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Love Poems



You said you loved me. I know I loved you. You don't love me any more. Yet I never lied to you. Your love was just you saying you did, Displaying it to the world, Never really trusting, But outright lying to me. Your love started off sweet, Tender, caring and serene, Yet grew dark and twisted, Quite cruel at its worst. Your love started off as love, But was tainted by some whore, Who...Read On


Only Words

Some say I have a way with words. When I'm feeling good about myself, I might even agree. But there are times when I fail, Far too many times. I trip and stumble, and fall flat on my face. I forget to express just how much you mean to me. I lose confidence or focus, or that piece of humanity I need. I forget just how special and precious you truly are, How what we have is so tender and...Read On

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There is never just one line...

How her heart breaks Like the broken wings Of a sad little butterfly She is fragile And needs his arms around her Like a shield against the pain But he is gone Lost to her in another life Another world Where she can never intrude Alone She reaches for him; In the arms of so many others But they cannot fill the void Can never fix the broken shell of her heart ...Read On



May creativity in stroking be most provoking

Enraptured, captured, tethered to glee,  Boundless, soundless, euphoric with thee,  At your service mademoiselle,  Who writes with the fluid and grace of gazelle. An intrigue surrounds you,  It pleasures my mind,  A rare jewel, a Lotus, a destiny find! I'm moved like a brush at the dip, at the stroke,  Your own languid motion,  My Eros provoked. Do we paint by the...Read On


Eternal Love

See and hear me That's all I ask of you Your heart and nothing more It was not into my ear you whispered But in my heart You have your name engraved on my heart. Wear me, at times that I fall Even when we fight, you and I I know you are there for me I laugh, cry, hope, desire Our love is more than love You have your name engraved on my heart. Your body makes my body rebel ...Read On


Pussy Worship

My heavenly pursuit

Pussy Worship I do worship you Bow down to you On my knees Crawling between your legs Starting from your toes Licking up your legs Sucking your soft inner thighs Your pussy held above for my devotion I make my offering Confessing to you my great need Praying for my sweet redemption Found only in your heavenly pussy Knelt before you, looking up at splendor You place...Read On


Counting Stars

We lie here, Side by side, Looking up. Vast dark sky, Lit by tiny points, Twinkles everywhere. Cat and Turtle, Unexpected sisters, Big and little. You hold me, Safe by you, Trusting. - Cuddled against you, Held by your side, Held in your heart, Counting stars. You came from nowhere, So did I, But I like nowhere, It brings me good things. I wouldn't be without you, Batcat of...Read On


Desire unrestrained

It's only getting harder The longer this goes on.  Who knew our encounter Would evoke feelings so strong? In me at least.  This can't be wrong.  Inside, outside your beauty is clear.  The question is where can I go from here.  Yes, I'm addicted to you. ...Read On



We walk towards each other  Tentative in our steps Wondering if we've hurt the other Our hearts have been in such a fret Quiet words are spoken As hearts sadness begins to lift Yesterday my heart was broken Because I thought you'd gone adrift I am sorry, it's my fault Don't be sorry, the fault is mine I never meant to hurt you  The words are are spoke in chime Do you want to...Read On


Where Pleasure Lies

My first ever love poem, a form that I have struggled with, so I hope you like it.

In the early light of dawn you stir from your rest,  Your body warm and soft, your back against my chest  My hardness rises, into the cleft  Where pleasure lies. Kisses run down your spine, reaching lower, searching,  Reaching and touching, finding, tasting  And sucking that tender nub  Where pleasure lies Groans fill my ears, breath now a rasp,  Your body tensing, ready to grasp,  ...Read On


Three Little Kobe Fish

Woman laments her husbands departure

Three little kobe fish swimming in a pool Shawl on her shoulder the days rather cool Sitting and watching the waters gentle waves Doppled sunlight reflects, her thoughts were to save A book of poetry rests there in her hand As her husband is off again, gone overland A gift from her lover and her best friend Testament of their love will never ever end He left her this morn long...Read On


Blue Monday

Yesterday was not our best  Today my heart is blue  My heart is hurting in it's core Was I wrong or was it you? It doesn't matter anymore Last night when we said good night Both our hearts were sore Does it really matter who was right? Do we have to chew this anymore? What am I to do when I feel misunderstood? What are you to do when I'm hard to understand? I didn't...Read On



Wanderlust, Happens when you leave me, You walk away and need to go, You take your love, You forsake my lust, You let me go and Wanderlust takes over. Wanderlust, Pulls me forward, Away whilst you are gone, I can't stay still, Wanderlust consumes me, The way you don't. Wanderlust, Brings me to my knees, The ground in the pouring rain, Lost without you, Though the need to be free, Collars...Read On

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The Never Farewell

a reminder to speak love

She lit a candle. Read some words. I listened as she grieved Private moments shared, Wild togetherness That would never be again. She spoke of travels And poetry, Of music And slow kitchen dances. Tears fell for moments lost to love Because of marriages long dead But still binding. She wept for the husband of her heart. Suddenly gone. Eulogized in...Read On



We're going to play a game You are going to obey I'm going to push your boundaries Find out how your made I want you to reveal yourself To hide nothing when I delve To give me all your secrets To open up your well You may begin to feel uncomfortable You might feel shaky and unstable I will lead your mind and body To where you thought you were unable I feel you are reluctant,...Read On


Her Naughty Nature

Inspired by Soleil's Creature of Complexity poem...and most helpfully edited by her

The sun, the moon, the stars She likes honky tonks and bars Little mountain bear cubs She's dancing in strip clubs Spring flowers scent the air She's flirting everywhere Rivers, mountains, trees  She's crawling to me on her knees Oceans, beach and sand She has exploratory hand The elk, the deer, the bear She has lovely pussy hair The squirrel, the fox, the hare She's taking up the dare...Read On



there is only you

come to me softly and peer intently into the deep, dark of my love for you. I hide it here where no one will see how passionate the longing, how beautiful the song, how long this forever truly is. come to me quietly and drink deeply of this sweet, cool well. I offer it freely but only to one who knows how unlimited the desire, how joyful the offer, how hard-won...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 2

Schoolboy can't control himself when he's sent to the front of the class

Screeching girls, heart aflutter, Teacher seeing, words did stutter. Purple bell end, sticking out, From out my clothes, my dick did sprout. First consumed by cloud of fear, But something else, not quite clear. A new sensation: great appeal, My body filled by thrilling feel. A sudden impulse taking hold, Could I really be so bold? What would happen if I did, Of my clothes,...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 1

Schoolboy can't control himself when teacher bends over

Standing up in front of class, Not my fault - my teacher's ass! Bent right over in front of me, Eyes popped out what could I see? Skirt so short, no pubic hair! How the hell could I not stare? Dreams of standing right behind, My probing cock - would she mind? Eyes still staring, caught in a trance, Inflating, throbbing, stretching pants. I think I groaned, as she turned round, ...Read On


Just say you're mine

I think I'd die a thousand deaths if you would just say you're mine

Way down deep in the depths of darkest coal Is a name whose claim to fame is the seizing of my soul Golden pools of piercing eyes Entwine with time and divide My thinking thoughts from flaming feeling till I'm reeling in time. Your touch divine, my skin on fire Till every ember burns bright I think I'd die a thousand deaths if you would just say you're mine I'd slip behind...Read On

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Close To Me

Distance means nothing

I lie in the dark, thinking of him and calling forth his handsome face, Remembering the way his eyes smoulder as he looks into mine And how that smile lifts his lips and changes his expression. I bite my lip and he’s suddenly serious, drawing in his breath. * My body warm, under bed covers, I smooth my palms over my belly, Hugging, stroking and touching, just the way that...Read On



Pain, it flows in the form of tears down her cheeks. He asks what's wrong, but doesn't press. She knows she needs to tell him, But she doesn't have the strength. He hates watching her cry, He knows she will tell him, but he waits. Every time she hears him, it gets a little harder, But she waits. Pain, it flows in the form of tears down his cheeks....Read On


Just Breathe

No matter how long it's been, there are some days I just can't get over how much I miss him...

There are days When it's incredibly Difficult to get out of bed And put one foot in front of the other. Those are the days I miss you the most because You, and you alone, Always were the one Who gave me Air to breathe....Read On


Drink Deeply

Conversant erotica converts...

Lesson 1). A Ritual Cleansing: And rain from the Mountain King Shall wash down on you as a nourishing honey mead, Nectar of the Gods, While from the shadows his thunder rod will rise exposed. You'll offer your cave as shelter And bring forth sweet glistening honey dew for his enchantment And forevermore bind him in your spell. You'll milk his steely shaft and sanctify...Read On


Painter Of Your Dream

As you drift off to sleep Just let your dream take you To your own little world Where only you can be The painter of your dream The paintbrush ... You can choose how your dream will look The colours … Will be the image of your dream The canvas … Will give you the portrait of your dream Paint your thoughts As you drift far away Into your own creation The picture only you can see ...Read On


The beauty of your garden

The beauty of your garden   Your hair hangs in your face,   like a weeping willow tree   that blows and shimmers in the wind.   I use my fingers to brush it out of way.   I see the eyes reflect the sunlight like pools of water,   that my soul gets lost therein.   Your voice is like a beautiful nightingale song,   ...Read On


Where do I belong?

Low on a list of loves and lusts and fucks

Cast in a black shadow of disregard Your apathetic attitude leaving scores of scars Undefined and undermined and undesired Feeling fortified with clouds of lies Until my eyes grow tired Can't control the holes in your soul Can't even locate mine Can't be more beautiful, more sensual More in tune with your time.  Can't handle all the evidence that points to where I belong  ...Read On


A loving Gamble on a Chelle

Still waiting to see how this turns out. Haven't actually met her yet.

  I walked for years along the sea, Praying there would someday be, Someone who would rescue me, From all the seaweed and debris, Of what has been my life. Then one day as the tide did swell, I happened upon a beautiful Chelle. I picked it up and held it near, And heard more than the ocean in my ear, I heard true love as well. Is she the one with whom I'l spend my life? ...Read On


Little Goth Girl

Goth hitchhiker renews a couples love.

A man and wife were on vacation Driving down some state byway They just sat there most quietly Looking at corn and and fields of hay. In their early marriage, their younger years They were quite sexually diverse Threesomes and swapping was the norm But a sexual rut was now their curse. When beside the road they spied A Little Goth Girl hitching a ride Stop and get her his wife said So he...Read On

Wizen Sage

A wizen sage whispered to me Be that what you am... I be ~  The quill can be the most lonely If the ink well is quick sand... I'm not ~  I once met a traveler on my journey He knew everything... Nothing more ~ The quill can be the most lonely If the ink well is quick sand... I'm not ~ If it's in the realm of everything Then one surely can... With dreams ~ The quill can...Read On