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Love Poems


101 Words: How Many Do I Need To Say

How many ways can I say I love you?

How many words must I say? To let you know I wish to play. To have you in my bed to lay. I cannot wait another day.   Can I make you understand? How I adore your gentle hand. How sex with you was ever grand. As we loved on beaches sand.   Would you take my offered ring? Would your joyful smile sing? Would you fulfill my happy dream? And give me all the love you bring?   So...Read On



I saw you today. For a moment, it was fleeting. Our eyes didn't meet, and then you slipped away. Your lyrical voice just keeps repeating But I can never remember what you would say. Each time this happens, you wear a mask. But you remain timeless to the core. Keeping me within sights is an unnerving task. Dragging memories in my mind to the fore. I shiver, and I could swear I felt you....Read On


Love's Dream

For causing me to believe again.. thank you.. you know who you are...

As morning light my window breaks Warm sunbeams dance and wash my face With fairy fingers fine as lace My only thought is you Was it just a dream supposed Above us moon lit silver rose As blood red lips firm kisses showed The needs of our embrace Your body alabaster white Hair flowed bright orange in that light Soft full breasts so milky white Firm fondling in my hands Pale petal rose...Read On


It's That Feeling

You are my gift The stars must have been aligned Do I believe in fate? Maybe my karma was just right I just feel so lucky  Like I've drawn a royal flush It's like when the line is cast And you pull out the biggest fish The feeling that you get when you sit down to eat And you're served a scrumptious dish The smile when you find a shiny penny And you make the wildest wish Can you...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 3

Schoolboy can't control himself when his teacher touches his cock

Teacher’s hand upon my cock, Oh my God! What a shock! My cock before, had never been touched, Her tiny hand, my manhood clutched. My eyes, they rolled into my head, Resistance? There was not a shred. A little spurt, and then some more, Ejaculation on the floor. Laughter now, all around, My thick white spunk laid on the ground. And teacher’s hand was wet with it, Still pumping out -...Read On


The Storm

Lightning lit up the street My naked soul wants without doubt, simply to be with you The rain hits against my window It is music to my heart You are the love of my live The smell of rain and soil Reminds me of you I want to be part of your life Allow me to give myself to you Like the spring rain Fresh and exciting With lust and desire hidden inside me You made me yours With...Read On


Wild Nature

For the one who inspires me and who is always on my mind

Wild Nature Snowflakes falling River flowing  Coyotes howling  Campfire burning  Full moon rising  One thing missing  Juliana  Snowflakes Each one unique  No two the same  Hard to fathom  Fascinating  Just like  Juliana Rivers Making their own path  Flowing freely  Ever changing  Full of life  Just like  Juliana Coyotes Wild at night  Howling with desire  Always there  Not...Read On


The love junkie

For some the need of love becomes a driving force that destroys

This sweet addiction we call love Burning into our lives out of control Lust rages in our veins till we plunge the needle A delightful rush of fire then all is well Passion ignites Desire blooms Mad insane, it drives us to our doom Hearts broken bursting at their seams Too quick to believe as the addiction sets in No fairy tale is this illusion made from No prince waiting...Read On

Moving on

I guess it's time to move on

Today you're here, and tomorrow you're gone,  I guess you decided, you must move on. We were together, for so many years, All that's left, are so many tears. I still don't understand, and I am trying to cope, Why you left me, is there any hope? You said, you loved me, and I believed you, Obviously, you lied, and now it's untrue. All I feel, is sadness and pain, Everything is so dark, and...Read On


Hands of Time

People say time heals you, Recovers what the past had the nerve to break, But I see that before we were through, There was that time at the lake. I wouldn't have known what to do, About this attraction between us two, Had you not slipped alongside me, Then whispered "You'd better be free." Your beauty overcame me, Your simple airs and grace, Everyone we met could see, That allure upon...Read On



For him.. Welcome back baby

Skin on skin Lips on lips  Soft caressing fingertips Probing tongues Legs entwined  Bucking hips Pelvic grinds Raspy whispers Soft demands Anything for my man Wetness drips  Cock in grip Ride on top Hands on hips  Grinding clit Nipples pinched  One swift move  Body flips  On my knees From behind Between my cheeks Muffled cries Drives in deep  Slaps...Read On


Pole Top

Open your eyes, possess the prize...

From top the pole On hover high Clenched in hold Oblique the thigh Sirius summons Vortex beckoned  His hardening hearkened  Diva's cunning Rhapsodizing... hypnotized  Her reverie surprise Revelations on the rise Perusing, hand-cruising his prize! On slow descent Each muscle spent His eros assent Her plied foment Her circular motion A lacy potion His...Read On


My Dream Lover

You come to me in the depth of the night The darkness robbing me of my sight. Raining soft kisses upon my skin I know that the fantasy is about to begin. Waking me from my deepest slumber, Another night’s sleep torn asunder. The beat of your heart, the warmth of your love The touch of your hand as soft as a dove. You slowly undress me rending me bare, I’m naked before you without...Read On


Girl Kiss

Thank you for the kiss I surely would have missed The taste like spicy cinnamon Kissed soft upon my lips You caught me all alone Pressed me up against the wall  I didn't see it coming I'd never kissed a girl at all  Lashes long and thick Green eyes lined up like a cat Dimples grace your cheeks Tits and ass round and stacked Long, soft mocha hair  Tendrils fall around my face ...Read On


Waiting For Spring

Sometimes, we all feel like a sentimental idiot. But we do feel...

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hard sunlight upon crystal snow, A frozen realm where love won't grow. Daffodil shoot in stasis now, A sleeping bulb, e'er green its brow. In witching hour, this heart is caught, With no light now or lesson taught, And no fruit brought from springtime bloom, Existence only winter gloom. ...Read On



Always me... always me that has done wrong. Well you are wrong, mr perfect.

Time stood still As you walked away from me All I could hear were your footsteps Confident, happy, relieved Time stood still As you uttered those words “I don’t want you.” But my heart will not break this time This time I walk away With my head held high Knowing that I can do better That I have done better I will survive this And be better for it I will find that special someone That...Read On


Face Of Love

I wrote this for the woman I truly love; she wanted me to post it.

Your body next to mine, has such a calming effect,  and extremely arousing, all at the same time. When I look into your blue eyes, they draw me deeply in, letting our souls unite, with the feeling we are one. The feel of your soft warm skin, on my fingertips,  as I glide them, over your sensitive skin. Causing, a feeling of utmost desire; flowing through my entire body. Your natural...Read On


I Know You Have Needs

This short poem about desire and domination, written for a girl, came to me one morning recently.

I know you have the need For me to take the lead Satisfaction is our creed Your cries I do not heed My stories you want to read About our sexual greed Sweat forms a bead Desire leaves bodies keyed Inhibitions don't impede When I do the dirty deed White, Asian, Ebony, Swede I know do you have the need My thrusts reach top speed You long to feel my seed You climax as you plead We have done...Read On



We were young when we first came, With throbbing hearts and beating drum, But now we're old, we're here again, We've brought our drum beat once again.  We met and danced the night away, At the club down by the quay, So much sadness came to pass, Life sent us both a different way. It was years before again we met, Funny how we each found our regret, Never having held so tight, And tried...Read On


Our Session

Walking in Preparing for our session  Removing my clothes  And folding them  Placing them neatly in a pile on the floor. Thinking about what you told me When you were telling me  About how the sessions would be carried out, why I would be naked. You said that to truly submit Means giving oneself  Wholly, completely  Thus the clothes  being a symbolic barricade  Somewhere to hide. ...Read On


The Catalyst

For years you've listened quietly To desires in your mind You've wondered all along If you'd ever find That person that would take your hand And free your lonely beast  The catalyst of your life The one to set you free Baby, I'm here to tell you.. your catalyst is me I will the one.. the one to bring you out Walking hand in hand into unchartered route Together...Read On


Take Me on the Beach

Some girls want to be taken TO the beach...others prefer to be taken ON the beach!

We’re separated far too often lately Life’s hard when we are often miles apart I think it’s time to run away together And finish what we often fail to start Let’s head down to the beach and stay forever Let’s fly until we land under the sun Let’s get each other naked in the water And finish what we haven’t yet begun. We need to hide away out at the beach house And let our...Read On

My sweet dear friend

I thought we would would be together forever

We were together, for a little while;  I think about you, and the way you smiled. We were friends forever, until that night; That dreadful night, you lost your life. When I got the phone call, it was so surreal, I was numb, and shocked could this be real? My best friend, who I loved with all my heart; Was taken from me, and now we are apart. Sometimes, I hear your voice, and...Read On



there are no words

The surprise is I was not surprised when you stepped into my path. Visions of hot, striving bodies flashed through my mind. Your mouth owning open and willing lips. Your fingers twined with mine. Your erect length pinning me to crisp white sheets. My entire being enthralled, captured, at the mercy of your body Every moment perfect. Every breath shared between us. ...Read On

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How easy it seems to some To vent thoughts that should remain Deep within the locked treasure chest of bygones What was shared belongs only to them It should not boggle the minds of others Hence, what thrives the blood That flows within hard aching veins Seems to delight the eyes of others These hearts that reach and feed From the hurt and pain, shame, guilt maybe ...Read On



You said you loved me. I know I loved you. You don't love me any more. Yet I never lied to you. Your love was just you saying you did, Displaying it to the world, Never really trusting, But outright lying to me. Your love started off sweet, Tender, caring and serene, Yet grew dark and twisted, Quite cruel at its worst. Your love started off as love, But was tainted by some whore, Who...Read On


Only Words

Some say I have a way with words. When I'm feeling good about myself, I might even agree. But there are times when I fail, Far too many times. I trip and stumble, and fall flat on my face. I forget to express just how much you mean to me. I lose confidence or focus, or that piece of humanity I need. I forget just how special and precious you truly are, How what we have is so tender and...Read On

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There is never just one line...

How her heart breaks Like the broken wings Of a sad little butterfly She is fragile And needs his arms around her Like a shield against the pain But he is gone Lost to her in another life Another world Where she can never intrude Alone She reaches for him; In the arms of so many others But they cannot fill the void Can never fix the broken shell of her heart ...Read On



May creativity in stroking be most provoking

Enraptured, captured, tethered to glee,  Boundless, soundless, euphoric with thee,  At your service mademoiselle,  Who writes with the fluid and grace of gazelle. An intrigue surrounds you,  It pleasures my mind,  A rare jewel, a Lotus, a destiny find! I'm moved like a brush at the dip, at the stroke,  Your own languid motion,  My Eros provoked. Do we paint by the...Read On


Eternal Love

See and hear me That's all I ask of you Your heart and nothing more It was not into my ear you whispered But in my heart You have your name engraved on my heart. Wear me, at times that I fall Even when we fight, you and I I know you are there for me I laugh, cry, hope, desire Our love is more than love You have your name engraved on my heart. Your body makes my body rebel ...Read On