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Love Poems


The only one you love

This is the first time I've written a story/poem so please dont be too mean,Thank you

Tell me you love me Tell me you miss me Tell me you want me Tell me im the only one Tell me that your always thinking about me Tell me that I'm sexy Tell me that I'm cute Tell me that I'm pretty Tell me that I'm beautiful Tell me that I'm all yours Take your time Take it slow Dont rush Hold me Move me Touch me Feel me Excite me Dazzle me Delight me Bring me to my knees Take me in your...Read On


Phone Sex

When you call, I get excited to hear your voice

As you call, I answer, happy to hear from you within a week, missing you like crazy, hormones are out of wack Phone sex, another best thing we have until your home, when you can be wrapped around my arms and legs, as we kiss up and down each others bodies I use my toy, as you use your hand, you in a bathroom stall, I use our bedroom, I moan in your ear "Fuck me,baby, harder, faster, more" As...Read On


Seal It All With Kisses

A Tyburn Poem

Smiling Laughing Holding Touching Constantly we’re smiling, laughing with delight, Its nice to be holding, touching each other tonight. Pressing Melting Spinning Turning Our lips meet now pressing, melting - a tether, The world stopped its spinning, turning all together. Playful Lustful Blissful Soulful Biting but yet playful,lustful emotion implies, Consuming a...Read On


My Pussy

Kind of a silly poem about spreading my legs for whoever lol

An entrance into my sexual soul So tight, fresh and young Many have frequented Many of them hung Yet my pussy is very indiscriminate As my lush friends may know My pussy is not all I offer I also give a good blow My pussy is so wet I bet you’d like a go Well come on in everybody After all, i'm just a ho ;)...Read On


Midnight Love

First time I met my true Love

Midnight love, where stars surround you, where smiles are friendly Upstate New york, where I met you, you met me, You found someone happy as can be. Midnight love, where stars surround you, It felt like magic when I am with you I was in a patrol car, you were outside, You came towards me, opened the door, we talked, You gave me a index card, with a number, your number Midnight Love,...Read On



My first poem, feedback is greatly appreciated.

To see you is a reward for my eyes, the dimples in your cheeks and the smile you always wear, your shimmering eyes and long flowing hair, and a nice firm body that'll give any man a rise To hear you would be music to my ears, an angelic voice that holds so much passion, the way you laugh with such incredible fashion, powerful enough to soothe even the worst of my fears To touch you means a...Read On


The Morning After

My attempt at writing a poem, never written one before lol

Dancing and grinding, what a fun night this is Wow my head is sore I look real sexy tonight My clothes are so messed up Yea I’ll do another shot Why is there a bucket next to me? Kiss me baby My lipstick is so smeared I’m pretty hard now baby Why is my jaw so stiff? Come back to my place baby Where am I?...Read On


For L.P.

A poem for a very special young lady.

For L.P. What attraction you say Lover’s gravity I reply. You’re my moon My light You guide my way at night. But you’re miles away You say. Not true my riposte; Listen to our hearts, The cadence is one. Two distant earthly bodies You reply Ever confused. Two bodies One soul, I intone. But I’m taken You protest Our staccato pasts intruding. Our...Read On



The willow branch whispers softly against her ear; you love he sweet dear. Her brain kicks violently against her skull; you will do no such thing! Why is it so hard? His mouth moves and his voice flows like a slow moving creek against her smooth skin. I love thee. Her face cracks in a sad smile-those words make her cry inside her heart. Her brain opens its ugly mouth- you love thee not!...Read On


dark spade

A poem about heartbreak, and what the heart may feel about someone that ends up stabbing it...

Do I take a step forward? Or two steps back? Leaving you in the dust, Was that going ahead? I thought it was good, But now I'm unsure, Lost and confused, My heart abused. My brain cannot think, So I rely on ink, To get this all out of my head, So maybe one of these days, I can think again. All that you've done It can't be reversed, It's not a rehearsal, Of a Broadway play. For this ends...Read On


The Season's Romance

A bit like the story of the Crone.

Leaves are falling, Changing in color Winds change direction, Birds flying south You hold my hand, We go out again Everything is changing. The cold has arrived Death has come again Life is sleeping Waiting for us to wake From our long slumber Green is growing, The common are rejoicing For the coming of the new, Is arriving again. You join with me again Life has returned The young...Read On



I feel your power taking me over. Your eyes ask, “Can you feel it?” It is a conversation between our bodies; There is no need for words. Our bodies play their own game, I have no say in it, And as it is the most natural thing to do, Without a word being said You take my hand and pull me closer. Your touch takes possession of my skin, My body shivers as your grip becomes stronger. ...Read On


Gone From Me

While you're gone from me The peace of my soul has slipped away. While you're gone from me, The edges of my soul begin to fray... And I'm lost to the anger. While you're gone from me, The magic disappears as the devil strikes another deal While you're gone from me There's a gaping hole in my life, my heart, my shields. And I'm lost in loneliness. While you're gone from me, ...Read On


The Wall Between Us

Is the end result worth the journey?

There is a wall between us. It is much too wide to walk around. And at first glance, it seems too high to climb. And yet, we have climbed it many times. You on your side. And me on mine. Straining, stretching, reaching, climbing, and ultimately making a connection at the top. When we touch, we find joy and light and magic and revel in the beauty of just being together. Inevitably though,...Read On

Audio version available

This Chain

Your collar is empty but I still hold this chain; Without you around nothing is the same. I long for my sexy lost pet; I am stuck I can’t seem to take a step. The one that I loved is no more; Did he really exist, the one I adored? Vanished into a different life; Sweet memories of him cut like a knife. Melancholy and bitter sweet; Torn over the fact we didn’t get to meet. And how he...Read On


My Lush World

Eight verses for eight friends, I'm sure you can figure out who you are

It started with flowers, and a candlelit beach. Took a while, but I dug through your layers of hiding lies. You thought I would be out of your reach, if I knew who you really were. You trust me now. Welcome to Lush, keep safe, be good Funny how the greatest temptation turned out to be you. I fell further than I thought I would; your protection no guard in your case. You want me now. Hey...Read On


All For You

ALL FOR YOU Frozen and numb My life had come undone   Looking for something Looking for more What I had become was not the sum   A simple gesture A twist of fate It all started with regards to thanks   Laughter and learning Boundaries and more Earning your trust Yearning for your touch Love blossomed from the ranks   Sealed with kiss Started with a list Hopefully ending in eternal bliss   All...Read On


Time Bomb

The power of innocent flirtations

Without a touch I feel you Igniting my imagination With the intangible Looking at me that way Eating me up Keeping it up A visual screw Feeding my imagination Wanting like you Coming back for more I’m your whore Taking my imagination Though I wear a suit And sensible shoes I meet you unlaced Releasing my imagination Monotonous discussion Disloyal to my thoughts ...Read On


Our Parallel Universe

Inspired of late, and written for a friend, a very special one x

You were always there, waiting in the wings of my mind. Long before you were conceived I thought of you, longed for you, toyed with creating you. Out of nowhere, you made yourself real, embryonic in my brain. A fantasy conceived, yet to be realised. With care and nurture, our dream developed - more vivid, more realistic, more erotic than my imagination ever afforded. ...Read On


Loving You

Loving my hunny

As I am loving you, I feel like my feelings are real, Like we are made for each other When I'm with you, the world stops in motion, as I touch you I am electrified as the emotions sparkles like rain As I am loving you, I realize you are my everything When I kiss you, my mouth is glued to yours, As I cry you wrap your arms around me, You have held me when I was down As I am loving you,...Read On


Sonnet for a lovely lady...

I see and hear thy chest bells ring to me, their taste and diameter fill my mouth. and with thy body, you gave me the key, I take my source of stimulation south. I kiss and lick between thy other lips, I hear you gasp and shout my funny name. And with you juices, I take many sips, My tongue is a wild beast thou cannot tame. I touch, and smell, and taste your source of lust, I'll keep my...Read On


A Little Poem

I lie in bed and write for you, A little poem about us two. You are tall and sweet, You must know, That you make me stand on my tip-toes. Your kisses are gentle and kind, With passion that builds up quite fine. Your hands are large, Your fingers long, And you sing me sweet love songs. I feel so silly writing this. All I want is our next kiss. You say I tease, I know you’re right. But kiss...Read On



Just a little something I jotted down....

Damn social convention, take me as you wish. Whatever pleases you, I simply want to be owned. Gently restrain my wrist behind my back and claim my mouth as yours. Rake your teeth down my neck. Whisper in my ear all the naughty things you’re going to do to me. Take me to the bedroom. Undress me slowly. Don’t devour my curves. I want to feel your lips on every inch of my newly exposed skin....Read On


What's in My Heart

Over, under, falling, sailing, I can't stop, I won't stop. Hold me, kiss me, take me over, You are now the keeper of my heart. Flying, soaring, hold me close,  How did we let this happen? Keep me, fill me with your being, So much love I could never imagine. Floating, enduring, loving, clinging. This powerful thing, I have no control. Will it be alright, will it never end? This love devours...Read On



Dreaming blue eyes and hands to keep me in love Dreaming heroic mistresses and soft skins Dreaming that I didnt want anything less than the best Dreaming that s he magically would make all my fears lost Dreamed of so many but once I met her immediately stopped dreaming because all of them were now...Read On


Love me

All my life, I drew hearts on paper. Millions of pink and red, Yellow, green, Rainbow hearts. Growing up, I knew it was you. But I just hadn't met you. I want to meet you, I'm ready right now. Come out come out, Wherever you are, It's time to hide no more. Come out from the shadows, I want you to find me, To love me. Since I learned what love was, To the best of my ability, I looked. Still...Read On


for you

dont judge me hard, my first effort

I was lonely and when I found you all flourished. Dry field my body, one thousand streams watering it Come back in the cold, come as a light to warm my soul I love you, love you, like flower petals I wrapped around your body I love you, love you and all the land celebrates our love I love you ... Oh, come on! As melody from India I want to enter into your heart. Let me fill...Read On



Once far, now here, still so far away, When are you mine, when am I yours? Too many tears, too many dreams, Now, everythings bursting at the seams. I grasped your hand, held you so tight. Why? When? How did this happen? I loved your eyes, how bright and free, I loved them most when they were on me. My heart is full, with love ever-lasting, Will it always be so? Forever and true?...Read On



originally posted in the poetry thread - such a lovely response, so i thought i'd share it here.

Kiss me, kiss me, two little fishies, startle my mind to the tuna boat. If I follow you may swallow all the sweet juices in which I float. Tender ripens mean little vipers worm their way into my heart. And if I wishes, those little fishes will cry until the tide rolls by. Kiss me, Odin, spread me open, taste me with your golden tongue. If I swallow what will follow like juices from the...Read On


I've Missed You

I've been missing my Master...

I’ve missed you, but did you notice As I saw you there looking so divine, Hair all curly and mussed, making me want to touch? Your smell, your essence invades my senses. Look but don’t touch is the rule When all can view You pause; look over, just a quick glance But I did see. I say hello, you respond in kind, Causing my heart to skip more than a beat. Then you smile and...Read On