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Love Poems


Just The Way I Am

Walking along the beach Feeling the tears welling in my eyes,  I think how good we are together  And wondering what will happen now. See, today you brought your ex love Back into your life.  A person you told me  That you have a history of going back to.  I wonder if it happens again, Where that would leave me? I love the time we have spent together The magical moments  We have...Read On


I got more then I agreed to tonight  As I closed my lounge at 4am  Just my new barmaid and I  Were checking out the proceeds She ask me if I would like a hot cup of coffee With a shot of absinthe Knowing my thoughts would grow fonder I couldn't refuse Knocking back a few shots Closing the distance I became wet Giving that a transvestite was in close proximity I began to throb ...Read On


It's a Love Poem

Cold snow turns to fire Heat rises, burning in desire And I know you can hear my heart Now I understand what I felt from the start Desperately hoping to hear you Right now waiting is all I can do And hope to make you happy. I can feel your skin against my own Lovely softness warms me to the bone. Over and over you wipe away my pain Very clear that you keep me sane. Every time...Read On


Longing To Be

I stare at the sky, thinking of you If only there was no distance I long to be with you each day At night I dream to see you Only where I can see I want to show you That special place in my heart I cannot explain these feelings I wish all this made sense I ask myself Will I get what I am longing for? I long for you to be around every day To curl up by your side at night ...Read On

Powder Sugar

As you lay naked on your back and laugh I swash gently. Painting your nipples and breasts  with a soft brush, I brush softly. Covering each with powdered sugar, water and cinnamon. What a rush, I touch. Like leading me there you sway your hips as the bristles sweep your lines, so defined. Adding nutmeg to your thighs giving rise to my cock. I swash. You sigh. Woman dew on...Read On


storm signs

i want you

there is lightning in the air and screaming dreams  biting at the edge of my soul.  drug me, beloved, with wine and kisses. let me caress your thick length. I will tease the head of your bold body across my wet slit as I pull you thrusting  into my fierce love.  drink my kisses now and bruise my skin. give me your everything before I drown in this storm. ......Read On


Afternoon Nap

My eyes blink open and I turn to you. You're still asleep, restfully serene. I reach out. My hand glides down your back The subtle contour of your spine. So perfect, so well designed. You sigh quietly and I pray I don't wake you. Just a few more minutes to touch your perfection. I push the covers back to marvel at your soft skin. My hand moves over your bottom. I grin because you think...Read On

Sock Hop

It was yesteryear, so many Octobers ago. You were my teenage queen and I your castle. Together we were infallible and proved it with our kisses. Those are the days I miss. Many moons have gone by and tides crashed on rocks  but you are the pearl to the universal oyster. Now we are older with silver in your hair, but you still wear my high school ring around your neck.  Touching...Read On

I Wish

A friendship in jeopardy

I wish I could hold you in my arms. To have you hear me say "I'm sorry." I wish I could take back what I did. As you did nothing to deserve being treated in that way. I wish I could go back in time. To change what I did. I think of you everyday, all day. I think of you every night, all night. All I ask is that you think about giving me another chance. Without you I am...Read On


Dinner Tonight

Woman waits for her lover

It's late into the night She's waiting for him to come She frets he better come soon Her special dinners almost done. She wears a new dress tonight One made by the best designer She bought for him this night It looked so good on her. The tables all set for dinner A quiet one for just them two If he doesn't come soon She knows not what she'll do. She's worried and concerned He's never...Read On

Pumpkin Grin

A sprinkling of kindness makes for sweeter words and better Octobers. When the frost is on the ground. Predawn of the day. A chill in the air, mincemeat with spice, like your morning kisses brings happiness to my eyes. When you offer me your lips and smile. Today. The corn fields we walk taking paths of the past, soft winds blow. Full moon casting our shadows on the stalks. Tonight....Read On

Together forever

I will love you forever

My husband and I have a beautiful life,  I am your loving and devoted wife. We love each other every day, We communicate with each other and nobody strays. This journey we are sharing, Is because we are both so caring. Our love is always forever, Because we're living our life together. I am committed to our wonderful life, I will always be your loving wife. We will walk together to the...Read On


Whisper in the Night

A soft whisper in the night The softness of your voice so clear You whisper your naughty thoughts Your body so close to mine Our lips find each other for a moment You kiss me on my neck and I sigh You whisper wet desire deep in my naked breasts I get so excited and scream, "Yes"  You pick me up and carry me to bed, And you lie on your back My body is anxious to feel you...Read On

Mown Hay

Weeping Willows bend as if weeping near the pond on where fish spawn.   I lay in our bed masturbating with my head on my pillow thinking of us. Shooting stars in the sky as if on the Fourth of July. I throb. I fantasize. I raise my hips   stroking my cock. ~ Like two Flamingos dancing and mating for life,   they sway. I think of you moments away yearning to fondle...Read On



Never mind about the dirty pipes

If I said something before about the plumbing Well, please, kindly disregard any such concern. I won’t bring it up, if it comes up I’ll waive it away For though there is some problem with the drains It really really ruins My peace of mind taking it from behind Hard up against the wall, wet Having to think about fungus spores Gore-green, mustered in flakes shaken loose Or clotting your...Read On


Within Night's Shadows

This poem was inspired by the photograph used on the cover.

The blacks of night created shadows that hold us intertwined within our souls... as we touch, explosions of color wrap us beneath blankets. Hidden, the moon's shadow peeks in our window, framing you in magic's light... exposing our touch, our search and our love. Moonbeams dance upon you as I grab the camera of my eye. I snap in memory this moment that reveals my photograph. A photograph...Read On

Once In A Lifetime

If one is lucky, once in a lifetime you will meet that one person who will embrace your heart, loving you.  The one who will create within you a lover of all that you think you are. Caring for you.  Together to explore the erotic avenues  and by-ways of sexualities. Walking your dreams. From one to another and deeply aroused going forth to what many don't understand. Deep...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Finale

Teacher gives a lesson that these 16 year olds will never forget.

She pushes back, and then again, Taking inches but not quite ten. Then she seems to have a thought: Thirty girls that should be taught. “Girls gather round, come have a look, Come and see how you should fuck.” Scraping chairs, muffled words, Surrounded by some thirty birds. “Concentrate, oh girls you must, See how he does it, as discussed.” I do my best as they watch on, But soon...Read On


At the Sink

I feel you come up behind me As I’m cleaning out the sink. You grind your hips against mine I have no time to think. You lift the hem of my dress Exposing my behind Pushing into me hard and fast Then we begin to grind. My face is flushed and red My pussy wet and slick I’m riding off to Heaven Impaled on your thick dick. Grunting and groaning as you thrust Your hands squeeze...Read On


Atop the magic chalice in the land of fantasy, I ride my lady's pussy down on my knees. Cool midnight breeze. ~ She runs her fingers through my hair as I sup on her cunt her eyes stare at me, in the land of fantasy. Screams of ecstasy. ~  Her breasts like down pillows nipples of garden stones. my cock her sugar cane... pre-cum elixir. Atop the magic chalice, ...Read On


Soccer Mom

A young man's first love affair

I know that you are watching me your secret furtive gaze but every time I turn around you seem to look away did it happen way to quick for you? Or was it just my age? Please tell me, was it so very wrong the games we used to play. You always cheer and shout my name when I run onto the field all those voices in the stand but it's only yours I hear I tackle hard, I win the ball I...Read On


Words can hurt

Time heals all wounds they say, Sometimes, when I get hurt I cry every day. Sometimes, lovers can say things that are so absurd, Leaving you frustrated and angered by their words. You feel like a dagger is put right through your heart, Because these words, are tearing you completely apart. Nothing they can say will make it go away, They realize what they said and then they give you...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 5

16 year old school boy has sex with his teacher in front of his class

Teacher down on hand and knee, Wiping up my spunk, you see. Riding up, her little skirt, Then her winking, the little flirt. Lisa’s pussy t’was all forgotten, Look right there - teacher’s bottom! Could I do it, in front of class? Or would I sadly, have to pass. Teacher gave a little sign, To let me know that she was mine. The girls all gasped as on my knees, My cock pushed...Read On

You Grinned

Who was the woman in your bed last night as I peered in your window, and I became hard? Then I masturbated. You grinned. ~ Why were you smiling and laughing as I watched you, before the edge of dawn? Then I sighed. You grinned. ~ Were you aware I was there as you undressed her, before my very eyes? Then I came. You grinned. ~ When did you decide to...Read On


say it

saying my true name matters

say my name  when you wake in the dark warm hours and your hands touch the soft, breathing flesh of my heart. say my name when you think of me, or have a silly thought and smiling together appeals. what miraculous oneness as souls touch. say my name into my mouth as your body joins mine. in the perfection of us tell me no other will do, that you want my...Read On


Clavate Antennae

Her escaping wetness awakens...

My Clavate antenna extends As I sense your pulse, Your phéromone seduction Pulls me close. Like moth to flame, You host and claim My raging cane, Attuned… pre-game. This musky lust, My clavate crown Effused, I thrust, Opulent, slick, round. Your wet escape Awakens my cells,  Near penetrate, Those perfumed jells. A primitive breaching, This mounting Amor. ...Read On


Lost To The Night

Here we are again Standing in your room A breath apart Without a word you consume I lick my lip and take you in Tattooing you in my mind You reach and touch me Quickly I unwind I move to kiss you You instantly possess my mouth Losing all practical thought My hands are moving south Our shirts are first to go Dropped in a pile on the floor Both of us losing our control You push me up against...Read On


Cyber Girls

Man becomes a Lushie

I found a new website They just call it Lush People post stories there Some of them make me blush. I wrote a few myself Posted there for others to see Some Cyber Girls liked them Whatever do they see in me. I've talked and chatted with them They all seem quite very nice Pictures they post to my wall Suggestive ones, during the night. One is straight very forward She wants me in...Read On



Submission is so complete sometimes...

Rip my shirt piece by piece. Drop me to my knees. Bend me over on all fours Call me slut, bitch, or your little whore. Cuff me to the wall,  Cuff me to the bed. I'm your personal "fuck-doll" To spank until I'm sore and red. I'm eager to please I can take you Anywhere you want with ease. And orders, I'll gladly follow through. Your pleasure is my goal. I know my place, But you...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 4

Schoolboy wonders what to do after his teacher made him spunk in front of his class

Standing there with a wilting cock There were thirty faces taking stock. Not a sound within that place, With my teacher - second base! She was looking somewhat flustered, What to do with my cum custard? Then, as if not bad enough, I caught a glimpse of Lisa’s muff. Her legs were spread, her skirt a belt, I wondered how it would have felt… Her knickers, they were pulled aside, ...Read On