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Love Poems

OK Guys!

are you really

OK guys! Let's get serious. Are you really curious, or do you say it for attention. Will you go down on a man's cock? Are you really serious? Tell me the truth. I'm thinking you are bad, for telling lies. Oh you cad! Would you suck a root? OK guys! Time to confess. What do you suggest? Are you really curious? Prove it with conviction and meet. Perhaps a guy...Read On


What is Love?

Wondering what it will take To find someone to love Does it take? Learning about someone Being kind and considerate Listening when they have problems But not always, Having the answers Is it caring how they are? What their feeling Knowing that If they need help No matter what You’ll be there for them To offer advice Or just to lean on Wanting, needing Them to...Read On


I Submit To You

As I submit to my Master...

You know you have me, mind, body and soul. I willingly submit to your control. You take me, molding me, bending me to your will Forcing me to use all of my skill. In making me yours, you have set me free. Your love allows me to be simply me. Although the Master, you’re benevolent and kind, Putting to rest, fears and doubts in my mind. Your demands on my body, my mind and...Read On

The Path

I give look

When on my sojourns, of the mind, body and spirit. I give look for my envisioned being. That being of kindred soul. The path of parallels. Erotic and sensual fulfillment, bearing the nectar of pleasurable desire. Searching, reaching, beseeching, of the mind, body and spirit. I give look, the nakedness lay. That being of kindred soul. The path of parallels. Erotic...Read On



control and desire

Lying beside you the memories linger The taste of your juices remain on my fingers So simple so loving you jump to demands Your body your mind submit to commands Control is my power,my hold on your soul It has become an asset far richer than gold Submitting to me for all of our days Fulfills my cravings ,my longings in so many ways Submit to me darling become my desires Come...Read On


Kinky Lass

self gratification

As she leans back against the bed, Her mind focused on giving head; She closed her eyes, suppressed a sigh, Then pictured cock with legs held high. Her rosebud ass was in a pucker, Longing for her pucker sucker. A bit of gel on finger tip, She rims her ass hole then her lip. Then licks her fingers back to front And gently slides them in her cunt. Her G-spot found with...Read On

Hags to Bitches

Name the ways

From hags to bitches. I'm not referring to washcloths. I'm talking about the real thing. It ain't Herbie's Love Bug. Let me name the ways. She is grumpy and obtuse. She drinks green Vermouth. But, can a witch make love? From hags to bitches. I'm speakn' elixirs and potions, the real strokin' lotion. She ain't no Miss Kitty. Let me name the ways. She's agin' gays and...Read On


She sipped

The spinster was afire that night, as she made me a man. Not because I was her tool, but because I was her brandy. She sipped her Alexander. Oh, where is the cherry. The spinster had hair of red, as she invited me to her bed. Not because I wasn't late, but because she had toys that vibrate. She sipped her Alexander. Oh, where is the cherry. The spinster...Read On


Float in air

Weeping Willows spread their branches, as if caressing beautiful breasts. Sycamore trees, wild wilderness berries and thyme. The scent of you, my Claire. Oh, be mine. And butterflies float in air. Rose Wood, Hickory trees and Persimmon, reaching majestic limbs to the sky. Blue Spruce, Northern Pine and Honeysuckle vine. The scent of you, my Claire. Oh, be mine. And...Read On



The trap was lain in words alone Alluring him, her temptress tone A fantasy he longed to know She could fulfill and make it so Their lust it grew with every day As they followed the forbidden way Of secrecy and hidden need To lead them to forbidden deed And then one day to meet in sin A new chapter they did begin When finally their bodies met In ways they would never forget...Read On


Entwined in love, entwined in passion

Early morning love.

The sky goes pink with early morning rays outside our window. Our bodies move together as one, entwined in love, entwined in passion. Your lips at my neck, my hands on your back. Our voices mess together in a passionate moan. An alarm sounds in the background, it’s time to get up, time to start the day. We ignore it, it is not important. The only thing that...Read On


What I Want

The answer to what I'm always asked....

I was asked yesterday... "Why do you do what you do, "What makes you make those choices?" I look with questions in my eyes and confusion on my little lips... "You mean my life style, Or what I wore today?" I jested. Then my look sobers and I reply, "I am asked all the time either on net or in real life." I pull out my phone and show a picture of my love. Most reactions given are...Read On

Down south


Recently I was in a small town down south, all alone in a motel room with thin walls. "Oh, oh baby." I heard. All alone in a motel room down south. "Take me places you have been." She screamed. My ear was to the wall as my hand began to travel. Between my thighs it unraveled. All alone in a motel room down south. I thought of my love up north. Just above the Mason Dixon Line. ...Read On



I listen to the house, nothing I might as well face it, he's gone No more will I see his launching blue eyes Or his white hair shining When the light hits it No more of his smiling face I cry because I adore him I walked outside and gasped at The man across the street It was him No – a total stranger My world torn apart Nothing left I looked down and saw...Read On


weeping for you

Winter quilt upon the bed, and frost upon the window pane. As you lay sleeping, I catch myself weeping for you so. Is our love but a game. Last night you were all aglow, with all smile upon your lips. We made love and then we kissed. I catch myself weeping for you so. Is our love but a game. On the morrow may bring sorrow, of what could have tilt. As you raised your...Read On


All I Have

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Web of silken threads Weaves the moon from starry-splendoured Elysium where traverse Transcendent breaths of gods and men. Lift and soar the spirits calling, And bring joy to rest upon the skies Of setting sun and apricot moon, Where tenures of angels Become treasures transcending Immortal...Read On



A poem

She reaches me, she softens my frustration She teaches me, she's an inspiration  All of my thoughts are peppered with her My actions designed with her in mind Though far away, she reaches me...Read On

Midnight hour

On midnight hour

On midnight's hour, I do not cower. On walking my own, the clouds my home. Come walk with me. In sensuous caress, I must confess. On walking my own, the clouds my home. Come walk with me. Of having the key, on bended knee. On walking my own, the clouds my home. Come walk with me. On midnight hour, the stars in shower. On walking my own, the clouds my home....Read On


Honey Bee and Sweet Pea

For my love of flowers and sex :)

Honey Bee What do you see? Roses, Dahlias and Poppies Busy Bee flies above, stingers out, buzzing lust To which flower, will you give your love Her fragrance calls you in the breeze Soft and pink, you see Sweet Pea Sweet calls to you in flirty fun Shrinking Violet, you best just run Sweet's opened up in blossoms tease Opened up for your ease Her nectar drips from...Read On



Lonely for what almost was; It feels like I am missing love. More likely it is lust that I am now missing; His beard covered in my juices, his lips I was kissing. Replaying in my mind what I did to him; His body is exposed to my every whim. His mind is subjected to my seduction; Any defenses he has are meant with destruction. I sow the seeds and my message is clear; He knows in...Read On


The Midnight Dance

A lady's wish.

Her hair midnight blue, her skin alabaster white under the moons soft light. In a place where the breeze whispers to the trees, and the fireflies dance in the night you will see her standing there, Waiting for a lover that never appears, listening to music only she can hear. The moon holds its breath as she dips and sways, each movement one of grace. For in this place she can see...Read On

Puddle of Envy

The taste of those lips, forbidden terrain Eyes gaze at words created from Love or Grief Wanting to feel such sublime bliss or shunning the pain Never a word spoken all emotion orphan No home to seek warm comfort, loving embrace The scent of alone, morning , noon and night That is what some may think Others know better, preferring to overlook ...Read On


Faithful Friend Fallen

To the one who came back...

Faithful friend, Long-standing companion, I hate to see that you have fallen, Fallen out of love of life, Since someone broke your heart. I know what you feel isn't easy, A love so deep and strong, Suddenly pulled away from under you, With a swift yet painful ceasing. Over. Final. Gone. Though I am not a knight in armour shining, And don't ride upon noble steed, I am the ever present...Read On


Eternal Cravings

Eternal cravings  For which I am prisoner of Damned forever to body's lust Fires burn with dreams of touch To feel his love upon my kiss Greedy mouth rapes my lips His demanding touch of finger tips Engraves his name upon my skin Bodies heated, my skin is flushed I open up to meet his thrust Breathing in the scent of him Intoxicates my soul within Bodies twist,...Read On



In the mist of the winter morning Gentle as a breeze A bud appears Time passes Its secrets will unfold Dark red, blood red the centre holds The bloom strengthens You're beautiful as a rose in full maturity Now a glow of summer lights In full bloom it's a true colour shower How sad when the blossoms Wild flowers fade in time A solitary stem drooping in the breeze ...Read On


Fire Fairy

For H. Wherever you are.

Fire fairy in the autumn night.  My fate has dimmed the candlelight.  You wait for my mistake .  The darkness is your sole disguise.  When candle flames they reach your eyes,  and we are both awake. Slowly you move along the walls.  The movement of your body calls  for mine to respond.  Your amber eyes exploring me,  your lily-hands imploring me,  to follow you beyond. I pause to wonder...Read On


Your essence

My wicked tongue tantalizes your bud

I want your legs draped over my shoulders As my tongue teases your rosebud Your breath wanting and breathless Your hands pulling me in closer Your nails digging into my back So deep I feel you may leave scratch marks As my hands grasp your thighs My face buried between your legs As your hand presses me deep into you Holding me in place My nose filled with your sweet scent My tongue...Read On


What Have You Done To Me?

It's my time now to love ME more than I love you.

What have you done to me? You made this old heart new. Renewed me, restored me, Wore me down and left me broken in two. What have you done to me? You awakened a joy hidden deep within. Unleashed my desire, provided unquenchable fire, Destroyed my faith in men. What have you done to me? You made me love you. Confined me to your little locked cage with openings for the world to view, ...Read On


The Way It Goes

Just goes to show you when you’re motivated by lust; Your brain is the only body part that you can trust. All of the rest has gone haywire; Just raging hormones filled with desire. Logic is all that you can depend on; Especially when he sings the same old song. If it’s yellow and quacks it’s probably a duck; He keeps running back because I’m such a good fuck. Says a bunch of shit he...Read On


My One And Only Master

Just something I needed to get off my chest about him

My one and only master; Who stole my heart From the moment We first talked. Who I have belonged to for three years now. He is the one and only man I really want to please. If it weren't for Him I wouldn't even know Who I am as a person. I am glad I got to know Him; My one and only master. He who stole my heart; My one and only master. Who I love with all my heart ...Read On