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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.

This category is intended for poetry about romance, passion, and sensuality, rather than friendship, loss or familial / brotherly love.


Far Away Love

Time has come for me to share my deep dark secret. I love you. But I know I can never have you. Our lives so far apart but I feel you close. My love will stay locked away. Till the day it’s ready to fade away. My handsome man you have my heart. While our lives live apart. Yours, forever.  ...Read On


Sweet Desire

A subs love for her Master

Sweet Desire I come over to you and sit by your feet in posture and obedience and love every pore of my body craves your delight and my body hums at your touch   There is nothing so wonderful as seeing you smile as I stay in perfect obedience to your will you stroke my soft hair and you caress my face with the hands that give me incredible thrills   My body convulses in heat and...Read On

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She wants to get lost in your voice  while you undress her soul, one sinuous thread and one  phantom longing at a time. Leaving her bare and fragile, fear is only a temptation of fleeing, of every vulnerability handed over, being taken but not treasured. She needs reassurance as  you capture her mind, she is your submissive, a beautiful mysterious knot just aching to be untied by  more...Read On


Intricate Girl...

        Each sunrise brings new adventure               Each sunset, a new dream.              I chase the images through                 Your labyrinthine mind,              Running, prancing playfully Trying to capture them with my butterfly net,          And return them to you in poems.         Poems deserving of your brilliance,        Calling upon the muses for guidance  Yet, my...Read On

Destinations Lost

The oarsmen of the clouds pushed with the winds, with a bellow's breath as sails unfurled in poetic odyssey. While sirens swirled with seductive kisses, charming the fish of the aquatic world grasping the helm of my voyage. As the moon cast a beacon of bright, stars sparkle as a million points of light giving direction of the zodiac. With course, setting the mast and catching the sea...Read On


The Night's Jewel

  Just like the sun Long shadows shining Across the water The luster lighting  Dazzling around Dozens of birds Singing in the trees Cozy sounds they make Sound like a musical play Of secrets and mystery The curtains swaying slowly By the gentle touch  Of a light breeze Turning on  By the growing twilight Their sensual touches Feels like a fireplace Make them warm and alive Lingering kisses...Read On



Help us seed the orchard each spring. There is laughter, and music, and lovers at every tree trunk. If you don't join, this is a trifle quickly forgotten. If you do join, this is a trifle, quickly forgotten...Read On


Need You Tonight

Need you always

Need you tonight  Need to be in your arms  Need to hear you whisper in the dark "Mine" Need to be in your strong arms  Curled up safe against your chest  My safe place  Knowing I'm right where I belong Need you close  Skin on skin contact  Laying in bed together  Catching our breath  After a night of passion I just need.. Whispered words in the dark Sharing our desires  Talking about...Read On

The Cyber Lover Real Meeting

We met on the computer you see And chatted every day Now you'll finally meet me I wonder what you'll say Will we love each other Like on the computer Will we still be lover's Will we have a future Love for many years Only on a computer screen Is this excitement or fear We've always been unseen Will our love be enough The excitement does grow Hoping this won't be tough You've been my...Read On


In darkness her green eyes fain, and I, as if a moth on strings, danced to pipes her lust brings with a snifter of dark brandy. Skating on memories of my past as her fingers glide over my cast, with obsidian tentacles weaving, of a dowager's brooch singing. In darkness her green eyes fain,   as she tamed my renaissance with webs of silken lips, as I came in for a soft landing. On a...Read On

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Under the light of the 34th Star

I’ve loved you since before time’s existence

An incandescent light awaits us under the 34th star tonight. We didn’t know then, that two worlds collided the instant our existence began.  Two falling stars  hitch a stellar ride with their celestial mate.  We are inextricably bonded; you are a fire and I am  the glowing coals beneath you. Two hearts were crafted  from the same cosmic dust, our souls from a thunderstorm  of...Read On


The Smile That Tells It All

Love Is In Your Smile

It's really just the smile That tells it all. A smile that seems transcendent To our core. Complete fulfillment,  Existential bliss  For every beating heart that feels its Glow. A happy smile of joy and sweet delight That spins our moods from blueness   Into glee. To utter satisfaction with this life. Such smiles Are bringers of a glowing light. Of sunshine,  Exultation for  Each life. ...Read On


Absentia of Cellophane

Pulling a lover back from the Otherworld

In my journal of poetic love, versus Argus eyed As I scribe the vermilion with a darker shade Feeling quintessence of silence calling my name Fearing no evil and feeling no pain Under the gleam of the magenta moon In absentia of cellophane Awaiting my shadow-lover, who comes soon Having felt a presence of an amorphous shadow Like a brush-footed butterfly As a scent lingers of its...Read On


I Remember

My answers to 'Remember'

I remember I think about it all the time. It was absolutely the best day of my life. We had so much fun, And yes, were deeply in love. Oh, the laughter was the best, it did come from nowhere And it really never mattered why. We scoffed when they said that it always changes, Just a few years they insisted, but We were in love and it could never happen. Everywhere is right, we were never apart,...Read On


The freedom of your love

In days gone by,  I never dreamed  that I would meet you. Caress your face And say sweet nothings in your ear. To find a love  More grand  Than any other  And see its light  Reflected in your heart My soul awakes  From deepest hibernation To taste the freedom  Of your love So rich and free  And when you give yourself To deepest darkest pleasure You find your all in me  And take my breath...Read On

In Shadowy Shades

In a sprite’s echo breath, of a hawkmoon so pale As floating autumn leaves turn red palmetto And our love taking wind of the willowy sail To a distant Fata Morgana Of the wailing wings and haunting sins A heavenly chariot, floating the starlit sky In joyful adoration of angelic transcendence We embrace tight the brail of eternal swell My oblique poetry falling upon braille In...Read On



Let the lover be. Let her throw abandon to the wind. spin you into the whirlpool. Let orderly papers be knocked into oblivion. The desk is needed for making love.   The cost of his loving is your entire life. Pay it.   Heaven cannot be added on a spreadsheet. What she gives freely is worth more than words. Don't think, don't hesitate. Dive into her head first.   Your...Read On

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I was already unfolding  before your hand took mine, and we had so many questions about words that only soulmates should impart through the mist when knowing there has to be so much more to you. I was already moving through you by then, that already belonged to us and us alone. And I was noting how every freckle and mark were living constellations connecting your skin, a celestial map...Read On

Of My Drowsy

Casting out plumed serpents of my mind and the demons of the soured wine, as the dawn awakens a new shine,   of the drought I slept.   As a gauzy silhouette kisses me deep, garnishing my lips in nightmare sleep, seducing me in my ambiguity of yesterday's pines and acorns. Forsaking me of my quinine, with her ripen breasts of the drought I slept, in chambers of my drowsy.        ...Read On


The Winter Queen

Rahab recalls the Queen of Scots

It was long ago, and in a strange land, and besides, the wench is dead.   Is that all that is to be said of a woman whose beauty ruined herself and a nation?   In her eyes there was a sadness which I saw briefly lift a moment before night fell.   She was shrouded in winter and shrouds seemed and were what was needful.   Our love, meteor-like across one night's sky ...Read On



At the sight of you I falter,  My facade slips.  I clench my jaw so my tongue doesn’t push The string of hollow words from between my lips.  Stifling the sharp letters, I feel them slashing, Punishment for keeping them silent. Clawing at my throat in a need to escape The place that holds no light. They pierce my heart with their jagged edges In the last feeble attempt to be set free....Read On

Winter's Kiss

Bringing down the curtain of my certainty,   certainty to pass into the night, grasping, grasping the love we have spoken in interludes. And now that the limelight has fallen, fallen on ghosts of my kudos, no more encores, no more applause, sending me flowers.   Now quietly I rest in sweet bouquet, bouquet of scent, our lives spent, as the curtain of winter's kiss, touches my lips with...Read On

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A Blind Man's Dream

I walk the streets Not for money, but a dream. I stand still, and stare, as your face emerges Through the tiny gaps  Between the falling rain. Not a day goes by and Not a night in my dreams. That I do not reach out to touch your lips, Smiling, effortlessly, So close to mine. Perchance to talk, to whisper words, "I want you to be mine." I want your light to burn bright, In my dreams......Read On


A Dear Friend

Simple and sentimental

She appeared tonight as she rarely does, rekindling cherished memories of walking nude along the shore running into and out of the waves, the breeze blowing through her long, strawberry blonde hair, drawing goosebumps on her pale freckled skin, hardening her ruby red nipples. We would run and play together for hours before reality would set in and we would part. Or we would be in her...Read On


Soar Like An Eagle

I soar like an Eagle High above the spectators below Giving them nothing but a simple hello Watching as they look at my regal splendor   I soar like an Eagle Looking for my prey But knowing it is the wrong time of day Hoping beyond hope, you will be online and not hide in shadows like Smiegal   I return each day like a Swallow Having seen a glimpse of your name flicker and not stay...Read On


Once blinded

Today I glimpsed a vision, Of a love beyond my dreams. My eyes, once blinded by her form Did glimpse her conscious stream.   The joy and innocence I saw, Did touch me to the core. The more we spoke, The more I saw, The happier was I. That she could be for me the one The one, that hears my heart.   This angel is not mystical Yet, magical is she She weaves a spell so powerful ...Read On

The Cognac

In the shadows of an orchard's still From the stem of a fluted glass With the effervescence of a Bellini Tasting nectar of your sweet puree And the pomace of your lip's extract As spirits play host in life's reveille In transparency of our intimacy And we making love in chaparrals Through the eyes of a demitasse And the heart of the peach blossom In distillation of the cognac      ...Read On

Of Tea Water

In a condensation of the tea water with a fragrance of pekoe, in evaporation as if a scent, like a landscape of Claude Monet's. As we kiss with love's extract beneath a trellis of the stars, in my poetry of memoirs, my impression of sunrise. The scent lingers, the hour feigns as the moment's pleased, and the brush falters. Now the sunrise on the canvas, the stars fall, the sun rises, and...Read On


The Moon

As I drift off to sleep While the dark orchid falls over the moon Kissing me with his petals In the shadows of dreams  As it's pollen covets my soul   Chilling me beneath my angora  Feeling my soul blooming Searching for the sun  With memories deep within the sea Your voice is calling to me As if the dark orchid captured the moon Holding on to ransom  Will I find my way out of the...Read On

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Found Me Wanting

You measured more than a heart and soon found me wanting. But last night was so different. When we were far past the slow dance that would lead us to this dim room.  Your hand wrapped around me, it was like fiery rivers buried and rushing beneath the earth and a mutual shudder jolted us when you began to squeeze, to stroke hard flesh so vulnerable except when in your hungry grasp. And...Read On