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Love Poems


Don't Blame Me

It's just the way I am

Don't blame me if I forget, If I'm not there yet, I try to do the best with what I have So, give me a second chance, Let me enhance your life in the only way I know how And allow me time to explain, I didn't mean to cause you pain, it was just me being me I never said it would be easy, I was teasing when I said those things, I'm sorry now you see Forgive me for the pain, I'd walk in...Read On


Berceuse Bird

Berceuse: lullaby; song used to put someone to sleep

Berceuse Bird, Singer of songs, Gentle lullaby, Lulls me to sleep, Your tonic to dominant, Soothes my soul. You sing to me, Your song so simple, But so very deep, It makes my heart keep, Calm and soft, To its gentle beat. You need no fanciness, No chromaticism, Your breath glides over my skin, Your melody stays, Within my head, For me to teach, To spread your love. Berceuse Bird, Never...Read On

Everything and Nothing

Each night as he closes his eyes to rest his mind She opens hers, flickers of light flow into his dreams It is she that stood holding him tight, keeping worries away Yet, the rule has changed, now she needs his strength Not a word is said about her, she is everything and nothing Her pain, sorrow, grief and burden cannot compare For his victory, success, knowledge and joy ...Read On

As the Tapha leans the Typha leans

Kisses in November. As the Typha leans in the pond, the Birch tree shades.  As I sleep, on the banks of loneness. Sensuality I caress.  Like the rem blink, my closed eyes. Breezes touch me, of my rest. Feeling your lips, upon my chest.  Soft sigh, I realize. Like a wayfarer traveler, your lips wander. Noon daylight. Tongue leading the way, to the parallel of my thighs....Read On

Old Persimmon Tree

Loving me then. 1947. Loving me then, As much as you do now. 2013. Underneath the old Persimmon tree, Sipping green herbal tea. The same tree I bequeath, A proposal so many years ago. 1947. You were but a lovely teen, With my class ring around your neck. Lying between your breasts, As it does now. 2013. We laughed and cuddled, You surrendering your virginity. As a whisper...Read On



It's time for plain talk

Four years of pretty words, Time spent writing poems, songs, stories, Singing for you on your voicemail, Flowers at your door, And saying “I love you” even when you Piss me off. Enough. Full stop. The time for originality and creativity is over. Romance and ribbons and bows, please, Take a back seat. I need to be blunt. Fucking blunt. I want to fuck you. Now. Soon. Anytime I can get you,...Read On


As I Am

Do we change because we love, or do we love because we've changed?

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Can your kiss carry heather honey Deep inside my soul? Can your spring-fresh glance grow Petal-laced stars? Can your arms melt the galaxies And pour a rushing torrent That can scour away the ragged pain And smooth a troubled brow? Can your smile warm the winter And add apple wood to scent Frosty...Read On

Looking Back At Me

I masturbated last night in view, Alone with my inhibitions. In front of the looking glass, Thinking of you. Looking into the mirror, And it looking back at me.    You with you guile,  And your suggested ways. Seducing my best friend. I had introduced to you.  Returning only this night, To me the lonely. Un-sincerity, In the early morning. As I lay. Watching you undress.  ...Read On

Our Love

I love you so much

I will love you today, tomorrow, and always,  Together forever for the rest of our days. When we are together our love is so strong, Our love making sessions are very long. You are all I will ever desire, My mind, soul, and body are completely on fire. Our bodies together cause so much heat, When we are rolling on the sheets. I love when you finger my pink little clit, And slide your...Read On


The Girl Without A Name

nameless she stalks the cage of her shadow a predator waiting to pounce but once was prey on the fringes of reality blurring the lines she cannot remember from whence she came or to where she is headed she feeds on the sins and fevered nightmares of childhood's end forgetting, sometimes that her own blatant hopes burned in the flames she now consumes and they taste sweet ...Read On


I like it

I like it all - the rough and the smooth

I like it, when you're nails scrape my back In that considerate, tender way that you lack I like it, when they tickle and tease And sink in my flesh with the utmost ease I like it, as you caress my skin You always make it feel like a sin I like it, when goosbumps creep and crawl Often followed by prodding, as I recall I like it, when my buttocks are raw From the slap, slap, slap of your...Read On

Recommended Read

Under The Moonlight

The moon shines on her body through the window As the curtains are halfway open She lay there Hunger in her eyes for him As he walks towards her With that naughty grin on his face They don't speak a word They just savour the moment See the reflection in their eyes Longing for each other She reaches out and takes his hands in hers His warm lips kiss her fingertips As...Read On



Waiting on Master

Waiting She waits for him Kneeling by the front door Hands clasped behind her back Breasts high and firm Nipples taut with desire Curvy ass resting on her heels Thighs spread wide Pussy smooth and glistening Head high Raven hair flowing down her back Eyes downcast Lips curved in a secret smile Waiting for her Master to return home...Read On


if you are not there

If you are not there, how can I stare at the moon's crescent? If you are not present, how can the sun shine down? How will I lose this frown? What words to say? If you are away. If you are away, how can I stay alive and well? How can I tell, if you were ever true? Or was a different you, slowly scheming, whilst I was dreaming? Whilst I was dreaming, you were seeming to be faithful to me,...Read On


On a bed in Hell, Northwest of Ann Arbor. We lay entwined, In room one-eleven.  Musk to morn. Aura of sixty nine.  He took my cock, Displayed in shadows dark. Bisexuality we met, Just in passing. Fantasy turned to reality.  Stroking and whispering, Soothing his lust. Midday kisses in Hell, Northwest of Ann Arbor.  While on the radio, Beat out the rhythm. Raw blues and bass,...Read On


I Love You Because

From head to toe and into the naughty side.

I love you because You're funny and smart And for all the times You dress like a tart I love you because Your smile is so sexy Even when You're being quite pesky I love you because But you have to learn I find it a turn-on When you look so stern I love you because Of the way you stay firm When I kiss your neck When I make you squirm I love you because Your breasts are so round...Read On

Cast In Shadow

Like a statuette beauty You are. A vision cast in shadow. As you pass by,  In my dreams. Remembering to kiss, Your soft breath. Breeze from the open window, I sleep. Your body incased in marble, From a quarry. A sculptors mallet and chisel, You took life. A vision cast in shadow. The hunger deep within,  My every night stirring. Exploring your sensuality, And hourly kisses....Read On


The Last Moments

Watching your head between my thighs Oh how I can't seem to hold back the sighs Feeling your hot breath against my clit Makes me wet and extremely slick The quick flickers of your tongue Ensures I am close but not yet done Playing at my opening with your finger Makes my body dance with the need for you to linger Nipping my clit with your beautiful teeth Makes me weak and it...Read On

Walking Gables

A poet of Walking Gables, Philosopher maybe. Traveling my way, My sensual destination. Perusing for beauty, Charm and Rosemary. Giving me a scent, Of one's personality. The marble of your bust, I lay my lips upon. As the statue of you, Carries me away. My mortal compass, Has led me to your dais. Your arms open, And embrace me. The God's whisper, Although November. With...Read On


Our Kisses

The variety of kisses with an online lover presented in a very visual, erotic manner.

Our Kisses A kiss hello A gentle kiss A momentary linger "How was your day?" All of our cares disappearing Smiling and laughing As we say a lot of nothing About nothing at all Sometimes just a short chat More to catch up and say hello Sometimes more serious talk Because friends are there For each other A kiss of anticipation A longer kiss Building anticipation ...Read On

Audio version available

Bloody Typical

So near and yet so far...

Cruel bitch! Dream squasher! Fate, Fortune, Destiny... Whatever the fuck her name is? How I loathe her sometimes. ~oOo~ Laughing at my plans, With her turned up nose And that cute, wee smile. That harpie has plans of her own. ~oOo~ Testing me, teasing me, Showing me what I might have, Giving me the merest glimpse Of hope, shining from the darkness. ~oOo~...Read On

Recommended Read

Never Forget

Everyone looks back today, Remembering such great loss, Knowing how much is owed by so many, To so very, very few. But I find myself thinking, Not of what I owe to many, Just of what I owe to one, What I owe to you. You saved me before I knew it, Before you went to war, You saved me from a hard life, Saved me from being poor. I look back as an old woman, To that distant love affair, We...Read On

Blow Soft Kisses

Coffee is much sweeter, When you blow soft kisses. On the Veranda, In early October. As the leaves flutter, From splendid Sycamore The bark caresses, Like a sweater. A mother Cardinal  In a nest of the tree, Whistles a tune As she warms the eggs. Honey bees gather, Last of the nectar. Soon winter upon us, Will bring the fallen snow. A jet plane overhead, Lays a...Read On


My Desire To Have You

I bare your body With a look of love. An intense gaze into Your beautiful eyes. I smell your neck, I taste your skin, Sweet as chocolate. Your body is silken. Your breasts are firm, Your nipples point above And encourage my desire To feel them in my hands. We are two bodies in one, Wanting to make sweet love. The heavens open for us. My desire is infinite. Our orgasms Will fill the ocean....Read On


Shit Happens

Am I still the same man you love, after all I have been through?

Shit happens, or so everyone tells me. Working at the same job for twenty-four years, that would be Enough to drive anyone crazy. So why should I be any different? It was all going well until then, Until June, And then the cracks began to show. Paralysis on the simple things, The things I’ve done several thousand times, Things I could do in my sleep. Does it really take two hours...Read On


The Wonder of You

Ode from an admirer

Whispering softly, your words embrace me, like a gentle siren, luring me towards your inner beauty, your foundry. I wander through your work, discovering your gifts, And with each line, I wonder, amazed how your writing lifts. Whether erotic or teasing, you melt my heart, unknowing, Your metre, a soft breath on my neck - making goose bumps. You are an inspiration, your coppery...Read On


Remembering the days of watching submarine races. Whatever happen to those places in time? Making love on a riverbank and passionate embraces, Of memories in monochrome now in techno color. The high school book bound in leather.  Now with yellowed pages in an old hat box. Joyful tears stream down my face, As I envisioned memories my Auburn hair maiden. 1979 I remember the Senior Prom...Read On


Angel Of Night

Angel of night My guardian near Keep me safe in the darkness While leading my fears. Bring me to danger And sound all my alarms Make me feel physical pain But don’t let me be harmed. Lead my seduction Let me be used I allow humiliation But only by you. Abuse me roughly Make me think I asked for it Nobody will question But I’d never admit, I enjoyed it. Call me names, pull my hair...Read On


Keen Vision For Fine Art

A promising glimpse of thy fairest curtaining...

An eye for that which rates above The rarest art that moves the soul Beholding that deserving grand I have such vision, I am such man. Forsaken eye, which does not see The fairest frames or curtaining I'm blinded not for my remiss But lack of lace and gleaned bodice. Nor that the fore is all I miss The dearth it carries on The eyes tear near to misery Accoutrements are...Read On

I am thankful for my life

This is our journey

I am thankful for my life and I am your devoted wife,  Things have not been easy in our shared life. There have been so many ups and downs, Lots of pain and sadness and lots of frowns. Things that are often hard to explain, So much heartache and lots of pain. Our family we have made is the best, Our child has issues and is not like the rest. But with lots of love and support we are...Read On