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Love Poems


The Roar of the Lion

You soothed and coaxed me each and every day Encouraging and baiting me, reeling me in. You bathed and fed me as your prey Darkness comes, you've convinced me that I have sinned. Countless times you've soothed and wooed me Begging and yearning, aching for forgiveness. Blinded once again for my mind to see Will the day ever come when I believe in your weakness. Your roar is loud like a...Read On



From a series of sonnets

I felt much younger then, bodies so light with love that we could almost be torn apart by a violent wind, leaves battered in December night rain. I listened too closely  to a heart pounding  against my vulnerable skin to a song that has flown. An engine I can't understand, a longing to dance unrestrained  breathes beneath all that you say. I felt so much older then. I was pressed...Read On


Tofu Soup

such an incredible taste

Soup of a hundred and one flavours A stream of sensuous taste Understated yet powerful blend Lingering pleasure for my tongue   An eye to beauty to stir my soul A quiet gentle blushing spirit An aphabet soup of passion and purpose Lingering pleasure for my tongue   Black and white imagery  Stirs my mind as the soup is mixed Visions of rapture for my eyes to see   ...Read On

Crossing Over The Hibachi

Crossing over the grate of a hibachi On the deck of a Butuan boat As a dark chain of lanterns following Beyond the sunset of a dusk falling On the red lips of my sweet Filipina While sipping the essence of plum Dancing a tango on Mindanao By way of a lotus compass Sailing our way to Luzon West of the moon in silken kimonos  Crossing over the grate of a hibachi    ...Read On


A Memory of Waking

A memory of waking next to a lover

Time slips away, leaving only the memories, shadows of reality once solid, now fleeting and flawed yet no less precious for that.     The memory of waking to find you next to me, arms across me, holding, touching me as I lay, seeing awareness in your eyes as they open, to see me smiling, welcoming you to a new day.     Seeing the look change to hunger and lust, bristles against...Read On


Christmas Without Him

He's sheltered from his family this Christmas, but he will always be in my heart.

M ay your Christmas joy shine E very minute of missing you R easons for believing, your distance was meant to be R inging in the New Year, only if it's with you Y ou are the one that means the world to me C aring and longing, passion discreet H earing your words, as they echo in my ear R ighteous and worthy, as I will always love you I llustrating your caring heart and soul ...Read On


It’s All About The Snuggle

A snuggle shared

Contemplating life  and pondering my pleasures,  I see my need to be needed, My desired to be desired.  And yet my longing is to snuggle  In the arms of a lover, To become one with her,  To rest in her presence  Not running away.  To cherish each moment  here now to stay. It’s not what’s under the tree,  It’s not even those who gather  around the tree, Although  each is precious. It’s about...Read On


As a phoenix

  I burned like a wild fire crackling at first, at the origins. The brightest fire of them all, so naively I thought... But then I turned into ashes, my whole world was dry, his touch turned poisonous.. And I... I crawled in the corner, convinced that I was to be made By memories only. Pleasure of the past, forgotten, gone. No more arms to hold me. Where was that luscious taste? It is in...Read On


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

‘Tis the season to be jolly, As it gets to that time of year When the festive cheer is once again  Among us. In every park,  Christmas carols are being sung Bringing joy to all And to everyone that hears them. Peeps accidentally meeting, Under the mistletoe  Kissing when they do. Everyone giving and receiving, Christmas presents  Spreading the Christmas  Cheer everywhere they go. ...Read On


Under The Mistletoe

Meeting the girl of my dreams under the mistletoe

This ‘twas the season, To be jolly, Full of cheer Full of giving Full of happiness. Ever so hopeful, That this wee girl, That I have been noticing from afar That I have got the hots for That we may meet under the mistletoe. I wish upon a star, Wishing that the Girl of my dreams Will fall into my arms Hoping it will happen this Xmas. Realising that I have just, Stepped under the...Read On


In A Different Light

I see you in a different light

I see you in a different light You say you aren't anything special But I see the you that you keep hidden I see the beauty of the soul you protect From the rest of the world I see the tenderness no one else is lucky enough to experience I see the love in your eyes when we are alone I see the passion as your eyes roam over my body I see the compassion for life as you gaze into space...Read On

Our Banjo

Of a silhouette on my mind's lampshade On the futon of a soft crouton's pillow  Laying me down to sleep on our plushette In our hammock of a rocking chair With dreams of steps in an eternal garden On the river without time as our love ages Like fine wine as ribbons twine in your hair And as the dusk of winter fell a snow On flakes of newborn shawls We kiss away the blacken wrath Of...Read On


Layers of Love

A tiny clench of the stomach, Confirming that -  The 'look' is returned Mouths, gasp open across a crowded room. The sudden glance away Afraid, not wanting to blush - An inner smile triggers The earthquake on luscious lips. Too shy to pursue To see if -  A few steps towards the kitchen Driven to the safety beyond. A tap on the shoulder Frozen in time -  A glance over the shoulder and...Read On


On Monday Night - Part V

The world's gone dark - absent, on Monday night. A scene set by steaming, emergent passion. Clear thoughts ripped apart and burned  again and again in a furnace  fired by the human soul. Clinging hard to sound judgment, resisting fright, a voice turns high, screaming in urgent fashion. Beautiful, confused, concerned. A silent alarm cutting the darkness, deep within the human skull....Read On

Pagliacci Tears

Spinning yarn of lore fables Of a rustic fool on a string Attired in my clown regalia Crying with Pagliacci tears Of your infidelity By charming a costume patch And you with foible of panache Like the Devil's mustache Sipping wine from a carafe With a soul of Armageddon Giving my heart contusions As my words fade into obscurity Sinking in my drunken euphoria By letting myself...Read On


No Other Place

Our passion stirred

  When I think of her, my heart burns When I think of her, my cock stirs When my heart burns and my cock stirs  I have no other thoughts to yearn When she dreams, her mind does glow When she thinks, her core does flow  When her mind does glow and her core does flow  There are no other thoughts to know When we caress, our hearts are heard  When we kiss, our passion stirred When our hearts...Read On

Recommended Read

Better To Forget

We did it all for love.... After winter's first breath exhales like the softest phantom pain, something brought you back to me down in the valley where no one remembers what we have lost, no one remembers our names in  slow motion corteges of bodies and endless shimmering lights. I may have taken it well enough after the last time you left, it was better to not remember how you looked in...Read On

Recommended Read

A gift from afar

The beauty of the season is in one's heart

A carpet of pure snow flakes do here lie Among the grass, icy dew dissolves, The fractals, each one unique and fleeting Colours, a prism in which the light evolves   A little bird, ‘gainst a thorn his breast yields Hark! His winter song, his feathers are rent Blood from his heart, soak’d that we may see On crimson path, the winter – heaven sent   Nought but the silence of the...Read On

My Yap

At times my yap dosen't fit to tight For I get loose in my verbal strings  Often not expressing my love  By falling into an abyss of dark With an albatross of rum at my neck Poetically framing my obtuse pen With arcane feathers of sin Laying waste to a sweet as yee While the devil inspires my fires With brandied crepes Suzette        ...Read On


Soldier of Love


Soldier of Love The Distance separates you from your love Your love is a world of away defending freedoms of others Keeping us safe They are the every day soldier fighting bravely , standing guard. You wait patiently and faithfully holding on tight to the memories of everyday life before they shipped out The passion The tenderness The laughing The tears The communication limited and...Read On


Musings Of A Woman In Love

Even if you are too far from me Even if dark clouds loom above me I feel your presence right behind me As I take a walk at the dusk,in the rainy weather I feel your thoughts following me like a shadow I blink and realise that my day begins and ends with your thoughts I find your torrent of love drenching me with its force I willingly lose myself to the thoughts of serenity...Read On



Take everything away. Leave me With vacant, desolate and hollow. I want blank I want cold, smooth, frozen fields of snow Virginal Pure and untouched. An empty canvas Awaiting a palette of color. Calling out to me Naked in raptures thoughts Love As each brush stroke falls....Read On


My hiding place

Dear Name The stone on which I rest In Zen like calm be bound Within Your vaults  - my hiding place Security is found   Oh may Your wisdom  And Your grace Become my life force true And when I see You Face to face Refresh my soul in dew    ...Read On



You touch me and it's like a memory that I have yet to make, a nostalgia I should not yet know. There was a word for this, something that encapsulated  an entire history that may be impossible to write about. I can feel it before your hand withdraws, the stone that my heart will become, the ache to be enveloped in your heat if only for another moment, even if we both know that's not enough. ...Read On


His Touch

He entered and I couldn't breathe I looked into his eyes and felt relieved The silk of my skin was what he craved from the start.  Mine was to be a piece of his luscious, personal art.  He decided I was his. He chose to take me.  I wondered why, but then I stopped thinking... I just wanted to be.  My clothes disappeared under his nails  And there I was... Naked.. My whole body ready to...Read On



Passionate Kisses Smouldering gaze punctuated with long walks Wind swept hair and mischievous smile Tender heart and calming presence And I suddenly find myself wondering when she started ruling every waking thought of mine I forget myself when I think of us I look at the sky muttering a silent prayer in her absence to protect her and keep her safe With yearning in my eyes and my...Read On


Just a little fun

Just having a bit of fun with this one

I pop out for lunch, Or maybe it was brunch. I go to the local, But it was quite vocal. I order some food, Hope it’s going to be good. I talk to the old dear, Ask for a nice cold beer. I take a sip, it was quite bitter, But it was quite a heavy hitter. I spot this girl from afar, From my pedestal at the bar. She seems kinda nice, Hope she ain’t cold as ice. I decide shall I make a...Read On


Your Heart's Ink

My own Shakespeare

"I miss you so much Like a pen misses it's ink Like a page bare of words Yearning for the nib's touch"   Write me a love poem that will Transport us to a world of wonders  Let me experience wandering with you Where we've never been together   Write me a sonnet that will Make us fall in love all over again Let me experience how magical it is To feel your every written words  ...Read On

On Way To Paradise

With petals of a Burmese parasol hung On the way to paradise near Rangoon Ancient sampans swayed on river Yangon With strings of a saung-gauk song Rising above the tropical mist   With an essence of lychee tea water Where I fell in love with my inamorata On this side of the Asian quarters Neath a pagoda of a lotus moon As golden bells toll a dawning rung Where the lanterns were strung On the...Read On


Before Skies Were Gray

Before there was us there was you

Before there was us there was you And when you were young all was new. Do you think about that. I still do. Before there was us there was you. *** Before there was us there was me And when I was young I was free. But I dreamed about you on my knee. Before there was us there was me. *** Before I brought tears to your eyes They had visions of stars in the skies And they...Read On