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Love Poems



It's a fact of life

Unless you hide yourself away You’ll likely meet one on most days You know the kind - they seem quite nice If not, then they are harmless types You share a laugh, a latte, lunch Or if online, you talk enough That you think this person’s cool And you’re no rube You’re no one’s fool They share with you their history You start to wonder “can it be?” That your new beau, a decent sort Can hate...Read On


Holding On

Feeling alone, sad and blue Feeling alone and it's over you I need to get you out of my mind Trying to put the past of us behind I don't want to. I want to hold on I want to keep us together. Don't want this love gone I'm so confused. I'm so torn Making me tired. Making me worn I can't move past any of this Can't move on thinking of your kiss I need your love, I need it now I...Read On


A Beautiful Silence

As requested by Kinkyk, I've uploaded this poem.

A beautiful silence is all that is needed, To touch someone's heart my guilt is remitted,  Everyone longs for someone to hold,  Made to feel special with a love that's untold. How do I feel whilst I sit and I write,  This poem to you with tears that I fight,  A feeling of sadness it's an honest confession,  It’s hard to describe the feelings I mention. It can mean nothing and not touch a...Read On


Where We Kept A Secret

I can turn everything over now, the list I've held so closely, close to me like a second skin, a record for what never happened, for what may have been lost. I'll just leave it all with you to do with what you will to separate the fiction and truth. It made more than enough sense that your eyes mirrored the sky, that the shade of your hair matched a sunset's final flare Before the dark...Read On

Recommended Read

Silent Scream

Was it worth it? ...Yes I whisper

In the silence of the night I wake with a fright. The dream I had— was it real? I smelled you, touched you, felt your breath, heard your voice. Then I scream quietly, muffled into my pillow. It was all so real; the dream became my reality. The touch; the smell; the voice; your breath. And yet, it wasn't me you touched. It was another. It's all so clear. Then I scream quietly,...Read On


My Love Gave Me A Flower

These are presents from my love.

My love gave me a flower, he compared it to his thoughts. He said 'twas fresh and open just like his love for me. My love gave me some water, he said 'twas clear and deep, just like an oceans volume that never will run dry. My love gave me a stone so hard yet smooth across, he said 'twas like a mountain, unbreakable and strong. My love gave me a crystal, said 'twas like a precious...Read On


Your Words

I found myself alone Beautiful love stories Are not immune From the laws of nature Not all meant to survive Numb as my heart Spilled onto the floor A garbled heap of Puddles and pieces Unspoken words And broken promises Broken heart healing I realized I had needs As a woman I craved The touch of a man But knew I was not ready I could not seem to quiet The ache building in me Fueled...Read On


Fighting for Love

I am impatient thinking of you I am impatient and there is nothing I can do I need your love. I need it now Figuring out a way to get it somehow It might be wrong or right But I am not giving up the fight Call me a dreamer, call me insane Being away from you causes me so much pain I love you, and I want the world to know Getting stronger. Letting it grow Making it understood ...Read On


When it's Time

It's time to go, it's time to say goodbye. When it's time to say goodbye, tears will fall from my eyes. When it's time for goodbye, you'll wipe tears from my eyes. When it's time for goodbye, I nearly want to die. When it's time for you, I lose my head. When it's time for goodbye, I want to lay down next to you. Coming back maybe one day, take me in your arms. Forever this way, ...Read On


Day Dreaming

I'm sitting looking at my lap top, But yet not really seeing it. My mind is racing through The many conversations we've had. Some long and Some just a hello, how are you. I've only known you a short time. Yet it seems like I've known you forever. We met by pure accident, Or yet was it meant to be. We became friends instantly And began to chat every day. Some conversations were serious,...Read On


More Than Enough

I would say that even one second  in your eyes would be enough, one more moment of the way  your gaze meets and still mine like light held in a prism's chambers. But neither of us would believe  that a fraction would ever suffice, it would only accentuate any absence,  it would make us treat hearts as currency. And at times you may want far more than I am capable of giving you, at times...Read On


Your Hands Your Eyes

I watch your hands as we talk I watch your eyes as you look at me I watch your hands as they reach for mine I watch your eyes as they look through me I feel your hands as they touch my face I feel your eyes as they follow me I feel your hands move along my body I feel your eyes as they undress me I feel your hands remove my clothes I feel your eyes as my body unfolds I...Read On


Moments Of Woo

In a distance of a circle And the lap of the woods, Like bees buzzing in honeycomb trees A scent of hush falls over me In moments of our woo, Shooing the briars away As whispering boughs sway And shadows fall on pinecones, Your eyes of evergreen Like beacons of the night, On carpet of moss we soon lay And I embracing my Carolina swoon, In moments of woo....Read On


Thinking Of You When I Shouldn't

Living after losing someone...

Rolling over to him Feeling his hands on my body Making me feel so good As we lose ourselves together Lips on lips Hip to hip Fit together so well Should be in heaven but I’m in hell Thoughts linger to another place Another time Another face Other hands are holding me The feeling is pure ecstasy He loves me I know And I love him too But all I can do today Is fuck him...Read On


Chains Of Temperance

In my new calling over the horizon Hauling my chains of temperance, I'll be swatting prose with a set of feathers While sipping fermented ambrosia, And doodling my quips on memories, As the nib of my penis cry lost inspiration Gone are the pebbles and beaches of palms As grains of sin mark my sigh, It wasn't but a fall I slipped from grace And my prose became a farce ...Read On


Naughty And Nice

I call you my very best friend We talk for hours Laughing, joking  All in the name of pure non sexual fun Now you have a twin As do I  We meet in the corner At our favorite club As our hands wander As or lips lock in those passionate kisses Our temperature rises In the heat of the moment Breathing heavy as we explore each other I love your naughty side  I love...Read On


Phantom Lover

Who is this man...

Where did he go That friend of mine The one that often Blows my mind Who can it be That I am thinking of My mystery man Who loves to make love Don’t know if he’s tall Or if he is short If he is hairy Or has a big wart All I know Is how I feel He always makes it Oh so real Whether he loves me alone Or with several friends I always enjoy it Not wanting it to end So...Read On


Getting Over You

Can't sleep. Can't eat. I am down. I feel beat. How did this happen. Nothing to say. Need to move on. Get through each day. I should have closed my heart. I shouldn't have let go. But it was your love I wanted to know. I'll be fine. Don't get me wrong. I might be weak, but I'll end up strong. I hope you're happy. I hope she is true. I'll be happy again. I'll get over you....Read On


Hey you

Thoughts of a goofball

Hey you, I hope everything's okay I love you I think of you all day When I sit and drink my coffee When I'm ironing my shirt My heart just wants to be with you This missing starts to hurt...Read On



Days are like thimbles when one sews, For the good rhymes of love When one quills with golden feathers, As a spool unwinds days of our past And your soft fingers bring back memories Caressing my mind,  Like a missing button on an old blouse The one that fastens over my heart, Threads of our love stitched These sixty years....Read On



Aching for you Nothing I can do Feeling pain and doubt Is that what love is all about Feeling empty and blue Feeling empty over you Trying to figure out what went wrong When our love was so strong I just want you to know I gave it my all Not knowing if it was going to rise and fall I guess all good things must come to an end When things change and I can't talk to my...Read On


The dandylion

She isn’t a rose, Exquisitely beautiful, Nor a lily, With its elegant grace. She doesn’t have the exotic nature Of a bird of paradise or an orchid. The innocence and intoxicating scent Of the lily of the valley she can not match. She is the dandylion That grows in meadows and by the roads, Overlooked by many, Regarded as an unwanted weed by others. Yet she prevails, A...Read On



I don't know if we were ready for this, our threads are tangled enough already as it is. I'll say it's a story and nothing more, leave some mystery at the end that only we possess the clues to, intimate prose like a folded note I keep wherever I go. But I could never bring myself to hand it over to you. Keep me there fiercely protected, coveted and engraved in shadow as undulant...Read On



for my Muse, Master

X marks the spot, that is my heart, A treasure of my love that has a lock.  My heart is the map that means You've found the key. My love is the treasure I give to you freely forever. My hand reaches for your hand  To hold and squeeze so tenderly. In you I have found beauty and A mind that I love sublimely.  You're so precious to me and I love you completely. I love you always, my...Read On


Unanswered Questions

Tell me something. When you are with her do you think of me? Am I the face that's in your mind. Am I the one that you see? Does she really want you? Is she being true? I was when I gave my heart to you. The pain is awful. I am hurting inside. The feelings are real. I cannot hide. Things were wonderful when you held me. I felt pure love. It's where I wanted to be. Now I feel...Read On


Sing Me Out

His voice is so deep and full that it consumes my thoughts.

Your voice I find my peace within, I love to hear over again. The songs you sing bring tears to me cause through your words you make me see. Your voice so low, I hear the sound of thunder going round and round. My heart beats out the songs you sing and feels alive with love it brings. Please sing for me the old time songs of bygone days and love gone wrong. Then sing for me the songs...Read On


I love her because she is:

Vivacious. Absolutely adorable. Naughty yet nice. Extroverted, welcoming, and intelligent. Sensual, erotic and totally sublime. Serious, and humorous. introspective and inquisitive. Always in my heart and...Read On


August 5

You said you’d always love me When you gently kissed my hand I giggled to myself quietly At things you don't understand This too will soon be over Like foot prints in the sand Yet still you’ve made promises That you could never keep Telling me lies of emotions Pretending to take that leap How do I know you are dishonest? You whisper and mumble in your sleep Her name Your shame...Read On


The First Date

We would finally know...

That look upon your face As I stepped into the room Magically, mysteriously Dispelled my feeling of doom We had waited so long I was dressed just so It was finally happening We were going to know Our time together On the phone and online Become something real Or turn out to be wasted time Smiling nervously I move My heart beating way too fast I walk across the room to you...Read On


Tall Grass

Now that tall grass covers my shadow And I on the other side of refrain,  Whispers of my quill come caroling While in vagabond shoes scribing yore, You sit on a cushion of lily pad With scent of honeysuckle zest  Beneath the yew on bank of dawning dusk, While I in vagabond shoes whisper melodies And gone are the gables and growing ivy,  In awe of your brimming smile  ...Read On