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Love Poems



Voices accusing. Fingers pointing An unforgiving world of strangers The guilt and blame are crushing This world is my prison with no escape There is nowhere safe left to hide For you For me Loneliness is like a creature  From which I can't run Where I go it waits Where I hide it lurks In you is my hope found You light my darkness Define my purpose  Because of you ...Read On


If I Died Tonight

If I were dying, would you hold me in your arms Until my last breath was gone and my eyes were no longer open? If I died tonight, would you tell me everything would be  All right as you looked into my eyes? Would you hold my hand until it went cold, Kiss it and fold my eyes closed? Would you tell me things you've never told me before As I laid there with tears in my eyes,  Begging you not to...Read On


Purely by Chance

Ture pure love

Purely by chance She came into my life Any man would be proud To have as their wife Perhaps it was fate Believe what you will But being with her Gives my heart at thrill From the top of her head To the tip of her toe I want to hold tight And never let go The touch of her hip Her back and her breast But her kiss and her smile Are what I like best ...Read On

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Whispered Kisses

In the serene gardens Of midnight, Flowers bathe in The light of your Gentle touch. You whisper kisses Against my skin And in the depth of My whimpers, I fall deeper into Your soul. My name sounds  Like music as  It caresses The soft flesh Of your lips, And the urgent devotion Of your passion Rips across the sky Like summer thunder Setting fire to the night. Your arms embrace me Like...Read On


Our Angel

A broken angel taken too soon.

Introduced to me  By a dear friend  A broken angel  I knew could mend With time and patience  I knew was a must  She was shy and scared  But I earned her trust  Body and soul  She’d been wounded deep  Her sweet angel wings  Now lay at her feet She and my friend  We’d all laughed and cried  But somehow I knew  We could get her to fly  With more time and patience  ...Read On



He left her for you Flashback to high school The snickers, the sneers You both aimed at her tears In public you preened And canoodled and cooed In private, she grieved But did not lash out at you So now it’s later And you are alone Broadcasting your pain Since your love has gone Friends gather round To shore up your strength No one is jeering  Or rejoicing your fate Stop now and...Read On


A Brief List of Things I'm Never Going to Say

We were eating on the same side of the table again because she likes it like that but I like the other side because I get to see more of her face but I never say this and sit where she asks me to because of how she gets this smile that makes the air feel like something else but still made of air like air you don’t mind being inside of And I never talk about ...Read On



....panacean touch of a beautiful soul

Loneliness...undo your fist, Let me go. Euphoria is calling. Like a grabby leopard, Melancholy clasped my senses... Chewing me ceaselessly. Wake me up with your panacean touch, Make me believe it was a nightmare! Let me savour the elixir from your lips, Heal my wound, glue the broken pieces again. Euphoria, hold my hand,  Take me away from this gloomy world, To the moony island...Read On


A Song On Her Lips

I wasn't the one you were waiting for by the window, a glass of wine in hand each night, the same song playing in your head, the one about never dancing again. I heard nothing but the rain that night. Watching you mouth the words, the silent chorus swelling in your chest, raising some ghost through you in every place I can't see into. The air moved with your every step, accentuating...Read On


Like A Sparrow

Like a sparrow I spread my wings, caressing with prose my words sing with quill and feather my verses ring, love songs caroling in the breeze bringing me to my knees. I saw a sparrow fall, high above the trees, as it fell from the blue pudding sky. I pen these tweets true to you, keep warm the nest until my return, like a sparrow I flew beyond the clover with wishes of kisses...Read On


In his lap

Crawling into his lap She sighs with content, His arms folding around her, Warmth filling her, Both outside and in. Curled up In his loving embrace, Her whole being relaxes, A busy mind quieting, All stress melts away. Her head on his chest, She listens to his steady heartbeat, Feel the rise and fall As he tranquillity breathes, And everything feels safe. Gentle caresses...Read On


Love's Dance

A man reflects back to the beginning of his relationship

The silence bore a beat. The lonely sound, at last unbound. The fleeting catch of eyes, lent a desperate glare, to the sensual air. The music joins the throng. The violin committing sin. It slowly rapes your soul. That haunting sound, rips you abound. So please cast your mind right back to the start. With the beat of the tempo, the beat of your heart and...Read On



what I see, and what you see are two different people.

I cannot see my face, just the way I like to be, faceless, and invisible. Yes the perfect reflection of me. I feel your fingers touch mine, at times like this, your innocence, your pure soul, you kiss my tears. In my life, you are my only truth. With you kind and penetrating eyes, I forget the ugliness of this world. Your soft easy laughter, penetrates my cloudiest day. Standing here,...Read On


Sweet Emotions

Writen while waiting in a chatroom...

Dancing in the rain... Enjoying the warm drops on my face. I look up at the sky... and I see one single star, it shines bright thru the darkness, with an inviting light... The twinkle I see, makes me want to never blink. The water caresses my face. A single drop mixes in with my salty tear. I am glad to know the tear will not be seen. A smile on my face others will see, only...Read On

Escaping Reality

Lovers breaking the chains of reality.

Reality quickly disappears Taking away all our fears Daydreams so very sweet Surf crashing at our feet Palms clasp hand in hand Toes nestled in soft sand Gazing into each others eyes Happiness will be our prize Soft music drifts on the wind Images and sounds combined Past wounds healed gone away Hearts warm now safe to play Simultaneously higher we climb Hallucinations held fast...Read On


Genuflection Of A Swallow

Its a longtime it seems, not so many teardrops ago, Genuflection of a swallow.  When the soft winds sung and wedding bells rung, And now the wrens have made their nest. In the old church steeple that shadows my final rest, There the kisses of the rainbow fall on my shoulders. Lasting memories our golden rings, Its a longtime it seems in eternal dreams. When you laid me down in...Read On


The Honeybee

the other side of the truth

Among the all beautiful flowers, In the garden of dream land, A wildflower... raw one, Was hiding in the shades of green. It was me... all alone. Bees were flying by, Stinky and clever eye, Glistering with dirty greed. Scared, buried myself, Inside the shell of long sharp thorns, Forbidding them to get cozier. A sudden wave of fresh air, Passed through me. ...Read On



I cannot reassemble us alone, All the gifts remain unanswered, latitude and longitude have split this blossom. These waters will carry me back to where a torch was first lit. All the signals flow into me once I reach this haven's deepest vein, where we are told through diagrams, storied glyphs adorning stone, woven with cartography. I see your name in everything here, your careful script...Read On



A never-ending love, eternal's gift from you, Like a thread on a spool forever we are twining As the silver lining of our wed quilts our spread, And when the thimble runs over with kisses The buttons that we sewed told our true,  I will be there to share a string to tide me over  Until my life unwinds and the bobbin goes quiet, Burying me with your needle....Read On


A Tender Caress

A tender touch means so much.

Sexy licks Passionate embraces Tongues collide My pounding heart races Exploding through my chest And though I like My kisses slow Soft and sensual So emotional Tender caresses So devotional Gentle touches And a soft caress Make me feel special I must confess Tender touch May not seem like much But for me They seem as such A hug, A kiss A...Read On



I felt you move right through me to disavow my heart once, beating with a rage that time cannot uncouple. Miming what motions we believe make love, what language unpeels the forgotten cry of where we begin and then end in whispers, the deepening moans in between. Our soundtrack plays in no particular tongue, but this one is the most universal, a familiar spirit that dwells in...Read On

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If MACHINES could fall In Love

We are but passing bunches of machines... We see each other once upon a time and dream. I look, you know, I see, I scheme. And then you're gone... My Satellite. In space it's ALL a moonlit night, I wonder if she'll come around again? (People don't think we have FEELINGS But that's not true. I am watching out for someone... I'm looking out for you.) I think you might...Read On


Again and Again

My mind has untied the ropes mooring me to reality. Again Pinging from light to light, finding universes and galaxies of new ideas forming. Again Tossing about like a ship, swimming, dodging waves. A web of threads and rope pulling me along. Again Laughing and cursing, I try it all. For now I have no need of sleep. I'm busy, my mind spinning so many plots and plans. Again Journeying...Read On

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A Long Time Of...

Where once the breezes blew, The winds of times now ail, and new storms brew, Standing lonely hours of truth On bed of my lies, (mediocrity at best...) As your eyes of cat deceived me But I paid the price. Isn't that the way fools spin excuses And spots never fade, (maybe stripes...) Leaving the good of my got crying? On bed of my lies, In my new anointed life of deceit,...Read On



I heard that . . .

Every time you’re mean to me Or when you let me down In my head I hear a "dink" A hollow metal sound Not the clear ring of a bell Or soothing music chime Nor the striking of a clock Marking out the time "Dink" is disappointment Lead slug in the machine Landing in the coin return Worthless to redeem The sound of muffled guitar strings Their music clipped and flat Hopes and dreams...Read On


The Submissive

In quiet contemplation She kneels, Waiting, Surrounded by stillness, Her neck gracefully bent, Eyes lowered, Her heart-rate slows, Breath flows steadily As she finds peace In her submission. Her hands are not constrained, No rope or iron shackle her, Yet she is bound To Him, With an invisible bond Of trust, love and commitment. She chose Him, To give Him her power, And with...Read On


Chance For Romance

I seek a chance for romance

What it is, I cannot explain  As every time, pain is the same  I know it has not been ideal  Because the gloom feels real  I am so lonely for so long  Broken and not so strong  I need your love and passion  I want your instant attention So I seek a chance for romance  Because I have a firm stance Listen to the sound of your heart  Let your mind flow and take a part  You will...Read On



Our urgent skin mingled together, a flash of violet and white flashed across the sky, danced along your intricate form as we began to reach out. Our hands were so uncertain then, hearts booming in tune with thunder, muffling the very first gasp we ever shared together. I wanted to press into you, into the mysterious thrum of two colliding. I close my eyes to absorb everything. The sound...Read On


Lighthouse of love

Your love is like a lighthouse Calling me home Calling me to your arms That feels like home. Your love is the light, Showing me the way The way back to your arms The way back to my home. I can see your loving light From far out to sea I coming back to you My safe harbor. Where my heart Can be safe Can feel loved Feel warmth. You're my lighthouse Your love is my light Showing me home...Read On


I see you

I see you. Not just the flesh That covers you, But the warmth Behind your smile, The wisdom In your eyes. A spirit of a lion, Ready to stand up Both for yourself and others. A kind heart, Always willing to help. Passion radiates Like a roaring fire Whenever our eyes lock, Our hands touch. Hard working, Never giving up Without a fight. During a busy day, You still find...Read On