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Love Poems


The Farewell

Today is Sunday again, The darkness of yesterday, the preview of today's separation. First a breeze on my face and then a storm, This is how this farewell story began Since your love has touched me, inside of my heart is like the heaven. Since your lips have touched my skin, I am like a bloomed rose in the garden of love Like the daybreak over the ocean. I'm alone now, like on the first...Read On


Iceberg Ahead

Loving you is strange, Like departing on the Titanic, Wishing everything to be good and well, But somehow sensing the impending doom. But unlike the Titanic, Nobody will die, Just be broken hearted, As two lovers are torn apart. "Iceberg Ahead!" My head is screaming, "Engines On Full!" My heart is acting. Sometimes, I wish I knew myself better, So I could save myself from...Read On


A Little Rough Patch

Pain doesn't need to hurt by ones hand,  It can hurt by what one says or doesn't say. I often say life is grand, But it's the lack of words that hurts most days. It's nice if one can just say what they mean, Talk to me and show me you care. I cannot figure out the scene, Hoping somebody hears my prayers. Not talking really hurts, Other day's I'm just fine. Some day's you're often curt,...Read On


One Moment

For one moment I was loved Unconditionally. You held my heart, fully loving it, Kept it safely inside your palms. I never knew what I had until it was gone. That was the only time I felt that way, I was loved so completely. I wanted it all this time, Waited so very long, so patiently. We cannot be together, But I thank you from my heart. For giving me my moment, I...Read On


Lovely Drusilla

I am moved by the coming of the new day sun and howling winds accommodating my sinister wiles.  Sensual fanfares my wayfaring ways, raising my brow of long whiles ago past my passing breath And composing pen. As in spirit, I am now cast in pales of gray,  romancing my lovely Drusilla as she dances beneath the chandeliers and dust motes falling, to silent harps and violins. ...Read On


Remembering At Christmas

Today is the day of celebration, Where people gather together to feel love, A year of firsts and lasts is almost over, And giving and receiving takes place. Some people may wake up to joyous laughter, Some people may way up to hurt and pain, Some people may wake up to burning summer, And others may wake up to snow and rain. Me myself, I hope to see faces filled with wonder, As...Read On


A Simple Deliverance

It was a deliverance,  A redemption, And she was liberated At last,  At long last, From servitude to the god of despondency. Her eyes, It was her eyes that he accepted As a mirror of her soul And accepted the difficult But charitable Chore of responsibility For a soul Almost Lost In the dark shadows of slavery To her only knowing, Her world, Her life. He would try To take her hand,...Read On



Sad feelings

I was hopeful for a lovely day,  But you just can't give me the time. I'm so miserable in so many ways, Loving you is really a crime. A simple 'hello' would be nice, Ask me how I'm doing. Your mood is as cold as ice, Your behavior is not even amusing. You never have anything to say, I find you an absolute bore. You act like you're miles away, I dream of walking out the door. I...Read On


Christmas Eve

The heavens ring with the sound of angelic voices singing praises to eternal love.

Though for a space we may be many leagues apart, Worlds separated by the vastness of the sea, Cold and heartless in its dark majestic beauty, From that first day when you offered to me your heart, Love's present, binding your life to mine eternally, Graciously given, not from a sense of duty, A pledge that from my side you would no more depart. Not a day has passed since then that I...Read On

Recommended Read

Lock And Key

There's never been a start or conclusion, only a lock waiting for a key, whether buried beneath earth as hard as frozen clay, or as unknown shapes spiraling just out of reach. You are already as familiar as the cells coursing through the rivers inside me that cannot end until we truly begin, until we chart the specific turnings. A pulse beating softly against mine, morning's first hints...Read On


Walk with me

Love blooms when you least expect it

Walk with me hold my hand in the misty morning light lets take the old dirt beaten path through the trees and into the spring Do not let go do not fear walk with me hold onto me never letting go the grass sparkles with dew from last night's rain everything is new the flowers are in bloom the air is fresh and so are you take my hand you have my heart Let's lean against this tree and talk...Read On



Sometimes, We say things we regret. And fall out with ourselves over silly mistakes. Sometimes, Our heads make decisions, That our hearts cannot possibly ever understand. Sometimes, Our actions are not forethought, And leave us stuck in awkward situations. But sometimes, The right words are spoken at the right time, Bringing us right back to where we need to be. And sometimes,...Read On


Christmas In My Parallel World

Not being able to be together on Christmas Day.

I wake up  This Christmas morning You're beside me In my parallel world  Still asleep Your hair tousled Over your bare shoulder Your breathing soft A slight glow on your face From our night before I smile at the memory Of who we were,  At the warm comfort Of who we are And at the promise Of who we can be As I watch you sleep You're waking now Your eyes twinkling Your mouth opening To...Read On


The Second Meaning

Treading in the lake Listening for a soft whisper To drift over the horizon Until it reaches its breaking crescendo And echoes through the hills and valleys You feel powerless I am consumed by you Wanting to immerse myself In all that you are Shared cries from longing lovers We are shared heart beats Awaiting the...Read On


No words spoken. My Dream

A dream that came true

It’s late at night here at home, When suddenly I felt so all alone. “Nothing to do”, I heard myself say, Might as well just call it a day. As soon as I’d laid down on my bed, Strange thoughts began to fill my head. Some were good, some were bad, Some were other dreams that I’d had. Then someone must have been very kind, They put something wonderful in my mind. A picture began to...Read On


Never Again

Never again will I give my heart, Never again will I let it loose, Never again will I believe that someone could love me, Never again will I trust someone new. Never again will I be so stupid, Never again will I see so freely, Never again will I try to embrace that part of me, Never again since you broke my heart....Read On


Love's Revelation

A song of eternal love to the one who has given me her heart without reservation

The realisation has at last dawned on my dull and tardy mind That you have given me your heart wholly without reservation To the exclusion of all others. How could I have been so blind That I could fail to see the profound depth of your adoration The bounteous gift of love. Forgive me for being so unkind To doubt the sacrifice you have made without equivocation. These poor lines...Read On



Twinkling lights all around, Making the darkest time of year Lighter, brighter, Shining along with stars above On velvety Christmas skies. Warmth and beauty surrounds her, Songs of joy, Of peace on earth and to mankind. She sighs, bittersweetly, Part happy, part sad. She loves this time of year, When the world slows, People remembering To take some extra time For those they...Read On

Recommended Read

When I Wake Up

When I wake up, I find my eyes searching, Longing for the eyes that make it okay, My hazel eyes looking for your chocolate brown. When I wake up, I find my fingers wishing, Wanting your hair to curl softly through my fingers, Wiping away all the pain from the ones that came before. When I wake up, I find my skin cold, Awaiting your touch to make its coolness warm, And feel your...Read On


Burn Again

I wonder if she notices, In certain times when darkness softens And the hard edges of silence Turn our whispers crystalline When she curls my body Into the silk parenthesis of her arms Laying tiny rivers of breath on my skin, How I crumple like an unread love letter, Old, yellow parchment Peppered with the mad scrawl Of some wild, hungry heart Gone destitute...Read On


The Distance Between

Shall I desist and let it go, or should I beg on bended knee to be forgiven. For what, I ask it over and over again, and still no answer comes, none makes sense. Hard to comprehend, hard to decide, knowing I have done nothing, and yet, I did something else why the distance the irreconcilable distance you place between us. Stars are dying, have died and yet have not left the night sky....Read On


Say Something

Say something, Because I'm giving up, After all the hurt and the heartache you caused me, And I'm still under your spell. Say something, Because my heart can't take any more, I loved you with all I was worth and more, I loved you instead of all else. Say something, Because my soul feels torn in two, Its like one part is me, And the other painted blue by you. Say something, ...Read On



In my heart ... The answer is I would

If I saw you tomorrow Would I give you my heart If I knew all the answers  Would I still ask the questions If I knew how much I would love you Would I still love so deeply If I thought I would get hurt Would I still choose this path Well tomorrow is here  I give you my heart I know some answers  But I have more questions I accept the hurt, for the love is greater I'm walking down...Read On


Lonely is the night

Lonely is the night' when you are not in sight I reach out for you I cry out your name who knew I could be so lonely who knew I would ever care so much but here I am lonely and longing for you I want your smile I want your kiss Your hand Your touch When I am alone in the night laying in the dark I'm thinking I'm dreaming, dreaming of you Your love I crave Your love I desire everyday...Read On


Window Pane

In utterance my quill scribes, Deepening dark romance  And footsteps meandering On cold stones of my fame.  Chilling the ink within my well Of swallows without voices And yellowing of my tomes, Sensuality betaking my soul. Night the halos sighed  Bequeathing me your splendor, Whispering translation of your love, Smiles returning my way. Then you cast off to greener lays,...Read On


Delicate Movements

I'll hear you calling out to me no matter where I am, the voice that can pass through walls, flicker among the candle's glowing wick before spreading deep below to crack through winter's ice. Marking the places we've imprinted entire lives on, lived before and after one another, energies that are the pieces we gave of ourselves, memory's residues mingling to make our shared worlds. ...Read On


Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news, Spreading through the streets? Young Mary-Kate's had a man betwixt the sheets! They say young Tom, To whom she's betrothed, Found him in there in just his underclothes! The poor young lad, His 'art is broke, 'Tis a downright shame - he's a right top bloke! Now young Mary-Kate, She's lost both men, 'Cos she went and told both that she loved only them. ...Read On


The Sadness is Here Again

It's a happy time of the year,  I know you're busy at your job. For me there's lots of tears, You act like a complete snob. You shut down and run out of here, Do you even care how I feel? You're like a magician and disappear, For me it's an emotional ordeal. I say it doesn't bother me, What am I supposed to say? Your actions hurt to some degree, These are the days, I want to runaway. ...Read On


Fragile and Broken

I never asked

I never asked for anything, I really didn't want you to know. Didn't want a commitment, Wanted to take it real slow. Just wanted for us to talk, To share and to learn. To become friends we could count on Before anything else would burn. I didnt want a week or a month, No, I wanted so much more. Wanted to build something to last. Something we could hold on to. Wasn't...Read On



I'm frozen. I cannot be thawed, It's forever winter for me. For my heart has been overtaken. I cannot feel my hands, They have stuck to my sides. My feet have stuck to the ground, I have lost all I loved. My soul speaks to no one, There's no one for me to miss. All have gone away, My mind is forever in stasis....Read On