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Love Poems


Find A Way

Eyes upon eyes. Lips upon lips. Arms intertwine. I'm tangled in you. My heart skips a beat. You feel it. You take me in your arms, and all is well. I'm afraid. You take the fear away. You make me feel wanted. Needed. You hold me. You touch me. You search me. I'm ready. You're ready. We are curious to know where it will lead. Now we have a need. A need to be together. A...Read On



Being with you Is like savouring the sun Through the gaps In the clouds In a storm Only there for the briefest of moments Gone away again Too soon Leaving me Eagerly awaiting your return Unpredictable And unique as a snowflake The thunder sounds The flash of lightning The rain crashes and tumbles The wind blows But as you reappear The sadness I felt Falls down around me...Read On



A smile on my lips As you reach out a hand, And pull me in, Wrapping me up in your arms So lovingly, Lifting me up, Holding me close to you. I melt into you The feeling of coming home, Belonging, Every time we are together. Sharing our hearts, Our thought, our passions. Overcome with joy That you want me, Just as I am. Letting each other in ...Read On


Kiss Me Awhile

Kiss me awhile if you please And evermore the moments to pass Until Heaven's Gate In moments alone my mind roams Of past summers and sweet Merlot The love we share Blow softly the whispering words In pretend it's not a dream Caressing my soul As we dance on tomorrow's day Over beyond our sunset's The chariot arrives to take us home Kiss me awhile if you please...Read On


Two Lonely Souls

He thought of her. She thought of him He reaches for her, but she isn't there Two lonely souls passing through the night What they were feeling never felt so right He was with one. She was with another Feelings are fought, for they wanted to be with each other The only thing they can do is remain friends But the feelings of wanting one another never really ends She is...Read On


Fusion Fires

Hungry hearts burn for release.

The effect you impart upon my heart, To fuse your view within, Those memory pictures, explicitly bold Begin my rising start… The embellishing delicacies draped refined, Accouterments visions galore, Such fantasy primers infuse my pulse, You are my ache sublime. Your cues, your mews, my daily news, You are my relevant views, I carry sensations, such coaxing vibrations, You are my...Read On


Ships passing

Love is a journey on a stormy sea

We sail the tormented seas of life, we never find where we wish to end. only to end somewhere alone to not know someone to speak of or to like ships passing we never know who we will meet or if it is the right one but we sail those seas alone and in search of the one that carries the light that will guide me to her to feel that light to know she is near make my...Read On


A Summer Romance

A look, a glance. A question, a request. Denial, persuasion. An answer yes. Two strangers with different lives. Meet together for two summer nights. Dinner, and talking. Holding hands and walking. To end this night of wonderful bliss. With a perfect goodnight kiss. Another night of togetherness. Another request, this time a yes. Talking, kissing, and laughing. ...Read On



The windows to you remain so close to me  as you sleep in the cradle of my arms,  shut so tight in the dark. I wonder what different planets you've molded without me. If I'm there by your side or a different  version of us exists in those private realms. If the imperfections we've carried into this home  have been chiseled and sanded away,  smoothed over to be the ideal joining  we once...Read On


Paintings Fresco

In psalms of love and paintings fresco A beautiful image of you I wonder In months of memories Feeling your soft breath As gosling wings stutter Sweet persimmons and poetry whisper Windmill chimes and water color rhymes On canvas I swish where tall reeds climb Pads of green the ponds they sew Like placemat sets they sit silently On still waters of calm As loons...Read On


My ABC's

A little word play.

A - rms that cherish and protect B - DSM our lifestyle C -ontrol is given freely D - ominance thru Deliverance E - arned not taken F - ulfilling a hunger G - ood Girl is what I want to hear H - andcuffs and blindfolds I - nhibitions abandoned J - ust belonging makes me soar K - iss deeply L - imits pushed M - aster earns and...Read On


A lesson

Kneeling, She waits. Back straight, Thighs parted, Hands resting on them. Head and eyes lowered, Respectfully. Her body naked, Hair swept back in a braid. Sturdy leather Around her slender neck, Cuffs on wrists and ankles, She is ready For her Master. Listening, Hoping to hear footsteps, An opening door, But everything is silent, All she can hear Is her thudding heart, ...Read On


Fried Bacon

At times taking things for granted I don't show my emotions  By spreading my jokes Accepting your poached The finch on the window sill Pecking at the pane My glass full And you sifting flour The tea kettle hissing Its steam of morning's dew As you frying my bacon And me half asleep With words of expressions My thoughts of love are culinary  Like fluffy scrambled eggs  And...Read On


Loves Illusions

Sometimes love takes patience and also brings fear

I woke up last night my mind filled with terror  you said you did not love me anymore My eyes filled with tears, I could not see the pain that inside cut like a knife to my heart and drowned me in fear You walked away without saying goodbye the "us" that had only just began,  was over within the blink of an eye I am waiting still for that spring day when winter is over and your heart...Read On


Like Memories Whisper

Seasons of love.

Winter leaves of December Like memories whisper As they scurry about our once The garden of love now faded Oh! how we danced The summer of our romance Now wilted petals And falling snow lay Like memories whisper The coming of spring New petals of green And new dew My thanks to Adagio Sabadicus for asking me to Co-Author this poem. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do....Read On



I've always wanted to know how to reach you, to forget each divide within us that is a dark ocean populated with dangerous new species, depths we may not know how to chart alone. I don't want to stay on the surface anymore, where rippling reflections are torn by tides colliding and forgetting how to merge, where waves pull us apart before a sound can leave our lips. I've been to blame all...Read On

True Love

Show the world you love yourself.

It all begins with you. Love cannot be taught, It should be felt from within. True love is one sided Selfish if you will, Beginning with self love. Adoring ones self is fine, Not appalling. Cherishing this fact Is the key. Lips speak volumes. Souls cast auras. Mirrors reflect images. Hearts emanate feelings. Eyes reveal souls. Hearts bleed When bruised or broken. Scarring...Read On

Recommended Read


Naked, I waited for the storm Clawing through the darkened skies Over rough, rumbling seas. You heard my siren call Through the heavy mist As I pleaded for your demanding touch, Desperately whispering my greed. You felt the quiver of my quickening lust As it soared through the fire of the sky And you found me, ravenous. Your body entwined with mine, Like ribbons of passion, As your...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Lost where ice-bright stars are flung, Where roiling incense spices night, Where wraiths are mist around the throat, ' Tis here where tears burn. In velvet silence humming, Sigh of gentle rumbling smile That cross'd the gulf between us, stretch'd, Returns now, leaves me cold. Ache of inner,...Read On


The Kiss

Eyes lock. Rapid breathing. Hearts racing. Palms are sweaty. Fire ignites us. Parted lips. You lean in. I lean in. Ready, so ready. Our lips touch. My heart flutters. Light and sweet. Passionate and needed. You hold me. I hold you. Desperately we hold each other. We don't let go. We want the moment to last forever. As we become one....Read On


Oh My Soul

In quiet contemplation Finding the wisdom to finally rejoice, Oh my soul. Admitting the waste, Reviving the love that never left, Responding with celebration When hearing of the happiness Offered. Once shared,  Simple satisfaction and delight, It was right, But foolishly allowed to melt away. Once said it lives, Exists deep inside, Oh my soul. That will never die, Cannot leave as long as...Read On

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It should be peace I’m thinking of While watching her sleep All the way to the end Of everything, Her breath rising and falling, Air whispering to the silence As if no one were there to hear. But life is marching through Her still body, And I wonder if her dreams Are full of stormy things Like the secrets hearts Only tell other hearts Or that...Read On


Beds Of Oak

In the seasons of harrowing depart Many winters and pale moons I confess Hungering sweetness of your touch As cold lips trace my standing wick Six feet under with a stone door In our decent of clay 'Neath mulch we are parted Alone in twin beds of oak With brass handles And sealed with a kiss In the seasons of harrowing depart...Read On


Days, Weeks and Months

The relationship between lovers can sometimes have deep secrets

I sit in the darkness alone and lonely  I don’t miss you like I should I’ve known what was coming  That someone new was in your life  For days, weeks and months It was obvious that you had  Someone else to love and warm your bed  The hugs were absent  The kisses dwindled  The sex had completely ceased You no longer touched me softly  Or held me in your arms tightly  You...Read On



Hand upon hand. Hot breath on my neck. I shiver, knowing what will happen next. I try to speak. Nothing comes out. I want to kiss you. You hold back. Anticipation is killing me. Gazes lock. Lips part. We move closer. Closer. Closer. Our lips melt. Tounges touch. Lips travel. travel. travel. I gasp. I try to pull away. Not wanting to give in. I close...Read On


This is not my beautiful house

Its not really like I had planned to change,Time really just moves on and so does our heart.

Bittersweet memories they fill this two story house bittersweet tears oh we wanted everything It seems we have it now, all that is missing is us you and I Laughter and love time is moving on it is sometimes faster than we like You are getting older and so am I My heart has made a change Your heart remains the same you say This house is beautiful everything I ever dreamed of but something...Read On


Just a man?

She speaks of him Like he lit the sun, As if he shines Like all the stars on the sky. His voice velvet to her ears, Words spoken Going straight to her heart. It seems like He is the centre of the world, Like he affects her As the moon does the tides. Maybe he is just a man, But he lights the warmth in her, The twinkle in her eyes. His voice brings her calm, Fills her with joy....Read On


He Released Me From My Cage

for my cruel, devastating, amazing Daddy

Well played, tamer of lionesses  Every deception so obvious from out here But I lived and loved every lie, back when I was under the spell You turned the light on, and I can see all the wires Just because I know how the magic is made Doesn't stop it being real magic You can turn the lights out again if you like I'll believe in it still, I promise You trained me to be the digital to...Read On


Centipede Shoes

Lazy hours breezes blow Of soft winds whisper As hummingbirds hover In warmth of the sun  The rabbits tipping hats Half sleep in my daydreams Of tresses caressing my sleep Filling my life with merriment Visions of you in my wink At lay in wild-wood stems And petals of gems  Composing with my pen With your smile I wile  Beneath the oaken trees And fawns in fun The touch of...Read On



I am, but just a person...

So much pain. The darkness that looms over you Threatens to bury your entire world. I want to be your light. I am, but just a person Simply just a passerby... But your pain, I do clearly see And I do clearly feel I know it hurts And my tears do fall, For the pain that you feel. I want to be your light. Your screams, I do hear. My heart wrenches in pain, I know I...Read On