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Love Poems


I Reached For You

Waking up thinking of a lover and whether she is thinking of you.

I reached for you In my night The softness Of your skin, Your warmth You pulled me closer In our dance Of mutual arousal But, alas, It was merely Restless slumber As I woke I wondered If you also Reached for me In your night Two smiles Our shared Anticipation Until we touch ...Read On


Breakfast at Shoney's

bacon and eggs, coffee with sugar and deceit

There was a time almost two winters ago when I had a genuine love, but didn’t know. A silly old man with his hair all gray, he sat at my table every weekend day. I never told him about the young lover in my bed, so why not play a while with the old man’s head? He gave me gifts and kind words to show his affection. For seven months I let his heart move in the wrong direction. One day I...Read On


The Midnight Rider

He mounts his fastest stead A caped rider off in the night He as little time too waste Riding with purpose at midnight. He brings his ride to a halt The first house is that of Gwen Ravages her on the table There's little time to spend. Quickly he rides to the next stop Pretty lass Susie waits at the door Off his ride and he jumps her Then finishes her on the floor. At the manor is the...Read On


The Price We Have To Pay

Not getting too close is the price many pay for those with whom we are closest online.

I miss you The words that flow So naturally The feelings shared So honestly And the little things You say to me That make me smile I want you Anticipation building Of seeing you Your touch, your scent, Your warmth, your taste Where there are No cares Except each other I need you When I'm with you A feeling buried When I'm away We can never  Get too close The price We have to pay And...Read On


A Rude Awakening

I spy with my little eye

Door ajar, a feast for my eyes, She stands with mirror in front,  Jacket eased off and skirt unzipped, Blouse unbuttoned and lace revealed. Breasts I longed to expose and cup,  To hear soft moans upon her breath, Erotic neck and lips so full, Stomach and hips give way to lace. Brassierre unhooked, straps fall down,  Breasts released and nipples erect, Standing, watching, hand massaging. ...Read On


Two lovers

Two lovers find other ways to make love felt.

Upon their bed both do lie Her on her side just right And him right behind Spooned together this tonight. His hand is on her stomach Pulling her closer and tight While she feels his warmth Lying there together tonight. He runs a finger down to her hip She slyly gives him a wiggle Coming back to the special place That always makes her giggle . She turns to face him now Just to...Read On


Love In An Elevator

We did it in an elevator Headed up to seventh floor  His hands were up my skirt While still open were the doors Struggling to get free of him Not wanting to be caught He ripped my panties off my ass As I whimpered out in fraught Pressed me up against the wall His tongue savage in my mouth He held my hands above my head His cock was bulging out Fingers up inside of me ...Read On


101 Words: Watching

Annie should close those curtains!!

Watching Annie in her bed, Pussy dripping, legs well spread. Through the telescope, looking good, My cock now hard as a piece of wood. Does she see me? Don’t think so, Keep my head down, she won’t know. Although suspicious what she does: Awoken by her dildo’s buzz. A naughty girl, that’s for sure, Although I’ve seen it all before. Every night it’s just the same, Come frost or...Read On

Editor's Pick


Upon the midnight, perilous ocean-deep, pour forth and set the world ablaze

A petal falls and comes to float Upon a lake of placid still. Like gentle sway of empty boat, Oblivious to early morning chill. Upon the surface it skims along, Mirrored reflection in tranquil glass. Deaf to melodious dawn chorus-song, A fleeting moment, come to pass. The wisps of cloud that streak the sky, A temperate blessing of heaven's grace. Glowing glorious, canvas upon high....Read On


Together: A Sonnet in 101 Words

Masturbation dreaming of an absent lover

Lying naked on my midnight bed, Curtains open, gazing at the moon. Fingers thrusting ‘tween my legs wide spread, Dreaming of the day I’ll see you soon. I close my eyes and see you, cock in hand, Staring at the same old moon and sky. Your penis throbbing, body fit and tanned, Pumping faster, ready to let fly. Frantic fingers circling on my clit, Coming with a cry, I gasp your name. ...Read On

Moonlight Love

A night in the moonlight.

A cool gentle breeze awoke me in the darkness of the night. The moonlight illuminated the room bathing you in it's glory. Allowing me to see with every breath you took the gentle motion of your breasts. My eyes followed the curve of your body pausing to take in your beauty. As my finger ever so gently followed the curve of your breast as not to wake you there was a pause. The softness...Read On


He Calls Me His

For the one who calls me his

He moves me He sucks me  He pulls me He fucks me Deep Long He stirs me  He flips me He fills me He turns me Out On  He owns me He rules me He gives me He guides me Up  Down He ties me He locks me He bites me He spanks me Hard Strong He tells me He hears me He sees me He calls me His...Read On


As You Desire, As You Request... My Fire

And so as you request, thy desires I offer to fulfill to thrill.

I present to thee as ye to me,  A history of form and function,  A perfected him before perfect her,  We both do dare this juncture of dance  Where layers lay bare to caring stare and circumstance, And strum of digit, hum of lips,  Sips from dripping honeyed hips, Our offered symbol, confident trust,  Swaying thus a gentle thrust,  As God intended, all is splendid… harmony. ...Read On


Mister Everything

Tell me I am beautiful  And I will flash a smile Make me laugh and giggle Keep me guessing for awhile Give my mind a tickle Mr. Shy, need not apply  My nature can be fickle  But I like my man agile To find you irresistible  You must be clever mixed with charm Seducing me with words Set off four alarms Tell me you adore I will blush and squirm  Begin to be a bore ...Read On


Mounting The Future

The promise of future healing arousal awaits

Swept all else to backdraft voids My past… flowing close to following Never-the-less eros prevails As pain takes backseat to hearts hollowing You, the keeper of steps forward Filling the now-empty with your sensual ache Regret not experiences taught Proffered lusts promised, mine to take Fever's heat, drying saline blur  Taking to the street on sleek machine Your tight...Read On



You are everything I could ever need.

You are always there, Never leaving my side. You only see the best in me, Not allowing me to hide. You easily forgive, When I’m the one to blame. You truly believe in me, But all I feel is shame. You are strong and reliable, In the times I need you most. You are kind and understanding, Not the type that would boast. You fully trust me, Even though I’ve let you down. ...Read On


The Screened In Porch

Love on a screened in porch

My wife is resting on the lounge Reading the book that she has found I'm on the swing Evilness I bring Would you mind if I come around? Over her text she did now look I'd rather keep reading my book Stay there you see Don't come near me If you do your goose will be cooked I rise from my perch upon the swing Walk to her, wicked thoughts I bring Hand upon her thigh She gives the evil eye...Read On

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Spilling your fears, Then painting false humor, You slink into the night. As if it never happened. As if you’d never before parted your lips Or stolen the air. Blind, I follow. Stumbling through shadows, Bound to your footsteps. Inhale. Exhale. Shallow fires of breath. I step forth, Whispering your name Into the heavy quiet. Lines of gloom shift As your body turns, ...Read On


How Much Do I Love You

All I need is him

How much do I love you? That causes me to pause And try to quantify. I love you enough to watch NFL football On Thursday, Sunday and Monday, And even college football on Friday and Saturday. I love you enough to watch baseball (yawn) Or go to hockey games and watch them Even though they are on television Practically every day of the week. I love you enough to watch...Read On


Pussy Worship

Yeah, I'm all about it I'm a grown ass woman My kitty purrs when worshipped  I don't fuck around with half ass I don't fuck around with two bit This ain't kindergarten class You either know it or you don't So you better learn the arts You should be well educated On all her bits and parts You should know what does what It will get you very far You should excersise...Read On


Crumbs In My Bed

There are crumbs in the bed, In the spot where he laid. And the moon casts a shadow, Where love once was made. And the clock shines the hour, As the night turns to day. But the sun has no power, Over what is now gray. Mascara stains the pillow; Tiny footprints of pain. A battle was fought, Yet nothing was gained. Each night the moon returns, And once again casts shade....Read On


Lonely Heart

My poems are a reflection of my life.. they are Me as I am.

It's true that every young girl is a dreamer She dreams each day to give her heart away For Love so true it takes her to the heavens Love's aching loneliness she'll kiss away I've known the best that Love can surely offer Been past the joys of Love's extremities I've been around the stars so many times now I quite forgot how lonely one can be I sit and watch the rain lash on my window...Read On


He left her today

Woman deals with the loss of her husband

He left her today She sits back in the car The ride back to their home Really isn't very far. He left her today Helped out by her son Said they couldn't help him That nothing could be done. He left her today The doctors tried their best The cancer gone too far It was best let him rest. He left her today House full of people sounds Not a word did she hear Loneliness knew no bounds. He...Read On



she motivates me

Motivation You are my sexual motivation You on mental rotation Raising me high. I love being between your thighs Putting a roll in your eyes And it starts with the lick of your lips..... As your tongue grazes your lips My mind starts to slip And I just want to embrace your lip, Put my hands around your hips. Let our tongues dance As we fall into a trance And our body began to...Read On


Under the stars

Stranger, to make my world go wild.

Standing here, Under the stars. Wondering how it will be, To make love to you. A Stranger… A fantasy will come true. So many feelings, Build inside. Want to scream it out ! Will someone understand ? Only a game, to play… No one needs to know. For a moment there… I wish we were, under the stars, Wishing upon a star. To be with you. A Stranger… To make my world...Read On


My Geordie

Falling in love over the internet

I turn off my laptop Straighten my bed. Clean up my toys And just shake my head. Can this be happening? Especially to me..... With someone so special How can it possibly be? You're miles away So is this really real? I have to shake my head Over how deeply I feel. It's been a year now Since we first met Your passion won me over And that I won't regret. My head tells me I'm stupid That to...Read On


Make the storm go away

Abandoned girl finds shelter during a storm

He out ran the storm But the day was still clear He finished tying her up Soon it would be here. He walked down the street The Pelican for a cold brew He sat on a corner seat Then ordered some shrimp too. In walked a girl so small Yellow was her top stringed White shorts she also wore A duffel also did she bring. She sat down on the stool Next to him, round the corner She looked at...Read On


Creature of Complexity

Ooo the joys of being a woman :)

He likes it when I am dirty And also when I'm sweet  When I'm warm and cuddly And my fiery heat He likes that I obey him And also speak my mind When I very bold  And when I'm feeling shy He likes when I demand my needs And also when I submit to his When I say that I'm his slut forever And when I beg he suck my clit He likes when I wear cowboy boots And also my stiletto heels ...Read On


And I Love You

His words cut like a knife...

I've been with someone Who knocked me down Every time I attempted to get up, And I really hope that Whatever I am doing Is not a disappointment to you or That I fail to meet your expectations, Because that just hurts too damn much. So no matter how what you said upsets me, You've always made me feel as though I’m worth something, Worth anything, But most...Read On

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Hush, Heart

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hush, heart, And look for sunshine; Slide the pain away into waterfalls of tears That flow to the sea of Nothing Where white horses gallop away to distant lands And bear away Emptiness From your life. Hope, heart, And long for love; Grasp the dream that bursts forth Into bloom in the dawn of...Read On