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Love Poems


The Lush Garden

Friendship is sometimes sisterhood

We once had a lush garden, flowers don’t grow there anymore. Once pink carnations and roses, now only grass and weeds grow tall. The sun was once warm on my skin, only cold rain falls today. A beautiful sunrise smiled at me and, the sunset took it away. I see through the darkness, sparkling jewels winking at me. Daylight peeks at me once more, I see my stars have...Read On

Editor's Pick


I never know what they mean! *LAUGHS!*

There's a kind of rush-hush in the pale night sky...  I can write my name in my smoky breath.  And the moon comes up and mocks my faded sigh.  It's midnight lost in Leningrad...  I'll be late home again.  Her flat is cozy and it's warm.  I never meant to cause you pain.  I never meant you any harm.  And may God forgive me  Because you won't.  And may God forgive me.  Because I don't. ...Read On


A sweet dream visit

Your still the one

In your eyes there's hope In your smile there's light How can this be? Under the circumstances we have Who am I to resist you? I am a nobody, a helpless one Following your lead, waiting for that chance. I want to be near you To hold your hands To see if what I see is real Hold me now, please, please Let me not wander anymore Are you really by my side now? Or is it just...Read On


Fade Into You

Struggling to be loved right

I feel it start in the pit of my stomach, This thing called passion. It's heat radiating through me, In ways I never thought. In my own way I hate you,  In my own way I don't. I could live in this moment,  The one that you bring. Still fully clothed, Yet I feel completely exposed. You use me and set me aside, Until the very next time. I never win, You never lose. But I want to...Read On


Turn the Light On

Written for Helene and for true love.

In the darkness, I’m afraid. The unknown, the storm that might linger,  the clouds blocking the light. This darkness haunts me. It clouds my senses, makes me pale and faint. Turn the light on. I can’t breathe in the dark. . In the darkness, when everything feels so new, the taste of unfamiliarity fills me.  It fills my soul. My heart races.  I can’t contain your palate, ...Read On



I am trapped in a web. I cannot get out. It is a web you have spun. I try to get away, but always fail. You got this hold on me, and I can't let go. I try and try to get you out of my head. It is difficult because I'm stuck in your web. I want to be released, but I keep coming back. Please let me go. Unravel your web. A web of urge. A web of need. A web of lust. Unravel...Read On


Next Weekend

I miss you so much

How I missed you last weekend Felt like as if it was life’s end I missed your whispers, your touch I missed your fragrance so much You are my heart, my soul You are everything, my goal My love is so true and so deep It’s my treasure, will forever keep Each and every single day I love you more than I can say I want to please you, pleasure you I want you to be happier,...Read On



The true loving account of a Domme that adores fucking Her male sub's tight ass.

Sometimes he's the champagne, Sometimes he's the glass. What a lovely way to say "He likes it up the ass." Most folks want to be the flower, Few care to be the vase. But, oh! The awesome power In letting both truths be the case. To truly be the victim And the victimizer, too, To find yourself in both roles And know exactly what to do, To be caught in the moment And...Read On


Dance With Me

When the night sounds Are all you hear  Dance with me tonight  Under the stars above  Where the sparkling sky  Twinkles like diamonds Enchant me  With your charming words  Take me to a place of bliss  To an endless adventure  Where dancing smiles  Create a lingering kiss Comfort me in your gentle arms  With two hearts beating as one  A fleeting touch of our hands  So soft and...Read On

Summer of `63

A boy's summer vacation of learning.

It was the summer of 1963. A vacation of change for me. I just a boy of sixteen, young and earthy. She a bit older, but much more worldly. Lessons taught were real and sensual. Often dreamed but most incomprehensible. Showing me much more of life was attainable. Dreams come true, incredibly sweet, insatiable. Visiting places I had only been in my mind. Journey around the world...Read On



Love is a passion that burns deep inside, and when it’s unleashed sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a battle you’re both winning, it’s about give and take, giving and receiving. It feels like it’s happening in slow motion, every breath, movement and touch lingers. It’s amazing what he can do with his fingers. The fire between you grows hotter, knowing just what the other needs....Read On


The Seasons Of Change

The seasons of life...

Spring giggles at my pane Fickle as she frolics Warming rays by day Cool breath by night Teasing whispers she calls Please, peek out, come see Summer seduces my entrance She kisses and caresses Like a flower unfolds Her passion to be known Hearts to be captured Let go, love, be free Autumn knocks at my door Her urging of summer off A harvest of hooray An ease of silver shine...Read On



I know you'll never wake me with gentle kisses, folding me in your arms again.. Your pillow-creased face whispering in my ear, your auburn hair falling over me.. You'll never fret over me again like I was a broken bird, We'll never watch Malena Morgan together again, swooning... Stealing little caresses... Snug as only lovers can be.. As I watch for the green light to blink on my phone...Read On


I Took Her Back With Me

Years separate us but love finds a way to go back in time

In my dream she is so vivid, displayed, open wide  I reach across but cannot touch her core I feel her love but cannot cross a great divide Through what magic might we be before? We must fly back in time, erase the years to naught. How can it be, to do what none have done forever So deeply in each other's souls through distance yet still caught If we need to move the world, to bring us...Read On


Ere Darkness Comes

My attempt at a villanelle. See Dylan Thomas' Do not go gentle into that good night.

Ere darkness comes to end this fervid quest,  And night subdues until the gleaming dies, Walk onward down the path toward gentle rest. A seeking youth, you strive to leave the nest; To dance with vigor, winning every prize, Ere darkness comes to end this fervid quest. A mindful strength has brought you to a crest,  With quiet force endeavor to be wise; Walk onward down the path toward...Read On


Forty Winks

In dreams until the dew I sleep my forty winks Head resting on pillow down  The soft scent of you  And your loving whispers In dreams I compose Of wild wood clover  Caressing yours breasts  And kisses aphrodisiac Like Autumn's frost Your eyes glisten In dreams until the dew...Read On


Find A Way

Eyes upon eyes. Lips upon lips. Arms intertwine. I'm tangled in you. My heart skips a beat. You feel it. You take me in your arms, and all is well. I'm afraid. You take the fear away. You make me feel wanted. Needed. You hold me. You touch me. You search me. I'm ready. You're ready. We are curious to know where it will lead. Now we have a need. A need to be together. A...Read On



Being with you Is like savouring the sun Through the gaps In the clouds In a storm Only there for the briefest of moments Gone away again Too soon Leaving me Eagerly awaiting your return Unpredictable And unique as a snowflake The thunder sounds The flash of lightning The rain crashes and tumbles The wind blows But as you reappear The sadness I felt Falls down around me...Read On



A smile on my lips As you reach out a hand, And pull me in, Wrapping me up in your arms So lovingly, Lifting me up, Holding me close to you. I melt into you The feeling of coming home, Belonging, Every time we are together. Sharing our hearts, Our thought, our passions. Overcome with joy That you want me, Just as I am. Letting each other in ...Read On


Kiss Me Awhile

Kiss me awhile if you please And evermore the moments to pass Until Heaven's Gate In moments alone my mind roams Of past summers and sweet Merlot The love we share Blow softly the whispering words In pretend it's not a dream Caressing my soul As we dance on tomorrow's day Over beyond our sunset's The chariot arrives to take us home Kiss me awhile if you please...Read On


Two Lonely Souls

He thought of her. She thought of him He reaches for her, but she isn't there Two lonely souls passing through the night What they were feeling never felt so right He was with one. She was with another Feelings are fought, for they wanted to be with each other The only thing they can do is remain friends But the feelings of wanting one another never really ends She is...Read On


Fusion Fires

Hungry hearts burn for release.

The effect you impart upon my heart, To fuse your view within, Those memory pictures, explicitly bold Begin my rising start… The embellishing delicacies draped refined, Accouterments visions galore, Such fantasy primers infuse my pulse, You are my ache sublime. Your cues, your mews, my daily news, You are my relevant views, I carry sensations, such coaxing vibrations, You are my...Read On


Ships passing

Love is a journey on a stormy sea

We sail the tormented seas of life, we never find where we wish to end. only to end somewhere alone to not know someone to speak of or to like ships passing we never know who we will meet or if it is the right one but we sail those seas alone and in search of the one that carries the light that will guide me to her to feel that light to know she is near make my...Read On


A Summer Romance

A look, a glance. A question, a request. Denial, persuasion. An answer yes. Two strangers with different lives. Meet together for two summer nights. Dinner, and talking. Holding hands and walking. To end this night of wonderful bliss. With a perfect goodnight kiss. Another night of togetherness. Another request, this time a yes. Talking, kissing, and laughing. ...Read On



The windows to you remain so close to me  as you sleep in the cradle of my arms,  shut so tight in the dark. I wonder what different planets you've molded without me. If I'm there by your side or a different  version of us exists in those private realms. If the imperfections we've carried into this home  have been chiseled and sanded away,  smoothed over to be the ideal joining  we once...Read On


Paintings Fresco

In psalms of love and paintings fresco A beautiful image of you I wonder In months of memories Feeling your soft breath As gosling wings stutter Sweet persimmons and poetry whisper Windmill chimes and water color rhymes On canvas I swish where tall reeds climb Pads of green the ponds they sew Like placemat sets they sit silently On still waters of calm As loons...Read On


My ABC's

A little word play.

A - rms that cherish and protect B - DSM our lifestyle C -ontrol is given freely D - ominance thru Deliverance E - arned not taken F - ulfilling a hunger G - ood Girl is what I want to hear H - andcuffs and blindfolds I - nhibitions abandoned J - ust belonging makes me soar K - iss deeply L - imits pushed M - aster earns and...Read On


A lesson

Kneeling, She waits. Back straight, Thighs parted, Hands resting on them. Head and eyes lowered, Respectfully. Her body naked, Hair swept back in a braid. Sturdy leather Around her slender neck, Cuffs on wrists and ankles, She is ready For her Master. Listening, Hoping to hear footsteps, An opening door, But everything is silent, All she can hear Is her thudding heart, ...Read On


Fried Bacon

At times taking things for granted I don't show my emotions  By spreading my jokes Accepting your poached The finch on the window sill Pecking at the pane My glass full And you sifting flour The tea kettle hissing Its steam of morning's dew As you frying my bacon And me half asleep With words of expressions My thoughts of love are culinary  Like fluffy scrambled eggs  And...Read On


Loves Illusions

Sometimes love takes patience and also brings fear

I woke up last night my mind filled with terror  you said you did not love me anymore My eyes filled with tears, I could not see the pain that inside cut like a knife to my heart and drowned me in fear You walked away without saying goodbye the "us" that had only just began,  was over within the blink of an eye I am waiting still for that spring day when winter is over and your heart...Read On