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Love Poems


Words on a Computer Screen

Choose your words carefully

When two people fight, It feels like the end. Words said overnight, Why did I hit send? You must be so careful, Of what you write. It can become stressful, No talking again tonight. Words can create joy, Or they can hurt. They can annoy, Make people curt. You can show love, Every single day. Love that I'm proud of, Showed in different ways. I can't see you, You can't see me. We're in...Read On


Time Perception

Time flows freely, Yet strict in minutes and hours, Our perception however makes things stretch, Span longer or be cut suddenly short, How many times do we say in a lifetime, That someone's time was cut short? Do we fit to the trajectory given to us, Or do we test and tease it, Playing games with our makers plan, Like something out of The Adjustment Bureau? Time, Ticks, Clock hand,...Read On

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The kiss

Why so scared? Why so meek? Why so shy? Why so weak?

A small fleeting glance, a tentative peek, A tell-tale glow appeared on her cheek. She endeavoured to act coolly, to be super calm, To wipe off the moisture that had formed on her palm. But her cover was blown; she knew that he’d seen her, Her redness increased; the blushing got deeper. Why so scared? Why so meek? Why so shy? Why so weak? Her hand touched her face; she chewed on her lip,...Read On


The Girl on the moon

She hides in shadows The moon is her only light She knows nothing more, wants nothing more A ethereal beauty If you journey out at night you might meet her A glimmer a gleam of what she hides inside When day time comes she is not in sight She is but a dream of yesterdays delight The stars are her playthings A lonely girl with a somber heart Once she reached out and tried to touch the moon...Read On


Some, Walls

passing through you.

I think I may live with too many walls around me. The thought of him Still gives me butterflies... He lingers when I least expect it. Maybe I have lost myself? I have perfectly framed images In my mind of you, Faces of your love surround me But, my tears ... My tears are so real  My heart feels  When I think of you. No hiding, Just clear moments of once was. Maybe he is...Read On


Can't Remember

I really can't remember the last time I choked. Was it two years ago, December?  I really can't remember the last time I choked my chicken. There it stood  proud and erect, six inches from nowhere and three feet from my knees. I really can't remember  the last time I strum. Was it my pickle or was it my hum? I really cant remember. I really can't remember the last time I stroked....Read On



When we're this close in bed,  arms and legs as loving tangled knots,  I wish you could breathe in all I am,  a singular exhale of air to embrace  with the ferocity of curious lungs. Then you would know everything that forms me,  memory upon memory before you became  the axis and gravity gently holding my world,  you would know where to place every kiss on the spaces scarred inside and out. ...Read On


Symbols of love

As the day grows near, I wonder Is it really happening? Long we have planned, Had items made To be carried as symbols of love. How will it feel To have the cool leather around the neck? To wear the ring as its symbol always? I can’t quite imagine, Or understand, How the moment will be. A meaning so deep Hidden within leather and metal, How can items carry so much? I humbly...Read On


Wildfire Eyes

Your wildfire eyes, Your burning desire, Everything I see through them, Your want, Your need, Your lust. Your wildfire eyes, Hold your dreams and your nightmares, The bad fuelling you as much as the good, Your pride, Your power, Your force. Your wildfire eyes, Always burning, Always smouldering, It is those with which I have fallen in love, They are the gateway to your soul, ...Read On



Feel it ... Love

I walked through the garden And I looked for your hand  I felt it slowly in my palm  It warmed me and I was content It was love I had been waiting for  It was your love that found me  Two hearts uniting in ardor Beating together a life to explore Your strength surrounded me Our laughter could be heard  Two happier people you never did see It is love by definition of the word No longer...Read On


Love knows no boundaries

Love knows many things

Love knows no boundaries, no taboos Love flows freely and once started it is not easily stopped Love can be found in the most unlikely place There is no right time or wrong time When two souls meet, when two hearts beat Loves knows no ugliness only beauty Love comes from deep within, intense It warms you up in its warm embrace Burning within you and sweeping you off your feet Love...Read On


Broken Promise

Believing can sometimes break you

Remember when you promised? That you'd catch me if I fell? I believed. Hoped. So desperately hoped  That your words rung true. I jumped.  Ignored my screaming brain, Ignored the gnarly hands  That tried to hold me back. Ignored the dark hole, filled with skulls and bones, Of which you dug. Fell a thousand feet,  Maybe more The dark hole continued on; Kept falling, ...Read On


A new year

A journey is easier when not taken alone...

 A new year starting, Blank slates laying ahead. Hearts full of hope, Dreams of what may come, Worried of turmoil to be faced. Like all others, She knows not what will pass, Yet she meets the new year With smiles, Knowing she doesn’t meet it alone. Facing the unknown Can be exciting or scary. She feels at peace, With her love by her side, She can deal with anything. All...Read On


forbidden love

You and I become friends despite our differences. People are wondering why but all we do is smile. Out of the blue, I found myself falling for you. In my fantasy you said you love me. But in reality, I know it could never be. I am heartbroken because you’re already taken. I don’t want to mess things up, so I shut my lips tight. I treated you right with all my heart. ...Read On


Rise and Fall

Spring will come and go, Summer and autumn too, Winter will roll around, I'll still be looking out for you, Everything I do, I do in pursuit of you. The sun will rise and fall, The tides will go high and low, People will laugh and cry, With every day that goes by, Every moment I see, My eyes will search for you. I may have lost you once, But I won't lose you again, I'm...Read On


Your Love Kissed My Soul

A broken heart can be mended.

Your love beheld my heart so battered and bruised.  Your love cried for my spirit so broken and abused. Your love kissed my soul,  its warmth pierced my heart, melting the deep sadness, allowing sorrow to depart. Your love enshrouds me; Protects me from the past.  Brings forth my trust again and the faith it will last. Your love is potent,  so rich and so pure.  Its brightness blinds...Read On


The moon on the darkest night

To the first drink and the last To every glittering star in the sky the first kiss and the next to hopeless lovers on dark and rainy nights the first caress a glimmer of hope a longing To the moon on the darkest night to the sea on a stormy day to windswept hair and lonely lonely nights Everything special and everything true Even pain and sorrow and tear filled eyes You...Read On



Inspired lust

It's a mirror image This moment in time Your face reflected in the glass. The flash of a smile.  Thank you for making it mine.  I take this moment in my hand and I place my hand on my heart A forever moment. ...Read On


...and Dead Eyes

Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye... My passing shadow, In memory of coming sorrows Awakening spirits of long forgotten. The never ending of my despair, In silence of my crying echoes As I lay broken petals upon your bosom. That which anointed my eternal hereafter And baptismal quake of my new tomorrows.  Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye...  My passing shadow, Stand alone soliquey of gone love ...Read On


The Apology

As the holidays come to a close, Your mood has now changed. There're no more highs and lows, We're not acting estranged. The hello's and calls have started, The 'how was your day?' is now asked. My heart is now unhardening, It's no longer a task. I feel like I have my friend, The love is now back. My heart is finally on the mend, Our marriage is back on track. We have gotten back to...Read On



Sometimes, Love is hard to come by. It falls short of where we expect it to land, Or overshoots it completely. Sometimes, Things run smoothly at first, But then swerve and skid, And then plummet into the depths below. Our love, Is a conundrum, A puzzle greater than any I have ever known. I have experienced love, In many forms, Experienced it in ways you would not believe. But...Read On



A memory that would stay, or would if fade to nothingness?

Light passing heavens curtains The moment’s presence a cloud’s journey This grassy land, a vast ocean Never left, a breeze to stay. A marble slab, the mountain top A cosy edge, a danger flop A heart’s fear, safety known A courage never blown. The cliff’s edge, the hand holds Clarity fades, flesh reveal Cloud cover still will bold Not caring what shadows steal. ...Read On



A silent word

Whisper, Starting on the lips gently flows. Brushing against the ear. Sweetness in the words spoken, a light caress. The touch of words soft as caress of lips. A finger inviting, calling in soundless speech. The tip moving from ear to the lips, silence now. Tracing the outline and drawing forth a whisper. Moving closer, eyes embrace as the finger divides us. Lips wrapped around the barrier...Read On


The Collar

The gift. It was finally given. It was finally obtained, or was it? It was finally earned, or was it? I know not, what the gift means. The gift, does it change things? The gift, of love, of gratitude, of worth. The gift, is confusion. The gift, I have wanted for so long. The gift, I am unsure now. I know its meaning. I know its worth. I know its purpose. ...Read On



I move within the light and shade, Drawn deep within the dark displayed Within words wild, unharnessed, penned By the low bell. And we to the dream descend Like lovers, dark and formless, who ever need The sudden kiss of rod and reed. And then, the bitter, silent freeze That seals our souls. By slow degrees A silence falls, a void remains. Sweet poison flowing in our veins. ...Read On


I Miss Your Smile

My heart cries and a dove flies and carries love where you are. My heart burns as the tide turns and washes love on your shore. My heart breaks and my soul aches for you should never feel pain. *** I stole a smile, once, one of a million ones, out of pure greed from your lips. I hung it high, then on the sky, love, among the prettiest stars. It was too bright though, made the rest pale,...Read On


There Was A Time

The end of a relationship, sadness

There was a time Was it a crime I tried to so hard Defending my heart But you slipped in Made me care When many others Would not dare You knew I didn't Need all that I was avoiding All of that crap I wanted to Be left be Men like you Are not for me But you gave chase Relentlessly So obsessive Demanding me But truth be told You are distasteful The way you are now Seems just hateful ...Read On


The Lilly Pad

He tell her come sit on my lily pad

The lily pad is the center of my world Now there someone to share it with She has her place there and no one else We have a warm safe place for us to be The lily pad is our place to chat To write our story Sharing the lily pad with her is wonderful She like that frog have hair that are finer He like how sweet and warm she is They seem to have been meant to meet ...Read On


Jasmine Scented Bosom

My trousers rolled up to my calves, the foamy surf is surging out. Ice plants are blooming, covering the  sandy beach above the tide line. Salty water is cold, but the golden orb light warms my face, so I feel happy, for awhile. Forgetting, as my feet leave impressions filling with dappled, seeping water. Away from the shore eucalyptus adorns the scene,  with odors,  and bark like bruises...Read On


The Light of Love

The poet sings praises to his true and constant love

At last the light of this bright truth has shone On my dull and uncomprehending mind, That for my sake you have all else forgone, For without thought and ne'er a glance behind You gave your heart, and doing heaped upon My head such shame that I could be so blind. For sake of me you have your life redrawn, All other loves for me to dust consigned, And claimed this, not as...Read On