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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Love Without a Name

a truth in written form...

Depressed means a broken heart A forgotten dream, a wanted start It leaves you cold, it leaves you black It leaves you full of holes and cracks A chasm new, a pain so old You left a hole, my heart's grown cold Why act happy? Why be bold? When lies have been all you're told Hide it away, close it off So when tried again, I won't feel the scoff I've been shattered, My heart has broke...Read On


Golden Shower (homage to Bukowski)

The "gold" is a metaphor for love you pervy weirdos... lol

She steps into my shower, Adjusts the cold water Higher. I don’t mind it… She likes the water to be Cooler. But, doesn’t want to skimp On the good water pressure. I can deal with the cooler water Better than she can deal with the Hot. She presses her breasts Into mine and we let the cooler water Cascade over us. Her skin is now silky, almost Slimy. I don’t mind it…   Her nipples harden and...Read On

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Into The Ether

It is not the cry of a cold wind or raw light beginning to bloom, reaching to touch your body where the imperceptible has found a way to speak through flesh. To speak beyond a hand craving  and forever reaching into the ether. It is a sound more unmistakeable, what I imagine is the music of a soul being made and unmade only to be tethered together again. And it seems to begin as all...Read On


Paint a Picture

Painting a picture as we fall in love

Pick up an easel And paint a picture  For a multitude of millennia  Of a lifetime of memories. To last forevermore  On an empty canvas To capture and captivate In a picturesque place of love. Bursting out in a multitude  Of colours from a rainbow Creating a prism effect Radiating out across the lands. As the love hits us from within Sending shivers to my spine And touches my heartstrings As...Read On

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The words we leave in our wake, must, For the beautiful vagabonds who find them Fallen and blown by the thousand tiny storms Of an average day into the furthest gutters Of the tired cities we live in, Fade. Everything we meant got lost. I want to learn the language of breath Rushing over the shell of her ear, Fingers tracing the fine bones in the back of her hand. The words we...Read On


My shining star

My star leads me home

You are my Pole  star The brightest of all stars Shining in the firmament Casting light Showing grace A light for my path way Leading me to loves home You rescued me When I lost all sense of direction Through your rays you led me safe home To loves home Through the light of your love I found hope, Patience Joy Peace. Facets of a lady who ministered to me She took me Washed me Rode me Showed...Read On


Birthed by Fire

The flame of her eternal need Burns brightly Stoked by my desire Blatant heat Forced deep into her furnace Muscle rippling As I thrust my shovel Feeding her heat Watching it build Watching it erupt Pleasure descending Molten liquid pouring Her glowing radiance Fed by love Fed by passion Preparing to be further stoked Joy extending Furnace invigorating Hunger needing Waves crashing Ingots of...Read On


No Glory

In honour of my Great Grandfather

No glory, only pride You played your part in a theatre where so many died On foreign soil, a strange language Memories of the old country in your heart Again and again you took to the air I can barely imagine your bravery The noise of the engines and guns If you were afraid, I understand Then to return to find your best friend gave his life The hollow victory, the pain Then the...Read On


Friendship Lost

The why seems so ephemeral to me It is the feelings that solidly punch  Loves labour's been lost Because unfriended was clicked   We could fly you and I In oddly interesting ways I've crashed out of your journey Because unfriended was clicked    You liked me to go, powerfully At times I followed, admiringly Others come and go, it's not the same Because unfriended was clicked    ...Read On


Tattoo Heart

This is me trying. Trying to understand the why, When blood turns black and sends us awry. Tears flow from what might have been, Words spiral and begin to spin, Round and down into the spaces, Filling all the little places. Piercing my heart through and through, Like burning needles of an emblazoned tattoo.   This is me trying. Trying to remember that familiar know, When we huddled close in...Read On


My Fountain of Life

Now I can come, To visit at your fountain. Wash from my hands,  The stains of my past dealings, Take from my mind The stress of secret vices. Let me swim  Within the waters of your flow.   From this place I know Healing waters flow Cum, wash my every pain away.   Life, light and love, Gush from your healing fountain, All I require, to help my heart  Redeem it’s wasted places,...Read On


The inkwell

  When first I look upon that place And I see the heated covering  Then see her well so radiant  there  And there to savour Ink in space    i see the baise upon her desk  And trace my fingers o’er the baise i feel your movement on the page  your inkwell oh so picturesque   The inkwell lid, I love to stroke  I even learn to taste the lid The aroma  of her ink is mine  The ink...Read On



I walk through all of this ...

My eyes were wide open When I came to you So that I could see the beauty Of your gentle kind soul I wasn't blindfolded either So I couldn't see your imperfections That is how much I love you To trust you to take care of me To love me unconditionally With my faults and imperfection My hands were not tied When I came to you I was willing to submit To give you my heart It wasn't even forced It...Read On


A Million Dreams

We could build a world upon what we dream

Throughout the years Every time I have a dream You will always be there Standing before me. With your beauty so radiant  That bursts out in a kaleidoscope  Of a million colours From the brightest rainbow. That brings forth to me  And shows me your true colours  That gives me a million reasons To take you by the hand. And spend a lifetime with you  In a life that we may build To take a...Read On

Berries Well

In the distance of a dream, beneath a dark obsidian rainbow   with a spoonful of a tempest, and a bowling of the thunder. As autumn chilled at my elbow and my pen dried up, my old fingers grasp, the Holy Grail of the berries inkwell. Giving up to the dust in the pot, and feeling your zephyr breath with a specter's entice, as your long fingers saunter. Over my shadow as we make love,  ...Read On



My soul stills,  No waves of emotions.  The waters are smooth,  Without ripples.  There’s a softness,  Yet sadness as well. The moon casts his shadow,  Across the surface.   Light breaking through,  Still no movement. Just calmness. Will I drift into oblivion?  Or feel the beating of my soul,  Coming back,  As the shore calls me home? Will the moon follow? Or concentrate,  On what is still...Read On


My Nib

My nib, the focal point, The heat of my desires,  It’s flow doth cause eruptions  Not on my page alone The purest form that motivates My nib to flow apace My thoughts, my lover's drive Envigoured by her wetted place. Her spell now overriding me My nib becomes her property  Swollen when touched by her  Doth shower her with praise     ...Read On


That Moment

Revised 11/18. Originally posted 2010 under BigRod.   That moment… As I slowly undress you. Watching you. My fingers brushing against your bare skin. That moment… When I slide your panties down your legs. You are finally.. completely.. naked for me. When my eyes fill me with the lust of your image. Your skin soft and smooth. No more barriers between your body and mine. That...Read On

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I hear her like a whisper through the falling rain, her name is the storm, the scream inside every crack of deafening thunder. And I got cold steel in my hand, a list of names carved to the bone, and my baby still speaks to me before the pull of a heavy trigger. No bullet can bring you back to me, you're hunting nothing but ghosts in endless rivers and dark valleys and what hurts the most...Read On


The inkwell and the Quill

  My nib was dipped inside her ink well Then love was written across her page. Her well of ink,  My constant source of fresh resources. The contours of her page Became the canvass For my words  My words of love  My words of life  Our words of shared passion  Touching the others soul Binding them together,  closer. In turning the quill  I trace and tease  the feather lightly  Over those...Read On


The Angel of my Dreams

  My sexual angel came again  Infiltrating my night Crawling through my dreams  Breathing over my skin  Lips searching  Leaving a trail of goosebumps in her wake The scent of her arousal  Filling my nostrils  A trail of moisture left on my thigh Vibrant images invading my mind  She came again  Writing my dreams  With the gentlest of touches  Fingers dancing  Urging Tempting...Read On


Mistress Mine

Where are you roaming

"Oh Mistress Mine, where are you roaming?" So sang the Clown, knowing that ''youth's a stuff will not endure.''   Yet, endure is what youth does, knowing, by instinct the lie that journeys end in lovers' meetings   when they end in endings which is why the journey took place at all.   It may be that mirth is had in present laughter, but then what of it? What's to come is...Read On


Fire Within

When an angel starts to daydream

I can’t stop thinking about you, You have captivated my mind I need to feel your touch I want you to claim what I hide Like a flame burning in the dark Starving to ignite All I need is the right guidance To fulfill all that is right Your voice I crave to taste As you guide my hand Bringing forth pleasure Leaving behind your brand Hot temptations of lust Cloud my waking thoughts ...Read On


The Kiss That Caressed My Soul

  She stole onto my page  When I wasn’t watching  Roaming her sea Exploring her heart  Seeking life in abundance  Her radiance, captivating. She straddled me  As I sat on my chair  Her hips gripping and squeezing Her body pressing into me  Her fingers tracing  Over my lips. She eased my head back  With her fingers in my hair.  Her lips Like silk, caressed my soul. Her tongue wrote ...Read On

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Thunder Road

Sometimes I'll know her face better than my own. The gleam in her eyes against streetlamps, starlight striking her dark wavy hair like the oceans I speed by at night already telling me the lifetime of wants swimming and screaming through the blood. And even though we live by our reputations, skins rippling with needs beneath the armor, I still glassed who she really was even if she only...Read On


Vidi, vici, veni

I saw, I conquered, I came (and so did she!)

We met at first as strangers lost upon the restless sea I looked across at you to find you looking back at me I think we must have spotted something in each other then a longing shared by both of us, an emptiness, a yen to see if we could find out more and more about each other a need perhaps like children as they search to find a mother we smiled and nodded, winked and finally, we...Read On


Just A Dream

More than just a dream

His kiss Is filled with passion Soft but hard Tender but speaks of His need for her His desire consumes him He needs his Angel He needs to feel the fire She needs the gentle touch of his hand She needs his hard body against. her softness She burns with the need deep in her soul She needs to feel the passion That consumes them both They know one day That what they feel will be more than Just...Read On


Reap and Sow

Everywhere I look there are images of you Lying scattered over my possessions - they no longer feel like mine You litter every thought with every single thing you touched Your essence spread over minute details that bring a whole other world crashing down   Your face launched a thousand ships But you sent back every one Only mine was allowed through the blockade And now look what...Read On


A short poem about Morning Glory

How does a Morning Glory react to the world it's in?

The sight of a huge morning glory they say can brighten up even the darkest of days as well as the petals shaped just like a heart the trumpet shaped flower's another main part   Some form a vine that can twine for support while others stand proud, like a king they hold court but while on the subject I really must mention the lone soldier boy as he stands to attention   Like a...Read On



They meet for real, will it be everything they imagined?

Breath quickens, heart racing, kissing with such passion. His fingers pull on her nipple hard, this is all she has been fantasizing.   In a room up high, the city lights glow. Undressing slowly, praying he wants her. Smiling, twitching, needing, and wanting, his kisses amazing, soft, wet, and slow.   Room service interrupts them, a quick glance. The touch to her bottom, tells her...Read On