In simplicity That hope abides  There in my dreams  I take my love    For Hope shatters drudgery  For hope brings colour  To my grayscale world  Hope is found In the smile  Of the one  I love    In simplicity   She touches my lips Transforming my heart  And myriad colours  Now kaleidoscope  Through my mind    In simplicity  Of hope Our love is bound Our...Read On


The Real Thing

Togetherness found.

Was it always true? Was it there in that first kiss? Had we found real love?   Tingles when we touched, Warmth and joy in each caress Could it be real love?   I could be Kama, you, my Astarte Passion and rapture sublime Laughter and roses, smiles and begonias Reveal what we cannot deny, that -   Love is in our hearts Fixed there since the day we met Yes, we’ve found real love.  ...Read On


My Love Of Blushes

  Blushes portray  What words seldom manage The purity of need  Unburdened  In a moment of  Involuntary action  The creeping flush  Which swallows  The whiteness  Displaying need  Need the body desires  Need that is unspoken  Need scared to be spoken  And when I look at you  With eyes that devour  I need no words  For words might desecrate The beauty of your soul Come  Take my hand ...Read On

All In My Dreams

Cloned from memories of dreams while static plays on the radio as your love stirs my being the Sandman brings a bouquet rendering me blissed And from the bedpost casts a shadow on satin sheets of your lovely face with a breath of Damascus rose dripping essence of the vine dressed in lace of otto As a night of insomnia finds a home with whispers pressing my lips the sound of loneliness...Read On


For You

She made the world for him. Took the dust and prim,  And molded it to shape What she could never say. Rock and earth beneath her skin, Him beneath her hands.  And when the last dot  Of the last star  Was placed in the lasting sky,  He fell in love.  Gardens and mountains Witnessed their bond,  Air and fire fond Of the way they belonged To one another.  And when she couldn't create...Read On

Recommended Read


Every breath stirs the world  when it's over and I'm still inside you the smallest breeze gentle and barely  rippling across your exposed skin, life spilled into your trembling form. This is when we are so much more. If I'm the constant glow, the Northern Star over and over, you're the universe left anew  after every collapse of beautiful violent celestial rainbows painting and forming in...Read On

Prince Of Rings

She calls me her laureate in my dreams Although distant, I feel her pulse As I whisper a prayer of evergreens With a tear dripping from the candlelight Like a star of emerald from her beautiful eyes Glowing like a halo of harps and strings. She calls me her laureate and Prince of Rings And as the dawn open its wings With a song of love, my maiden fair In my glorious vision of daylight...Read On


As She Walked Away

When we both pass beyond all regrets will be gone

All of our regrets will be gone as soon as we have passed beyond. Beyond the aches, the sorrows, all will pass away. But the love will live, it simply will not die. Is this understood my precious, darling, friends and lovers? Is it understood, please, and thank you, my treasured gems of life and joy, am I not ever so polite? Do you recall the way we walked, the way we talked, the way...Read On


Because You Love Me

Three years since I tumbled  Down the rabbit hole of loving you  Fantasy and reality indiscernible  Everything blurred together  Interwoven like water colors    Loving you softens my edges I am rediscovering my femininity  What it means to be a woman You made me feel whole again Loving you made the world Make sense to me again    I catch myself sneaking glances As you go about...Read On


You & Me

A fictional tale inspired by music

Tonight is about you and me I've been thinking about this all day I am in the mood to have some naughty fun I've got a surprise for you darling As you come home, I direct you to your favorite chair "Sshhh just listen and watch my love," Candles light up the room A party playlist plays through the speakers Smiling and swaying my hips back and forth Your own private show Just you and me My...Read On


The Cave

under the spell

It was in the early morning  As the moon stood at her zenith I was welcomed to the cave  with open arms And given entrance  To the delights of that incredible space   The journey to this point had taken days  If not weeks Planning and preparation were key Right now was the perfect moment  The stars aligned in the sky  The moon bright  As I knelt in worship and adoration  The...Read On

Shalimar Gardens

In Shalimar gardens of almond-green   and we on a bed of forsythia's spring    with the essence of incense in your hair and fingers caressing you there    Loving you more than whispers say   on vellum of parchment skin from the ink of my poet's well with your love showing me the way In the condensation of dawn's dew and halogen lights of the night in the valley of your succulent...Read On


I meet her at the beach

I walk along the beach and see a beautiful girl. She is laughing and playing with her friends. We both come to this beach, but from different locations. Suddenly, she turns her head and greets me with a smile and a wave I smile and wave back She runs towards me leaving  her friends I run towards her to accept her willingly. Our eyes meet, everything is written in her eyes She also...Read On


When I Belonged to You

It was so hard to let you go...

I saw your picture the other day It made me think of you, of us, of when It was a long time ago We were lovers then and every moment was exciting I belonged to you in so many ways Yet you belonged to me too I’ve spent time lately Reliving those moments through poems and stories Mine, of course Since yours have ceased to exist here Now they only live in my memory And make me think of you...Read On



A chance encounter blossoms

Unbidden came your note to me, And at that time I did not see The angel who had sent it: I did not know you But something made me answer you, But why?  I am not sure I knew - There -  deep inside - a feeling Then after some fits and starts It seems that you have won my heart And now I am so very Grateful for you You kindness and your loving way About you has so much to say And drew...Read On


Hot Mess

A hot mess, that's what she is Her life is like a tangled ball of yarn. Sometimes she feels lost Her hair is always in a wavy mess of curls Tangling ever so easily Dark blue eyes and soft pouty lips A little button nose and freckles Tries her best to look put together She's always forgetting something She'll blush easily and hide behind her hair She's a hot mess Guys think she's cute and...Read On


When I Close My Eyes

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes... I see you. I feel your touch, and my skin feels tingly. I feel your soft kisses. Those kisses that make my lips and body tremble. When I close my eyes... I touch you, and tickle you. I hear your sweet giggles, and I fall in love with you all over again. When I close my eyes... tell you my deepest secrets. We go to a place that only you and I know. We are safe, we...Read On


April Fools

April 1, 2015 the day my life changed forever.

Our first introduction was a little rocky to say the least. I still remember thinking to myself, is this the nature of the beast. With each conversation my heart grew fonder. It seemed so foreign to me to fall for someone much older.   Weeks turned into months, and months turned to years. You always had a way of harboring self doubts and calming my fears. You made me feel home when...Read On


Distant Memories Of A Love Affair

A true story of forbidden love

Almost forty years have passed since that fateful day When in a moment of anguish our affair died, Discovered in the tender bliss of recent sex, Nakedly entwined in each other’s loving arms. We had grown careless under the beguiling spell  Of overwhelming desire, blinded by passion, And reaped the just harvest of our duplicity. For several weeks I thought my life was threatened And I...Read On


Seasons & Lovers

Each season brings lovers unique to that season. Which one are you?

Summer is for young lovers Holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to one another Summer brings short-lived romance Crushes come and go Summer is for whirlwind passionate affairs and flings Autumn comes bringing cool weather Autumn's for slow romance of matured lovers Autumn is long walks taken by lovers Autumn is for falling leaves and soft kisses Exploring corn mazes, picking pumpkins...Read On


Halleys Comet

I dream of you in colours from a spectrum that never existed I dream of you in a time and place that I can never reach Soft whispers fill my ears and leave my heart yearning For something untouchable and floating away in space Like an astronaut released from their tether Adrift The stars look bright and swirl, leaving me feeling drunk and woozy I fade in I fade out I reach for a hand that...Read On


When The Words Stop

Perhaps when the the words stop and love surrounds nothing more is needed

Sometimes, I need only to feel your breath It is your silence that touched my soul  I love the words that pleasure my mind  And yet when the words stop all I have is you  Sometimes, I need only your presence  It is your silence that holds me close  I love the words that you use to paint of love And yet when the words stop all I have is you Sometimes, I need only your snuggle  It is...Read On


Let's make love

Come explore what making love means

Pull me close Kiss me sweetly Kisses falling in a sweet passion Slowly building to something more Soft caresses fingers dancing over skin Warmth and sensual sensations A shiver runs down the back of the spine Breaths gently blown across the neck Eyes piercing in their gaze Full of adoration and a lustful hunger Tongues intertwine and dance with one another Bodies grow hot under the weight...Read On