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Love Poems


Just a Game

Entertained by my heartache

In my world of dark, She shone like a light, Becoming a beacon, To guide me through the night. As beautiful as a siren, But innocent as a lamb. And my heart sailed forward, Without worry of being damned. Straight into her arms, Which beckoned me near; For I longed for her touch, And to be rid of my fears. She smiled so sweetly, As I handed her my heart, But her smile turned wicked, As...Read On


Fantasy Pt 1

Me and you, one to one, alone in the dark of night; I see your look, I feel your touch, I know the moment's right. You held my face and looked at me and then our lips met,  Then you start exploring my body to get my pussy wet. You kiss my neck and move on down, stopping at my breast; You lick and suck my nipple, my pussy you caress. Moving your way down, my belly button you lick ...Read On


My Favorite Hooker

You slink into the bar so sexy and nice And every guy looks at you a lot more than twice You flirt,you you tease to get what you want A hundred on the bar is all that you want I sip my drink and watch all I can And smile and think what you could do to a man To hold you and screw you throw passion to the wind The memory would be worth it. Thank goodness for sin I get up and...Read On


Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Over The Rainbow … Early in the morning when all of nature rests. That’s my time with you. The silence of the environment sleeping is enough to arouse me from my slumber. I wake and feel your presence. A warm breeze that swirls around me and yet I shiver. The darkness is my blindfold, but I know it’s you. You whisper in my ear that you’re here. The scent of citrus...Read On


broken pieces

meeting someone new that wants you even when your broken inside.

He found her broken so he tried to fix her He found all the colors of life underneath her So many things he wished to teach her So much love he had to give her His heart spoke to hers, please be mine But deep down inside he wondered if her hurt was too much to put aside Would his love speak its mind, could he make her heart work one more time?...Read On



It starts with a simple word “ fine” It’s the answer to a not so simple question “ are you ok?” With every question asked, and answered the distance seems to grow Its not felt in miles, its right there in the heart. Distance has the power, you are no longer in control It lurks in the mind, making you doubt every thought It settles in the heart, and making you question her You...Read On


Lantern in the dark

My world died as I felt you remove yourself. My heart was torn from my body, By a rusty teaspoon of broken promise and unfulfilled want. The world was no longer for me, Just for those lucky enough to still have a soul. My spirit whisked onto the funeral pyre of futility, Thinking that this vacuum would be my sole habitat forever. I never saw it coming. I was as blind as Sulla, ...Read On


A Dream?

I lie down and close my eyes….. Two shadows in the dark both wanting to play Face to face in silence not knowing what to say. My heart is racing I feel you breathe Take this opportunity or should I leave I see your gesture I move in close By this point we are nose to nose. I close my eyes and taste your tongue My body melts and I’m instantly sprung Electricity through...Read On


Three Wishes

The reflection of the firelight glows in your eyes I watch the love of my favorite prize My fingers trace your delicious breasts While my hardening cock waits in its'rest Your wonderful body is all so enticing And your wanting me is all so exciting Your pussy,your mouth are all I desire And you beside me only increases the fire The stars gleam outside with a nice morning dew ...Read On

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even a little hope was too much

It must have been an enchantment. No other word can explain How I allowed your Whisper to infiltrate my defenses And capture my thoughts And my heart. My fingers touched To match your words Which called me to orgasm And joining. There was never hope for more But the magic of the enchantment was enough. But now you have withdrawn Into your shadow world ...Read On


The Touch of His Hand

For my lover who inspires me daily.

So sweet are his words as they touch my heart, How tender his touch from the moment we start. His kisses as hot as a mid-summer’s day, With his arms around me is how I will stay. He’s always been gentle as a new born lamb,  He guides my movements with the touch of his hand. The way that he moves, so deeply inside;  The tension building as I begin to ride. He drives me over...Read On


101 Words - Dream

Was it a dream? Did it happen? Were you real? Or  Was it just another Mirage Hallucination Delusion Another game you play If you are just a fantasy Why do I  Smell your scent, intoxicating Hear your moan, enticing Feel the warmth of your body Pressing, rubbing, grinding Against mine If you are real Why did you Disappear without a kiss Vanish without a word Throw away what we had...Read On


Making It Right

I once thought that I knew it all That was before my life took the fall Then you came along and lifted my soul And showed me that my back was to the wall It took patience and love to remove the doubts You stayed with me and we figured it out Tonight, tomorrow all the rest of my days Have taught me to love you in oh so many ways Take make and love me every day and every night ...Read On


Entwined Entity

Two embodiments collide Subjected to physical attraction To pheromonal calls they abide To answer any natural exaction As they near each others touch Energy shoots through the roof The heat almost to much Two souls no longer aloof Sexual pandemonium about to erupt Physical fusion of body and soul Adrenaline pumping without interrupt Dying to eat each other whole One entwined...Read On



I'd rather be lonely alone, than lonely with somebody else.

I'd rather be lonely alone, than lonely with somebody else... I've decided over time and mishaps just the same that although I ache for companionship I can be alone if and when the time came Like an unattended orchid my emotions are left to die As if I had crawled in a blackened hole I feel alone and didn't know why As if I’m a used toy doll I’m tossed away and never...Read On


Knight has Fallen

I donned my armor Mounted my steed Set out on my mission The most important mission of my life. I was victorious I rescued my Princess My armor shined I held Princess tight I showed Princess passion like never before. Princess gave me her heart I cherished it Princess gave me her soul I cherished it Princess gave me her all Princess proclaimed me her champion...Read On


moments to memories


So much has been made of natural selection And the ladies on Lush cause many erections Now I'm content with what I have And loving her won't cause rehab I dream of her as much as sex And worry about what comes next To have her beside me is all that I need She's hotter than the stories that I'm here to read Back in my wild and wicked days I thought that I knew more than I did ...Read On


Rainy Night

A poem for my lover.

It was raining this morning when you woke with my kiss My head was bobbing and your eyes showed pure bliss. You moved my hair so you could look into my eyes As I sucked and teased you with my morning surprise! Now night has fallen and the rains does persist Your cock in my pussy I need, I insist! We spent the day all snuggled in bed You, sucking and eating, me, giving you head. ...Read On



Inspired by RuNe, with apologies to Radiohead

When you were here before Was supposed to be goodbye I thought I was your angel So why'd you make me cry Floating like a butterfly In a hurricane I thought I'd recovered But I'm insane Cause you're a cheat, a fucking liar Get the hell away from me I fucking despise ya You didn't care if you hurt me Said you didn't have control You went ahead and fucked her ...Read On


Rainy Days

rainy day fun

The morning rain awakens me And you my dear is what I see your head is bobbing up and down And I can't help smiling at what I found I brush your hair out of your eyes And wonder how I got so wise To have picked you above the rest And feel your heart beating on my chest Rainy days so often is said How nice it is to stay in bed...Read On


Forgotten Nobody

You Lifted me high up In total defiance of Newton I Desired your desire Wanted your wanting of me You Made me forget Freed my inner self conscience  I Drifted amongst stars Felt euphoria whenever you came You Started doubting me Asked the question I knew would end me I Answered with guilt Came crashing back down to earth You I wish the best of luck To find the perfect women...Read On



I want a prince to love me to my core. I've always had that desire, but still, I want a man to fuck me like a whore. I long for eyes to cherish and adore, For fingers to caress with gentle skill. I want a prince to love me to my core. I crave a good hard fucking on the floor, To be abused and used until I spill. I want a man to fuck me like a whore. I need a touch forever to be pure,...Read On


I The Dandelion

About this girl I'm falling for, who is already kind of taken. It's complicated.

So close, Yet afar. I a dandelion, Blending into, A field of daisies, Just a dirty weed. On the horizon, A beautiful girl, Skips along, Without knowing, Trampling I, The dandelion. My seeds, Blow gently. Wind carries them, Taking root, Growing again, A scrawny yellow flower. I watch, She's happy. I the dandelion, Await the day, You make a wish, To be with me. Her eyes, Shut tight. She...Read On


Making a Memory

A kiss for luck as I climb shakily into the saddle. Your smile giving me the confidence I need. You look so at home and so at ease. The bright sun makes the beach golden. We sit atop your chestnut ponies. Walking them slowly. Wet hoof prints scuffling through the sand. They wait patiently for our cue. We talk and laugh. I've never seen your angelface light up this way. So full of joy. We...Read On


Missing you

thoughts on missing lover

The days are long The days are hard  As the buttercups bloom in the yard Those little flowers so small so sweet Reminds me that my love is deep My heart feels as if stabbed by a knife And I want you with me for the rest of my life The emptiness grows like a gnawling hunger What I would do without you is my biggest wonder But you'll soon be with me I have no doubt And I'll...Read On



i am worth the price

You are awake And I come to you With my skin tasting like peaches And my heart  Offering you everything.  Brittle stars sparkle  In quiet and awestruck joy  As you touch my body  And call forth wetness  From this stone. Open flesh begs your entry. I move against you Meeting every caress, Every thrust, Until we both smell like Sweat and sex. You drink me in  ...Read On


Ode to the morning after

Oh my dear, what brings you here? Is it the pleasures of my company? Shall I begin to play my mandolin, to recite tales most softly? I do declare, I can’t control my stare, as you cross the room with grace. For as you walk, I can not talk. As I am lost in the glory of your face. But had I not found you hot, I truly could not be. And as you pass my front door of glass ...Read On


Te Descio

Love words for him

Time spent loving Secrets we have shared Nurturing my heart  Catching every single tear He holds my heart so tender He tells me I'm his sunshine  Tells me I'm his treasure  And his universe He wants to live inside me Wants to take my soul Own my heart completely He tells me I'm his dream Tells me Its forever And eternally Waking every morning to his lovely heart ...Read On


Head, Shoulders

One delectable afternoon

Head, shoulders Knees and toes, Harder, harder In you go Curves, chest Heaving bust Higher, higher With every thrust Lick, suck And make you moan Faster, faster Shudder and groan Hmm, mmm Ho-hum I swallow, wallow In your come Head, shoulders Knees and toes Again and again That's how it goes......Read On


Dance Me

A man has a night in with his lover.

The candlelight is flickering. We sit here face to face. The music playing softly. I am lost in time and space. Our eyes are fixed and glowing. I sense your soft desire. I reach to you, we gently kiss and feel the sudden fire. Otis's soul is soaring, singing of losing love. Your hand it falls into my lap  and enfolds me like a glove. Your hand it holds and grips me, you slowly start...Read On