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Love Poems


Sexual Haiku

A selection of seven sexual Haiku

Oral: Abandoned Senses A tongue probes contentedly Erotic Release Penetration: A cock intrudes Bent over in erotic pose Smile betrays pleasure Masturbation: Fingers circulate Heightened state of arousal Lonely afterwards Spanking: Helpless and waiting Bent over touching ankles Sudden shock prevails Bondage: Nude wearing corset Shackled, chained...Read On


love is a flower

just a simple poem

the sun filters downward through the trees  rays of color dancing on leaves flickering greens and yellows before finally reaching outward it stands alone, apart from the rest stem bending, browning purple leaves curling inward darkening on the edges once upon a time the flower stood tall bathed in bright sunlight caressed by the breeze fluttering and swaying, dancing light as...Read On


standing still

how an affair can end

I wanted more You wanted less I needed to move You wanted to stand Still as the lake when the wind does not blow You made me a promise Marry me I will love you forever Forever lasted only as long As I agreed with your life Your terms Your timeline So was I supposed to wait Days months years While you... you... Standing still in your boat Waited for the tide to take you No ...Read On

In Abstract

Often as not, I masturbate to sound. Like the whisp of a spirit. Progressive jazz or blues. I cum for you too, in my abstract.  Your penis flexed, smooth unconcealed. You walk past your window, starring at me. Exhibitionary daring. I drip overtures, in my abstract.  Mahogany soft cellos and violins. Where do I begin. Bring to me my wanton pleasures,  as you skin back your...Read On



When do I love her most?

Is it in the morning that I love my love with the best love? I awake beside her feel her body’s warmth her beating heart. My first awareness of the day is of her. She is the beginning of another day of love. Or is it in the evening when I bask in the warmth of a whole day of her love, love that will sustain me through the night until my first awareness...Read On



there is only you

here, now, in the smoky magic of dreams, i call your true name. come to me. let us sing of the faithfulness of desire, need never sated, the precise moment that I am completely undone by the spell of your body on mine. each moment of revealing still mysterious, still full of secrets. my soul is unraveled and the stars fall gently as you pour yourself into me and...Read On

Chestnut Tree

Where did the soft kisses blow. Out the window beneath the Chestnut tree. Into another's midnight lair. I'm in despair. My fair maiden purged me.  Your tongue excursing some other's body. I lay aroused scribing as a bard. Lonely this hour.  Praying that my quill will not spell me. As I masturbate. Half past twelve. He sucking your bountiful breasts. I think of him throbbing...Read On


The Ghost of you

How a memory stops a life

the ghost of you stands before me watching and waiting for me to wrap my legs around another so that you can pass between him and me and stop the need the need I have everyday to excise you from my body I cannot look at my breasts without seeing your hand there I cannot touch myself without feeling your body press into mine I cannot kiss without your lips first touching mine ...Read On



Sleep - the kind healer

Sleep, the kind healer of my soul, forgiver of the day’s defects, who banishes anxiety that stole my peace of mind, my hope, my self-respect; who brings oblivion to a troubled mind for welcome hours until a better dawn brings new perspectives, leaving fears behind, and darkness, real and feared are gone. Sleep is a lover who holds, caresses, cares, embracing joy...Read On


How Angels Swim Through The Night

Just how it should be...for everyone

I remember wanting him so badly that I could still feel... Every drawn out breath left poised against my skin, The slither of his tongue as it snaked ever downwards, The intense pull of his mouth on my nipples And then the slow, sensual, caress of his lips As nipples focefully extend and goosbumps erupt from head to toe. I remember all the pleasure and... Those moments that left me...Read On


The Queen of the Fall

A mysterious lady walks through the forest

Mysterious lady walks through the morning glade, a veil of icy dew, to her feet adheres Birds alight on her hands, she is their chorus maid, her presence, it wakes the buck and deer Nymphs and Elves shy away, in awe of her beauty, her magic, an untold secret of the dell The forest is her home, where all other creatures retire, even Diana falls under her spell Flakes of frost settle...Read On

And Her Screaming Too

Another gray day, another dark night. I wear my comfort sweater. Bringing kisses, to sweet damsels. I bite my Melancholia Rose. It takes breath and soul, to keep the vampire at bay. ...fangs and talons ... Her eyes beseech me. The nape I caress. Lopping my tongue,  drooling for thee. I bite my Melancholia Rose. Her virginal cunt, I dispose.  It takes breath and soul, to keep...Read On


the moan

dreams of desire

I dreamed of you last night I felt your breath move over my breasts the nipples stiffening with the warm waft of your being I heard your voice last night it's beautiful English cadence causing the lips of my folds to gently move apart as the dew of my desire coated my petals I felt your touch last night as your fingers drifted with insistence into the center of my being I moaned...Read On


She lies with me

No moment shared is ever gone.

She lies with me and we are still Yet in my mind, forever moving, images of her, so many fill my senses; exciting, soothing, and I forever see and smell and feel: her eyes, her hair, her skin, her smile and every place and time with her is real inside my memory. And all the while she lies asleep, not knowing that all the days and joys and pain and love and song ...Read On


Flavor of Embrace

Seduce or seduced?

I could smell the flavor of the wine mixed with her breath ‘Ere I did taste The fine droplets of essence circling my mouth My tongue longing to embrace And all the while we breathed each other’s breath Sampling all that was best Arousing the sensation of the scent We parted only because of my Desire to explore The sophistication of her nape And lobe Discriminant aromas inhaled as I...Read On

Recommended Read

His Hands

Let me tell you the truth Give me your hands The answer lies in my heart How you've touched my life Just how special you are What my heart wants to say It does matter who holds me It is your hands that touch The strings of my heart Take me in your arms Undress me slowly Touch me gently Glide all over me Teasing me All I can do is giggle When we make love It...Read On


moon shine

the night sky sings a sad song.

I hide... every day. from hurt, from love, from myself. when my body longs most to feel your breath, to share your space, to be owned by you, I remind myself  why love cannot be, why joy is perilous,  why I will never be enough. the full moon breaks  into a million faceted pieces  and falls from my sky. .......Read On


Sorry For Spoiling Xmas

Double the pleasure means no more presents...Ever

Twas the night before Xmas My pussy was very red Reflecting the light From Santa's cloak on my bed I watched as he dropped His belt on the floor Followed quite quickly By a knock at the door I looked straight at Santa Santa stared at the door Hide here, I said Under the bed, on the floor One minute I shouted As I put on my robe And after hiding his sack I opened the door We have reason to...Read On

And Her Screaming

Kasha clawed at me, with her long talon nails. Biting my neck, and her screaming. "Fuck me, fuck me." I'm creaming. ..charisma on plasma... I obliged. Her legs open wide, and over my shoulders. I pounded and grounded as she raised her hips, and her screaming. "Do you love me?" ...her daily feed... In perspiration she thirst, like a sauna.  Intoxicated on lust. High...Read On


The anguish of love

End of an affair

I wish I could feel hate hate is pure white hot burns so hard then finally smolders to embers but grief grief is lingering it leaves you in a state a state of apathy stillness as if all life has ended yet still you wake each morning reach across the sheets and find space I would hate you so I can move on and live the life I had... before your love came and blew it all away ...Read On



When you least expect it, life is good

They say one soul separates at birth. Splits into one man and one woman, Destined to seek each other Connect again, be one, once more. Was it fate we found each other? I didn’t know it was you I sought. You’ve turned everything I know Upside down. Hearing your voice, my eyelashes flutter softly shut Reality fading around me like a cheap façade, cheap imitation You are with...Read On


Life and love, are they one?

Life and Love, Are they one or are they separate? Can you have one,  Yet not the other? Life and Love, Two very different things. Life being forever, Love being everything. Life and Love, Do I choose my life, or love. Do I choose you,  or myself. Life and Love, I can't have both, can I? I can... I can have both. I can have life. Love will follow. Life and Love, Together as one. A...Read On


Walk on the clouds with me, Pathways to forever be, Beneath the dunes of sand, Fornicating under crescent moon, Obliviously swooned, Amorously. The hourglass is always full, As we step on cumulus, Embracing our happiness, The eternity the bells toll, In our campanile, Myth logically unrehearsed, Amphora always full, My cock impales thee. As if riding your noble steed, Jousting upon...Read On



The loss of a lover

I rolled over in my dream I felt the silence of your promise to me to love me forever your forever only lasted a breath your love was a lie to get me to open my heart so that you could scoop out what you wanted and leave... what you desired not so as I toss in longing of my tortured dreams the sheets of my life twisted and damp I wish you nothing for nothing is what you left me with...Read On


Twisted Moral Compass

A tale of pain and loss

There's another you say Fair is fair you say The line is drawn The rules are in place Is it a twisted moral compass Or honor among thieves I miss what was The play, the teasing The easy fun The way we were Friends you ask So I smile through the tears And say Friends...Read On



The ties that bind...

It isn’t silk binding your wrists It’s opportunity It isn’t leather around your ankles It’s a welcoming It isn’t a metal bar parting your knees It’s encouragement It isn’t linen arching your back It’s authentication It isn’t cotton pervading your mouth It’s silence It isn’t just suppression It’s cotton saturating your impertinence It isn’t just endorsement It’s...Read On


Love Is Like a Mirror

Nothing is more mysterious than love.....

My heart is like a mirror Which only contains your reflection Your lips promise me love Your eyes promise me affection If your picture begins to fade Memories remain fresh and strong They make my heart beat faster And my lips utter your song It's such a wonderful feeling Knowing you're so close to me I couldn't imagine life without you It would be unbearable for me The state of my mind...Read On

Recommended Read

There Is No Love Without Pain

A poem.

Love is life’s cruel mistress, And life’s crowning triumph. Love embitters the soul, yet conquers the heart. Love is never easy, And will die without toils. It is langour and sweat, the power and rejuvenation. Love brings this man to his knees, pushes his face into the dirt. It gives light into his darkness, and delivers joy to his world. Love grows in the wound and the healing. It is the...Read On

Stage Of Glass

As you slither on a stage of glass, leaving a trail of viscosity. I surrender.  Your hips enticing me. Smiling. Like a serpent you hypnotize, staring at me.  I throb. You hiss. Eyes following me.  Tranquilized by erotic sounds, I bemoan your web. I seep my precum tea. Feeling your heat.  Unbearably swooning. Your searing breath, on my naked flesh. I am prisoner to your...Read On


The Devil Went Down on Georgia

Inspired by Soleil and Charlie Daniels Band

The Devil Went Down on Georgia He was a smooth talking gent Hanging out in all the right places Where the fine ladies went The ones with alluring faces His lines were all well played Honed over many a year  Practiced where he stayed Delivered without any fear He wore a cowboy hat His hair showed a bit of gray But his body was quite fit Always older than his prey One night in LA Not...Read On