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Love Poems



You've always been a believer, I stayed attuned to something that seemed to cut much deeper. I didn't run and hide when the lightning struck, when it pulsated through veins to light up where you were in the dark. I didn't flinch when tasting how a final kiss can come in the shape of a bullet. Close enough to touch, close enough to never  want to see inside of again. I once swayed...Read On


Why I Want To Love Him

Why i will love him.

You better be on guard today, I'm lookin' for a man. He doesn't have to be the best; just one that understands. I want to give him all my love that I expect returned. I'm sick of being all alone... so tired of getting burned. I won't love him for attributes that he says are so long; I won't love him because he's smart or 'cause he's big and strong. I won't love him 'cause he's so sweet...Read On

Calling Winds

With the chilling air and the coming of winter Lay a frost on the heather and calling winds   As the rum in my pewter warms the spirits And youe love tenders my heart Lay a frost on the heather and challenging sins As kisses rain down from your lips aglow   And when the ice is upon the pond We will respond in humankind   Making love on a quilt of life Until the tapers dim in our eyes ...Read On


Dance Me Around

Dance me around life.

My life is full circle, my love is profound, so please hold me close as you dance me around. Remember the time that you first held me tight my heart skipped a beat cause it just felt so right. You asked me to dance as I stood to the side, not knowing my thoughts as I silently cried. Accepting your arm as I moved to the floor, you couldn't have known how you made my heart soar. You saw I...Read On

They Met At The Coffee Shop

At the coffee shop waiting Two souls glance at each other Each ordered a coffee with bacon They wonder if the other has a lover Both try to find the courage To say something to the other one Each of them get discouraged They both could use the fun A song plays they both smile She asks him if it's a favorite Each like the other's style He comments on her bracelet They exit the shop...Read On


My Soul Mate

I want to spend eternity with my soul mate.

My love is mine, I give to you to do with as you want to do. Please love me hard and love me long, but never let our love go wrong. For if it's lost in hurt and pain, it won't be whole ever again. I want your word, I trust you now, we'll work as one, you'll show me how. Just hold me close as over years you ease my thoughts and soothe my fears. We plan our lives, we work as one until our...Read On


With a forever walk Upon life's shores  Feeling the moments of silence As echoes of emotions whisper And your spirt takes my hand On promontory's isle of beach Wading in low tide On God's everlasting sand We kiss-a-way life's blues And caress the noonday sun Upon life's shore As the lamphouse winks          ...Read On


Another World

Stars. Billions of them. Suns, solar systems, galaxies… Possibilities. Other worlds. Other lives. Could there be a world like ours, somewhere out there, hidden among the glittering pinpricks that dot the night sky? Could there be another you , another me , lovers so close, they feel as one? Do hearts flutter when their hands touch, eyes light up at first sight of each other? Are...Read On


Love So Well

I'll take her word for it on this one.

"You do love so well," is what the lady said, as I moved with her, on her waterbed, which motivated me, to do her one more time, before I settled down, to answer her with rhyme.   A sweet symphonic rhyme, is what love's all about. When you have a gentle soul, there's no need to scream and shout.   No need to scream and shout, when sighs say everything, and the one you're...Read On



Slowly slipping

  For the first time ever I am completely alone Hanging Christmas lights Inside my empty home My one true love Did not love me back I tried for years Crying like a maniac Remember when we met Back when I was strong Years before I heard All the things that I do wrong? Do you remember our song? I can hear it now Echoing off empty walls The beat changing me somehow Into only a memory My...Read On


You Should Be Here

Semper Fi

It's been thirteen years since you left this world. Some days the pain is so intense like that first day without you. I remember all the dreams we had for our future.  I remember your gentle touch and how intense our lovemaking was the night before your deployment.  I remember the last time I heard you say, "I love you"  I remember your mama's tears when we got the news  I remember...Read On

Love's Maypole

Feeling the efforts of an Autumn's whimper Soft like a sweeten porridge  In hushaby as we now whisper Sinning upon a bed of fleece and wool With the pyres of lust feeding our frenzy  After cantering around love's maypole As a soft breeze fly about your hair In evernesss and green clover Feeling the efforts of an Autumn's whimper In hushaby as we now whisper              ...Read On


Last Christmas

Falling in love on Christmas.

  I fell in love last Christmas, and it's been Christmas every day. since her love shone upon me, like a holiday display.   A kaleidoscope of lights, in a bright marshmallow world, twinkled deep inside me, when her new love was unfurled.   Peace on earth and a babies birth, is what we're praying for, in these days of pestilence, greed, disease, and war.   When she folds her...Read On


What She Wants

After being hurt, all she wants is true love.

She cries remembering the time of love forever lost. She yearns for just a simple touch to soothe life's seas so tossed. She understands her loneliness has caused her heart to break, but she does not want empty words that come across as fake. She wants to be accepted not just used then thrown away. She wants to know a love that's true, each night and every day. She needs to learn to...Read On


Sloppy Kisses

Our Love

Before you came into my life, I'd nothing to live for. I'd lost all joy and peace within; just empty to the core. When I first laid my eyes on you, I felt just like a queen. You took the darkness from my heart And made my soul feel clean. When we first met our passion led to heights not dreamt before. We crossed forbidden boundaries and knocked at lust's front door. While we were reaching...Read On


I Became a Believer

I knew it the minute I met you. I became a believer.~

Any man can say words I long to hear While slowly unzipping my satin dress An audience of one as I step out naked   But not  everyone believes in true love Appreciating your soul as you bare it Raw unapologetic absolute nakedness   To believe in love means hiding nothing All the parts of yourself offered freely, Two become one in a single existence.   For me love is about...Read On


As shadows of my mind follow my threads Of woebegones and darkerning lore I feel the warmth of your breasts With the scent of chestnuts in your hair  Easing my persnickety And when cataracts cloud my eyes   I will have memories of your smiling kind As a new dawn awakens my panomime   With words of romance forestalling    Of woebegones and darkerning lore      ...Read On


The Gift

Why I can't wait until this Christmas Eve comes around.

  Brunette, bold, bodacious, voluptuous, and free. As lovely as the angel, atop her Christmas tree.   In green and red  she gave me head on a sexy Christmas Eve, which was the gift if you get my drift I was honored to receive.   Nothing up her sleeves. She wore panties and a bra, and the look that she achieved, was erotic and bizarre.   In red and green she made me cream,...Read On

Poetic Burns

As the smoking ashes settle on my poetic burns And the fleece of words go unheard Yet the metal of our love goes untarnished As the spark of the candle shines And on the stones of the hearth We renew the planting of our troth As the teakettle whistles And the steam ascends As the smoking ashes settle on my poetic burns      ...Read On



Thought has escaped me Shock and awe have taken hold Lines of perfection beneath the stars  Heart pounding  Soul shattering beauty upon the waves White pearls lead the way Black Strands of night cover the top Milk and honey smooth the canvas  Right down to the pathways that defy gravity  Supple yet Defined  Wild yet Refined  Mouth dry from Air Hands cold Heart Racing Soul...Read On

Silken Sands

When shades of dark rain down a dusk And seashells wash upon silken sands    On life's endless dreams of an encounter And whispers come caroling a hark  Of lust and connotations in your smile Muffling kisses with lips like sweet truffles While shadowing me with caressing fingers As my imagination lingers And seashells wash upon silken sands     Upright in our land of dreams ...Read On


The Shoreline

On Love and Loss

The Liquid stream that fills your veins Blood made from the water, from whence you and I came. The Blood that made our bond so deep bleeds from wounds I cannot staunch its flow; perhaps I do not wish it so. I loved you once, I still do. Although you left me with a bleeding heart, time won’t heal, I recall the hours and days, of unbridled passion that time can’t steal. On lonely days...Read On


Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me about passion,  how the flesh covering bones can rarely see beyond the flames once so deliciously scorched.    Once so exposed for another to see,  all of my mistakes and scars handed over for you to hold and see yourself within.    Don't confess your fears with a sound,  let me sense your fragile heart  as it beats against my own, hums at the core of all we are.   ...Read On

Lamp House

      With love and a quintet of bassoons When my dreams arrive on tide And the light in the lamp house shines Over a cresting cursory, sky blue As a soft sounder of waves wash upon the sand The glint in your eyes, emerald green Fill me up with your gentle being Scenting the depth in your lovely bosom With love and a quintet of bassoons Six fathoms deep in my mind's focus When...Read On


Secret Little

Laying in bed thinking about her again eh?

So, who is that girl who fills your mind when no one is around? You know the one I’m speaking of, she is in your head right now. The one who makes your body ache in the middle of the night? Let’s take a moment and contemplate the secret you hold tight.   She may not be your girlfriend or your wife or long lost lover. She’s just a girl and no one knows you want her like no other. ...Read On


Fade Away

The helpless feeling while watching love go away

Have not heard from you again today  Another day sadly we lost in this fray One more wasted since you went away Wish it was still our yesterday Do not know Nor can I say We now seem so very far away But tomorrow is always a brand new day Hope there is something you need to say To help you decide whether to go or stay And if you any longer still want me that way Have not heard from...Read On


Pumpkin Pie

Don't let the title fool you.

Just like pumpkin pie, with a hint of spice. I always need a piece, a bite, a taste, a slice. A bite, a taste, a slice, sweeter than the song, that she played for me, all the evening long. All the evening long, we sang, we kissed, we danced, for there was nothing wrong, with our sweet romance. With our sweet romance, there's a wild fire of desire, and every time we meet, the flames...Read On

Graying Of The Brows

At the graying of my brows And the clock stood watch Tick-tocking a dark song Like a pendulum rung And the moths danced 'Neath flames I twiddled With visions of whispers  In dreadnought of my lair And with a silence of the chill Tracing your beauty on the wall A penumbra cast a thought With a shadowing call As my old heart felt a pulse Smiling to pinchers of your lips And...Read On


I Get Lost

I love to get lost with you.

I get lost in your eyes. I get lost in your kisses. I get lost in your embrace. I get lost as your fingers trace. I get lost in your sighs. I get lost in your lust filled cries. I get lost in your ecstasy. I get lost in your desires. I get lost in your soul. I get lost in your heart. I get lost in your love. With you I love to get lost. ...Read On


You Are Mine

After all that we've been through, there's no way I'm going to lose you

My happiness, my soul My world and sunshine You are all of life’s beauty All its beauty combined You are my inspiration, a blessing each day We are getting closer, I hope and do pray Breath of fresh air Start each day anew The song in my heart My dream come true You are the silliest, of all that I’ve met Our love is crazy, one with no regret So selfless and kind Amazing and sweet My...Read On