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Love Poems


Let's Dance

Come on, Come on Let's dance… Forget everything This is our time Give me your hand Only me and you It's our dance Listen to the music Feel the rhythm The dance floor winks If you want me Let me show you Let's go, and dance It's our dance Hold me, swing me, turn me Kiss me… The laughs, the fun, the music The dance floor is ours But please,  Don't let go… It's our dance ...Read On


My Heart belongs to you

Carrying me into our room, continuing to kiss.  I can hear some soft music playing,  See rose petals scattered over the bed  and the flickering of candles  around the room.  You carry me over and place me softly on the bed  Pulling the ribbon from my hair  Using it cover my eyes  You slowly begin to undress me  Placing feathery kisses  Down my check and neck.  Slowly removing my dress ...Read On



instance heat when two people meet.

Two souls meet Can't deny the heat It simmers and boils with every heart beat One alone One belongs One wants to yield One is afraid to give Should I step away? Do I turn my back and leave my desire to wither? God what raging erupting heat when our eyes meet Our bodies seduce, they devour each other's A slow molten river of want and need A sweet bursting volatile...Read On


Be Happy

"Be happy," he said. Like it's that simple. Like I haven't been trying.  Like saying "be happy" erases that I'm being put on the back-burner again being used as a back-up plan a last-resort when there's nothing better to do Saying "be happy" is supposed to change that he pissed me off again. "Be happy."  I want to be happy.  So desperately that I push too hard,  ask for too much,  move...Read On



Today was busy An opening, dinner and a movie Then a walk along the river Before heading home... Once there it was time to relax, Opening the veranda doors, stepping out Walking over, leaning against the railing, Looking out at the city lights. I hear you walk out Placing two glasses on the table Before walking over to me, “What are you thinking about?” you ask ...Read On


Your Name Is On My Lips

We never stop loving those we have lost.

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Your name is on my lips in the reaches of the night Where the stars anchor my fluttering soul In myriad dreams, Dancing on a tether in galaxies where once you trod Through my darkening heart, A singing zephyr of haunting joy That whispers across my skin And winds ribbons of fading memories through...Read On

The Night Sky

I see you in the night sky.

When I look up at the night sky and look at the moon I see you. I see you when I see the brightest star. Smiling at me, making me feel warm inside. The Night Sky. Bringing a smile to my face and lifting my spirits. A shooting star streaks by and I know it is you. Showing me the direction I must must follow. The Night Sky. I see moon beams stream down from the sky. As I look...Read On


Mirth The Girth

Grab hold and guide, attain your mirth!

Love magic Throbs the pulsing love gadget Sobs to give you glee It's slick glistening "pre" Awaiting thee, thy touch Offering ye mons relief… much This ultimate joy This magic-gadget toy Ahh the ache Tis my heart quake To await, for our sake This union of girl and boy Guide me true My boy-toy given you Wetted blissful dew Our mingled eros stew My sense of you ...Read On


To Be Myself

Can I phone you ? Maybe just a text… Will I get an answer ? Search the wide world. To look for your footprint. Just to get you back. The sun is cold. The moon does not shine. The stars are nothing without you. Can you hear me ? I am calling you !   Like a bird flies. Like a sailing boat on the water. I am coming back to you. You are the one who I want. Is our love gone ? Am...Read On

Loving Thoughts

It has to be fate...

When we are apart, I feel it in my heart. Things are always better, When we are together. The love you share Means that you care. I love when we kiss, It is total bliss. When we make love Our bodies become one. The passion we create Must be our fate. We have been together; It seems like forever. There is no guessing Because our love is a true blessing....Read On


I'll wait forever

Sometimes, when you meet the one, you must wait, for as long as it takes

I met my loving soul mate, but I can't be with her, yet. The waiting, feels like weights on my shoulders. Although, the love makes me feel something. Something, like I never felt before. I can't help, but to love her forever. She is the one, that I can't get enough of. With her love, I can't get her out of my head, or heart. I know now, the love, will always worth the waiting. I...Read On


The Aroma of Autumn

Seasons of the year and how they relate to love, in my eyes,

Autumn is a scent that tickles my nose The crisp breeze in the trees  Reminders of the coming frost  Promising the happy renewal of life Spring-time is lovely Light flowers bloom bright Life returns in vibrant colors Songs float on the breeze Summer is sultry Heavy scents of earth and life  Pealing laughter abounds  Playful times and memories made Winter is chill comfort Icy...Read On


The unseen heart

the divine search for the one.

She's a creature of the night She's the wind and the rain She's the twilight, she's the dawn She slips unseen in between men's dreams Her steps light as the breeze that ripples through the leaves If you look in her eyes you can see the stars and her countless untold dreams, and  her restless search for another's heartbeat The owls haunting call in the dead of the night echos her...Read On


Fire Burning

Finding heat inside one another.

Fire burning, Deep in my soul.  A chunk of coal, Set ablaze by the look in your eyes. Fire burning,  Just beneath my skin.  Tiny nerve endings, Set ablaze by the touch of your fingertips. Fire burning, In every inch of my heart.  Valves, veins and vessels, Set ablaze by the way your lips graze mine. Fire burning, In every inch of you. Hard, merciless, steel, ...Read On

Walk With Me

Let's take a walk into the night....

Will you walk with me, we won't go far; Hold my hand, as we look at the stars. We are walking along the beach; The water is calm and in our reach. My lover gets down on his knee; My darling, I love you, will you marry me? He starts to hum and then he sings; He opens a box and slips on a ring. We start to hug and then we kiss; I am so happy, I cannot resist. He says he will...Read On


I Reached For You

Waking up thinking of a lover and whether she is thinking of you.

I reached for you In my night The softness Of your skin, Your warmth You pulled me closer In our dance Of mutual arousal But, alas, It was merely Restless slumber As I woke I wondered If you also Reached for me In your night Two smiles Our shared Anticipation Until we touch Once...Read On


Thoughts and questions

Laying in my bed Thoughts and questions  Running through my head.  Wondering what the truth is?  Is it what you say to me?  When were by ourselves  Or, how you act in the club  I admit sometimes there is a crossover.  The last time we spoke you  You had some questions  But before I could answer real life called  So I answered you by email.  Now as I wait for you to respond  Wondering what,...Read On


I'm So Bad at This...

I feel them in my chest, Clawing their way through my throat Until they finally reach the tip of my tongue And that's where they stay. Don't ask me what they are Let me show you. Take the kisses from my lips And wrap them around you Let them sip from your cup Until it runs dry. The pounding in your ears Is the song of my soul. You won't hear it in whispered words, But in every gasp...Read On


I Reached For You

Waking up thinking of a lover and whether she is thinking of you.

I reached for you In my night The softness Of your skin, Your warmth You pulled me closer In our dance Of mutual arousal But, alas, It was merely Restless slumber As I woke I wondered If you also Reached for me In your night Two smiles Our shared Anticipation Until we touch ...Read On


Breakfast at Shoney's

bacon and eggs, coffee with sugar and deceit

There was a time almost two winters ago when I had a genuine love, but didn’t know. A silly old man with his hair all gray, he sat at my table every weekend day. I never told him about the young lover in my bed, so why not play a while with the old man’s head? He gave me gifts and kind words to show his affection. For seven months I let his heart move in the wrong direction. One day I...Read On


The Midnight Rider

He mounts his fastest stead A caped rider off in the night He as little time too waste Riding with purpose at midnight. He brings his ride to a halt The first house is that of Gwen Ravages her on the table There's little time to spend. Quickly he rides to the next stop Pretty lass Susie waits at the door Off his ride and he jumps her Then finishes her on the floor. At the manor is the...Read On


The Price We Have To Pay

Not getting too close is the price many pay for those with whom we are closest online.

I miss you The words that flow So naturally The feelings shared So honestly And the little things You say to me That make me smile I want you Anticipation building Of seeing you Your touch, your scent, Your warmth, your taste Where there are No cares Except each other I need you When I'm with you A feeling buried When I'm away We can never  Get too close The price We have to pay And...Read On


A Rude Awakening

I spy with my little eye

Door ajar, a feast for my eyes, She stands with mirror in front,  Jacket eased off and skirt unzipped, Blouse unbuttoned and lace revealed. Breasts I longed to expose and cup,  To hear soft moans upon her breath, Erotic neck and lips so full, Stomach and hips give way to lace. Brassierre unhooked, straps fall down,  Breasts released and nipples erect, Standing, watching, hand massaging. ...Read On


Two lovers

Two lovers find other ways to make love felt.

Upon their bed both do lie Her on her side just right And him right behind Spooned together this tonight. His hand is on her stomach Pulling her closer and tight While she feels his warmth Lying there together tonight. He runs a finger down to her hip She slyly gives him a wiggle Coming back to the special place That always makes her giggle . She turns to face him now Just to...Read On


Love In An Elevator

We did it in an elevator Headed up to seventh floor  His hands were up my skirt While still open were the doors Struggling to get free of him Not wanting to be caught He ripped my panties off my ass As I whimpered out in fraught Pressed me up against the wall His tongue savage in my mouth He held my hands above my head His cock was bulging out Fingers up inside of me ...Read On


101 Words: Watching

Annie should close those curtains!!

Watching Annie in her bed, Pussy dripping, legs well spread. Through the telescope, looking good, My cock now hard as a piece of wood. Does she see me? Don’t think so, Keep my head down, she won’t know. Although suspicious what she does: Awoken by her dildo’s buzz. A naughty girl, that’s for sure, Although I’ve seen it all before. Every night it’s just the same, Come frost or...Read On

Editor's Pick


Upon the midnight, perilous ocean-deep, pour forth and set the world ablaze

A petal falls and comes to float Upon a lake of placid still. Like gentle sway of empty boat, Oblivious to early morning chill. Upon the surface it skims along, Mirrored reflection in tranquil glass. Deaf to melodious dawn chorus-song, A fleeting moment, come to pass. The wisps of cloud that streak the sky, A temperate blessing of heaven's grace. Glowing glorious, canvas upon high....Read On


Together: A Sonnet in 101 Words

Masturbation dreaming of an absent lover

Lying naked on my midnight bed, Curtains open, gazing at the moon. Fingers thrusting ‘tween my legs wide spread, Dreaming of the day I’ll see you soon. I close my eyes and see you, cock in hand, Staring at the same old moon and sky. Your penis throbbing, body fit and tanned, Pumping faster, ready to let fly. Frantic fingers circling on my clit, Coming with a cry, I gasp your name. ...Read On

Moonlight Love

A night in the moonlight.

A cool gentle breeze awoke me in the darkness of the night. The moonlight illuminated the room bathing you in it's glory. Allowing me to see with every breath you took the gentle motion of your breasts. My eyes followed the curve of your body pausing to take in your beauty. As my finger ever so gently followed the curve of your breast as not to wake you there was a pause. The softness...Read On


He Calls Me His

For the one who calls me his

He moves me He sucks me  He pulls me He fucks me Deep Long He stirs me  He flips me He fills me He turns me Out On  He owns me He rules me He gives me He guides me Up  Down He ties me He locks me He bites me He spanks me Hard Strong He tells me He hears me He sees me He calls me His...Read On