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Love Poems


The dandylion

She isn’t a rose, Exquisitely beautiful, Nor a lily, With its elegant grace. She doesn’t have the exotic nature Of a bird of paradise or an orchid. The innocence and intoxicating scent Of the lily of the valley she can not match. She is the dandylion That grows in meadows and by the roads, Overlooked by many, Regarded as an unwanted weed by others. Yet she prevails, A...Read On



I don't know if we were ready for this, our threads are tangled enough already as it is. I'll say it's a story and nothing more, leave some mystery at the end that only we possess the clues to, intimate prose like a folded note I keep wherever I go. But I could never bring myself to hand it over to you. Keep me there fiercely protected, coveted and engraved in shadow as undulant...Read On



for my Muse, Master

X marks the spot, that is my heart, A treasure of my love that has a lock.  My heart is the map that means You've found the key. My love is the treasure I give to you freely forever. My hand reaches for your hand  To hold and squeeze so tenderly. In you I have found beauty and A mind that I love sublimely.  You're so precious to me and I love you completely. I love you always, my...Read On


Unanswered Questions

Tell me something. When you are with her do you think of me? Am I the face that's in your mind. Am I the one that you see? Does she really want you? Is she being true? I was when I gave my heart to you. The pain is awful. I am hurting inside. The feelings are real. I cannot hide. Things were wonderful when you held me. I felt pure love. It's where I wanted to be. Now I feel...Read On


Sing Me Out

His voice is so deep and full that it consumes my thoughts.

Your voice I find my peace within, I love to hear over again. The songs you sing bring tears to me cause through your words you make me see. Your voice so low, I hear the sound of thunder going round and round. My heart beats out the songs you sing and feels alive with love it brings. Please sing for me the old time songs of bygone days and love gone wrong. Then sing for me the songs...Read On


I love her because she is:

Vivacious. Absolutely adorable. Naughty yet nice. Extroverted, welcoming, and intelligent. Sensual, erotic and totally sublime. Serious, and humorous. introspective and inquisitive. Always in my heart and...Read On


August 5

You said you’d always love me When you gently kissed my hand I giggled to myself quietly At things you don't understand This too will soon be over Like foot prints in the sand Yet still you’ve made promises That you could never keep Telling me lies of emotions Pretending to take that leap How do I know you are dishonest? You whisper and mumble in your sleep Her name Your shame...Read On


The First Date

We would finally know...

That look upon your face As I stepped into the room Magically, mysteriously Dispelled my feeling of doom We had waited so long I was dressed just so It was finally happening We were going to know Our time together On the phone and online Become something real Or turn out to be wasted time Smiling nervously I move My heart beating way too fast I walk across the room to you...Read On


Tall Grass

Now that tall grass covers my shadow And I on the other side of refrain,  Whispers of my quill come caroling While in vagabond shoes scribing yore, You sit on a cushion of lily pad With scent of honeysuckle zest  Beneath the yew on bank of dawning dusk, While I in vagabond shoes whisper melodies And gone are the gables and growing ivy,  In awe of your brimming smile  ...Read On



Back again

My god! I can’t believe it! How did you get in here? I thought I had security Seal the perimeter I knew you might be coming You’re never gone for long So I took precautions And I see I wasn’t wrong Did you sweet-talk someone? Or forge a master key? Did you scale the building To reach the balcony? Now that you're discovered I need to make you go Will you do it quietly Or will you tell...Read On


My Heart

I stood there with my heart in my hands, A sacrificial offering to you. It was a fragile, tender thing, Yet I laid it at your feet… Bared and exposed to you. You said you loved me. Did you mean those words… You said I was too strong, Too independent… Like that was a bad thing. It took me a long time to build that fortress around my heart. Making it strong ...Read On


The Worst Poem Ever

I warned you it's bad.

I am a nerd. That much is clear. Yet every day, I find you here. The love of my life, Maybe my future wife. But before I make this lass my bride, I'll write this geeky diatribe. I don't need the Dragon Balls or the sacred Shikon Jewel. You've already made my wish come true and made me a blissful fool. I would turn down Aphrodite, I would break the Jedi Code, Give up my Batmobile And...Read On



I feel in color

Color my feelings and shade them in. Paint my heart and lips red. Brush my mind with bright colored strokes. Prisms of light touch my soul when you color my skin. Crimson prints your fingers leave on my heart. Sunbursts bloom in my eyes when thoughts pass through. New colors discovered over time. Rainbow shades never seen before or again. Invented, imagined paint shades color my life....Read On


Should It End?


You enter into a marriage Believing your love will never end You will be always and forever With your lover and best friend However, life happens Sometimes gets in the way Then what do you do? Leave, stay, or maybe even stray Can your partner tell? The feelings within your heart Would they even agree? That you should be apart Or would they fight For what you’d had And if...Read On


My heart's desire

You don’t have to offer me the moon, The sky with all its shining stars. I just want you to hold me As we lay on our backs, Gazing up at the beauty of the night, Millions of twinkling stars Sharing our quiet moment. You don’t have to buy me expensive presents. The greatest gift you can give Is your time and attention, The sweet words you whisper just for me, Gentle...Read On


Melancholy Heart

 Don't want to forget the day we made love Don't want to forget when I said your heart fit me like a glove Don't want to forget sitting on your lap for a sweet kiss Don't want to forget when we had pure romantic bliss I want to remember what we once had I want to be happy. Don't want to be sad I'm sitting here with a melancholy heart It once was together. Now it's broken apart ...Read On


Mind over matter

Day after day Pain rips through her body, Relentlessly Pecking away at her soul, Her sanity. Sharp stabs, Like a dull knife Sinking into her flesh, Crippling cramps, Tensing every muscle. At times She feels defeated, That she can’t take it anymore, Wanting to give up, Give in to despair. But as darkness falls, A small voice in her mind whispers, Reminding her of the paradox,...Read On


Piece of My Heart

I gave you a piece of my heart Forevermore You gave me a piece of your heart Such treasure The greatest gift I ever received Then you pulled it back You didn’t tell me I was too blind to see Blinded by a love I had never known before A love I will never forget A love I will never regret You were my dream come true And you were true And real And genuine I came to you across the miles...Read On


The Bay Window

When the aperature of my life blinds out the light  And the sirens wink in my waking sleep, I look out through the bay window and see dying kelp As the tides come in on my epitome, Washing away marrow of my bones Lying alone in a box of man made sins With sea chest of confessions scribed with squid ink, Now the sirens caress my wilting image Of remembrances of shadows I have...Read On


Dream Angel

So many times I think of you, It's like a dream come true. I never want this dream to end Because you're so sweet, So kind, So...Yummy in so many ways. I just want a little taste, A tiny lick, A nibble, To taste your sweetness. When I think of you, I just can't help myself. I must love you You're like a little kitten Who needs some loving. To be looked after, To be held. I wonder if you...Read On


Is Love Dead?

I'm so sad. Is our love dead? So confused. Don't know what to do. My heart is breaking over you. Leaving pain and doubt. Hurting the ones we truly care about. Although I will never feel any regret. Not since the first day we met. I don't know what to do. Have no words to say. The last thing I want to do is stay away....Read On


True Beauty

Beauty comes from within...

From out of the Mists She comes like a dream A living, breathing fantasy If you know what I mean. Flowing, long wavy hair Kind of reddish in hue Cute button nose Eyes of cerulean blue. Long, elegant neck To high, plump breasts Don’t you just want To lay your head upon her chest? Tiny, narrow waist To gently flared hips I know where I’d like To take a few nips. Legs that...Read On

Recommended Read

You Are Mine

They are words to be carved into the marrow, not carefully inked on skin, but another could feel it thrumming through your wrists or if fingers lace with unleashed hunger around your neck It lives in the blood and speaks against any and all premonition, all those who approach the delicate places you've gradually revealed to me. It would be wrong to tell you that I love you, to...Read On


Love Words

Words I love to hear...

Whisper to me softly As you hold me close Sweet gentle words of love The ones I love to hear the most Cradle my head Against your warm chest As I lay within your arms The place I love the best Gently kiss my brow Running fingers down my spine Tell me that you love me Words I love to hear all the time Hold me in your arms Snuggled safe against your side As we both allow ...Read On


When I Stayed

Nothing seems to stir outside tonight, amplifying the stillness we share, your head cradled in my arm's crook, hairs slightly tickling with each breath. This is when I'd usually leave, gather clothes from the floor's pile that are tangled in all the ways we just were together. I would usually move like a thief throughout the dark house, noting how our possessions would mesh together...Read On


Adam and Eve--From poems of Farewell

Adam saying farewell to Eve

Our garden is overgrown. The grass is tall and weeds choke out the sun. We stand here in the shade looking for a path through all of this, seeing, how, in our innocence, and frightened of aloneness, we held each other’s hearts too tight, and now, it hurts so deep in us, this holding on, we cannot speak. The fruit you offered me that afternoon was good-- ...Read On



Not lost

Somewhere, I lost it But I’m glad it’s gone No need to fret Over what I’ve done wrong There is a freedom When you don’t need to try A certain freedom To just say good-bye No effort needed Nothing missed Light of heart Contented to drift Fine if you’re here But not for too long Fine if you’re gone I’ll just move on How did I get here? Not really sure Will this go on? Will my...Read On



Snuggled deep under my warm covers I can feel the weight of my eyelids. Sleep so near, yet just out of reach. Sshhh, listen closely do you hear it? Hear the sound of my heart beating. A sound so simple yet it is such a gift. Each beat is the beautiful sound of life So I ask just as I drift for one more day. Sshhh listen closely to hear its beating I could get helplessly lost in its...Read On


Red Umbrella In The Rain

An acrostic poem of love and pain

Red umbrella in the rain Empty drops of searing pain Danger comes from threats above  Undermining thoughts of love Makes me want to will away Bleeding that may come her way Random cries of tender grace Etching hearts without a trace Lilting voices singing out Lending faith with every shout Anguish spreading over me  Ill prepared as we might be Nonetheless I feel your grief ...Read On


As Time Slips Away

Tick tick tick tock....

Ticking of the clock Marking time as I wait Releasing a shuttered breath Wishing my fears would abate More minutes tick by As my anxiety mounts Wringing of my hands First impressions count Clock hands have moved Many minutes have gone by A loud knock at the door Breath released in audible sigh Clicking of heels As I walk across the tile Reminiscent of the ticking clock ...Read On