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Love Poems


Mister Everything

Tell me I am beautiful  And I will flash a smile Make me laugh and giggle Keep me guessing for awhile Give my mind a tickle Mr. Shy, need not apply  My nature can be fickle  But I like my man agile To find you irresistible  You must be clever mixed with charm Seducing me with words Set off four alarms Tell me you adore I will blush and squirm  Begin to be a bore ...Read On


Mounting The Future

The promise of future healing arousal awaits

Swept all else to backdraft voids My past… flowing close to following Never-the-less eros prevails As pain takes backseat to hearts hollowing You, the keeper of steps forward Filling the now-empty with your sensual ache Regret not experiences taught Proffered lusts promised, mine to take Fever's heat, drying saline blur  Taking to the street on sleek machine Your tight...Read On



You are everything I could ever need.

You are always there, Never leaving my side. You only see the best in me, Not allowing me to hide. You easily forgive, When I’m the one to blame. You truly believe in me, But all I feel is shame. You are strong and reliable, In the times I need you most. You are kind and understanding, Not the type that would boast. You fully trust me, Even though I’ve let you down. ...Read On


The Screened In Porch

Love on a screened in porch

My wife is resting on the lounge Reading the book that she has found I'm on the swing Evilness I bring Would you mind if I come around? Over her text she did now look I'd rather keep reading my book Stay there you see Don't come near me If you do your goose will be cooked I rise from my perch upon the swing Walk to her, wicked thoughts I bring Hand upon her thigh She gives the evil eye...Read On

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Spilling your fears, Then painting false humor, You slink into the night. As if it never happened. As if you’d never before parted your lips Or stolen the air. Blind, I follow. Stumbling through shadows, Bound to your footsteps. Inhale. Exhale. Shallow fires of breath. I step forth, Whispering your name Into the heavy quiet. Lines of gloom shift As your body turns, ...Read On


How Much Do I Love You

All I need is him

How much do I love you? That causes me to pause And try to quantify. I love you enough to watch NFL football On Thursday, Sunday and Monday, And even college football on Friday and Saturday. I love you enough to watch baseball (yawn) Or go to hockey games and watch them Even though they are on television Practically every day of the week. I love you enough to watch...Read On


Pussy Worship

Yeah, I'm all about it I'm a grown ass woman My kitty purrs when worshipped  I don't fuck around with half ass I don't fuck around with two bit This ain't kindergarten class You either know it or you don't So you better learn the arts You should be well educated On all her bits and parts You should know what does what It will get you very far You should excersise...Read On


Crumbs In My Bed

There are crumbs in the bed, In the spot where he laid. And the moon casts a shadow, Where love once was made. And the clock shines the hour, As the night turns to day. But the sun has no power, Over what is now gray. Mascara stains the pillow; Tiny footprints of pain. A battle was fought, Yet nothing was gained. Each night the moon returns, And once again casts shade....Read On


Lonely Heart

My poems are a reflection of my life.. they are Me as I am.

It's true that every young girl is a dreamer She dreams each day to give her heart away For Love so true it takes her to the heavens Love's aching loneliness she'll kiss away I've known the best that Love can surely offer Been past the joys of Love's extremities I've been around the stars so many times now I quite forgot how lonely one can be I sit and watch the rain lash on my window...Read On


He left her today

Woman deals with the loss of her husband

He left her today She sits back in the car The ride back to their home Really isn't very far. He left her today Helped out by her son Said they couldn't help him That nothing could be done. He left her today The doctors tried their best The cancer gone too far It was best let him rest. He left her today House full of people sounds Not a word did she hear Loneliness knew no bounds. He...Read On



she motivates me

Motivation You are my sexual motivation You on mental rotation Raising me high. I love being between your thighs Putting a roll in your eyes And it starts with the lick of your lips..... As your tongue grazes your lips My mind starts to slip And I just want to embrace your lip, Put my hands around your hips. Let our tongues dance As we fall into a trance And our body began to...Read On


Under the stars

Stranger, to make my world go wild.

Standing here, Under the stars. Wondering how it will be, To make love to you. A Stranger… A fantasy will come true. So many feelings, Build inside. Want to scream it out ! Will someone understand ? Only a game, to play… No one needs to know. For a moment there… I wish we were, under the stars, Wishing upon a star. To be with you. A Stranger… To make my world...Read On


My Geordie

Falling in love over the internet

I turn off my laptop Straighten my bed. Clean up my toys And just shake my head. Can this be happening? Especially to me..... With someone so special How can it possibly be? You're miles away So is this really real? I have to shake my head Over how deeply I feel. It's been a year now Since we first met Your passion won me over And that I won't regret. My head tells me I'm stupid That to...Read On


Make the storm go away

Abandoned girl finds shelter during a storm

He out ran the storm But the day was still clear He finished tying her up Soon it would be here. He walked down the street The Pelican for a cold brew He sat on a corner seat Then ordered some shrimp too. In walked a girl so small Yellow was her top stringed White shorts she also wore A duffel also did she bring. She sat down on the stool Next to him, round the corner She looked at...Read On


Creature of Complexity

Ooo the joys of being a woman :)

He likes it when I am dirty And also when I'm sweet  When I'm warm and cuddly And my fiery heat He likes that I obey him And also speak my mind When I very bold  And when I'm feeling shy He likes when I demand my needs And also when I submit to his When I say that I'm his slut forever And when I beg he suck my clit He likes when I wear cowboy boots And also my stiletto heels ...Read On


And I Love You

His words cut like a knife...

I've been with someone Who knocked me down Every time I attempted to get up, And I really hope that Whatever I am doing Is not a disappointment to you or That I fail to meet your expectations, Because that just hurts too damn much. So no matter how what you said upsets me, You've always made me feel as though I’m worth something, Worth anything, But most...Read On

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Hush, Heart

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hush, heart, And look for sunshine; Slide the pain away into waterfalls of tears That flow to the sea of Nothing Where white horses gallop away to distant lands And bear away Emptiness From your life. Hope, heart, And long for love; Grasp the dream that bursts forth Into bloom in the dawn of...Read On


The Girl I Married?

A new twist to an old limerick

A vacation I needed with some rest To ocean I went, stayed at the best The air was clean Pretty girls I've seen They all have such pretty nice chests. I then met a lovely local lass Big old titties and cute lil ass It didn’t need said We quickly were abed We fucked till morning did pass. I screwed her in my hotel room At night by the light of the moon I ate her pussy She cried, Oh goody...Read On



I never wanted or liked perfect.. Imperfection is so much more interesting

Sometimes he's like a caveman He pulls my hair and grunts Sometimes he's like a little boy  Only wanting his own fun Sometimes he's like an ape Pounding on his chest Sometimes he's like a baby  Vulnerable in his weakness Sometimes he's like a cop Snooping in and out of my life Sometimes he's like a pirate Stealing booty left and right Sometimes he's like a teacher  Mr oh so...Read On


Shamans Lair

Enter a world of sensuality and mystery

Enter my lair of sensual desire Where following my lead ignights your desire In my world of flames there's no right or wrong Heaven or hell beckons you on You tense and you whimper as I enter your ass With no thoughts of wanting these feelings to pass Pleasing me is all that you need And that makes me happy, by all means proceed I know that I've led you to this world of sin So...Read On


Belong to you

Just, for no reason, I walk and dream. My thoughts linger round, thinking of you. Want to be with you. Only a smile from you. Will make my day. Laying next to you. I want to seduce you. Can't keep my eyes off you. You are the one that I want. Took you in my arms. My eyes full of love, I melt away. Knowing what's going to happen. My body shivers at your touch. Your warm lips as...Read On


The choice

Our life is defined by our choices...

There he is Such childlike eyes Fragile and timid Safe and warm There he is Knowing eyes alluring Handsome and exciting Fluttering heart beats Here I am Will He see me? Will He know me?  Oh please want me There you are Bashful, earnest, hopeful Tongue-tied, diffident Kindness and niceness Taken for a sibling There you are Aloof yet disarming ...Read On


The Wedding Dance

One couple's wedding night dance

He's driving with his bride Freshly minted today Looking for their motel It's along the way. Hurry, darling, I'm tired Up since yester morn I want to last for you I'm so tired and worn. He sees the sign It's just a little ahead Into the lot they drive Then to lobby he sped. He checks at the desk A face full of kisses He signs the register First time, Mr. and Mrs. They parked the car...Read On


Three Little Words

For this man I know

They are such simple words Often tossed about in jest These words can cause your heart to stir Or make your life a mess How often did I say those words Looking at the screen First I said in my head  Then quite whispering I love you.. I love you.. I love you.. Worried, my heart was in a grip What was I to do? I think he loves me back He's afraid to say And so it...Read On


The day we said we'd never forget

Meeting my love for the first time on the sand dune , in stormy skies

The day has passed The one we said we'd never forget We thought it would last After that day we first met The sun setting on the beach Storm clouds rolling in darkening the sky Below the dune, just out of my reach I run to you and want to cry Finally, our lips meet Our skin touches, our hands clasp Our bodies on fire, you can feel the heat You won't let me out of your grasp The skies open...Read On


Needing You

Aint nothing like waking up and just getting it in

Needing You It's 2 a.m. and I'm waken to the thought of pleasing you Tasting you Making you my midnight snack Like if the taste of you is something I lack. Still wrapped in my embrace With sleep on your face My hands start to become friendly And your nakedness gives me the ability To let my fingers mingle with your pussy's personality As my lips give soft kisses Your...Read On


Good Morning, I Love You

For my sweetness

I awaken to your love Your smile, it is so sweet Your words that send a touch Send me rolling in the sheets Hi baby and I love you Words that make me smile Never bringing me the blues Though we've had our trials Together seven months Separated by the miles By now you know I'm nuts Still, you love me all the while Could I still be dreaming Am I still asleep Is this really real...Read On



Awakening to find you gone The cold sheets Saying it had been awhile. When we went to bed Everything seemed fine. Wondering what I had done To make you want to leave, Especially in the dead of night. Sure, I had heard the rumours. The gossip That you were seeing others. I wish, if that was true You would have came to me And told me you wanted to leave. ...Read On


Forty Years

Man describes his love for his wife and her preferences

I've been married to my love For well over forty years We've had some laughs And we've shed a few tears. We never did it in the kitchen The cupboards hit her head,  The couch was too awkward Or so she said The dining room table was out It was too hard on her back, Don’t even bend her over here Come on, give me some slack. The desk offered plenty of room Her objects were just a...Read On


Aftershave and Lipgloss

They stand side by side, chatting as if they’re friends, but all they have in common is me. The musky scent of his aftershave clashes with the sweet cherry of her lip gloss. The truth behind the combined scents causes a sickness to bubble inside me, but I’m frozen as I stand staring at the sight of my lover standing next to the object of my desire. Her beauty is home to...Read On