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Love Poems


Only A Dream

Last time

Upside down. Totally lost. Mixed-up.   That’s what you do to me. Devastated, I wake up; This is reality, It was only a dream. In this dream of mine.  You and me together. This is where I want to be. You are the best of me. You pull me into your arms, Making passionate love to me. Please! Before I wake up, Take me in your arms;  Make love to me again, For the...Read On



Expressions of torture

If with a stroke I could wipe your face from my mind I'd cut off the offending hand.  I want to approach and speak of attraction  Of you as a woman and I as a man.  To see you up close, to hear your mellifluous voice That would be almost too much to bear.  I'm on the edge of a cliff here.  Uncharted waters.  Will calmer heads prevail?...Read On


The Fine Line Between Pain and Pleasure

The pleasure of submitting to my lover, my owner, my Master

I walk the fine line between pain and pleasure, Being owned by you is something I treasure. You have me bound and chained to the bed, Your insatiable lust needs to be fed. Spanking me hard, my ass now on fire Begging for mercy only fuels your desire! Dragged by my hair off of the bed Before you force me to give you head Striped and red, my ass is burning, Using my mouth to...Read On


Vigorous Petals

My first love poem, about that moment which is of a sudden burst of passion.

I whisper kisses harsh and warm That land like delicate petals Aching to break free from confinement As they softly uncover scented skin I dance my tongue against the barest neck As cold and pure as winters feet Waiting for heat with withheld breathes Your eyes taunt me, burning blue I lower my mouth over your slender chest Finding spots that trigger you to blush My...Read On


Pay Up

Fire burning, my skin is flushed My skin is burning for finger's brush Across my thighs, across my breasts My heart is melting in my chest Need, desire burn my flesh As I await your sweet caress My lips are wet, my breath is fast Come on baby, spank that ass I'm opened up, legs are spread Do you remember what you said? You said, I'm a good girl, I'm a slut You said, I deserve a...Read On


Because of My Lust

You Left

Looking Back - I saw you standing. That look. Why? I broke your trust.   Because of My Lust!! Holding, kissed, smiled that only you have. You said goodbye and left. Because of My Lust!! Only crying - Don't understand this. I need you so much more. Hoping that you would stay. Knowing you, knowing me, I knew, I had to let you go. Because of My...Read On


Imitating Art

Ira, Cole and Noël are dead; Julie London too. So I wrote this song instead and sing it just for you

The gallery was free, yet full Of endless dull Depictions with no wonder thundering In my heart or head. I stood instead And gazed within: why must my ordinary life Forever imitate art? * There! Amongst the moulded marble Art, by name  And nature, nurtured in an alien  Scrapered world for his and my mimetic sakes Bought tea and toast, taught me to see that most of life ...Read On


Darkest Corners

Just a simple poem to my lover.

Where do I begin? How do I start? Do I have to reveal my true self to you, Or can I keep hiding? The masks I wear are easy to wield It's a second me, something you've gotten used to I love you, I really do So don't doubt me when I say I'll never leave you My depression is like a snake, always constricting me, But here you are, scaring it away How can you do that?  How...Read On


The night is alive


The night is alive with feelings laid bare The question is where do we go from here Humble beginnings of fumbling and groping Have become passionate yearnings for something and hoping This is not the end.  The night is alive Tomorrow reaches out with open arms...Read On



I watched you enter happily, A cool breeze from the west, You met my good friend easily, The gentle sun spot she is. The two of you started harmoniously, No sign of a storm, I saw the weather fronts move, Collide and become one. Things took a turn for the worst quickly, The weather began to frown, The sun started hastily, To decide it should come down. When you became a wrecking ball,...Read On


Beside you


I lay down beside you. I don't reach out because I know you are there. That unbroken connection which binds us together Like virtual handcuffs Is that too suggestive? I know it doesn't sound like me But I'm a changed man since first we met Changed, changed utterly But no regrets Less than I was Fully to become more I expect Well, what would...Read On


Object Of Desire

How our perspective on desire can change so much over time

As a younger man, The object of desire Was a thing Two as one- The moment, The doing, The having, The taking As an older man, The object of desire  Is a feeling Two as one- The being, The you, The me, The we And so I've learned, The passion of doing And the feeling of being Together make us, An object of desire...Read On


Song of Love

As they rest in each other's arms and become one.

I was daydreaming about songs Just where do they come from? Experiencing what we’d had together the sadness, desires, our joy, and our love. Songs that we hear in nature,  The wind softly blowing in the trees The birds as they coo and chirp Brook babbling as it flows o’er the stones, carefree children, wild at their play. Songs of two bodies as they make love, moist echo...Read On


Runaway Horses

Like hoof beats The sound, the feel of hooves striking the dry hard ground My heart beats Pounding hard in my chest Like the wind Blowing wildly through their manes Your fingers run through my hair Fanning it out around my head Rippling muscles Hooves pounding Muscles flexing Hips thrusting Like the wild eyes of runaway horses, With their nostrils flaring My eyes are open wide...Read On


Act of love

Kissing, licking, sucking Throbbing, stroking, tasting The sweet smell of sex That magical aroma Driving me to ecstasy and Ropes and ropes of cum Deeper, deeper, deeper Into you. ...Read On

wind and the fire

consume me

Consume me, mental spirit. I am but a mortal, my me. Not gifted but uplifted, of what I write. I have upon me many words to say. Like the corner stone of my mind, I relay. ...where do you tell the wind and the fire to stop... Bach and Mozart, a little bit of me. Consume me, mental spirit. I am but quicksand, in your hand. As you lay your head upon my penis, ...Read On


The Many Faces of Look

We look with our eyes but see with our mind.

The Many Faces of Look There is the look that you get when you are bad Then when you are good too There is the look you get when you are sick Then when you are feeling great There is the look that you get at night Then the look in the morning There is the look on your lover face when making love Then when you are cuddling afterwards There is the look you get when...Read On


Our Nights

She slides inside next to me, her nude body warm.

She stands, Naked In the doorway; Her shape Silhouetted By the dim light Behind her. Her curves, Delicate Waves of desire, Showing her Contours Like an hourglass Striking midnight. She coyly Smiles Towards me, Then moves Gracefully Sweeping across The floor. I watch, Patiently As she strides Over to the bed Slowly, Where I wait With the covers open. She slides, Inside Next to me, Her...Read On


without you

The earth stood still The lights went out And all that was left was darkness When you left you took it all And left me with nothing Nothing at all Nothing is all I have now To keep me company To keep me sane Darkness and nothingness Are my only friends When I close my eyes...Read On


be mine

Hot tea by the sea... Ste Foy. Kisses of contraltos sweet lips. Roseilee be mine, she shines. Erotic cachet. Hotel de Arabesque. Exquisite hotel she suggest. Dining in the resturant defined. Zest of exquisite cuisine, Tureen.  Fortunes ruling the call, and shadows in the hall. We pass as just fiends, the night we just shared. Caring. Hot tea by the sea... Ste Foy. Kisses of...Read On


The loss is mine

The darkness encircles my heart And meets itself on the other side Sadness and pride compete To be the dominant emotion I know what you had to do You are the stronger of us two  Live your life  You have added to mine...Read On


The Taste

Not what your mother and dad gave you.

Was thinking this morning just what the taste of love is Like the first time you taste something new unexpected. This is something new from a new source. It’s sweeter than honey. It’s salty with happiness. Its spiciness is the zest of life. There is heat of peppers for sensuality. There is coolness of ice cream for your desire. There is tartness of lemon to brighten your mind. ...Read On

Pars pro toto

erotic alloy

Pars pro toto. Midnight overature... misnomer concerto. Maestro's, domanatrix baton. Operatic collaboration. Saint Andrews Cross. Inebriated, open inhibitions. Ascertained celebration. Like frost on a mirror, erotic alloy. Precum but droplets on their tongues The eye of vermouth, the olive of truth. I stand, endpin... mahogany cello. Adagio Saraccus Montebello. ...Read On


Beautiful Insanity

I will not cease in my battle to be whole again.

As your murky storm clouds gather, you obscure all light And I am rendered lonely and powerless in the tenebrous vacuum.  I am but hostage in the gloom, wishing away my destiny. Persuasive aberration! Thief! Yet giving as you take, Feeding my darkness with the goodness you have leached. Hope evades me, it suffocates me and I am trapped. Vacillating between anger and despair, rage...Read On


Dream of you

Again I had a dream of you... You were all night in my arms, I didn't want to let you go, From my arms, From my beautiful dream.. I didn't want, To open my sleepy eyes... I even washed my eyes closed, To hold you longer, To dream of you more... Don't run away... Don't turn back... Maybe I squeezed you tight, But, now that I found you, I would dream...Read On


Where I belong!

Standing here with you Quietly looking out over the water As we listen to the waves Breaking against the shore. I feel your arms wrapped around me, My head lying against your chest. I can hear the beating of your heart. Slowly raising onto my toes, To softly kiss your lips, Feeling you hands gripping my waist As the passion intensifies. Your tongue running...Read On


Do you feel the same?

Inspired by Love Poems writers, my first time, I am not a writer, so I just want to try

Could you feel my heart beat ? That Moment……… When you took me into your arms, My whole body trembled, My heart beat faster. You kissed me, You knew that I belong only to you. For a moment our eyes met, I wondered ? Do you feel the same ? You never said it....... You kissed my lips and cheek, I felt your lips softly against my ear.    You whispered ....... " You are my...Read On


What He Heard

There is a big difference between what a woman says and how a man interprets it.

I love you she said, I want you he heard. I want you, she said, I need you, he heard. I need you, she said, I love you, he heard. Put your arms around me, she said, Protect me, he heard. Please hold me, she said, Take me, he heard. I’m afraid, she said, Don't leave me, he heard. I hurt inside, she said, You hurt me, he heard. I’m feeling insecure, she said, ...Read On


Banking on you


I can't draw I can't sculpt But I can type and write some And so I think of you And try to express The magic you bring to my days The playful smiles that you bring to my life You know part of me belongs to...Read On


Do you know

Do you know,  That my memories, Began since, I met you? Since I first, Heard your words, Your character engraved in my mind! Your view, Remembered well... And your lips, For the first time kissed. Do you know, That I don't remmember, Anything before that? Because it doesn't... Matter anymore... My memories began... since I have met you!...Read On