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Love Poems



I don't often become aroused at what I can't see Except when it's beauty of the forest and fallen leaves As the breeze whispers halos about my neck The boughs dance on the honeycomb trees And kiss my memories of wildflowers and you As your soft breath lands on my soul And the buzzing of the bees loom With keynotes of love songs past...Read On


Just Once

sometimes in life we are given...

 Just Once I want to touch your body Pretend that it is mine. Just Once Kiss your lips as our tongues Tangle in a dance as old as time.   Just Once Lie next to you as close as can be Feeling your arms, your love, wrapped around me.   Just Once Have your body, over, within mine Feel our hearts, beating in time.   Just Once Lay spent and replete In my...Read On


Loves Fall

Loves Fall You're like a rollercoaster. You tell me what I want to hear. You build me up, make me feel loved. Then drop me and watch me fall and derail. So you can pick me back up again, lift my spirits. Just to do it again and again. Maybe it's not on purpose. Maybe it's just circumstance. All I know is I can't do this anymore. My heart is not a toy. It's in a million pieces....Read On


Couteau de l'amour

Cuts like a word

Stab me with your words again Give me what I deserve Make me hate me make me hate Fillet my every nerve Tell me truths that we both know The demon that I am Slay the lying laughing ghoul Within me while I stand Sobbing right before you My evil running forth Find the badness deep in me And kill it at its source But once you’re sure You’ve done the job There’s one more task at hand: Make...Read On


My Baby Is In Pain

My baby is in pain. I hate that. I can't feel it. But I do, I do. I feel it. My baby is in pain. My little lover is hurting, and I want to ease it. I need to solve it, resolve it. Make it better. It is so cruel, for her, for me. She feels the pain.  And my mind and heart  feel the pain, the pain. I hold her close,  and she cries, and the tears form in my eyes, and I feel the pain. ...Read On


Memories of His Kiss

Goosebumps appear Trailing down my legs Fear so dark and heavy Making my soul beg Midnight brings visions Remembering his lips Torture so pleasing Hands start to grip When fear becomes love Things start to blur No longer right or wrong Needing to be his girl No daylight to be seen For darkness is my home Surviving in this nightmare Fearing to be alone How does one live After this bliss...Read On


Half-Past Six

Gone are the knots that made my socks with loose threads, laying on my bed and gone are the posters that hung on my wall, of past rockers, names I can't recall.   Where have the place-mats gone, the ones with stains and state names, with graham cracker crumbs and noonday hums? Gone are the wind-up clocks with hands that glow in the dark, and wading pools in the park with chlorine? ...Read On


Opened My Heart

You opened my heart Showing me the light Falling for you Giving you all my love The words you said  Filling my head I give my heart For you to keep  I trusted you to keep it safe You proved me wrong  When your love was taken Wanting to blame you For your cheating and lies I hate to love, love to hate The feeling that grows deep inside Wanting to hate you  ...Read On



Maybe in the darkness of the night, Is where I'll see you again. Where I'll feel Your breath on my neck, The tingle of pleasure Shooting through my body. The scorching heat of your hands Before they touch my skin, Your warm wet lips As they kiss the sensitive spot On my neck Filling my body with things I'll never be able to fully describe. Maybe in the darkness of...Read On



Together, in our own way

My back against you Fitting there Your hand curves to my breast We breathe together in a bed Your head against me rests We try to do this When we can It’s going on for years And then we live our separate lives But neither seems to care This is us This is our way Routine within routine We meet, we kiss, we love, then sleep We pledge ourselves, then leave I think this has us satisfied...Read On



You may only get to see what I want to show you, I cannot name this heat, this pull between us, but hands can ask the body anything, its darkest and sweetest yearnings laid out through the beating within your veins. Within a flowering threshold surrendering the deepest secret you've owned, whispered to me in the most hesitant timbre. But you shouldn't already know the words before...Read On

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And this is what satisfaction tastes like...

My love for you is Sweetness Like honey suckled Directly from the comb Sweeter than sweet Unadulterated By exposure to mere air We lay upon raw silk Cleansed By the sweat of our own bodies Floating on the scent that intoxicates And the tastes that call us Back for more So sweet Is your touch That I am set anew Each time you reach For me Anticipation A fire spreading Beyond just heat...Read On


Flow of power

As the Master restrains His sub, She finds her freedom. With a lack of choice, Peace fills her, She stills. When she gives herself, It is with faith and trust, That He will take control, Maybe not give what she wants, But always what she needs. She is not weak, Rather strong enough To offer her strength to another. He is her Master As she made Him so. She craves His control, ...Read On



In love is absolution.

In his eyes she saw what could believe; That in his body she’d find reprieve. The chase was short, for they knew; that lust was theirs and love was due. A message here, a calling there; fatal attraction beyond compare. His lengthy fingers and big full member; It saw desire and ignited the ember. The burn was long and all consuming; Stopping the need and then resuming. The...Read On



I needed you; Where were you? You promised me, you know - I needed you; Where were you? And then you didn’t show - I needed you; Where were you? It happened once again - I needed you; Where were you? You lost track of time with friends - I needed you; Where were you? I’ve had it up to here - I needed you; Where were you? Have I made that clear? I needed you; Where were you? I am done...Read On


What If

You are my What If , Baby!

What if We never became friends and got to know each other so well at first? What if I did not have the sense to see what a wonderful, kind, caring man you are? What if I did not let my heart feel the warmth, caring and love that it does? What if I never got to feel your arms around me, like a warm winters blanket? What if I never got to feel our fingers intertwine as we hold...Read On



Tell me; don't tell me

Pecking, pecking At my brain She has a smile so pretty - Tapping, tapping In my head I have to know: "who is she?" Searching, searching On the net - What is their connection? Scrolling, scrolling Through the blogs Tortured by the tension - Looking, looking Instagram Is that his arm around her? Show me, show me Facebook friends The answer in a post there - Say it, say it Pinterest page What...Read On



In my memories I reached back into the archives of my knapsack, as if I had lived the essence of you  and the rising tides... eventfully they do. All the while with smiles you cast upon amber meadows down below, with gentle kisses come my way as clover dance and rosewood sway,  and the sea-bells ring. As mist of the waves blow caroling of thee I write of our golden rings,  ...Read On


I truly love you

I have said it so many times To others near and far Saying the words Not meaning them  Only playing their game No game has been played  When I was with you  I meant every word I said  Heart pounding every time I would see you online  When I tell you I miss you That is the truth When I say I love you  It was not just to say those words I will love no other the way I...Read On


His Voice

I heard your voice tonight in my dreams So deep and full of control  You were commanding me  As you bound my wrists And unbound my heart  Spreading me wide before you Showing you deep into my soul  Your voice was encouraging me  Taking me to the highest high  I heard your voice tonight Making me feel every sensation As you slowly entered me And making us one You...Read On


Oakland X Revisited

Black girl, brown girl, white girl…   A tattoo of rain on the window pane A military drum, fitting in its way You wouldn’t recognize me, Oakland Brass buttons and polished boots The eyes of a soldier Cold and hard No longer the naked warrior, spear held high Face painted bright Challenging the heavens Full of laughter and love. Last night I watched you burn ...Read On


Your Darkness

My days are brighter Since I've seen Just how bright Darkness can be There is no love No burning devotion It's all lust A powerful emotion Growing more urgent To fulfill this crave Shaking in need Lost in a daze My favorite sin You have become Wishing so much To taste your cum Dropping to my knees Before your smile Feeling strong hands Caress me awhile Placing your belt Around...Read On

Recommended Read

Crossing Boundaries

It's almost time...

Time, it’s trying my patience. I pace, I fret, choose my dress, paint my face, practice my smile. Time drags and skips simultaneously. How? One moment seconds grind insufferably, the next, whole hours  have been greedily swallowed, erased from existence whilst I blinked. Not long now. Less than three hours. One hundred and seventy minutes. Fuck! My poor heart pounds,...Read On


Hope For Happiness

The air is warm the sunlight is bright, Maybe I'll see you later tonight. You never really know what you really want, Until the past comes back to haunt. All that love and all that hate is more reason to relate, I don't slander my past, I'm so much better then that. I used to think true love was a myth, But all those words just don't quit. You say one thing over the phone for...Read On


Age and Love

Age just makes me love him more.

Our love transcends all life itself and brings our hearts closer in truth. It takes the years of age away, replaced with joy and freedom's youth. The clouds of age just melt away as in my arms your body folds. Embracing you, my arms relax, for what I have's worth more than gold. Our eyes shine bright when hence they meet where no one else can take your place. Our love flows deep, and...Read On


Moonbeam Poet

As for as winds blow and whispers bring new sings and rhymes of spring,  the bees that be, buzz honeycomb trees as nectar drips sweet love,  I will be a moonbeam poet  and you my evening primrose. My words yearn for you  as my pen wiggles on grinning paper and soothing wine of my treats, sipping your nectar.  With blossoming red lips and soft fingertips swaying in midnight shadows,...Read On



The play's the thing . . .

You’re so good at what you do They just fall in love with you All your words are so sincere Everything they want to hear You read them like you would a script You melt hearts by kissing lips Loving tender ardent phrases Warm sweet deep meaningful gazes You draw them in You lead them on They want to be your only one It’s just a game A bedpost notch You reel them in They’re hooked; they’re...Read On


Giving Up

It is never going to happen. Believe it. It is not going to happen. Nope. How long are you going to yearn. You have wasted so much time. They don't care. They never really cared. They let you think they did, but they didn't.  Never going to happen. You are standing outside, in the pouring rain, metaphorically. But being soaked by the rejection, and it will never happen. Not sure if they...Read On


My Kitten Wakes

He watches me wake.

I watch as you stir from your slumber deep, just as a kitten rising from its nap. The gentle flutter of your eyes in sleep as from your slumber you try to unwrap. So slowly your eyes open as you wake; you stretch as though to reach to claim the sky. A delicate sound made then as you take a cleansing breath released as a deep sigh. But, then you notice, too, that I am there, and reach for...Read On



Burned before reading

I hold in my hands A letter from you - Words on paper Not read - Heard - Hearing, hearing Needing quiet - I fold by half And yet by half again - Your words piling upon themselves Tumbling - Sliding together - Tighter - Folding and folding - Pressing away from me - Meaning less Hearing less Curves and lines of words fold Lines fold into curves fold into lines fold into curves And at last Fold...Read On