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Love Poems


Ravens Caw

What the ravens see When veil of dark soon comes over me In my eternal sleep I will dream of thee As I rest in silent quarters of my box With whispers of your lasting love Carrying me down the long trail To the meadows and falling springs Of staircases to distant shores  Beneath the chandelier of stars And here we kiss the night I pass Then you weep and teardrops fall  ...Read On



In the pink

Before the change of owners That was where we’d play Back in a pink bungalow Along a winding trail With signposts to direct you Or you would soon be lost We made our little love nest Surrounded by the stars Ropes and fine dark chocolate A camera always near Far enough away So no one else could hear A drink first at the Polo Lounge Two guests from out of town Our eyes just on each...Read On


Cradled And Warm

The touch is soft right now, as some loving caresses must be, the familiar length of a body fragmented between worlds, cradled and warm in the dark. I think this is when you are the most beautiful, never entirely still, motionless would be far too much to bear. You never respond to that touch, nor are you ever meant to, it is not a step in the usual dance where one of us gradually summons...Read On



A small poem about a compass

Life is a thirty two point compass, all heading in different ways. You make the choices that you do and live like this your days. Each decision leads another thirty two, because you can always then go back. But the path gets more complicated, as the turns begin to rack. When our compasses intertwined, an orbit they did make, Each decision made together, and the same...Read On


Show her

Fuck her, So she knows you want her, That she is desired, craved. Let her feel your hunger, Your need to be in her, To claim her, To make her yours. Make love to her, Show her you care, How you treasure her, Not just her body, But a real connection, Melted together, Joined as one. Cuddle with her, Put her at ease. Show her she matters to you, Both as a lover And as your love....Read On


Will she remember me.

Knowing it is ending

It is 3:17 in the morning. As the moonlight casts it dim glow thought my window I reach out to the emptiness beside me. Craving to touch her warm body. My ears aching for the sweet sound of her gentle breathing. and for yet another night, both she and that stranger named sleep are absent. With a sigh I lift my head from the tear soaked pillow. As I reach for the long ivory satin gown the...Read On


The Perfect Place

It was the perfect spot...

The Perfect Place Moon casts its glow Upon the sand And the waves come and go As we stroll upon the shore Our hands entwine I couldn't love you more Leaving imprints in the sand As we walk together Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand Listening to the water Crashing in, rolling out I wonder, 'Son or daughter?' We reach our favorite place The one where you proposed I turned,...Read On


Being One With My Best Friend

Hands together, fingers intertwine We are one. You are mine A kiss on my lips that is ever so sweet Making me home. Making me complete Just one glance, I'm yours for the taking I know in a few moments it will be sweet love we will be making Nothing from a movie, but it is ours A true kind of love that was written in the stars Making sweet love with my best friend A time in...Read On



I want to know when you were last truly moved by something, when the earth shook beneath your feet, when you were nothing more than a world helplessly trembling. Your sky burning pure fury and need, awakened by lips that matched a heart's endless race set in motion that words cannot catch up to. When was the last time? The taste is still there every time our lips press together. ...Read On



Tree.  Oak tree. Strong but gentle.  Holding the young vibrant songsters in spring. Alone in the valley. A valley filled with lupines. Where once we shared a life. It could have been paradise on earth. It was. Long ago. When we were young. Young and innocent. And vibrant. Sitting beneath that tree. When it was a younger tree.  But never as young as me. And never as young as she. Valley...Read On


One Or Two Things

There are one or two things I think you should know, Since you came into my life I found I love you so, Your smile lights up my way in that magical way, That only you can provide. Your eyes sparkle and twinkle and glitter and shine, The feeling inside of me knows, you're divine, My heart is on a string that hangs at my sleeve, And only you make me feel this free. Lady of mine, I hate...Read On



Nestle me in your arms, Never to let me go. Tell me that you love me, And mean it with your soul. Tell me you only want me, And that I'm the one for you. Shout it across the rooftops, Let it be known throughout the world. Only desire me, forever remaining faithful. Love all of me, the good, the bad and ugly. Comfort me in time of need, And I shall never forsake you. Kiss me good morning...Read On


Secret Hearts

emotions stirred...

Secret Hearts The words as written Stir emotion deep within They touch a part of me That I have kept hidden From hurt and hope My vulnerable heart The words speak to my soul As only his words could A secret shared between us A fragile flower That blooms With the promise of what might be Emotions, feelings Entangled in our realities Yet enshrouded In the mists of a waking dream Two...Read On




Never the master of the love I gave Now I find I'm just a slave, I've become damned and though you're saved I'm cast adrift and lost. From freezing pillar to frigid post I tear about, stumbling like a ghost Who haunts only himself because you can't see The person who used to be me. I dared to care and, fair is fair, For a time you shared. And then you stopped. As subtle as...Read On


When Love Goes

Tension mounts Tempers flare  Words once said  Can’t be recalled  Too old to leave  Too young to stay  What does one do  When love goes away? Cry in the shower  That way you can’t hear  Every day seems like  The end’s drawing near.  Trying to hold on  Hope for a change  Never at ease  No one’s to blame Dancing around you  Careful what I say  I may think it’s safe  It...Read On


Footprints in the sand

As you hold my hand Walking along the beach Leaving footprints in the sand Finding our way As the sun starts to set Stopping as we look toward the horizon Hand and hand  Leaning in to steal a kiss  As my toes curl in the sand Sun sets as the moon rises  Continuing to walk hand and hand  On the moon lit beach Stealing a kiss here and there As we leave our footprints...Read On

Recommended Read

Valley Of Hallelujahs

It wasn't but a raindrop but to me it was a tear As I felt the ebb tide of your breath slip away  In dreams I cried and your dying eyes sighed With a last kiss I prayed silently  In memories of moments ago Then the heavens caroled a love psalm blue  Songs sung true and songs of you  Beneath grey clouds the angels crooned And then your halo glowed like a tiara  Resting upon your golden hair...Read On



If mystery is the greatest aphrodisiac, some vague ecstacy that looms somewhere in the distance, then you are still intravenous to me. Flowing through my veins unseen for now, your image perched on a horizon, on mountains capped with a winter I've come to long for more by the day. Whatever particles hang in the air or whatever luminescence frames us, you're the touchstone to hold and make...Read On



So many time when I think My time is up, When I'm at the edge You came to my rescue. When I couldn't keep going When I have giving up, You were there to give me A reason, You giving me some loving When I needed some. Baby please see thou me, Can't you see when I'm hiding, I'm in need of some saving You were there when I need someone Can't you let me be, So many thing in my life and time. ...Read On



We don't really fall in love

They say that people fall in love I beg to disagree It’s really more a catapult: You’re launched, then flying free Swirling, twirling through the air The world around you spins Like nothing you have ever seen At heights you’ve never been You catch your breath Such beauty! Surrounds you and within Your happiness just radiates You feel your life begin Whether you are young or old The...Read On


Enigmatic Shadow

From out of the shadows...

Enigmatic Shadow The waning light casts you Deeper into the shadows I wonder what you are feeling Only you and God really knows A myriad of emotions Flicker across your face Your eyes, always so expressive As you invade my space Always so enigmatic Your ever changing expression Feeling slightly disconcerted I look in a different direction You smile bemusedly to yourself...Read On


What You Took

What you took from me.

You took from me a lot of things, my loneliness and tears it brings. My life of pain, you took it all and would not even let me fall. You took from me an uphill road, regrets on life, a heavy load, a heart that broke some time ago, a spirit lost among life's flow. You took from me the frown I wore and all the anger that I bore; the dark cloud hanging over me, you took away and set it free. ...Read On


Today My Heart Went Wandering Astray

Today my heart went wandering astray. Containing muscle, valves and blood behind a cage of bone, tissue and flesh. My heart should be able to stay. Unwilling to be restrained, I feel it reaching past my ribs. Unbidden in its search of the food that it needs. Leaving behind a mass that so easily bleeds. Today my heart went wandering astray. Organic brain matter a poor custodian of something...Read On


Mixed Up Mess

Here I sit alone, thinking. You're always on my mind. I am a mixed up mess Of emotions. You're all I think about. You have entwined my heart Around yours so perfectly tight, It feels as though it might rip apart if I go, Or lose myself if I stay. Your love is strong And has always kept me Warm and safe. It's where I want to be. I know I am hard to handle. I know I let my...Read On



And on it goes . . .

We circle like We’re packing heat Slow movement in Then quick retreat Not knowing if we need to draw Will there be peace or all out war? We forward feint Uneasy laugh Then back away But don’t relax I look at you You look at me Not knowing what the other sees You could be friend I could be foe Continuing our strange limbo Yet neither makes the choice to flee And so we circle, endlessly....Read On


You Gave Me Life

This is a nonet poem with love as the theme

You took my heart that was cold as stone, teased it, tempted it, opened it, put love in one little spot, stirred it to spread around, nutured it to life, forced it to bleed, taught me how to love you, with patience you gave me the will to live, the desire to love, the joy in being held, the ability to laugh, the need to feel passion from you, with the cold stone lifted from...Read On


Never Ending Love

There is a love that never ends A love that is deep inside Love that you can not hide A burning desire that is seen by all That kind of love that never ends The kind of love that controls your heart Love that you can not shake  A love that will last through all time A love sending shivers up and down your spine  A kind of love that will never end That kind of love that...Read On


Will you be the One?

With Love there is hope

Will you walk with me?  Will you hold my hand? Will you be the one who leads me on? As I find my way As I look around I seek your eyes  and hear your sound. Your warm embrace Your gentle touch Your kisses soft... I need so much Like a flower in bloom  A butterfly’s wing  I open my heart  and let you within So here I stand free of will Charmed by your love  and your skill ...Read On


Heart Storm

When the Heart cant decide...

Lightning zips across the sky As I stand inside The bright light arcs I continue to hide I hear the thunder boom Feel the house shake Is this weather a sign? Of the steps I should take? The storm sounds so angry As it continues to scold Makes me reconsider Having my feelings told Now comes the hail Along with the wind I wonder with whom Tonight I will spend Storm has finally passed...Read On



It’s such a shame We never touched Or heard the other speak It’s such a shame We fell apart Before we got to meet It’s such a shame Words on a screen Were all the love we knew And such a shame Those words are gone In cyberspace, with you....Read On