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Love Poems


The Midnight Dance

A lady's wish.

Her hair midnight blue, her skin alabaster white under the moons soft light. In a place where the breeze whispers to the trees, and the fireflies dance in the night you will see her standing there, Waiting for a lover that never appears, listening to music only she can hear. The moon holds its breath as she dips and sways, each movement one of grace. For in this place she can see...Read On

Puddle of Envy

The taste of those lips, forbidden terrain Eyes gaze at words created from Love or Grief Wanting to feel such sublime bliss or shunning the pain Never a word spoken all emotion orphan No home to seek warm comfort, loving embrace The scent of alone, morning , noon and night That is what some may think Others know better, preferring to overlook ...Read On


Faithful Friend Fallen

To the one who came back...

Faithful friend, Long-standing companion, I hate to see that you have fallen, Fallen out of love of life, Since someone broke your heart. I know what you feel isn't easy, A love so deep and strong, Suddenly pulled away from under you, With a swift yet painful ceasing. Over. Final. Gone. Though I am not a knight in armour shining, And don't ride upon noble steed, I am the ever present...Read On


Eternal Cravings

Eternal cravings  For which I am prisoner of Damned forever to body's lust Fires burn with dreams of touch To feel his love upon my kiss Greedy mouth rapes my lips His demanding touch of finger tips Engraves his name upon my skin Bodies heated, my skin is flushed I open up to meet his thrust Breathing in the scent of him Intoxicates my soul within Bodies twist,...Read On



In the mist of the winter morning Gentle as a breeze A bud appears Time passes Its secrets will unfold Dark red, blood red the centre holds The bloom strengthens You're beautiful as a rose in full maturity Now a glow of summer lights In full bloom it's a true colour shower How sad when the blossoms Wild flowers fade in time A solitary stem drooping in the breeze ...Read On


Fire Fairy

For H. Wherever you are.

Fire fairy in the autumn night.  My fate has dimmed the candlelight.  You wait for my mistake .  The darkness is your sole disguise.  When candle flames they reach your eyes,  and we are both awake. Slowly you move along the walls.  The movement of your body calls  for mine to respond.  Your amber eyes exploring me,  your lily-hands imploring me,  to follow you beyond. I pause to wonder...Read On


Your essence

My wicked tongue tantalizes your bud

I want your legs draped over my shoulders As my tongue teases your rosebud Your breath wanting and breathless Your hands pulling me in closer Your nails digging into my back So deep I feel you may leave scratch marks As my hands grasp your thighs My face buried between your legs As your hand presses me deep into you Holding me in place My nose filled with your sweet scent My tongue...Read On


What Have You Done To Me?

It's my time now to love ME more than I love you.

What have you done to me? You made this old heart new. Renewed me, restored me, Wore me down and left me broken in two. What have you done to me? You awakened a joy hidden deep within. Unleashed my desire, provided unquenchable fire, Destroyed my faith in men. What have you done to me? You made me love you. Confined me to your little locked cage with openings for the world to view, ...Read On


The Way It Goes

Just goes to show you when you’re motivated by lust; Your brain is the only body part that you can trust. All of the rest has gone haywire; Just raging hormones filled with desire. Logic is all that you can depend on; Especially when he sings the same old song. If it’s yellow and quacks it’s probably a duck; He keeps running back because I’m such a good fuck. Says a bunch of shit he...Read On


My One And Only Master

Just something I needed to get off my chest about him

My one and only master; Who stole my heart From the moment We first talked. Who I have belonged to for three years now. He is the one and only man I really want to please. If it weren't for Him I wouldn't even know Who I am as a person. I am glad I got to know Him; My one and only master. He who stole my heart; My one and only master. Who I love with all my heart ...Read On


Tide Of Love

Sitting on my beach, staring out across the sea, dreaming of you.

I remember all the times I have slept so sound beside you Your lips would wake me to the morn Your name I'd cry out to the dawn From the harbour of my heart My young love sets forth to find you My heart it sails across the sea Recalling lovers's memories All the drifting hours apart Will be gone my love forever Beside our fire upon the shore I will return to you once more The flowing tide...Read On


My World

My world is very quiet And secret place But some how when I made my world I left a great big space I couldn’t think what was missing So I planned it out again I couldn’t seem to fill that space Though I tried and tried again My heart has been divided out In many different ways A bit for love And a bit for care And some to warm my winters days And then...Read On



what breaking up feels like

I hear his voice whisper, "I've met someone else, you see." And my heart gave a lurch and my body jerked, and tears fell like rain. It is always the same this sweet little stabbing pain. This twisted little knife that love welded. So he cut the tether that held us together, Set me adrift in a sea with no end, Where storm clouds of loneliness loom and the thunder of I wonder who. ...Read On

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Words tumble from my tongue,   Breaking and burdening the breeze.  Things I never meant to say, Sounds that should not have met my lips.    Pooling in the ether, Wavering before you,   Dancing like bait, My edible heart.    Everything I can't say and all the things that I can, Swarming the silence, Tangling in time.    Mind filling with fear and wonder, Fingers slipping...Read On

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Naked Mind

A few verses in celebration of us

Soulmates... two that become one. Sky blue hues flutter with joy, Eyes that see beyond that unspoken line. Bodies entwined, seeking unknown heat. You are mine, as I belong to you. Thoughts that thrive within a naked mind, We shall see how the path unfolds... Hands reach, lips touch, the connection is unique, Hearts that beat to the rhythm of desire, ...Read On


From the soul out

The day we met I recall well, The way we related and all we shared. I remember the way you laughed, And I remember all you said, Most of all I remember your breathtaking smile. The days that followed I began to fall, Piece by piece my heart became yours. I remember when you said ‘I love you', And I remember when I said ‘I’m yours. You’re my one and only and I love you,   ...Read On


Tempt me

Come to my beckoning call. Drink from my water's mouth. Whisper words of passion. Tempt me with touch. Lay me down on my mother's earth. Show me the ways of man. We move to the dance as old as time. Cries of passion carrying on the night's sky Entwine us body and soul; For when the dawn breaks, We must part, For this is a forbidden love....Read On


Love's Island

Love's dreams can become Love's reality if you dream together

I watch the waves that stroke my beach beyond them is a love to reach remember how I came that day? to hold my lover far away there were no waves upon your lake just ripples that the wind did make no washing surf a silent sea where dreams became reality we paddled in an old canoe it seemed a crazy thing to do an island beach a rocky shore our dreams of love could wait no more we lit a fire...Read On


A Tale of Love

The first time I saw you,  You were leaning against a bar; Looking around the room, Smoking a cigarette. I walked over, Standing a few feet away, Ordering myself a drink. That is when I first noticed your eyes, Dark brown with a golden centre, I thought you looked so handsome. A year later We have spent so much time Slowly learning; Working and enjoy life together, ...Read On


Missing Her

Missing her

I still remember the day, The day that I lost my love. It seems like forever Since I have heard from her. I can't sleep nor can I be awake Without her ever in my thoughts. I'm still missing her. She was the one thing That made me whole. The beautiful angel that Makes me smile. I'm still missing her. Day by day I tell myself That it'll get better in time; But I know that's a lie, It will...Read On



Come over here darling. Buy me a drink. No-no. My eyes are up here. Shall we dance, and talk. No you mustn't grab my ass. Yes, whisper in my ear. Come over here darling. Let’s go to your place. No-no. Let the lady lead. You will enjoy. Shall we tumble in the sheets. Share hot passionate kisses. Exploring each other bodies. taking it slow. Or? Do we share...Read On


The truth of him

Learning to trust and take a chance

In a touch so divine his lips brushed mine, He whispers, you are mine, Such a delightful thrill that sweet little whisper instilled. As he drew me near my body shook with a bit of fear as his finger traced every curve and wiped away a tear. Don't be frightened my dear I will wipe away your fears; Just look in my eyes and the truth of it will shine just let your heart speak to mine. ...Read On


Love or lust

A short poem inspired by a hot sex session

Lips locked, hair undone, glasses off Arms open, clothes off, sweet kisses Hands in, rubbing softly, dirty words Moans out in approval as he makes his way down Passion burning, hearts racing "Make me yours," she teases Skin to skin Cum to cum Tied up and turned on "Please, baby, punish me!" She begs Red bum, sore pussy, satisfied hips Sore bodies, sweaty pores Panting lungs and...Read On



Touch me, kiss me, Show you miss me. Lick me, tease me Aim to please me. Squeeze me, suck me, Baby, fuck me. Ride me, grind me, Even bind me. Spank me, ram me, Come on slam me. Grab me, cease me, Please release in me. Hold me, cleave me. Never leave me. ...Read On


Passion's Fire

Warming us, moving us, making us sin,  Passion’s fires, burn deep within.  As we give in to our carnal desires, our past consumed by the burning fires!  While the tempo of passion steadily increases,  Mistakes of the past, torn all to pieces. Perhaps we were brought together by fate, the god’s way of healing us each of our hate. Our hearts were so hard, refusing to budge  ...Read On

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Sometimes it's hard to be yourself...

I dreamed that all my wounds had healed, which freed me to move on. My confidence was coming back, I'd thought it all but gone. A smile, a laugh, an opening up, a glimmer of some hope, But my epistemic self still said I was a dope. * Not sure if I was was worthy, was sadly my belief And a brave face was the one I wore, despite the mental grief. Suppressing it, I steeled myself and...Read On

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this is who we are

Here we are Across the miles. Camera in. Camera out. I see your face only dimly From the darkness of your room. Your voice assures my heart I am beautiful And desirable. Candles illuminate my bare silk In flickering shades of gold. I spread myself before you Revealing pink and glistening flesh. Pads slowly glide over the orchid bloom Of my swollen sex. ...Read On

Editor's Pick

Second Act

The senses waken and wait

There’s next to no sense in anything fun: Whims, like winds, startle roofs with their rages. We’ve liquored and loved, before, till the sun Shushed us off to sleep like sober sages. Quiet, this house now keeps saner hours Where wandered wishes’ eyes I kiss tight shut When, wistful, I wonder upon our bower, That bed, where, lonely, I toss in a rut. No fun! But fitful dreams pen hard demands...Read On

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Summer Love

Our love is like a butterfly

You walk through meadows, below enchanted skies, Nature’s ephemeral beauty, so little time; Each bloom a sweet receptacle for the butterflies, So your lips impart - their nectar onto mine. Summer breeze, relaxing, the faintest warm caress, Smiling florescence, its pollen soon released; Carried yonder field, winter’s stagnation redressed, The psyche, a fleeting, colourful caprice. ...Read On


Devious Dance

Lightning of lust locks look in concert Catlike crawling cradles of love Dancing and dolling to reassert Twisting and touching to rise above Senses spinning of sexual exert Devious the dance society deprives of Luscious lips licking for the flirt Extravagant explosion we’re secretly in awe of Devilishly devouring each others hurt Lips on lips, tribbing in the alcove Demonishly...Read On