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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Ages of Absence

Year after year, And still here I am.  Broken and wanting,  Crying is haunting Because you’re all that there is.  You’re all I believe.  But the lie… is the love.  And this dream… but a dare? You said you would always be there…  Yes, you said you’d always be there. "I'm right here," you claim,  But you’re lost, you’re away,  In the depths of your world,  And gone so astray.  I’ve...Read On


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

The real story of Robinson Crusoe and his wife

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what had happened to that cute little smile. She had not seen her mister since the boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck. The boat had sunk beneath her, she struggled to stay afloat. She the sole survivor of their guided fishing boat. She’d survived two years with mussels and abalone, Sleeping on...Read On



I love her. Yes I do. At her best and at her darkest. With her perfect imperfections that she does not like but I do love. With the morning sleepy groans, messy hair and hot breath on the crook of my neck. With her beautiful eyes, sexy lips and unforgettable smile. With her loving hands and gentle touch exploring my body as a love map. With the way she says my name and “I...Read On


Sonnet: Separation

Sitting alone with that empty feeling, Listening to the sound of the April rain, Beating on the conservatory ceiling, I sigh, wishing you were here yet again. Oh love, we live a continent apart, Our worlds forever out of synchrony, A vast gulf that weighs heavy on my heart, Indifferent to my sweet agony. What'ere the wonders of this modern age And the illusion of togetherness That...Read On



I love to play with language and playing in the shower.

Stand with me lover, beneath Silky strands of steaming water, Sponge soap my shoulders, Stroke your slender fingers Sensually over stiff nipples, Stare into my eyes, hot kiss. Shuddering lips, you slowly squeeze My slick slit, insinuating two fingers with Sharp sexy stabs, my breath  Shallows, with each sinuous thrust I  Surrender to your passionate kisses, Suspended...Read On


Starless Nights

A starless sky hides her pain.

The night is bleak, she feels so weak. How she longs for his hand upon her cheek. Words unbound, she can only frown. She pulls her cloak tight against the cold of the night. Time to give up the fight. As the rain comes down making puddles on the ground all she can do is wonder. Just an ache for what was and what will never be. Her heart never free, her soul in tatters. She knows...Read On


'Fore Bellows Of The Winds

The still of silence 'fore bellows of the winds, When birds have lost their songs as echoes descend. In the aria of moonlight a swaggering fall, Last dredges of a jigger my poetic call, As you lay so bare, with a dolly in your hair. The pendulum of my cock rocking the coo-coo, And you stirring my firkin of woo, The shadow of your wile with warm breath of sin,  And I on ends with...Read On



Beyond the time We should have ended Braced through trials We should have lost Betrayed by those We’ve since unfriended Benefits Versus the costs Reaching out Where understanding Doesn’t seem What we will find Surprised that we Have stayed together Unlike in life Unlike in mind Long suffering We perfect our demons Train them to bay Outside for show Yet past the...Read On


Touch Of Lingo

As the touch of lingo sheds to light, Like sea meadows, the umber waves of wheat. And there I will settle and tattle my tweets, For thee my love I shuck the corn And compose a poem from stalks of many. As the touch of lingo sheds to light,  The whiff of a breeze from your auburn hair. And there on the plains of Abraham we kiss,  Poetically dancing in the moonlight of bliss, ...Read On



Another toe-tapper...

You lost me. You dropped my hand and let me go. You lost me. I guess you forgot or simply didn't know. But you lost me. It's cold out here. I'm a lost boy now baby... I'm a lost boy, my Dear... I'm the crying kid in a shopping mall. Surrounded by kind caring women and a security guard. Bottom lip trembling. They cannot sort this out. Cries of 'Jesus! There you are!' ...Read On



And what were you all of this time? The beautiful heartbroken waif patiently awaiting love to sail again upon a lonely shore, estranged from all songs but your own. It would be too simple to resgin, to assign a myth to such stories, to be the homesick sailor no longer guided by a cracked compass, but the beacons pulsing from within. Perhaps you're really the siren, the mythic embodiment...Read On


Finally Free

Looking to the love beyond...

The steady gentle sound Of the softly falling rain Fails to completely mask The deluge of my pain Drowning in hurt Wallowing in despair Where was the one Who was supposed to care Out in the world Suddenly, irrevocably alone Nobody and no place To even call my own A single solitary tear Slips unbidden down my cheek Angrily I swipe it away Must never show that I am weak ...Read On


Shall We?

Draw me near and cheer me Grace me with your smile Let a veil encircle ‘round Concealing us, a while Let me lean against you Strong and warm and there Radiating sureness Shielded from life’s glare And as your chest enfolds me Comfort’s warmth does rise Catching at the core of me Lighting in your eyes A shifting of emotion Glints through this tender calm Convergently occurring As...Read On


The dance

When there is a will, there is a way...

A song plays over the speakers One of their songs And he smiles at her Whispering “Dance with me?” Eyes A little bit sad Meets his “You know I can’t” He looks at her, smiling Lifting her up Into his arms Whispering “Yes you can” On the dance floor He softly sways With her in his arms As they dance in their own way Eyes meet Gazing Deep into each other A silent knowledge...Read On


Her Last Look

She stood in the shadows, Just out of his sight, A breeze through the window, Added chill to the night. He laid there in rest, Face bathed in moonlight, Hair greyer, face lined, It told of his plight. Her love he had been, Through year upon year, Their hopes and their dreams, They knew nothing of fear. But life played its cards, And then gathered the cost, She fought like...Read On


Blushed Softly

In swooshes of my lines, Down home sounder. With my preen-eyed gal, So solemnly defined  And blushed softly with a kiss. Sweetly sipped As if persimmon wine, With a bellows breeze, 'Neath the oaken vines.  The acorns touch As if spinning on a carousel, Poetically entwined On earth's season meadow.  A shadow's fair of your sublime On a conical canvas of greenery. ...Read On


My Silly Friend

My silly lady friend stopped by, My silly little friend, My darling friend who is away so often now Living her life. Working, Studying, And loving. And being the precious jewel she is To the world. And to me. She stops by when she can, When the world allows, When her life Allows her the time. And sometimes she spends the time with me. With me, The one who adores her little butt. The...Read On


Poet's Will Doomed

I kiss thee very well, From the shadows of my recall. 'Neath the breath of an oncoming storm,  The memories of a gray haired stranger As the roux of my mind stirs its gravy. And the prosing comes to a simmer, Yet the spice is but words in a line, Like sweet muscatels on a vine, From the shadows of my recall. In silence of the eye, 'Neath the breath of an oncoming storm, ...Read On



Face your demons.

The ocean's tides beckoned me closer  while the shiny shell lured you away. The revelation of  your folly cultivated my  sadness. Did you think she shone brighter than me? How easily you  denied me and snatched away what  you had  promised me. You alone  own the failure of what was us. You won  the morbid prize. I suppressed inner carnage; An internal struggle, a fight for...Read On


Kisses I send You

So happy you're back

I was feeling so sad when you left But today you came back There's no more stress Our love can get back on track To see that you logged on Knowing your departure wasn't me You're here now and not gone My heart and soul filled with glee We're bound by a virtual connection My love for you is real I love to shower you with affection Our love is surreal Cyber love by keystrokes Dreams...Read On



Written for a very dear friend and her memories

You belong to another Yet you shared yourself with me Our brief moment in time together Set me on a path of self-discovery For the first time in my life I finally felt unchained, set free To simply enjoy things To learn how to be me You somehow brought me out Of my self-imposed shell Now I honestly look forward To getting to know myself well Our brief moment in time together...Read On


The impossible dream

I have been “not enough..” I have been “too much..” I have been “if only..” But deep within my very core I always longed to be “just right..” Becoming his opened my eyes To something new, Made me see what I needed, What was possible, Giving me what I thought only lived in dreams. He touched me and my body ignited,  Flames flickering over my most intimate parts, Want, need, a...Read On


Online Affair

When you kiss her Do you think of me The longing The need When she lays against you Do you come to me Remembering Savoring When you feel her touches Do you dream of me Our words My voice Have you decided what's next Me or her Your life Or ours It's hard knowing she's there I'm here Miles away Aching How did this happen Is it real Fantasy Or simply a game Ugh... Baby when...Read On

Recommended Read

Staying Inside The Storm

I lived in your heart when it was shimmering with rainbows, pumping life's stream through veins I could've swam within forever. I stayed when all within began to rage with dark storms, new torrents pouring, obliterating a sacred harbor . There's a price when we promise to stay. A silent contract signed with ink that is too unique to know how to fade away. So after all the storms...Read On


Such Beauty

Beauty makes me feel,  Makes anyone feel who is human, Who actually feels as a human, Makes us feel. Music makes me feel, Makes anyone feel who is human, Who actually feels as a human, Makes us feel. Beauty and music. Together, As one thing. They are one. We sense them. We sense them with our eyes and our ears. And our noses, Bringing to us the wonder of odors, perfumes, blossoms on...Read On



Your silence screams so loud......

Your silence screams So loud in my heart You know it pains me When we are apart   Yet day after day Here I wait For a word for you For a sign of faith   I gave you my time I gave you my heart I gave you my love You have torn it all apart   I thought you were different I thought you cared All those words were so empty And now you're not there   Yet still here I sit With tears on my face...Read On


Simply Red Confessions

Almost a year ago we met, good friends we became, conversations we exchanged, admiring you in the distance. Pleasantries between us became our norm Complimenting each other but never more than that. In a place of words, statuses and appearances are "Taken" just like you, so I remained silent, until now. A chat window appeared, our cordialities were exchanged, Until the words I longed...Read On


You Just Walked Away

How could you just leave......

You just walked away How could you just leave After all we have shared After the relationship we made   I guess I shouldn't be surprised It's not the first time Though this time seems so different This time seems oh so real   So here I sit Alone and sad I've been here before  These feelings so bad   I don't think your coming back My texts you just ignore You know how much this hurts me...Read On

Recommended Read

Diamond Tears

learning to love again

His words fall like diamond tears,  Upon the worn, tattered page. He's haunted by his own fears, His mind is a lonely cage. He sings his sad, sorry song, As she walks alone again. Repeated patterns of wrong, Repeated patterns of pain. Love frayed like a hanging rope, It just makes no sense at all. He clings to a depressed hope, A cliff's edge, waiting to fall. He's lost in...Read On


Where Did You Go?

No goodbye just gone.

We met online and had a thing One day you just left We never ended our fling I'm really not impressed Emotions you let decide Your decision had no regard for me No more sadness or tears cried I suppose we're both now free I loved you each and every day Today perhaps a bit less I wish you did it another way I guess you were stressed Each day we chatted about life Sweet words crafted...Read On