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Love Poems

Sugar Runs

Orgasms are like an apotheosis with glee As if a phantom in disguise as you dream Like dryads of a full moon hidden in trees While stars twinkle in a kaleidoscope sky Occasionally rung like wind chimes hung As the sweetness of sugar runs  ...Read On


Even though sometimes you make me mad I'll still always love you Even though you make me feel sad I'm still happy I said I do Life is not always a bowl of cherries But love is always in the background Our love is extraordinary Sometimes I just don't want you around Life happens and things don't go our way We're lucky that there's always tomorrow A chance for a new and brighter day A new day...Read On


The Halloween Party

Our first meeting Cara...(thank you Marylyn wherever you are)

To think I nearly didn’t go To that party where we met The thought of us not meeting That’s a thought I must forget   Who knew on that spooky night I would meet my life long mate Something must have made me go I think they call it fate   I went with that girl Marylyn She called me on the phone Wanted me to go with her But I ended up alone   I came over and I spoke to you You...Read On


Your Presence

Your love has freed me from the past, It has opened my heart. It shines like the sun Pours over me like rain  Rages within me like a storm It refreshes me again and again  Your love means everything  ...Read On


The Things I Wish

The things I wish, Number only a few, A happy future, For me and for you.   That I could wake up One dark grey morn, And all light I need, Situated at my side.   To feel against me, The touch of your hand, Love, you don't know How much that is in demand.   The powerful caress, Of hands not my own, Writhing and pulling, Eliciting a moan.   But the things I wish, Not soon...Read On

The Calico Fields

The hummingbirds word beautiful memories As my mind returns to the calico fields of cotton Where the river flows soft rhythm of treasuries Befitting my wife of the Shenandoah  As I recite the Lord's Prayer From the oaken wood of my rocking chair   With a Tierra befitting her Halo   We share a spiritual sip of Heaven Hill Kissing with a sweetness of the julep As my mind returns to...Read On


Snow drift

Dreams of Aspen and fresh falling powder cuddling by the fire all melt like so much errant snow You know the seasons will change yet you're always surprised when hearts do Better not to rely on the weather because Mother Nature can be unforgiving Dress in layers against the elements and protect against the chill Because it's hard to recover from frostbite and Summer is too far away  ...Read On

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Twisted tongue

Today, I decided I’m done. Twisting my hips away From your once loving tongue in anguish. My words, terse over breakfast Gentle nudges and sighs, won’t last. I ask it straight. Why? You’ve known me Forever. My me-ness? My mind and persona, direct as a pact. Tell me! You, the guilty one here flinched, Why has your tongue taken a life force of grit? Watching you flush; fork hovering Mouth...Read On

Breath Of Catcher's Net

As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net Of golden butterflies befitting a crown Giving wings to spiritual dreams As your lips manifest on my chest When the Tierra of your halo glows With a teardrop of dawn's soul I pray the Lord give me sleep Entwined in love of our keep As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net  At rest in metamorphosis  ...Read On



This was the very first poem I wrote way back in the eighties

The tears I cry fall from eyes that one time had forgotten how to weep how to sigh        from love misbegotten Freely flowing remembering pain feeling once again easily now like dew thew fall after mournings reign My heart is hurt this final time an ending to a game it's over now I've lost again A player never more but the bittersweet memory how to cry reopens a rusted door...Read On



What will I do without you?

I hear your name above the wind The wind that blows around me, so cold I never thought that I'd be out here all alone I never thought that you'd leave We once had it all but things fell to the ground I am standing out here, so alone and afraid Do you miss me? Do you need me? I am lost without you Life is cruel when you fall so hard in love and then see it all end I wrap my arms...Read On


She spoke to me

She spoke to me long before I heard her voice She spoke to me Her heart poured out volumes And not by choice And I saw her pain But it couldn't hide The beauty and sensitivity Of the soul inside She spoke to me My heart heard her plea She spoke to me My mind embraced the possibility Dreams of holding her close My arms provide comfort and protection Together at last Our hearts have made...Read On


On Monday Night - Part I

First kiss, first bliss...

Flaming skies change to evening, hot and heavy and damp. Lazily yielding as sunlight dies, Waking is the same as dreaming to a genie in her lamp. Dripping in faux humanity her exalted demon was queen. Yet, in her nudity, she is but a woman, not a fiend, and subject to fluidity. Warm, wet, shadows and the sound of a busy city wander through open windows, greeted with enmity. At first...Read On


Rima Oris

It's no wonder that the bow is almost shaped as a heart, or a pair of lips so taut from the ache in anticipation. This should be obvious by now, our skin animated from contact, a silent contract that survives past what bodies remember. I'll touch you and that lives in a moment I can't fully grasp, I can only recount certain frames. You'll pour through the words,  touching each one as...Read On



It was getting stupid, so I left, I was upset though, I wept. But I missed her, I missed her a lot, Should've thought what I had, what I had got.   Maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong, It didn't matter, I left it too long. I kept looking in, as the months went by, I could see her, but couldn't say hi.   I thought it was love, and I threw it away, I dreamt of her, meeting again...Read On

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You kept my tears as souvenirs. Played upon my darkest fears. Held my heart in contempt. Used me till I was totally spent. Yet I continued to come back for more. No matter how many times you slammed the door. I only wanted to be held by you, Nothing mattered till I knew. How you really felt inside. It was then I finally cried. Your indifference in the open, unable to hide. The nature of...Read On


Moving In

Thank you for moving in with me, I'm so happy.

I’m just a girl who fell in love For that I feel no shame I told you that I loved you You said you felt the same   I asked you to move in with me To spend our time together Live our lives and share our dreams And ride out stormy weather   That night we drank Champagne We snuggled down real tight We got so very cosy It was such a special night   I gave you two of my keys With...Read On

The Night Everything Changed

Our lives were perfect We lived a normal life I was happy when we met I enjoyed being your wife We loved each other always Enjoyed living our lives Everything changed one day That night when we died We went out to an affair Everything was alright The evening turned to a nightmare We were both filled with fright Chaos and screams heard People running for cover Our minds were blurred I...Read On


A perfect 10

Miss perfect but not as it seems

She was a perfect ten, Oh boy didn’t she just know it  Turning heads whenever she enters a room Male or female she just didn’t care, Knowing her looks got her everything  Looking in the mirror, Noticing the natural beauty That she is. Not requiring makeup to enhance Her beautiful facial features  Beautiful long locks of hair, With natural blonde highlights. Wearing short skirts that,...Read On


Your Poem

Showing my love and feelings for someone special

I thought that I would write A poem about  The feelings that I have for you There ain’t a moment In the day that goes by Where I’m not thinking  About you Every second of every minute Every minute of every hour Every hour of every day That doesn’t go by without  Having you on my mind When I first saw you,  I was afraid to meet you When I first met you, I was afraid to kiss you When I...Read On


Time's Delicate Folds

Reaching you will unmake us, it is the end and start of our impossible divide, placing our every mistake in a clouded hourglass and hiding flaws in time's delicate folds. All of these moments have their own weight like stones of different shapes and sizes, decorated in glyphs and runes of the languages we lost, each can build a road and towering castles for us one day. I've broken time...Read On

A Kinda

As the Yeoman of the clouds sails a marshmallow sky A kinda unwinder of my mind-spring wound tight As dandelion seeds blow and honeysuckles trumpet The Forget-Me-Nots grow at half past Autumn On the slide of a night's rainbow we kiss As the heavenly stars of chandeliers glow We tie the knot with Forget-Me-Nots And when the Yeoman calls for sprinkling rain A kinda unwinder of my...Read On

Recommended Read

Poem #437

everybody is driving home from work maybe one of them is that quiet girl who doesn't really fit inside her skin glasses that hide obsidian eyes she has faith in love stories but no faith in love everything that happens in the world always happens to somebody else no one told her she's pretty today or that her eyes are like dark jewels some drunk angel lost in the alley behind...Read On



I may keep this all inside where  my heart can still see you. In time I will become more dreamlike to you, more akin to abstract faith rather than flesh and bone. Maybe I'll last longer this way. You'll miss me the same way I'll miss you, it'll only be allowed to come in fragments. To pour over you  as an undamaged coda. A fall breeze that will sweep your locks just like my...Read On


What Matters

Pieces of me scattered all over the place. Evident in all that I do. I can't even hide, without revealing part of myself. Both words and deeds bear my fingerprint. Lucky enough, to pick up some friends along the way. No longer possible to be truly alone. Entwined in hopes and in thoughts. Revealing what truly matters. Winning the lottery would be nice. But the real treasure you'll find, ...Read On



Gone but not forgotten

Fell in love for the first time with Montgomery Gentry playing in the background A night of passion that didn't last but The memories remain Montgomery Gentry became a part of the soundtrack of my life Windows down music turned up loud Driving down the back roads Raised a little hell to Hell Yeah Bonfires and long nights Dancing under the stars Then all of sudden in a blink of eye...Read On


Mia Inamorato

My one and only

Almost a year has passed Since your path merged with mine Or mine with yours Or maybe you pulled off to the side of the path and I caught up  Or I coulda like got a flat tire or something and you were the only one who stopped to help me and then after you discovered I had no spare tire you offered me a ride and I just never got out of your car But it seems like just yesterday You came over...Read On

With The Whiting

With the whiting of the clouds I blew a wafting marshmallow And a sweet hint of dew on the petals of a mornings' sunflower As the knees of the bees genuflect while spreading sweet pollen And the shadow of you dance on my chest with love's silhouette While the Gods in heaven blow on cue a summer shower choir And the honeybees raise their umbrellas Before the grapes ferment a ambrosia's...Read On



  How great my darkness,  A nightmare of my own She is a light to metamorphasize my soul   How bright her light is,   A myriad tiny flames, expanding to a whole Transforms my darkness and captivates my soul   How deep her fire is, How rich her presence and warm her smile How vast her love, to energise my soul    ...Read On


The sweetness of your lips

The melancholy beauty of the fall

The olives and the ochres of withered blades, Of conkers and hazel all through the glade Dark evenings, too soon the clock going back, Squirrels secreting their nutty snacks A ring of fairies dancing on the lawn, Appearing in the early dawn     The cool breeze brings a dash of rain, Like tears on the window pane A double rainbow a lucky sign? Watching with your hand in mine   ...Read On