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Love Poems


moments to memories


So much has been made of natural selection And the ladies on Lush cause many erections Now I'm content with what I have And loving her won't cause rehab I dream of her as much as sex And worry about what comes next To have her beside me is all that I need She's hotter than the stories that I'm here to read Back in my wild and wicked days I thought that I knew more than I did ...Read On


Rainy Night

A poem for my lover.

It was raining this morning when you woke with my kiss My head was bobbing and your eyes showed pure bliss. You moved my hair so you could look into my eyes As I sucked and teased you with my morning surprise! Now night has fallen and the rains does persist Your cock in my pussy I need, I insist! We spent the day all snuggled in bed You, sucking and eating, me, giving you head. ...Read On



Inspired by RuNe, with apologies to Radiohead

When you were here before Was supposed to be goodbye I thought I was your angel So why'd you make me cry Floating like a butterfly In a hurricane I thought I'd recovered But I'm insane Cause you're a cheat, a fucking liar Get the hell away from me I fucking despise ya You didn't care if you hurt me Said you didn't have control You went ahead and fucked her ...Read On


Rainy Days

rainy day fun

The morning rain awakens me And you my dear is what I see your head is bobbing up and down And I can't help smiling at what I found I brush your hair out of your eyes And wonder how I got so wise To have picked you above the rest And feel your heart beating on my chest Rainy days so often is said How nice it is to stay in bed...Read On


Forgotten Nobody

You Lifted me high up In total defiance of Newton I Desired your desire Wanted your wanting of me You Made me forget Freed my inner self conscience  I Drifted amongst stars Felt euphoria whenever you came You Started doubting me Asked the question I knew would end me I Answered with guilt Came crashing back down to earth You I wish the best of luck To find the perfect women...Read On



I want a prince to love me to my core. I've always had that desire, but still, I want a man to fuck me like a whore. I long for eyes to cherish and adore, For fingers to caress with gentle skill. I want a prince to love me to my core. I crave a good hard fucking on the floor, To be abused and used until I spill. I want a man to fuck me like a whore. I need a touch forever to be pure,...Read On


I The Dandelion

About this girl I'm falling for, who is already kind of taken. It's complicated.

So close, Yet afar. I a dandelion, Blending into, A field of daisies, Just a dirty weed. On the horizon, A beautiful girl, Skips along, Without knowing, Trampling I, The dandelion. My seeds, Blow gently. Wind carries them, Taking root, Growing again, A scrawny yellow flower. I watch, She's happy. I the dandelion, Await the day, You make a wish, To be with me. Her eyes, Shut tight. She...Read On


Making a Memory

A kiss for luck as I climb shakily into the saddle. Your smile giving me the confidence I need. You look so at home and so at ease. The bright sun makes the beach golden. We sit atop your chestnut ponies. Walking them slowly. Wet hoof prints scuffling through the sand. They wait patiently for our cue. We talk and laugh. I've never seen your angelface light up this way. So full of joy. We...Read On


Missing you

thoughts on missing lover

The days are long The days are hard  As the buttercups bloom in the yard Those little flowers so small so sweet Reminds me that my love is deep My heart feels as if stabbed by a knife And I want you with me for the rest of my life The emptiness grows like a gnawling hunger What I would do without you is my biggest wonder But you'll soon be with me I have no doubt And I'll...Read On



i am worth the price

You are awake And I come to you With my skin tasting like peaches And my heart  Offering you everything.  Brittle stars sparkle  In quiet and awestruck joy  As you touch my body  And call forth wetness  From this stone. Open flesh begs your entry. I move against you Meeting every caress, Every thrust, Until we both smell like Sweat and sex. You drink me in  ...Read On


Ode to the morning after

Oh my dear, what brings you here? Is it the pleasures of my company? Shall I begin to play my mandolin, to recite tales most softly? I do declare, I can’t control my stare, as you cross the room with grace. For as you walk, I can not talk. As I am lost in the glory of your face. But had I not found you hot, I truly could not be. And as you pass my front door of glass ...Read On


Te Descio

Love words for him

Time spent loving Secrets we have shared Nurturing my heart  Catching every single tear He holds my heart so tender He tells me I'm his sunshine  Tells me I'm his treasure  And his universe He wants to live inside me Wants to take my soul Own my heart completely He tells me I'm his dream Tells me Its forever And eternally Waking every morning to his lovely heart ...Read On


Head, Shoulders

One delectable afternoon

Head, shoulders Knees and toes, Harder, harder In you go Curves, chest Heaving bust Higher, higher With every thrust Lick, suck And make you moan Faster, faster Shudder and groan Hmm, mmm Ho-hum I swallow, wallow In your come Head, shoulders Knees and toes Again and again That's how it goes......Read On


Dance Me

A man has a night in with his lover.

The candlelight is flickering. We sit here face to face. The music playing softly. I am lost in time and space. Our eyes are fixed and glowing. I sense your soft desire. I reach to you, we gently kiss and feel the sudden fire. Otis's soul is soaring, singing of losing love. Your hand it falls into my lap  and enfolds me like a glove. Your hand it holds and grips me, you slowly start...Read On


My Heroin

My lust for you exceeds the limits of my mind and body. Wanting to fulfill your every desire and whim. My love for you exceeds anything even remotely divine. Burning cold tears of sorrow whenever your heart bleeds. My heart racing with every mental touch, I almost disembody. Words ordered from the whip, executed with brim. My every fiber aching to melt with yours, complete in line....Read On


Nature Walk

we are a part of all we see.

Soft days of perfect light Filled with earthy sights and sounds Bring joy And peace. Walking though the day Holding your hand, Seeing your mouth curve just for me, And sharing this sensory heaven Makes my heart race. The evening will be full Of skin And kissing And more. Right now I want you To take me against that tree, To run your hand up my thigh ...Read On


101 Words: Aunty Rose

Aunty Rose is on the prowl

Aunty Rose, Aunty Rose, How old is she? No-one knows. Thirty Two? Thirty Nine? All we know is she looks real fine. Although she's older than our Mum, Can't tear our eyes from off her bum. We see her training down the gym, But in other ways, she keeps trim. Those lovely legs, so strong and lean, A queue to spread them - boys so keen. She chooses one, a lucky bloke, Taken home, allowed...Read On


The Rain Came

A poem about love through life together

The hillside was torched by a lick of flame. Angry fire burned wildly, devouring. Timbers cracked, the trees split, all was consumed. Heaven sent the rain, quenched the devil’s hand. Then the rain faded, leaving a man behind. He was cold, I gave him shelter. He was hungry, I gave him food. He was broken, I cured his wounds. Eyes dark, rich, and golden – like aged brass coins. Scattered...Read On


Attraction Divine

Rays of long blonde curls Scent of sweet perfume Attraction followed distraction Drowning in blue almonds Butterfly in tummie whirls Lust contracting womb Her fingers taking action Sliding through my Venus highlands In union tongues twirl Weir of lust torn down Flooding fingers in reaction Glistening like diamonds Hungry tongue ready to unfurl Head disappears under her gown...Read On


Loving You

Is It True?

I see you when you look at me, I see it in your stare. All the hours of silence between us, it's as if something still lingers there. Nervous and intimidated, as this story from my lips is told. Each and every time I feel you near, more so now than ever before. Sheepish and yet anxious, just to look up and see you there. I keep my mouth shut tight, not to say...Read On



Never Again Will I be able To taste apple butter; Never Again Will I be able To hear fireworks in the distance; Never Again Will I be able To stand beside rushing waters; Never Again Will I be able To see mountains and skies; Never Again Will I be able To eat a peach; Never Again Will I be able To do those things, Without ...Read On


shooting star wishes

The universe sings

Tonight I heard my own voice  Being sung out of the stars. The verses were Passionate calls  For your hands on my body, Your mouth on mine, Your erect length worshipping  The ebb and flow of my heart. Notes pulsed with  Heart  Stopping  Orgasm. The chorus, however, Was a lament  Full of love And longing And shooting star wishes. The repeating refrain  A haunting measure... ...Read On


Needing you

I love you Charles

Hoping  Wishing Longing to feel your touch. Your soft lips, Pressed against mine. Our tongues wrapping around each other As we kiss. Your arms wrapped around me As your fingers Run gently over my skin, Caressing my sides. Your palms Pressed against my breasts Rubbing gently, Over my hard nipple. My hands caressing your hardness Massaging your balls. ...Read On


Through the Storm

Life is filled with storms, the thing that gets us through life's storms is Love.

The thunder in the distance Reminds me of your voice From which I cannot hide It stirs my heart and warms me As you call to me to come And walk along your side The sound of raindrops falling Striking the tin roof hard The splash and pitter patter Comes quick and hard in torrents Yet it’s somehow gentle and soothing Reminding me of our chatter The wind...Read On


Enticing Ecstacy

Senses heightened to limit Anticipation turned wet Touch burning so vivid Hunger makes body sweat Eyes feel black velvet Tongue tastes rubber gag Spread eagle on duvet Naked except the slave tag Leather flogger stings nipples Quenched and erected by ice Clamped secure, pain triples Sexual excitement to entice Electric surge sent through clit Legs wound up, flowers laid bare...Read On


The Warmth

The warmth remember

When I came into the room warmth that I felt as you smiled at me. The warmth of your words “ Hi Hun” gave me hope. I can feel the warmth of you over the miles that we are apart. The warmth in your eyes as you look into mine set my heart on fire. The warmth of your lips melts my heart. The warmth of a whisper in my ear inflames my desire. Warmth of our body heat with hot desire ...Read On


Through the Storm

Life is filled with storms, the thing that gets us through life's storms is Love.

The thunder in the distance Reminds me of your voice From which I cannot hide It stirs my heart and warms me As you call to me to come And walk along your side The sound of raindrops falling Striking the tin roof hard The splash and pitter patter Comes quick and hard in torrents Yet it’s somehow gentle and soothing Reminding me of our chatter The wind...Read On



A man longs for a stranger

Every single morning, For three weeks now or more.  You are sitting at the station,  In the same place as before.  You never see my glances.  You never feel my eyes.  You never know how much I want,  To hear your tender sighs.  My mind it starts to wander,  As you lose yourself in books;  A new one every day it seems,  oblivious of my looks.  You are not the world's best looker.  ...Read On


Out of Reach

I won't dare compare how I feel, knowing I can never have you. To have you come into my life, only to see you with someone else. I loved you way back then, as much as now. I have spent an eon , with you in my thoughts. A vision in an oasis, everything pails in comparison. I smile when I remember, the glint in your eye. Your life is better now, with the love of your man. If only things...Read On


Riding Lessons

love lost and found

I rode the mountains I've felt the rain . I've been in love and felt the pain when love fails you get up and ride Regardless of how hurt you feel inside even when your world's been turned upside down you learn to smile through the frown But love redeems it comes again and the lessons you learn will never end Things do happen for a reason and you my love will stay in season...Read On